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Chapter 11: Home is Where You Are

The president of the bus company is sweating all over his fatty face as he arrived at the scene.

This is no joke as he needed to rush over immediately.

To say nothing of the backgrounds of the previous generations of the Pan family, these young masters are as untouchable as them.

Pan Ge alone is the Chief of the Police Department in this city.

It is important to note that inside the police station, there exists a transport division which is in charge of all public transport companies, ah!

Who would dare to offend them If you don’t want to run a company anymore, then go ahead!

As a result, he could only repeatedly apologize and constantly reprimand his driver for being too impolite.

Pan Ge’s face was cold and he remained silent, while Pan Lei looked enraged.

Tian Yuan felt that he had always been an ordinary person living an ordinary life.

Together with these so-called young masters and high-ranking officials, people cannot afford to touch them.

Still, it would’ve been better if he had left long ago. 

Tian Yuan quietly got up and cautiously took off from the scene, running at a speed he had never done before.

He neither need to fight for justice for himself nor does he require anybody to do something for him to vent his anger on.

He is just an ordinary small person.

Everybody makes mistakes. Who can say that in this farce they put up, he is faultless

He disliked the so-called second generation officials, such as these two men from the Pan family.

As a little doctor, he lived his life in ordinary days and did not need these people to make him feel elated. So he ran away, and escaped without a trace when everyone’s back were on him.

Oblivious of what had happened, Pan Lei was panting in rage as he face the bus company president. “The one who almost had an accident said to forget about it.

Tian‘er come here.

He said he will invite you to dinner.” He allowed the tense driver to keep on bowing.

But he also knew when to stop.

Tian Yuan is kindhearted.

He will definitely turn a major event into a less significant one.

He does not like things to escalate and make it a big deal.

Pan Lei waited for the president to apologize to Tian Yuan. But who would have known that when he turned around, the shadow of that certain person was already out of sight.

“Good boy, you ran faster than a rabbit.” Pan Lei gritted his teeth.

It was not his fault that he ran away.

He gave him something to vent his anger on and he still dared to run. Truly haven’t seen the world, the courage is too small.

“Lei Zi, seems like this little secret lover of yours is not yet billed into your account, ah.

Haven’t you been leading a troop of soldiers and drilled into their training about honesty Why haven’t you made a move yet when rubbing up against this kind of maneuver Looking at you at this point, I don’t want to care about you anymore.

If you have the opportunity, come out and have a drink.

In the circle, people have been aware that you’re back home these days.

Eldest brother still doesn’t know about it.

Go back and ask him for a big red envelope, okay And oh, by the way, did third uncle and third aunt know

They also have an eldest brother.

He’s their big (eldest) uncle’s son, Pan Zhan.

After withdrawing from the army, he diverted to investing in commerce.

Apparently, the younger generation have already stepped over the boundaries of business and politics.

“I’m going to pick an auspicious day and bring him to my parents.

It must be especially grand to show how important he is to me.

You should go.

I’m going to find him.

I have a few days off, but I don’t want to waste it.

I must make him mine in the shortest time possible.”

Pan Ge smiled and was thinking that Pan Lei will unlikely to succeed in claiming Tian Yuan.

The doctor’s temper was very upright but irritable.

Pan Lei was like a Tyrannosaurus and Tian Yuan was like a Dragon Knight.

Who handles whom remained uncertain.

Who will tame whom is really hard to say.

“As soon as you have tamed him and had become your little lover, even if you are on the mission for six months, he will not fall in love with others.”

Pan Lei snorted. “He will love me wholeheartedly and no one can rob him away.

I finally met someone I love and this is worth celebrating.

You should prepare a red envelope.”

Pan Lei appeared complacent but he is clearly full of fighting spirit and arrogance.

He threw his troubles to his elder brother and slipped away. The president of the bus company was at a complete loss. How can this be good

“Go to the traffic police to solve things as quickly as possible.

Clear the way and remove all possible traffic obstructions.

Your driver must be strictly managed and should not be so arrogant.

Where did you see someone who had almost hit people and yet, still swears at them”

“Chief Pan, many thanks for your help.

Isn’t the Yangcheng lake’s hairy crab [1] just hit the market Can I send some to Third Young Master Pan”

“Forget it.

He is in a bad disposition right now.

He can’t also be manipulated when his temper is intense.

Let’s wait until he is in a better mood.”

Pan Lei drove a lightweight chariot on a familiar road [2].

His movements were always very fast.

Yesterday, he got himself a duplicate of Tian Yuan’s key.

Today, he created a backup key right away.

He pushed the door open, took off his shoes and put on Tian Yuan’s slippers.

“Tian‘er, buy me a pair of bigger slippers tomorrow.

Your slippers that I’m wearing now are a little bit small.” Pan Lei told Tian Yuan his requests.

This home must have half of his things.

Everything in this home should feel comfortable.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you were leaving My second brother and I backed you up.

You were really petty.

It was not like you were an ugly daughter-in-law who was afraid of seeing her in-laws, but you were still frightened anyway.

Even if you see my parents, you don’t have to be scared.

Don’t run away next time.

What will I do if I can’t find you”

Tian Yuan was actually somewhat exhausted.

He only spent an hour with this bandit and he felt even more tired than having a surgery for five or six hours.

Leaning on the door of the bathroom, he watched him move at ease like he is at his own home.

He first went to the refrigerator to find a bottle of water to drink.

“Have I not made myself clear Pan Lei, I really don’t like you.

Would you please leave my house I am very tired.

I want to have dinner so I can rest, and I have surgery tomorrow.

You have caused very serious consequences to me.

These, I also recognized.

Please leave… leave immediately.”

Pan Lei got into the couch and turned on the television conveniently.

“You do not like me now.

I can understand that.

I am confident though that after we have more contact with each other, you will fall in love with me.

I am on holiday and I will not go anywhere.

In one year, I only have several days to relax.

Ah, do you really have the heart to interrupt my vacation”

“You don’t have a home Roll over to your home and spend your vacation there! I don’t welcome you.” Even the best-tempered people will be angry when they meet rogues.

“But I don’t have you at my home, Tian‘er.

This is what I think.

Once we are together, we will move to live on my side.

Although this side is good, the house is a little smaller.

After I bought the house, it hadn’t been renovated.

You can just load it and decorate it according to your preferences.

I like whatever you like.

I see that you are still riding the public bus going to and coming from work.

Tomorrow, I’ll look after you, so I’ll drive you to work.

If you do not like the car, I’ll give you another one next year.

No wait, I should press on my eldest brother so he can produce a car for you.

Just so you know, I have another older brother, Pan Zhan.

Didn’t you know that my second brother told me to wait for a few days because eldest brother will be coming home After he had returned, we will gather together.

I will take you there for you to be recognized by all of the family relatives.

In this way, whenever I am not with you and you were having difficulties, there will be people who could help you.” Pan Lei said with conviction.

If he does not have him at home, what will he do Look at his father’s serious face Eat his mother’s nutritious dishes Look at the new military recruits of the sentry squad Even if the home is good, but if it does not have the person he wanted to see, he doesn’t want to go back.

The place where he wanted to be the most is at the place where Tian Yuan is.

Surely, this is love.

Your place is my home.

Your side is my shelter.

Pan Lei thought that he had never been as poetic as he is now.


Notes:[1] hairy crab – It is also known as the Chinese mitten crab.

Learn more in Wikipedia[2] drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road (idiom) – It means ‘to do something routinely and with ease’


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