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Chapter 107 There is a good thing called QQ


Pan Lei's concerns were allayed when he learned that his in-laws had finally returned and had not seen Zhang Yan again.


In-laws were like adversaries.

He could finally catch his breath now that the enemy had subsided.


Tian Yuan returned to work after his brief absence.

Zhang Yan still followed him closely, but he had kept a respectful distance from her ever since Pan Lei remarked that there was a type of female with a fresh and pure appearance but an evil heart.

This girl had far too many ideas.


"Did Aunt and Uncle Tian return home, Doctor Tian I should accompany them to the airport.

What a shame.

Your parents are wonderful people.

They're so kind.

I felt quite close to them."


Tian Yuan was conversing with a patient.

He was quite gentle with patients, unlike other doctors who kept their chin up when speaking.


"I truly like your parents.

When I arrived home, I told my mom and dad about them.

My parents said they would love to have dinner with them."


Tian Yuan turned to glance at Zhang Yan.

She was holding the medical record folder, talking by herself, and smiling cheerfully.


Tian Yuan ignored her, wrote down the prescription, and directed the patient to the pharmacy to pick up the medication.


"I should treat them to a nice meal the next time they come to visit.

Doctor Tian, your parents are wonderful."


Tian Yuan folded his arms and decided that he needed to talk to this girl.

She appeared to be caught up in a fantasy of a wonderful connection with her prospective mother-in-law.

His mother was Pan Lei's mother-in-law, not this girl's.

He didn't want her to fantasize about himself and cause problems.


"My parents are wonderful, but what does this have to do with you"


Zhang Yan, who had been smiling the entire time, instantly stopped smiling as she heard Tian Yuan's words.

Tian Yuan was gentle and rarely became enraged.

He gave each intern individual attention.

Except for those that genuinely irritated him, he didn't get furious readily.

Pan Lei, of course, was an exception.


"My mother invited you for lunch only because she felt you were congenial.

Don't have other ideas.

I also need you to understand that I have a lover.

We’re deeply in love with each other and live together.

He had to leave for work a few days ago, so I couldn’t bring it up with my parents.

Did my mother say something that caused you to misunderstand In that case, I’m sorry.

My mother does not understand the situation, so if inviting you to lunch was wrong, please accept my apology on her behalf.

But please don’t use my parents to get close to me.

Your grades will be determined by your performance.

I won’t be partial and give you high marks."


Zhang Yan's face was a little pale.

Tian Yuan's comments were, after all, a little serious.


"By the way, I still have some criticism for you.

You stick by my side since you're a mentored intern.

It is a terrific opportunity for you to learn when I treat patients.

You, on the other hand, are not thinking about studying right now.

You're always smiling and talking when I see you.

Is this your approach to learning With your mindset, do you believe you're qualified to be a doctor You're meant to be gaining experience right now.

If you're not serious or don't want to study, I'll contact your class instructor and advise them that you need to return to school for a few more years.

If you are truly mature, you will understand your responsibilities as a doctor.

Only then will a certificate of completion be awarded.

I simply wanted to let you know that if your attitude toward studying continues the same in the future, I will no longer mentor you as an intern."


Regardless of other factors, Zhang Yan was an inexperienced college girl.

Tian Yuan was gentle, but it didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper.

Even Pan Lei felt helpless when he got angry.

He criticized Zhang Yan with a cold face.

No one had ever scolded Zhang Yan so harshly since she was a child.

Naturally, she was unable to accept it.

Her eyelids turned red, and tears streamed down her cheeks.


"It is a doctor's job to save the dying and treat the injured.

Every opportunity to save patients must be seized.

Improve your professionalism as well as your self-cultivation.

You are still young and have only studied from textbooks, but you must remember that training requires both theory and practice.

What can you possibly learn in three months with your attitude The other students are keen to learn.

They've been performing ward rounds, looking at medical records, and asking questions, but what about you If you believe what I said is incorrect, I can assign you to another doctor.

Let's do it this way.

You’ll follow Doctor Wang from now on, got it He has excellent skills and is also good with people.

It would be better if you follow him."


Zhang Yan covered her mouth and ran away.

Tian Yuan remained calm and did not speak.

A student of this type needed to be tempered.

She had too much youthful vigor.


However, the result was excellent.

When Zhang Yan encountered Tian Yuan again after being transferred to Dr.

Wang, she just said "Dr.

Tian" and walked away with her head down.



Wang beamed as Tian Yuan carefully questioned him about Zhang Yan.


"The little girl puts in a lot of effort.

When I went to the operating room, she followed me.

She also observed all of the arranged cases.

She is a child who picks up on things rapidly."


Tian Yuan's heart was no longer troubled.

She might be regarded as a good student as long as she didn't chirp like before, as long as she didn't utter things like "Doctor Tian, I want to pursue you."


Pan Lei was overjoyed when he learned about this.


"My baby is great at criticizing people with a cold face.

Damn good job.

You helped me fight off the enemy.

Baby, is your computer on I finally found something interesting that will allow me to see you."


Tian Yuan rolled his eyes.

Why was he acting so mysterious He knew what Pan Lei was talking about.

QQ[1] had been around for a long time, okay He’d only discovered it now, so it had to be because he’d become foolish after being isolated from SNS in the army, right


"Baby, hurry up! Turn on the computer and let me see you.

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to get it approved.

I bought a notebook, but before I could go online, I had to submit an application that the National Security Agency had to study and review.

They finally approved it today.

At last, I can see you."


He was a special forces soldier, thus casual Internet access was tough for him.

The army had investigated him, installed anti-tracking software on his recently purchased laptop, and blocked all foreign websites.

Every time a new information website was launched, it was examined and filtered.

They couldn't allow secrets to be revealed under any circumstances.


As a result, Pan Lei had never purchased a laptop, which was also unnecessary.

But things were now different.

He was itching to see his lover.

He thought the screen on his phone was too small.

He wished to see his beloved on a big screen.


Following that, he purchased a laptop and, after installing all required programs, he clicked on the small penguin and added Tian Yuan as a contact.

Tian Yuan was unaware that the army had thoroughly investigated three generations of Tian Yuan's ancestors before allowing Pan Lei to video call with him.


Tian Yuan's computer was also useless.

He was fatigued every time he got home, so he didn't have time to go online and play games all night.


There was nothing that could be done.

Tian Yuan sat in the living room, turned on the computer, and went online.

The little penguin instantly sounded an alert with an image of a little dinosaur springing up.

Tian Yuan grinned.

It was perfect for Pan Lei's personality.


Pan Lei appeared to be seated on a chair with a bunk bed behind him when Tian Yuan activated the video chat.

It was spotless, just like the rest of the barracks' dorms.

There was not a single crease on it.


When Pan Lei spotted Tian Yuan, he scowled.


"The temperatures are so low.

Why haven’t you turned on the heating Why are you sitting in the living room Go to your bedroom before you freeze to death."


Tian Yuan lit a cigarette and sat motionless.


"I'll go to bed after I’ve relaxed for a while.

When do you turn off the lights"


"Ten o'clock in the soldier’s dormitory.

I don’t care about that baby.

Even if you aren’t cold, head to the bedroom.

Lie down on your bed and video chat with me."


"What if I fall asleep"


He also wanted to lie down on the bed, but he was afraid he’d fall asleep even if he sat.


"Then I'll spend the entire night staring at your little face.

You have no idea how badly I want to sleep with my arms around you."


Tian Yuan glared at him, extinguished his cigarette, and retired to his bed with his laptop.


Pan Lei's ramblings continued.


"You've always been so nice, so how did you learn to criticize and educate others Let me be clear.

You're not allowed to critique and teach me in the future.

Tian'er, Tian'er, turn around and undress.

Come on! Turn around.

Let me watch you undress."


Tian Yuan put his laptop on the bed and took off his shirt because Pan Lei continued bugging him.

He unbuttoned the buttons one by one before removing the shirt and pulling the quilt over his body.


"What exactly are you looking at You've seen it before, haven't you"


Tian Yuan took off his shirt and hurled it at the computer.

Pan Lei was so dumb that he stretched out to catch it. Damn it! He was on the verge of a nosebleed.

Tian'er had stripped in front of him and thrown the shirt at him.

Wasn't it obvious that he wanted to hook up with him Pan Lei longed to crawl over the cable line to his bed.

So, what should he do What should I do, ah


Pan Lei sat down on his bed, the notebook in his lap.


"When I come home, I’ll undress you by pulling the buttons off with my mouth.

One by one, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, from inside to outside, I will kiss, and then..."


Pan Lei couldn't stand the temptation that was in front of him.

His hand moved out to touch Tian Yuan's clavicle, which was visible through the opening in his vest.

He wanted to nibble on it.

He wanted to sample the small fruit covered by the vest till it was pink and tender.

He wanted to caress his baby. Damn! Pan Lei quickly wiped his nose.

It was on the verge of bleeding.

He pinched his nose and raised his head slightly.

He hated this.

He hated the fact that he could only touch the f**king cold screen.

How wonderful it would be to be able to touch Tian Yuan’s warm body.


"Don’t talk dirty."


Tian Yuan was thin-skinned and couldn't stand hearing Pan Lei utter such things.


"Baby, ge’s good boy, take off your vest and let me look at you."


Pan Lei's breathing was labored.

His voice was exceptionally clear in the still bedroom, as if it were right in Tian Yuan’s ears.


"Pan Lei!"


Tian Yuan blushed, and his ears turned red as well. Can you please stop talking like this on the computer


"Baby, take your clothes off, and let me see you.

Come on, baby.

Push the quilt away.

Let me see you."


Pan Lei placed his notebook on the bed, and undressed.

Tian Yuan noticed that his black underwear had already tented.


"I want to hold you, kiss you, kiss you all over your body.

I’ll begin at the neck and work my way down, kissing your little fruit, your ribs, and your waist.

When you laugh and roll over your body, I’ll kiss your back, kiss your little a**, touch your little brother, and let him salute, throb, and shoot.

I want to invade your body, hear you scream and cry for mercy, call me ge, and hug me because I can’t stop myself.

Baby, my dear boy, I love you, and I want to hold you right now.

I’ll let you faint from my actions and wake up again and again until dawn.

You won’t be able to get out of bed for three days."


Pan Lei's deep voice was irresistible.

He turned off the lights in the dormitory, stared Tian Yuan in the eyes, saw Tian Yuan gently push aside the quilt, listen to him, and m**t**b**e.

He listened to Pan Lei's remarks and stroked his little brother till he saluted.

As he began to gasp and groan, his hand slid up and down.

He was the first to erupt.

Tian Yuan had an unfocused stare and scarlet lips, giving him the appearance of a disheveled beauty due to the white turbidity that had just erupted.

Pan Lei couldn't help but speed up his hand movements and sprayed when he saw him like that.


[1] QQ, is an instant messaging software service and web portal.

It’s logo is a penguin.


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