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Chapter 111 Aunt, I'm your son’s boyfriend


Pan Lei was torn between military and casual attire.

He was concerned that wearing his pine green uniform would make him appear too solemn, but he was also concerned that dressing casually would make his mother-in-law think he was frivolous.


Tian Yuan assisted him in making his decision.

He told him to wear the jeans he had purchased for him, as well as the long brown boots, a V-neck long-sleeved T-shirt, and a jacket.

Pan Lei was a handsome man who looked good no matter what he wore.

He was even more attractive when he was unclothed. Ahem! I mean, he looks good in everything.


Tian Yuan, like two peas in a pod, donned the identical pair of jeans, casual shoes, and a jacket with a similar style.

Pan Lei raided his father's small storeroom once more, taking 500 grams of coarse worms and going to see his in-laws. 

{T/N: I've literally translated the word for coarse worms because TCM uses some really weird stuff.

I have no interest in finding which bug or worm or whatever it refers to.}


Father Pan despised the fact that he had raised his son for nothing. Damn! That 500 grams of coarse worms costs more than 300,000 yuan. He reared an ungrateful son who robbed him to honor his in-laws.

This was indeed exactly what the adage says.

You lose your son when you gain a daughter-in-law.

It was better to have a daughter.


Dang Hong repeatedly warned Pan Lei that Tian Yuan's parents would not comprehend his twisted logic and that he should not lose his temper in front of them.

He must put up with it even if they hit him a few times.

If they chastised him, he should simply listen.

He had to be careful because they were Tian Yuan's parents, and he couldn't be upset with them.

If they didn't accept them as a couple, they should leave right away.

She requested that he inform Tian Yuan not to become upset.

Dad Pan and she would go over and talk to them if required.

They were Pan Lei's elders.

He must keep in mind that they were his seniors.

He must not enrage them.


Pan Lei nodded obediently.

They were his in-laws, so he promised his mother that he would be careful not to provoke them.

He'd let them reprimand and beat him if they wanted to.

He would definitely not fight back.


Tian Yuan grew up in a small county.

When he returned to his hometown, he was pleased.

He took Pan Lei on a tour of the city to show him around.

"Look! This is where I spent my high school years.

I didn't live in the dorms in school.

Every day, I rode my bike to school.

It took me around 30 minutes to get home.

I was accompanied by two girls as I walked home.

I occasionally escorted them home."


Pan Lei was sour. You've never seen me off.

This will not do! You will visit the family when I go to the army in the future.[1]


Tian Yuan ignored him and directed his attention to a side street.

"The food is delicious there.

If I get the chance, I'll bring you here for skewers."


“Will it suffice Can skewers fill our stomachs”


Tian Yuan patted his chest and said, "Of course they can.

Eat as much as you want."


Pan Lei guessed that he would consume 100 yuan in skewers at that stall.


They took another turn and traveled for a few kilometres.

"That's my maternal uncle's house," Tian Yuan said, pointing to a building.


Pan Lei examined the coarse worms in his hand.

This was to demonstrate his filial piety to his in-laws.

When he went to Tian Yuan's uncle's place, he'd buy something else.


Finally, their car came to a halt in front of a building from the nineties.

It appeared to be outdated, its exterior walls covered with Boston ivy.

It was a building that appeared to have seen a lot.


"Both of my parents are teachers.

The unit[2] provided this apartment.

My home is located on the fifth floor.

There is no elevator, so we need to climb.

I used to be able to run up all five floors at once, but I no longer have the physical strength."


Pan Lei glanced at the building before bending his body in half and patting his back.


"Come on up.

I'll run up with you and let you see my incredible physical strength."


He could climb the stairs in a single breath, without even puffing.

He was physically strong.


Tian Yuan smacked him and dragged him upstairs.


"Don’t mess around and don't talk nonsense when we get home.

I’ll talk to them about us.

I can't let you be wronged."


He wanted everyone to approve of their relationship now that they were together.

Despite the fact that his partner was a man, he wanted his parents to understand that they wanted to be together regardless of everything because they loved each other.

No one in the world would treat him better than they would treat themselves like Pan Lei did.

He wished to spend the rest of his life with Pan Lei and wanted to request his parents to support him in this endeavor.


"It’s fine as long as you don’t feel wronged.

Tian'er, if your parents say something offensive or hit me, don’t become angry or meet force with force.

I’m tough, so it’s okay for me to take a few hits.

Don't rush up to assist me.

I'm worried about you becoming sick with this body of yours."


His in-laws may find him unpleasant to the eye and wish to fix him up.

He mentally braced himself for a few slaps.

He may submit for the sake of his in-laws and let them beat him.

But not Tian Yuan. Never Tian Yuan.

Hitting Tian’er was the same as hitting him.

He was narrow-minded and could split hairs if he believed he had been wronged.

If Tian’er really fell ill, he’d lose it.


You see, regardless of the circumstances, even when facing his parents to come out of the closet, his Tian’er was still defending him.

How could he possibly break up with such a man


Tian Yuan took a deep breath as they stood at the door, and then another, his face becoming a little pale.

Pan Lei gave him a troubled glance: Don't scare yourself first.


Dad's heart ailment is minor, while Mom only has arthritis.

Even if they become enraged, I'm a doctor.

I'm confident that I can manage any emergency.

Tian Yuan girded his loins and knocked on the door.


What ought to come will always come.

What was the use of dragging his feet Hadn’t they boarded an airplane and traveled all the way to his hometown for this matter


Pan Lei stood behind Tian Yuan, looking at him as he knocked on the door.


The door swung open.

Mother Tian was astonished and delighted to see her son waiting at the entrance.


"Oh, my child, how come you’ve returned home Come in quickly.

Yuan’s dad, Xiao Yuan is back."


It wasn’t the new year, and they’d visited Xiao Yuan just a few days ago, so why had he abruptly come home Unless it was the new year, he rarely came home in the past.


Of course, a mother is happy when her child comes home.

Mother Tian joyously called her husband to tell him that their son had come home so that he'd come on over and take a look.


Father Tian came out of the study and smiled when he spotted his son.


"It's only been a few days since we parted.

Are you homesick, or are you on vacation"


Tian Yuan changed into slippers at the door.


"How can I not miss you I just came back to take a look."


Mother Tian welcomed her son into the house and discovered a wide-shouldered tall young man behind her son.

The tall young man was built tough and stocky.

He smiled brightly as he stood ramrod straight.

He stood obediently by her son's side, resembling a lion being led by her son.


The young man appeared rough and bright.

It was merely that his expression seemed a little funny.

He stood a full head taller than her son.

His stature and strength were genuinely intimidating.


Naturally, none of the slippers at home could fit Pan Lei's large feet.

Tian Yuan had no choice but to allow him to enter the house in this manner.[3]


"Oh! Xiao Yuan brought a friend.

Come in, come in, sit down."


When Mother Tian peeked out the door, she didn't see Zhang Yan, the girl she liked. My son came home without his girlfriend


Father Tian sat down and welcomed Tian Yuan and Pan Lei, asking them to take a seat.

Pan Lei remained silent.

He merely smiled at his father-in-law and continued to smile, hoping to earn some brownie points.


Father Tian asked, "Did you come to attend a meeting"


It was really strange for his son to visit suddenly.



I came home for a specific reason."


Mother Tian washed and sliced some fruit before serving it to her son and his friend.

The couple exchanged glances.

What was going on Their son looked quite serious and nervous.


Tian Yuan reached out and clasped Pan Lei’s hand, intertwining their fingers.


"Mom and Dad, let me introduce him to you.

He’s my lover.

His name is Pan Lei.

He was in the army when you came to see me a few days ago.

He came back yesterday to meet both of you."


Tian Yuan's parents stared at their son, at the hands clasped tightly together, making it difficult to discern between the two hands, and at the so-called son's lover, who smiled brightly alongside him.

They had no idea how to react at that point.


Pan Lei rose to his feet and saluted Tian Yuan’s parents.


"Hello, uncle and aunt.

I am your son's boyfriend."


Pan Lei beamed brightly, openly confessing his feelings in front of Tian Yuan's parents.

He was a little embarrassed, but he was determined to persuade the elderly couple to approve of their relationship.


"He’s not my boyfriend.

He’s my lover.

I love him.

Mom and dad, the last time we met, I promised to bring my lover home for you to see.

He is the person I love.

He’s a good man who treats me really well.

His parents and family know about us and have given their approval.

I also can’t keep it hidden.

I hope you approve of our relationship as well."


Tian Yuan gripped Pan Lei's hand.

He had nothing to hide now that he had taken Pan Lei to meet his parents.

If it needed to be said, he would say it.

He loved Pan Lei, and Pan Lei loved him even more.

Therefore, they wanted to be together.

They would not accept any hindrance or dissent.

All they wished for was to be together.


"Dad and mom, although I’m being a little presumptuous in addressing you as such without your permission, his parents are also my parents.

We love each other very much.

I serve in the army.

Although I can't be by his side every day to care for him, I promise to be by his side when I return, and I will give him all the attention he deserves.

I will not change my heart.

I love him as much as I love my motherland, and I’ll always be faithful to him.

I don’t have much money saved up, but I’ll work hard to provide him with the best life possible.

I’ll give him what others have, as well as what others don’t have.

I wish for him to be the happiest person in the world.

I will never make him regret getting together with me.

I'll always cherish him as though he were a treasure.

He is my treasure, and I’ll adore him year after year, day after day just as much as I do now."


Tian Yuan continued to persuade.


"Mom, dad, did you know he called and made sure you got the best care He had to return to the army the day you arrived, so he couldn’t rush back, no matter how badly he wanted to.

He asked his eldest brother to send us a car and one of his buddies to entertain us well.

He also requested that his mother send you supplements.

Everything was arranged by him.

He is really a good person.

He loves me and cherishes me.

There is no one in this world who can treat me better than him.

Although our feelings are not the normal love between men and women, our love may be more genuine than theirs.

We have a nice life together and want to spend the rest of our days together.

Isn’t it true that we want someone who will treat us sincerely and wholeheartedly for the rest of our lives He has the ability to treat me nicely for the rest of my life.

Our jobs are secure and promising.

If the circumstances allow, we can also adopt children.

Mom and dad, when we get together, we won’t be lacking in anything, whether it’s a child or genuine feelings.

We will have a wonderful life together.

Mom and dad, please agree, okay Accept him, please."


He knew that if he told his parents about the situation, they would end their relationship with him.

But he still wanted to tell his parents how wonderful this man he had fallen in love with was.

He was so good that he would always follow him no matter what.


Do not refer to them as perverts, disgusting, or lacking in ethical values.

They were in love with one other, and their relationship didn’t affect anyone.

So, they were free to love.

They only needed their parents’ approval.

It was as simple as that.

They didn’t care about others.

As long as their parents acknowledged their relationship, they would be perfectly satisfied.


Please agree.

Please accept him.

He really is a good man.

I’ll never regret spending the rest of my life with him.


[1] Pan Lei’s family lives in the military compound.

He’s basically saying next time he leaves for the barracks, Tian Yuan should come to the base to see him off.

[2] dān wèi.

Think of it as a housing complex provided by the government for people working in the area. 

[3] This is a Asian culture thing.

It's a big no-no to come inside the house wearing shoes you've worn outside.

The author hasn't specified what she means by "in this manner." Pan Lei most likely entered barefoot or in socks.


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