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Chapter 108 Video chat is both good and bad


Tian Yuan's face flushed with embarrassment, his entire body a softly glowing pink pearl.

Who would have guessed he'd be tempted to do anything like this in front of a computer


The next day, Pan Lei pestered him to death.

He wanted to do the ‘video play’ again while watching his Tian’er.

This time, Tian Yuan was smart.

He took off his clothes ahead of time, wrapped himself in the quilt, and refused to move.


He reclined and listened to Pan Lei's rants.

Pan Lei complained that the cafeteria food had been awful that day; a soldier was hurt during training; had Tian Yuan's parents arrived safely and had he called them; the next day was Saturday, so did he get a day off


Tian Yuan smacked himself on the forehead the moment he heard the word "Saturday."


"Mom informed me that an operation is scheduled for tomorrow.

She has asked me to observe it.

Stop creating trouble.

I'm going to switch off the computer and go to bed."


"Hey, there is no contradiction between these two.

If you're exhausted, you can sleep.

Don't mind me looking at you."


His baby looked amazing even when he was asleep.

He wanted to look at him all night.


Tian Yuan couldn't help but set down the computer.

He rolled onto his side and gazed at Pan Lei.

Pan Lei went to bed and lay down as well.

Tian Yuan smiled at him.

The Internet was truly a wonderful invention.

Tian Yuan gazed at Pan Lei, who was resting across the screen, and felt as if he were sleeping next to him.

He reached out to trace his nose and mouth on the screen.

Pan Lei didn't move.

He let Tian Yuan caress him via the computer screen.

He couldn't feel it, but looking at Tian’er this way made him feel as if they were resting next to each other, which made him happy.


"Go to bed if you're tired.

I'll sing you ‘green blossom in the army’."


Tian Yuan laughed as he blinked his eyes open.

It would be ideal if Pan Lei could accompany him.

He was right in front of him, but he was on a cold computer screen and couldn't be touched.


Pan Lei sang to him in a low voice.

Tian Yuan closed his eyes slowly.

He slipped into sleep with the computer turned on.


Pan Lei leaned up close and kissed his forehead on the screen.


"Good night, darling."


Perhaps Tian Yuan heard him.

He smiled and slept deeply.


Neither of them turned off the computer.

Pan Lei continued to stare at Tian Yuan while lying on his side until the battery in Tian Yuan's laptop ran out.

Pan Lei closed his eyes only after the screen went dark. Forgive me, darling.

For the time being, I can only watch you fall asleep like this.

I will hold you every night and stay with you when I retire from the army.

I will not go anywhere.

I'll absolutely compensate you for all of these days apart.

To make up for the time I owe you, I will spend my retirement years accompanying you.


I want to spend the rest of my life with you, growing old together.

Only with you.


He loved the army almost as much as he loved Tian Yuan.

He couldn’t discord either of them.

He had no choice except to owe Tian Yuan.

He’d be in the army for another twenty years before retiring.

Pan Lei was thirty years old at the time.

He had promised that once he reached the age of fifty, he would accompany Tian Yuan at all hours of the day and night.

They would lead a simple life.

It was unfortunate that over the next twenty years, he would really wrong Tian Yuan.


Loving someone heart and soul was difficult.

Instead of a protracted separation, he'd let Tian'er join the army if he could.


Should I go to Grandpa and discuss transferring Tian Yuan directly into the army as a military doctor Is it possible However, he is not a soldier.

It's a little challenging.


Furthermore, openly living together in the army was not ideal.

Why were armed forces and regular people so dissimilar, ah


Tian Yuan didn't have the foggiest notion what Pan Lei was thinking.

He awoke early in the morning and charged the computer quickly.

He received a call after eating something at random.

His mother-in-law had dispatched a car to pick him up so he could observe the cardiothoracic surgery.


Dang Hong deserved to be referred to as an authority figure.

Observing the surgery was really beneficial to Tian Yuan.

Dang Hong meticulously explained every step of the process, paying attention to details large and little, and remained calm and composed when confronted with unexpected events.

This was the consequence of her years of experience.

It was nearly like winning the lottery.

Dang Hong couldn't have taught so painstakingly if Tian Yuan wasn't her lone student and good son.


Tian Yuan truly learned a lot.

They had lunch together, and Tian Yuan bombarded her with questions.

His mother-in-law responded to each of them one by one.

She caressed Tian Yuan's hair and smiled proudly.


"My son is so studious.

It won't be long until you're recognized as a talent.

Mom will send you abroad to study for another year at that point.

When you return, you can join the Armed Police Hospital and help me."


Tian Yuan gave a shy smile.

His mother-in-law was very nice to him and a great teacher.


Pan Lei urged Tian Yuan to go online and video with him again that evening.

Tian Yuan launched the software, allowing Pan Lei's voice to fill the room.

Tian Yuan got busy working on the side after exchanging a few words with Pan Lei.

He cleaned the house, ate something, and organized the day's study materials, thinking about each step, writing it down, along with his observations on it.


Pan Lei felt wonderful just seeing him bustling around, as if he was by his side.


Pan Lei urged Tian Yuan to sleep at bedtime.

That night, he planned to check the dorm.

Tian Yuan remained up a little later than usual.

When Pan Lei returned, it was beyond midnight, but Tian Yuan was still awake, his head buried in his work.

Pan Lei was dissatisfied.


"Don't think it's okay to stay up late if you don't have to go to work the next day.

Go to bed right away."


"Why don't you go to bed since it's so late"


Pan Lei started getting dressed.

Tian Yuan gazed at him with a peculiar expression on his face.

It was in the dead of night.

Why was he wearing his uniform instead of sleeping


"Seeing soldiers during a surprise inspection is like seeing a flock of headless chickens running around."


Pan Lei smirked.

Their special forces frequently launched surprise attacks.

The soldiers were dozing off.

They'd all jump out of bed in a fright if he started a surprise inspection.


"Don't make a scene in the middle of the night."


"I'll stay with you if you don't sleep.

The little brats can't sleep if I don't sleep.

When I hear them snoring, I feel ill, so I'll wake them up and force them to pee, hehe."


Pan Lei began to wear his boots, believing that messing with his soldiers was usual.

He was in command of the special forces operative squadron.

Their vigilance had to be exceptional, and their movements had to be quick.

This type of emergency meeting was common.


Tian Yuan thought Pan Lei was far too hateful.

There was no mission and no training, so he summoned everyone in the middle of the night to force them to pee


"Hey! Look at them rushing about, baby.

It's a lot of fun.

Their belts will be wrongly buckled, and their shoes will be on the wrong foot.

Check them out."


Pan Lei was the epitome of a hooligan.

He brought the computer up to the window so Tian Yuan could see what was going on outside.


He blew Tian Yuan a kiss, then put on his beret and headed to the field.

He took a deep breath and blew his whistle shrill as he gazed around the dark soldier's dormitory.


Hundreds of footfalls hit the ground in an instant, creating a thunderous roar from the soldier's dormitories.

Pan Lei checked his watch.


"If you’re one minute late, you will have to leapfrog 10 km with a weight tomorrow.

If you’re two minutes late, you will have to leapfrog 50 km with a weight."


Everyone was standing at attention a minute after the whistle blew.

Pan Lei gave a slight nod.

They'd all appeared within a minute, which was good.


"Your speed was really fast during tonight's surprise inspection, but your equipment is insufficient.

Isn't it the same as waiting to be slain if you're in this state when the enemy's bullets are flying across, with no weapons in your hands Keep an eye out! Special forces are required to sleep with one eye open.

You must not sleep too deeply! Otherwise, you'll have no idea how you died.

Don't talk nonsense tomorrow morning if you were late today.

Simply take the punishment.



When the troops were dismissed, they all loosened their shoulders and whispered to themselves, This Devil Pan is an a**h**e.

Calling an emergency meeting in the middle of the night Isn't this bothering people


When Pan Lei overheard their whining, he reprimanded them, saying, "I will bother you.

Your vigilance will be reduced if I do not toss you back and forth.

What the special forces require is that they remain in peak shape at all times."


They had to regain physical strength, spirit, and maintain the greatest possible condition in the shortest amount of time.

They had to finish their mission no matter what the circumstances were or how terrible the environment was.

That's what it meant to be in the special forces.


When Pan Lei returned, it was quiet outside.

He smiled at Tian Yuan, and all the might and solemnity he had just displayed disappeared.


"Baby, was it fun"


"Fun my a**! If I were your soldier, I would definitely fight you.

How can you be such a jerk! Hurry up and go to bed.

Don’t torment them."


Tian Yuan couldn't comprehend why the soldiers were being assembled in the middle of the night.

It was, in his perspective, tormenting people.

He didn’t understand Pan Lei's good intentions.


Pan Lei leaned on the table, blinked, and pretended to be cute.


"If you don't sleep, neither will I.

I'll accompany you.

If you’re a couple, you must do everything together.

This is my way of showing you know how much I love you."


Tian Yuan had completed thinking through everything he had learnt that day and stretched his waist, revealing half of his waist.


Little Pan Lei twitched as Pan Lei's pupils dilated.

After all, he was staring at his favorite person.


"Go to bed.

It’s late, so let's sleep."


It was well past their bedtime.

It was time to go to bed.

Tian Yuan positioned the computer on his bed, lying down the same way he had before - on his side, facing the computer screen.


He was really sleepy and wanted to close his eyes, but he couldn't bear the thought of leaving Pan Lei.


Pan Lei spoke in hushed tones.



Shut your eyes.

Go to sleep, baby.

You can hardly keep your eyes open any longer."


Tian Yuan had the impression that Pan Lei was speaking directly into his ear, coaxing him to sleep.


"Mom's medical abilities are exceptional.

When am I going to be like her"


"Mom is overjoyed that you will inherit her medical skills and provide her with a successor.

You have no idea how much mom praised you.

She claimed I was a lucky b**t**d, and that in my previous incarnation, I must have begged the gods and worshiped Buddha in order to meet you.

I should thank the gods for your love and commitment to me.

She described you as a gentleman, and she adores you."


"When are you going to return"


Tian Yuan whined softly like a child.

So what if he caught a glimpse of Pan Lei on the video It felt suffocating not to be able to touch him.


"Do you miss me, baby I miss you too.

I'll see what I can do next week."


Neither of them knew when they would meet.

Even if they met, Pan Lei could be called away at any time by a phone call.

It was exactly as it had been previously.

However, there was nothing that could be done.

It was Pan Lei's responsibility.


What was the use of being able to see Pan Lei when Tian Yuan missed him, when he wasn’t by his side He couldn’t touch him or feel his breath.

Tian Yuan unintentionally pouted.


"I hate computers."


Tian Yuan opened his eyes when he heard Pan Lei say this and saw him massaging his brow.


"What's the matter"


Pan Lei cocked his head in the direction of the camera.


"Look at it, it's got to be red.

I saw you pouting and wanted to kiss you.

Well, I kissed you, but I forgot this was a computer.

I thought you were beside me.

I smacked my head against the screen."


Tian Yuan burst out laughing at his antics.

Pan Lei felt a little wronged as Tian'er laughed at him.

His head was still throbbing, and his laptop had been smashed into a tablet.


"So, go ahead and rub it.

Otherwise, you'll get a bump."


"Then you kiss me, baby.

Just kiss here," Pan Lei said, pointing to his brow.


Tian Yuan had no choice but to pick up the laptop and fiercely kiss the screen near his brow.


"Hehe, did you just feel a tingling in your chest, darling When you kissed my forehead, I licked your little fruit with my tongue."


Tian Yuan wished he could slap the smirk from his face.


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