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Chapter 10: The Influence of Pan Family’s Elder Brother Is Not Small

Let’s go! Pan Lei could no longer afford to lose face. He couldn’t endure having people pointing fingers at him.

He reckoned that he’ll be on the news headline tomorrow. [The evil tyrant who created a disturbance wouldn’t leave.

The charge of obstructing traffic will be put onto his head.] 

Pan Lei  did not bother himself about any of this.

Today, he had set his mind to avenge Tian Yuan.

He ran to the side to buy ice cream for Tian Yuan.

He also took a paper towel to wipe his sweat.

Tian Yuan’s facial expression has already turned dark. He is not a woman, nor an innocent teenager.

These little tricks of his were too shameful. He is a man whom you can beat up, and not a small flower that you need to take care of in the greenhouse.

Although he cannot go to the battlefield like him, he does not need someone to considerately look after him.

“Look at your face, it is as white as a ghost.

You’ve got low blood pressure, right But there’s no problem with your body.

That man is just like you, and the old folks also have low blood pressure.

Later on, you have to eat jujube [1] as snacks.

I will also devise a training plan that’s suitable for you to make sure that your physical condition gets better.” 

“Darn, why has he not come yet Does he want this laozi to search for him at his home”

Tian Yuan had been frightened.

In addition to his usual low blood pressure, his face is now soaked with sweat as he is constantly perspiring.

Seeing this, Pan Lei felt so distressed.

The traffic police had arrived, and 110 [2] team came along as well.

After less than ten minutes, their side of the road has been blocked.

A car with a white license plate galloped and then stopped in front of them.

A man dressed in a police uniform with a stern face came down from it.

“Elder Brother What are you doing here” Pan Lei called out to him in surprise. The man stood in front of Pan Lei with a look of helplessness. 

Elder brother Tian Yuan is somewhat confused.

If I am not mistaken, he had mentioned that he is the only son of his parents.

How can an elder brother emerge so suddenly

“You, brat! If you are not in the army, you stir up trouble for me.

You have called saying that someone bumped into your people.

I don’t feel at ease so I came over to take a look.”

Pan Lei pulled Tian Yuan up with a face full of pride. “My man, elder brother.

It has not been easy for me to finally find someone that I like.

So tell me, should I allow somebody to harm him That driver, though aware that I was here, dared to point his finger at my spouse’s nose and even had the audacity to scold him. If I don’t let these people suffer a little bit, they will be under the impression that I would easily eat a loss.” Then he turned to the man at his side. “Tian‘er, this is my cousin.

He is my second uncle’s child, Pan Ge.”

Listening to it, Pan Ge apparently got upset.

He looked at Tian Yuan and then turned back to look at Pan Lei again.

Then he gnashed his teeth.

“You, stinky little brat!”

Tian Yuan’s face had, once again, turned red. Isn’t this like ‘meeting the parents’ Pan Lei still appeared to be indifferent.

Moreover, he went on to hug Tian Yuan’s shoulder.

Particularly pleased with himself, Pan Lei smiled at his elder brother with undisguised happiness.

“Elder brother, my vision is especially good.

Tian Yuan is an attending physician at the city hospital and has a good temperament.”

“Tian‘er, that day, it was elder brother whom I asked your information from.

He is currently the City Public Security Bureau Chief (Chief of Police).

He used to be a special forces soldier before the transfer. ”

This family, in addition to soldiers, is also the police And a Military family What kind of family’s son did he provoke With his background, it is even more impossible to respond to his feelings.

“This younger brother of mine is not sensible, and Dr.

Tian does need not to care about his temper. He is my third uncle’s son and was usually spoiled by us.

As a child, he started to become a tyrannical hegemon [3].

When my third uncle could not discipline him anymore, he threw him directly into the barracks. Who knows that he would vent his full strength to training.

He’s been a soldier for 11 years now.

Although this brat is a big bully, he is very loyal to his brothers.

All of those he had taken under his wing are subject to his protection, and no one is allowed to say bad words against them.

He likes to protect the small and the weak. He eats soft food but refuses hard food [4].

Despite the fact that he yells at people during ordinary times, he can also be softhearted.

As long as he does not rebel, he is very well-behaved.” Pan Ge put on an earnest smile and introduced his family’s younger brother. 

Looking at Pan Lei’s posture that’s inseparably close to Tian Yuan, just like a protective guardian would, he knows that Pan Lei is serious.

Pan Lei, ever since he was little, had never caused any trouble.

The most annoying thing he had done was probably the day before he left home to serve in the army, when he came out of the closet [5].

As such, third uncle got even more furious and ruthless.

He threw Pan Lei directly into the army to live together with a group of gentlemen, thinking that this will ‘cure’ [6] him. This time, he had known what a ruthless man is like.

It is true that Pan Lei had overcome one difficulty after another without using the family’s strong background.

With his own skills, he entered the special forces one step at a time.

He had gone through arduous training, had been struck and tied up and eventually, had become the squadron captain of the current operation team.

He never acted sloppily in the army. In response to all of these, third aunt’s words were – the treatment was successful!

For more than ten years, he had not liked anyone and thus, they were certain that he did not like men. Who knows, ah, the army had nothing to do with it.

He had only come back home for two or three days but he had already attacked a doctor.

Forget it.

Since the younger brother said he likes him, then as an elder brother, he can only support his wishes.

He only hoped that this doctor is good and can take good care of his younger brother.

Tian Yuan looked at Pan Lei and the latter gave him a smile that’s as bright as the sunshine.

Pan Lei turned his gaze at Pan Ge, as if telling his elder brother that he must be kind to his ‘younger sister-in-law’.

He also repeatedly urged him to tell his ‘younger sister-in-law’ how excellent he is and the numerous advantages of being with him.

However, Pan Ge’s brain couldn’t find the right words to say.

“I will not marry your younger brother.

You don’t have to be so desperate in trying to sell him out to me.

Chief Pan, let me just inform you that your younger brother has been pestering me.

I am not homosexual and I don’t love him.”

Pan Lei’s face darkened in a flash, just like the day on the month of June [7], and with this change, he wanted to explain immediately.

But then, Pan Ge coughed.

“This is between you and my little brother.

It’s none of my business.

I just want to let you know that my little brother is a man worthy of being entrusted.

Lei Zi, you take care of your people.

The internal affairs of a husband and his wife don’t concern him.

Pan Ge turned to one side and saw some traffic police that came with him have already reported to work.

Pan Lei pinched Tian Yuan’s tender cheeks and squeezed his clenched jaw.

“Hey, it hurts, hurts…”

“Painful After knowing what pain is, it will keep a lasting memory on your mind.

Don’t talk indiscriminately.

Don’t like me Don’t love me This is just the current situation.

So if you dare say that again later on, see how I’ll clean you up.

Do you know how we train rookies every year We let them run 5 kilometers while carrying 40 kilograms of weight.”

When Pan Lei let go of him, Tian Yuan’s face had become a cherry meatball with two glowing red cheeks. Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei’s hand.

He knows that he is not a match for him but will he resist Well, he is a tyrant.

He opened his mouth and was ready to bite him when the other spoke in a threatening manner.

“Bite me, and I’ll kiss you in front of so many people.

I’ll ask my elder brother to go back and tell my mother that her son is very enthusiastic, engaging into ‘man to man’ kisses on the street.”

Tian Yuan pulled back his teeth, covered his mouth with both hands which bumped into the wounds that he had left behind yesterday, and slayed him with vicious eyes.

“My dear, don’t look at me so lovingly.”

“Lei Zi, the president of the bus company had arrived.

There are complaints and grudges from people seeking revenge.

We can’t just forget about the people who bullied our Pan family.”

As it turns out, justifying one’s shortcoming is inherited from the family. Pan Ge and his younger brother definitely have the same problems.


Notes:[1] Jujube – is a date-like, fruit-flavored gumdrop or lozenge[2] 110 is the standard number to call for police in China, similar to Japan (I think), 120 for ambulance, 119 for firefighters, and so on[3] Hegemon basically means ‘the dominating force’.

It could refer to an individual, group, or country.

The author was trying to say that Pan Lei was bullying children of his age when he was still little.[4] eats soft food but refuses hard food (idiom) – which means a person who is ‘amenable to coaxing but not coercion’[5] to come out of the closet – to reveal one’s sexual orientation[6] cure – the term used in the raw was ‘desensitization treatment’[7] According to Google, June is the peak of summer rainy season in the greater part of China.

This means that even on a sunny day, the weather could change abruptly into a stormy dayyounger brother | 弟弟 | dì di  (VS)  little brother | 小弟 | xiao dì – As I have observed, Pan Ge uses “little brother” when he is addressing Pan Lei with affection; while, he uses “younger brother” when he refers to him as the younger one in terms of age or generation.


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