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Chapter 106 Shopping crazily


Pan Lei had faith in his family's husband.

He was not the type to step aboard two boats.

He lacked the courage to do so.

Tian Yuan would never go on a blind date behind his back.

They had gained his family's blessings and made a lifetime commitment to each other.

Last night, Tian Yuan tenderly whispered, "I love you." He would never take a woman to lunch unless his parents pushed him to.


His baby was timid and awkward.

He was fully aware of this, and he would never doubt him about this kind of thing.


It was just that the temptress was out of control, and if they weren't careful, she'd wreck havoc.

He was well aware of how attractive his baby was.

That wretched temptress had to want Tian'er.

Why didn't his in-laws arrive a few days later or earlier, eh What a bummer! The little temptress would be the first to greet Tian Yuan's parents.


It didn't matter, though.

Tian Yuan had confessed truthfully, therefore he would be lenient.

Tian'er had been forthright, which may be attributed to his successful teaching.

That's exactly what he hoped for.

Even if Tian'er nicked his finger, he'd tell him.


As for his parents-in-law, he would take care of them when he returned.

As long as Tian Yuan stood beside him, things would be alright.

There was nothing he couldn't handle.


Tian Yuan's parents were scheduled to leave the following day.

Pan Lei didn't think the little temptress could do anything in such a short period of time.


Damn it! That woman dares to rob my beloved, as well as my in-laws.

That little girl is quite brave.


Mother Tian clung to Zhang Yan's hand once more before going shopping in the afternoon, refusing to let go.


However, Tian Yuan didn’t give in this time.

What a joke! Pan Lei would tear him apart if he allowed his mother to become any closer to the intern.


"Mom, she came to the hospital to work as an intern.

If you take her shopping with us, it will cause her studies to be pushed back.

It's best to let her go back to the hospital."


"It's all right, Dr.

Tian; I'll study hard in the evening."


"Do you want me to write on your report that you've been missing from work, aren't serious about your studies, and are unsuitable to be a doctor You want to be a doctor, yet your attitude toward patients is irresponsible.

I'm concerned about working with someone like you."


Tian Yuan’s expression was calm but now he really felt that this girl was too hateful.

He'd gotten himself into so much trouble because of her.


What would he do if he couldn’t coax Pan Lei What if he became enraged He didn't dare to mess with that fire-breathing dinosaur.


Mother Tian couldn't take it any longer when she saw Zhang Yan pout.


"Is this how you talk, child"


"Mom, don't delay my work.

She is here for an internship.

Her job is to gain clinical experience.

You are harming her by doing this."


When Zhang Yan saw that Mother Tian had nothing to say, she understood she couldn't help her any longer and said her goodbyes.

She stormed back, stamping her feet.


"How will you find a girlfriend with such a temper You always make us worry."


Tian Yuan assisted his mother in getting into the car.


"Mom, don't worry.

Next time I come home, I will definitely bring the one I love with me."


It was vital for him to bring Pan Lei along with him.

He couldn't stand it when his mother kept promoting ladies to him.

Once was enough.

Pan Lei would lose it if this happened again.


When Mother Tian heard this, she was overjoyed.

She hoped to be able to hold her grandchild.

Hearing what her son stated, she assumed he must have a crush on someone. Is she better than Zhang Yan She no longer pursued the issue of Tian Yuan blasting the girl away and cheerfully requested her son to accompany them to the shopping mall.


Pan Zhan's gold card was extremely simple to use.

He could buy whatever he wanted by swiping the card and signing his name.


Tian Yuan spent 3000 yuan on an overcoat for his father.

Father Tian didn't say anything, but he couldn't help but smile as he caressed the coat demonstrating his son's filial piety.

His son showed promise.

He had seen fewer and fewer youngsters who were as obedient and filial as his son over the years.


Tian Yuan outfitted his mother in new clothes from head to toe.

He'd buy it as long as she liked it.

In any case, he didn't have to spend any of his own money.

He shopped crazily.


Finally, he purchased a gold hairpin for his mother and requested that she try it on.

He smiled and swiped the card once he was satisfied with its appearance.


Tian's father and mother were no longer able to keep up with the shopping pace, and took a rest on one of the coaches.

Tian Yuan walked up to the men's apparel section after taking a glance around.

He liked a pair of jeans.

The pants were of excellent material, and the pattern was straightforward.

They looked nice on the model, but Tian Yuan was confident that Pan Lei would look even better in them.

Pan Lei possessed long legs.

He never needed to wear a belt with his jeans.

They fit snugly over his hip bone.

At home, he was constantly barefoot, with a naked upper torso.

He dressed down in a pair of jeans, giving the impression of being casual and lazy.

Tian Yuan imagined Pan Lei as a lazy lion napping off on the African savanna whenever he sat on the floor with the sun shining on him - lethargic yet fierce, very masculine, and extremely charming.


He smiled as he held the jeans, picturing Pan Lei looking dashing in them.


"Please give me two of these jeans."


Let's just say the child was happy.

He desired to dress in the same clothing as Pan Lei at home.

When they went shopping, they would wear the same pair of jeans.

Just like matching couple outfits.


He noticed a pair of high boots in light brown suede while passing by the footwear section.

Tian Yuan thought Pan Lei was most attractive when he was dressed in his field uniform.

The combination of sunglasses, leather gloves, and army boots with camouflage trousers tucked into them gave him the appearance of the most powerful and handsome man.


He was always of the opinion that ankle boots were not long enough.

Pan Lei had a fantastic physique.

He would look cool, dashing, and attractive if he wore a pair of jeans and tucked them into such a pair of high boots, regardless of whether he wore a long coat or a short jacket.


The boots were likewise purchased on the spur of the moment.


He was carrying several large and small bags, all of which contained gifts and clothes for his parents.

Two more carry bags couldn't possibly draw attention.


Tian Yuan sent the two gift bags back to the car ahead of time.

When he got home, he'd dash upstairs with the shopping bags and quickly hide the two bags in his room.

Nobody would be aware of it.


Tian Yuan had purchased clothing for Pan Lei for the first time.

Even though they were two men, they wanted to live an ordinary life like other couples after they got together.

Tian Yuan wished to treat Pan Lei better, to be better, to care for and love him in the same way that Pan Lei treated him.


"Where have you been for so long, Xiao Yuan"


"While wandering around, I came upon another coat for you.

Check to see whether it fits."


"This kid! It looks very expensive."


Tian Yuan grinned.

He spent a lot of money, but he didn't have to take out his wallet or see it shrink from bulging to slim.

It was painful to watch his wallet deflate, but he didn't need to care this time.


He only visited his parents a few times a year, and he rarely had the opportunity to accompany them in this manner.

Pan Lei did an excellent job of assisting him in all facets of his thinking.

Filial piety to his parents may not be satisfied with a few pieces of clothing and jewelry, but buying these items for them and seeing their happy expressions was very satisfying.


He didn't allow his parents to return to the hospital.

He went to acquire all of their test results on his own.


Mother Tian gave her son a bank card the night before they left.


"Your father and I have discussed it.

Girls nowadays have great expectations.

You have a house, but you must also have a car.

This card has over 100,000 yuan.

Add your money to this and you'll be able to buy a good car."


Buy a car But I already have one.

It is parked in the garage: a silver-white Honda worth more than 300,000 yuan.

Eldest Brother gave it to me as a meeting gift. Pan Lei did not allow him to learn to drive on his own because he did not have a driver's license.

As a result, the car was always parked in the garage.

Pan Lei had a car as well.

Who was supposed to drive the third vehicle if he acquired another car


Tian Yuan returned the bank card to his parents.


"I don't need it.

I'm too busy at work to learn how to drive.

In any case, the hospital is not far from home.

Keep it with you.

We’ll talk about it later.

Mom, don't worry about me.

I have a wonderful life."


Mother Tian gave a nod.

Everything was going swimmingly for her son.

He had a good job, a good reputation, a good everything...except he didn't have a girlfriend.

Goodness! Perhaps it was impossible to have the good fortune to achieve everything one desired, but he was nearly thirty.

It would be wonderful if he married.


"Dad, try to drink as little as possible in the future.

Your heart isn't in good shape.

Your blood lipids are also somewhat elevated.

Mom, you have rheumatoid arthritis.

It will soon be winter.

When washing veggies and clothes, do not use cold water.

I already have the prescription medication with me, and the dosage is written on it.

If your body is causing you discomfort, don't ignore it.

Call me to let me know, okay I'll come get you straight away."


Tian Yuan prepared a large bag of medicines for his parents, along with the clothes he had obtained as “spoils of war.” Then he took out another suitcase and loaded it with various supplements, both those sent by his mother-in-law and those they had received the previous time.

When all of his parents' supplements were packed, the luggage was nearly full.


"Remember to eat these things.

Add some ginseng to your soup, and you may also slice it to make tea.

All of these things are beneficial.

Keep them for yourself; don't give them away."


Tian Yuan looked around the house, sensing that he'd missed something.

When he realized what he'd forgotten, he whacked himself on the head.

His parents would miss lunch because their flight was at 11 a.m.

the next day.

Although food would be supplied during the flight, it was unpalatable.

It would be preferable if he went to the supermarket and bought something for his parents to eat.

Tian Yuan dashed downstairs after informing his parents that he was going to buy some local delicacies.


Who would have suspected that a waiter from Zhang Hui's restaurant would approach him as he walked downstairs.

He grinned in greeting when he spotted Tian Yuan.


"I was on my way upstairs.

Your timing is impeccable.

Our president had explicitly requested that this be delivered."


Tian Yuan opened the carry bag to find a variety of sweet and savory delicacies, ranging from orange cakes to shrimp dumplings.

There was a lot to choose from.


It was also requested by Pan Lei.

His in-laws were on their way home, and because the flight meals were awful, he had requested Zhang Hui to prepare some snacks for them.

It would satisfy their appetite till they could eat properly at home.

He had expressly directed Zhang Hui that the restaurant should provide it as long as it was allowed on the plane.


Tian Yuan truly didn't have to be concerned about anything.

Pan Lei handled everything for him.


Pan Zhan's driver also delivered a gift on behalf of his boss at the airport.

A shawl made of alpaca wool in red.


At this point, Tian Yuan just wanted to kiss Pan Lei fiercely.

Despite the fact that he was not by Tian Yuan's side, he had taken care of everything.

Pan Lei's brothers and friends were all pitching in to help.

He wasn't there in person, but no etiquette had gone unnoticed.

Everyone was doing everything they could to assist him.

He was quite pleased.

Because of Pan Lei, he had such excellent brothers and friends.

They were quite nice to each other.


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