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Chapter 109 Baby, don’t go to work tomorrow.

Stay with me, okay


Tian Yuan felt it was pointless to keep a regular work schedule when Pan Lei was not around.


He had just concluded a night shift and ward rounds, and the next day he went to work and performed an operation.

He also assisted a coworker by working a night shift that week because his colleague’s child was unwell.

He reasoned that since he had nothing to do at home, he may as well be on duty.

He stayed up late several nights that week.

Pan Lei was visibly upset every time he watched him in the video.


"Take a look at yourself! But you’ll keep enduring, right You’ve dark circles under your eyes and a dull complexion." He won’t be able to handle any more of these exhausting night shifts.


"I’ll be fine.

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked night shifts."


When it was time to leave work without staying up late, he was so tired that he went to bed before nine o'clock.


Pan Lei urged him to sleep on the bed.

He didn't try to make him laugh or nag him for a kiss.

He was relieved to see him fall asleep.


He hoped Tian'er wouldn't have to stay up all night the next few days.

He wished Tian Yuan could rest for a couple of days and recuperate his body.


When Tian Yuan returned home from work the next day, he had a feeling that something was amiss.

Pan Lei did not call and request a video call.

When he dialed Pan Lei's phone number, it was switched off. Is he on a mission


All of his missions were strictly confidential.

Pan Lei kept in touch with him on a regular basis.

He called every morning, afternoon and evening.

His phone calls were scheduled around three meals a day.

Not to mention the bedtime call.

He occasionally dozed off while on the phone.

He was frequently curious as to whether Pan Lei's relatives had an interest in the mobile network company.

They could support a mobile firm branch if there were ten more persons like Pan Lei.

This long-distance relationship was too expensive in terms of phone costs.


It was perfectly fine not to call.

He could only pray that Pan Lei returned safely from his mission.


Tian Yuan placed his phone on the bedside table before going to bed.

Pan Lei might call when he returned from his mission.


He'd spent much too much time that week staying up all night, and he fell asleep as soon as he climbed into bed.


Pan Lei motioned for his squad members to return to the military base.

He got out of the car at the entrance to their apartment complex.

It was late at night, and no one had noticed the armored vehicle parked at the gate.


He could smell the gunpowder smoke on his body from the combat, but he didn't want to travel back to the army base to have a wash before heading home.

He missed his family terribly, in his heart, mind, and even more so in his body.


So, as they traveled through this area, he asked his squad to pull over and let him out, explaining that he wanted to surprise his family.

He'd open the door quietly in the middle of the night and hug his darling while he was sleeping.


Pan Lei cautiously opened the door, taking care not to make any noise with the key, then took a deep breath and walked in.

He pulled off his shoes and clothes without switching on a light for fear of waking Tian Yuan.

His Tian'er had been up late for a week and had worked the night shift twice, so he was exhausted.


Pan Lei slowly pushed open the bedroom door and spotted Tian Yuan sleeping comfortably.

As he listened to Tian Yuan's quiet snores, he pricked his ears. Why is he so cute Even his snoring made him happy.


He tiptoed to the bed, lifted the quilt, and crept in from the bottom of the bed.



Pan Lei grasped Tian Yuan's calf, kissed it, and then slid in.

When he got to his underwear, he removed it and kissed Little Tian'er.

He reached his arms out and tightly gripped Tian Yuan's waist.

He lay inside the quilt, his face pressed against Tian Yuan's lower abdomen.

When he dropped his sight, he could see Little Tian Yuan's shape.

He was quite satisfied with this position.


If Tian Yuan did not wake up even after such large motions by Pan Lei, he was no longer sleeping but in a deep coma.

He awoke instantaneously, and the panic he had felt when he felt his body being embraced vanished as soon as he inhaled Pan Lei's scent.


Tian Yuan reached down and stroked Pan Lei's crew cut, neck, face, and mouth… Ouch! The rascal bit his finger!


Tian Yuan reached out and yanked on Pan Lei's arm.

Pan Lei shifted up and pulled up the quilt, which covered them both.


He returned from the mission and just appeared in the middle of the night, catching him off guard, just as he had previously stated.

He returned unexpectedly, showed up unexpectedly, and hugged him unexpectedly.


Pan Lei could see Tian Yuan's joyful face through the dark quilt.

To be honest, it was complete rubbish.

Tian Yuan's smile was palpable to him.

How could he have seen it He wasn't wearing night vision goggles or anything.


"What brought you home"


They had a video call last night and watched each other fall asleep across the computer screen.

Pan Lei appeared to have crawled out of the computer screen in the blink of an eye. Bah! Bah! Bah! Pan Lei is not Sadako[1].

That was a poor analogy.


Pan Lei sighed as he straightened his back and leaned against Tian Yuan's chest.

He'd just finished a gunfight, and the tension and thrill had left him exhausted.

Nothing made him happier than laying in the arms of his beloved.


Tian Yuan had awoken from a heavy sleep, so his voice was husky.

Pan Lei had the sensation that a paw had gently scratched his heart.

It was itchy, numb, and extremely pleasurable.


"I miss you."


Tian Yuan was really smiling but unfortunately, Pan Lei couldn't see it.

He could only feel Tian Yuan’s gentle strokes.

If Pan Lei could see Tian Yuan’s eyes, he'd find they were filled with incredible tenderness and joy.


When he awoke from his sleep, the person he had been thinking about before going to bed was in his arms.

This kind of surprise made him more thrilled than his acceptance into medical school.

It was simply incomparable.

He was right beside him, in his arms, and his breaths were full of his scent as he stroked his warm body.

Tian Yuan detested the computer screen as well because he could only see but not touch Pan Lei.

He was now content.

He was free to touch Pan Lei, and the more he touched him, the happier he became.


Pan Lei smiled roguishly.

The man he had been thinking about was now under his palms, and he could do whatever he wanted with him.

He could kiss, touch, or get a little flirtatious.

Everything was fine.

There was no frigid computer screen between them.

If he wanted to show his adoration, he didn’t have to hold back.


Pan Lei caressed Tian Yuan's cheek with his fingers, hooked his neck, and lowered his head while lifting Tian Yuan's head and kissing him with that notion in mind.

He couldn't kiss him across the screen no matter how hard he tried.

But things were different at this time.

He was free to kiss anytime he pleased.


As Tian Yuan hugged Pan Lei's neck, Pan Lei's palm slipped and lingered on Tian Yuan's waist.

Breathing was more difficult while kissing under the quilt.

Tian Yuan almost collapsed from Pan Lei's kiss when he eventually let go.


Pan Lei's breathing was heavy as he bit lightly on Tian Yuan's earlobe.


"Baby, don't go to work tomorrow.

Stay at home with me, okay"


Tian Yuan's chest was violently heaving.

When Tian Yuan heard Pan Lei's words, he went into a trance.

‘Don’t go to work.

Stay with me’ was a hint.

It was like a declaration, telling him that they would make love till dawn.

He wouldn't be able to go to work and do surgery the next day.


Pan Lei clinched his teeth and lay there waiting.

If he insisted on going to work, he would do it once.

If he nodded, he would toss him until dawn.

He was dissatisfied, and his starving body needed Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan took a deep breath, leaned forward, and hugged him.





I won't go to work tomorrow.

I’ll stay with you.

I haven’t seen you in much too long.

I miss you so much. Tian Yuan felt that the time they spent together was too short these days.

He didn’t want to be separated from him at all.

Not even for a second.


Tian Yuan's body was pressed against Pan Lei's searing body.

He was aware of how much he had missed him.

These bodily responses were not misleading.


Why should he disappoint Pan Lei Why should he make him endure He loved Pan Lei so much that he was willing to do anything for him.


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan deeply, then slid down his body, licked his small fruit, and slid all the way from his chest to his belly, sprinkling numerous kisses one after the other, before swallowing his little brother in one breath.


Tian Yuan became overwhelmed as a result of this passionate and infrequent stimulus, causing his body to flap like a fish out of water.

He moaned and groaned in response to Pan Lei's kisses.

Tian Yuan twisted his body and tore open the quilt as a result of Pan Lei's actions.

He thought it was excessively stuffy.

He would surely suffocate and pass out because of Pan Lei.


Pan Lei reached out and pulled out the nightstand drawer.

He remembered there was some aloe vera gel left over.


"I’ll buy a box of lubricant in the morning and keep it at home."


Pan Lei was a little annoyed.

He tucked Tian Yuan's arm and body back into the quilt for fear that he would catch a cold.

He got up to get the gel.

But when he grabbed it, there was only a little portion left. Blast it! Why was this thing missing at this critical juncture


Pan Lei slid down Little Tian’er, held his tight little sac, and licked every wrinkle before moving on.

Tian Yuan raised his head and screamed.

This kiss was far too exciting.

He felt a little embarrassed in his heart, and he quickly grabbed Pan Lei's arm.


"Don't, don't! Just, just do it.

You, you come in."


Pan Lei's fingers were rubbing against it because it was so tight.

Following Pan Lei's motions, it gradually extended to accommodate three fingers.

This was sufficient.

There was no need to continue kissing.

He...he couldn't take it anymore.


There was soft moonlight steam pouring through the drapes.

Tian Yuan laid beneath Pan Lei with watery eyes, his body hot from head to toe.

He held on to Pan Lei without letting go and entreated him despite his embarrassment.


Tian Yuan's legs were wrapped around Pan Lei's waist, slightly trembling from his stimulation.

Pan Lei lifted his leg and kissed the most tender portion of it.


"I'm worried you'll get hurt."


Tian Yuan covered his face and gasped violently.

Pan Lei's kiss was like a soldering iron, and it made him tremble every time it dropped on his body.


Pan Lei bent his head and sucked his little brother.

He didn't care if it was proper or not; all he wanted was to 'do it'.

He sucked hard, causing Tian Yuan to scream and explode.

Pan Lei painted his hand, the tight place, and his little general.


He grasped the eager-to-love general and entered, the feeling of being wrapped tightly driving him insane once more.


Tian Yuan felt he was stretched to the breaking point, and that even a millimetre more would rip him apart.

As Pan Lei attacked, he couldn't breathe.

He noticed that Pan Lei's gaze was much more intense and that he was stronger than the last time.

He was a little overwhelmed.

Pan Lei kissed him, forcing him to take a few deep breaths and soothing his breathing.

Tian Yuan couldn't help but shout out when he withdrew to attack fiercely again.


It didn’t matter if he screamed, chanted ‘ge’, or begged for mercy.

He had been smashed into pieces by his attack before he could say anything.

He felt as if he were caught in a vortex and would be torn apart.

Pan Lei would shatter him into bits, which he would swallow into his stomach.


"No more, no more...

Ahh, ge, no more...

I can't take it anymore..."


He couldn’t keep up with the rhythm and response of his body.

He didn’t own either his body or his mind.

Pan Lei had occupied him from the inside out.

He could only plead for mercy, and if Pan Lei persisted, he would really crumble.


Possess Tian Yuan from the inside out, filling him with his breaths and essence, and letting him to be the only person in Tian Yuan's thoughts, heart, and body.

Pan Lei was this type of arrogant, overbearing man.

He wanted Tian Yuan to be covered in his scent and stare at the hickeys he'd left behind.

When he got to work, everyone would know he had a lover.

Nobody could take him away.

Sovereignty could only be established via thorough possession.


Tian Yuan's cries for mercy were dismissed by Pan Lei.

He didn't mind the scratches on his back or if Tian'er passed out.

Tian'er would be on leave the next day; he could be Pan Lei's ancestor at home.

He would devote the rest of his life to him.

But the time had come to take action.

He didn't want to suppress his appetite any longer.


Speaking of which, hehe, he wanted to go on a trip to Chengdu in April.

Do you have a dear from Chengdu Can you insist on driving



[1] Sadako is the ghost from The Ring horror series.

She often emerges from a TV screen.


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