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Chapter 110 Did you buy me clothes so you could help me in taking them off


When Pan Lei eventually stopped, the sun had already risen high in the sky, and Tian Yuan had lost consciousness completely.

His mother was damn right - lovers who are apart for a short period of time are clingier than newlyweds.


Pan Lei bathed Tian Yuan and stuffed him into the quilt.

Tian Yuan could only snap one word in his daze: beast.


Pan Lei took a shower after kissing him, threw his clothing in the washing machine, and went to bed.

He intended to get a good night's sleep by holding his husband.


He called Dean Zhao before going to bed.


"I'd like to request a leave of absence on Tian Yuan's behalf.

He will not be visiting the hospital today.

Why How can you possibly not understand why I'm back, and he wants to stay at home with me."


Pan Lei placed his cellphone aside.

This dean was truly getting on in years.

He didn’t grasp young people’s feelings for one another.

They were a young couple who hadn’t seen each other in quite some time.

It was normal for them to be clingy when they met.

Who would go to work rather than indulge unless they lacked romantic cells


Pan Lei took a nap.

He’d received special training and didn’t need eight hours to recover his spirits.

He could run about for twenty-four hours on three hours of sleep.

In short, he wished to foster husband and husband affection through physical activity.

He was eager to try new things.


Pan Lei awoke about eleven o'clock to find Tian Yuan still sleeping.

He kissed him on the lips as he raised his body.

Tian Yuan's lips were reddened from being nibbled and kissed by Pan Lei the night before.

Pan Lei thought they looked delectable.


Pan Lei got out of bed silently and went to the kitchen to cook.

Tian Yuan had delighted him last night by allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

Pan Lei wanted to serve him as an ancestor.


Washing, cooking, and tidying up the house was a must.


Tian Yuan lacked physical strength.

He fainted twice after fighting for half a night.

How could this be acceptable He ought to help improve Tian Yuan’s fitness.

He remembered that his mother had brought them a lot of good things and opened the kitchen cabinet. Huh Why is there only one box remaining


Pan Lei glanced at the bedroom.


"You little b**t**d, you know how to take care of your parents and gave them all the good things at home.

How can this daughter-in-law take such good care of his birth family Wait for me to teach you a lesson.[1]"


They were in their own little world.

How could Tian'er give away everything they had previously See! There were no ingredients available to prepare something scrumptious for him at this time.


Fortunately, there looked to be one last box of ginseng.

Dang Hong had actually delivered that box to her son-in-law the previous Saturday when he went to observe the surgery.

Dang Hong had handed him the ginseng box and urged him to take it home with him to slice and prepare tea.

Tian Yuan was a healthy young man.

He would get nosebleeds if he drank ginseng tea all day without Pan Lei at home[2].


Pan Lei went downstairs to do some grocery shopping.

He went to the store on purpose and walked three times around the family planning items.

"Bring me a box," he urged to the salesperson as he rubbed his chin and pointed to a lubricant


They really needed a box, damn it! This item must not be missing at a critical moment.

Tian Yuan grimaced and bit his lower lip when he entered last night.

He bore the discomfort patiently, yet such an occurrence could not happen again.

They must always have a box on hand in order to avoid running out at a critical moment.


Then he swaggered upstairs with the newly purchased veggies, chicken, and fish in his left hand and a box of that item under his right arm.


He was utterly unconcerned by the looks of passers-by.

You understand ‘that look’, don't you That expression.


After all, the packaging stated, "XX KY lubricant, followed by the line, provides the most natural feeling."


Pan Lei defiantly held the package as he walked past the community and the lobby, ignoring those people.


It wasn't that big of a deal.

Why should they be sneaky This was an absolute requirement! It was claimed that eating and drinking were the basis for survival.

However, this was also a necessity.


Pan Lei carried the lube box to the guest room, placed two tubes in the bedside drawer, caressed Tian Yuan's hair, and kissed him.


Then he walked to the kitchen to start cooking.


He prepared a chicken stew and let it simmer slowly, then added a few slices of ginseng, a handful of wolfberries, and a few red dates...

It was an absolutely necessary tonic for confinement[3].


He prepared a light (in flavor) fish porridge.

It was thick, with preserved eggs and shredded meat on top.

After waking up, Tian Yuan could devour the dishes.

In the afternoon, he'd eat chicken soup, and in the evening, he'd eat fish porridge.

Pan Lei had carefully analyzed his nutritional requirements.


Tian Yuan slept until two o'clock in the afternoon, feeling as though his bones had been disassembled and reconstructed.

It was impossible for him to stand up on his own.


"Pan Lei."


Tian Yuan spoke softly.

His throat was dry, and he lacked strength.


Pan Lei emerged from the bathroom, his hands wet with water as he wiped them on his apron.

He was doing their laundry.

He had removed his field uniform the night before, and because Tian Yuan had been working the night shift for the past few days, the clothes were piled up.

While the bedsheets were being laundered in the washing machine, he began washing Tian Yuan's shirts and underwear by hand.


He kissed Tian Yuan's brow, lifted him up by the waist, and helped him lean against the headboard of the bed.


"Are you hungry Wait, I'll bring you porridge."


"Please give me my clothes.

I need to use the restroom.

Don't wear these clothes, by the way.

Two shopping bags are stashed in the closet.

Those are the clothing I purchased for you while shopping with my mother.

Examine them to see if they fit."


Pan Lei's eyes were virtually invisible above his big smile. Aiya! Aiya! Tian’er went out and bought clothes for me.

This is proof of love!


"My baby loves me more and more.

Did you buy me clothes so you could help me in taking them off"


Tian Yuan pushed away the body on which he was leaning.

Who knew what Pan Lei meant by what he said.

He definitely didn't understand.

Men gifting garments to women meant, 'I'm gifting you these clothes because I'd love to pull them off your body.' Tian Yuan had no idea, but Pan Lei did.

He would hold Tian Yuan to it.


"Take them off, take them off, I will let you take them off.

I’ll lie down and let you take them off."


"Stop fooling around.

Try and see if it fits."


Tian Yuan did not allow him to remain in his arms.

Pan Lei leapt to his feet in order to find clothing for Tian Yuan.

He simply tucked Tian Yuan inside the quilt without dressing him when he bathed him in the morning.

So he found a pair of pajamas and a pair of underwear, turned around, walked to the bed, squatted down, and assisted Tian Yuan in getting his legs in before lifting the briefs all the way up.

In the same way, he helped Tian Yuan into his pajamas.

He then helped Tian Yuan rise up by placing his arms around his waist and began assisting him in putting on the pajama shirt.


"Alright! I can do it on my own.

To go this far, do you consider me to be Lin Daiyu[4] or the national treasure jade[5] While I go to the restroom, you try on the outfit."


There was no need to be so cautious.

He wasn't made of blue and white porcelain, nor was he a national treasure.

He was a mature man.

Although his waist ached, he didn't need such precise care for anything like this.

This kind of care, however, warmed his heart.


"I'm not interested in those things.

You’re my family’s treasure.

Naturally, I want to value you."


Tian Yuan held his waist and gave him a bright glance, but he still smiled and walked to the bathroom on his own.


Pan Lei hurriedly searched the closet and saw the two bags hidden within.

He laughed as he took a peek.

His family had a good eye.

The jeans he bought matched his preferences.


He hastily removed his garments and put on the newly purchased jeans.

It was a perfect fit at the waist, with just enough room for a finger.

It was the most comfortable waist fit.

The length of the jeans was also adequate, so he raced to find the mirror happily.

He examined himself from the front, back, left, and right.

The more he gazed, the more attractive he became.

He rubbed his chin as he looked in the mirror at himself.


"Handsome guy."


"Bah! Don’t be shameful.

How can you compliment yourself"


Tian Yuan laughed as he clung to the wall.

Pan Lei approached Tian Yuan and raised Tian Yuan's chin with one hand while leaning against the wall with the other.

In web dramas, the dandy lad employed a classic pose to take liberties with the young girl from a good home.

Pan Lei molested Tian Yuan in the same pose.


He lowered his head and moved in close enough for their lips to brush with a tiny pout.


"Darling, don't you think I'm handsome"


Tian Yuan felt pressured because of his height and proximity.

He couldn't help but look away since he wanted to laugh so hard at his coquettish glances.


"Alright, alright, handsome.

You’re very handsome."


"How can I not be handsome in the jeans you bought me Baby, can I conquer your mother with this handsomeness For the sake of having such a handsome daughter-in-law, can she marry you to me"


Tian Yuan's smile became stiff.

Alas! What should come will undoubtedly come.

That was a foregone conclusion.

They had talked about it a while ago.

When Pan Lei returned home, they would visit Tian Yuan's hometown and introduce him to his parents.

He had to clarify the situation, whether they agreed or disagreed.

Even if it made them angry, they couldn't hide it.


"Are your parents' physical examination results all normal"


Pan Lei stooped to pick up Tian Yuan, placed him back on the bed, gleefully wore his jeans, and walked to the kitchen to serve the porridge.


"Fortunately, there are only a few old issues."


Pan Lei presented him with a bowl of porridge.


"That's fantastic.

It's a good thing their hearts are in decent shape.

Seeing a male daughter-in-law come home will not cause them to have a heart attack.

That's OK.

Don't worry about anything, darling.

I'll take care of it.

You don't have to worry about anything as long as I'm present.

Even if you are beaten out of the house, my family will welcome you with open arms."


Tian Yuan couldn't eat anything after Pan Lei said that.

In his heart, he realized there was only a slim chance his parents would accept Pan Lei.

In this situation, he couldn't do much.


"Okay, okay, I didn't say it to cause you concern.

We will not go if you believe it is not the right time.

I'll be your little mistress for the rest of my life."


Pan Lei held the bowl and enticed and duped Tian Yuan while scooping a spoonful of porridge to his lips.

Pan Lei hurriedly poured the mouthful of porridge into his mouth after Tian Yuan chuckled at his nonsense.


"Just eat this small bowl of porridge for now.

I’ve stewed some chicken soup with ginseng.

It’s a good supplement to drink.

Did you give all of the good stuff we brought back from our family to my in-laws They’re old and have a greater need for these things to nourish their bodies."


He wanted to be an extremely filial daughter-in-law in front of his lover.

He hadn't bought any ginseng for his own folks, you know.


"Yes, they took everything.

I need to introduce you to my parents, Pan Lei.

I want everyone to know how happy I am because the person I love is such a wonderful man."


Tian Yuan ate the porridge and resolved to take Pan Lei home with him.

He knew there was no one in the world who could treat him better than Pan Lei.

Pan Lei was so good to him.

He had to take him home.


"Good! It’s time to have some chicken soup."


Pan Lei kissed him on the lips.

His family's Tian Yuan was exceptionally well-behaved.

He loved him so much that he couldn't bear the thought of losing him.


[1] I'm not sure my translation conveys Pan Lei's meaning.

He's basically complaining that Tian Yuan, the daughter-in-law, is giving all of his husband's family's nice things to his parents, which is kinda scummy.

In this case, it's also like giving away a present that was gifted to Tian Yuan.

[2] Ginseng raises the body's internal heat.

So, if Tian Yuan doesn't have Pan Lei to help him “blow off steam”, he'd develop nose bleeds from the excessive internal heat.


[3] A convalescence period of one month after childbirth.

[4] One of the principal characters of the classic Chinese novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”.

She is portrayed as a young woman of physical frailness.

[5] There are 4(I think) jade artifacts considered as a national treasure in China.


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