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Chapter 124 Hey! He has an owner


Pan Lei moved to follow Tian Yuan as he turned to leave, complaining bitterly in his heart.

Who would have guessed that the sister would be unwilling to let him go The booze-powered Wonder Woman clutched Pan Lei like a koala.


Pan Lei was unable to move his hands or feet.

If he had any contact with this woman, Tian Yuan would have him kneel on the washboard when they arrived home.


A tool for washing clothes that has supposedly become a torture tool to punish husbands.


"Tian'er, save me!"


Tian Yuan turned around to see Pan Lei with his hands raised in the air.

A tall, adult man stood pitifully frozen on the spot, like a helpless kid...

Tian Yuan snorted with laughter. Do you still want to act the fool at this point Aren’t you very capable You can easily slap her away!


"Push her away."


Seeing Pan Lei dig a hole for himself, Tian Yuan resolved to look at his antics as entertainment.


"You'll make me kneel on the washboard if I tug on her."


Pan Lei, who was in a pickle, grimaced pitifully.


"Good idea.

I’ll let you kneel on the washboard, and copy House Rule No.

9 a hundred times."


He had no issue copying it even two hundred times! He needed to get away from this woman as soon as possible.

He couldn't hug or tug on women in Tian Yuan’s presence.

It was not like he didn’t want to live any longer.


"Handsome guy, don’t go.

Come on…kiss me."


The woman wouldn’t spare him.

Having drunk too much, she insisted on kissing Pan Lei.

Tall, handsome macho men like Pan Lei were rare and quite popular with women.


Pan Lei tried his best to escape the woman’s clutches without touching her.

It was impossible for Tian Yuan to walk away after hearing the woman’s words.

He ignored his tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex and stepped up to tear the woman away from Pan Lei, grabbing Pan Lei's waist possessively.


"Go and kiss your man.

This man has an owner."


Tian Yuan had transformed into a little super-hot pepper.

It was best not to provoke this jealous man; he was completely irrational at the moment.


"Hey, hey, hey, he’s not yours.

Why are you so worried"


"He’s all mine.

Any objections This matter doesn’t concern you.

You might have broken-up, drunk too much, or feel abandoned.

Don’t ruin our relationship simply because you’ve been dumped."


The woman let out a huge belch that smelled like booze, seemed to sober up a little, and ridiculed.


"Women nowadays must be wary not just of other women robbing their boyfriends, but also of men vying with them."


"Huh!" Tian Yuan snorted disdainfully.

"Do you believe that getting drunk will help you find a boyfriend Hugging a man as soon as you see him...

You think he's your family's teddy bear, eh"


Humph! You’re daring to rob my man Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to mess with a surgeon


"I'm your body pillow, baby."


Pan Lei interposed, explaining tactfully that he was Tian Yuan's private property. I want to have fun tonight, not kneel on the washboard.


Tian Yuan cast a sidelong glance at him.


"We’re leaving.

Don’t make me say it again."


"Yes, sir! I’ll carry out your order right away."


Pan Lei went to the private room, bade farewell to the rowdy bunch, and left with their(TY and PL) coats.


Tian Yuan was quiet and didn't say anything.

Pan Lei scratched his cheeks and tweaked his ears when he noticed his gloomy appearance. What am I supposed to do What should I do I didn't do anything wrong, so isn’t letting my family’s husband blame me like throwing myself at the muzzle of a gun


When they reached home, Tian Yuan dragged Pan Lei by the coat sleeve, pulled him to the wall with the house rules, and pointed at it.


"Take a good look at this amazing House Rule No.


Read it aloud to me."


Pan Lei printed out the ten house rules on A3 size paper.

They were very formal and taped to the wall.

They could be seen as soon as the house door was opened.

They were particularly prominent, and had been taped there to show off.


The house rules are still here, right You formulated them, didn’t you You failed to live up to your boast.

How should I punish you, the b**t**d who only knows to mouth off You sonofab***h! You’ve always used these family rules to trick me, but now you’ve fallen into my hands.

See how I punish you.


"Rule 9: Stay away from any man or woman.

Have a clear dividing line with all women.

Not allowed to hook up with women."


Pan Lei was mortified.

He was the one who came up with the house rules, and now he was going to have to live with the consequences.

However, he was wrongfully accused.

He didn't take the initiative to hug the woman, and he had no idea where she popped out from.

He was forced.

He didn't have much of a choice.


"Tian'er, I really don’t know her.

She sprang out of nowhere and threw herself at me.

I’m a victim as well.

Don't worry.

I’ll keep a safe gap of at least one meter from any man or woman from now on.

I won't give them any chance to get close to me."


Tian Yuan snorted.


"Copy House Rule No.

9 a hundred times."


Humph! I don’t care if you’re a victim or not.

You have to copy the house rule.


"No need to kneel on the washboard"


Pan Lei knew Tian Yuan was softhearted.

He was unlikely to impose a penalty on top of a punishment.

He wouldn't be punished if Tian'er beat him up; if he was punished, Tian'er wouldn't beat him up.

It appeared he wouldn’t be subjected to any corporal punishment.

He’d only have to copy the house rule.


"Don't remind me.

If you wish, I can get you one."


They didn’t have a keyboard at home because he used a laptop and didn't use a washboard.

Heh! If it weren’t for this fact, would Tian Yuan have spared Pan Lei so easily


"Darling, first I'll draw a bath for you, and then I'll copy the house rule so you may double-check it before going to bed."


Pan Lei was in high spirits as he ran a bath and arranged clothes for Tian Yuan.

Then he sat on the sofa to copy the house rule, sneaking a glance inside the bathroom.

After ensuring Tian Yuan was in the bath, Pan Lei took out two pens and began writing with both pens.

That's right.

Pan Lei was a marvel; he could write with both hands at the same time.

This meant that writing the rule once took the same amount of time as writing it twice.

In other words, writing a hundred times was the equivalent of writing fifty times for him.


Pan Lei knew he'd been pardoned when Tian Yuan nodded in satisfaction after checking his assignment, and he cheered, stating he could finally go to bed and rest.


Tian Yuan lacked the enviable ability to fall asleep quickly.

He tossed and turned, thinking he'd never seen Pan Lei's troops, but if there were female SWAT, there had to be female special forces soldiers, right If that was the case, there must be female military doctors as well.

It was impossible to have solely big manly men in a military district.

If they were all macho men, that was also a dangerous situation.


Pan Lei came out of the closet in a big way when he was about eighteen or nineteen.

He had served in the army for over ten years.

He'd never know if he fell in love with a young soldier in the army.


As for Pan Lei's claim that he was busy with work, there were numerous duties in the military district, many things to handle, and many rookies to train.

Pan Lei could easily claim any of these reasons to avoid returning home, instead choosing to reunite with that other person in loving affection.

In any case, he wouldn't see Pan Lei.


It was also possible that if he had worked with someone for a long time, he would develop feelings for that individual.

Pan Lei was terribly handsome.

He had a nasty temper, but he was pampering towards the person he liked.

Coupled with his family background, they would fall in love with such a man no matter who they were.

His style could move the girls from the art troupe, the female military doctors, the female nurses, or possibly those who worked with him.


That woman was correct.

These days, one must be vigilant not just of women robbing boyfriends, but also of other men.


Tian Yuan turned to look at Pan Lei.

This guy was a treasure that must not be snatched.

What would he do if such a thing happened, or if someone confessed their feelings to him


This won’t do.

I need to teach him political science and convince him that the only thing that matters is loyalty in love, which must be lifelong.


Tian Yuan got up and sat cross-legged on the bed.

He shook Pan Lei awake.


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, wake up."


Pan Lei opened his eyes in a daze.

When he saw Tian Yuan sitting next to him, he drew him into his embrace and kissed him absentmindedly.


"Can’t sleep, baby I’ll sing a song to coax you"


He couldn't even open his eyes owing to sleepiness, yet he was still worried about this sort of thing.


"I don’t want to sleep.

Let’s have a chat."


"What do you want to talk about in the middle of the night We’ll discuss it tomorrow.

Good boy, kiss me.

My precious boy, go to sleep.

You’ll wake up with puffy eyes if you don't get enough sleep."


Pan Lei kissed and embraced Tian Yuan as if he was a baby bear.

Tian Yuan couldn't move an inch with Pan Lei's legs clamping his and his arms folded over him.


Pan Lei's voice became quieter and quieter as he kissed and hugged his darling to remind himself that he was still safe and sound, allowing him to relax and sleep more soundly.

This embracing sleeping posture was said to be the most intimate.


He was sweet, but Tian Yuan was uncomfortable. Your grandma*! Laozi can’t breathe! Why the hell are you pulling my head towards you! Why on earth are you cradling my head in your arms and rubbing it Do you realize you’ve imprisoned me tightly! Help! I can't breathe!

{T/N: *A curse word worse than 'your uncle' and 'your mother'.

After all, it goes back a generation...}


He eventually broke free by turning, moving, and twisting, but he also started a little fire.

Pan Lei casually took Tian Yuan's hand and placed it on his little head.


Tian Yuan roared in his heart, Your uncle! Pan Lei, you lecher, I’ll rub you to death.

Your grandma! Do you take advantage of me by eating my tofu like this while I sleep!


He drew his hand back and wiped it across Pan Lei’s chest repeatedly.


Pan Lei was awfully unhappy and reached out his hand to grope about.


"Baby, baby," he called out to his baby pathetically.


Baby, my a**! Tian Yuan wished he could smother him with a pillow.


He grabbed his pillow and stuffed it into Pan Lei’s arms.

Pan Lei smelled Tian Yuan’s scent and finally stopped tormenting him, sleeping honestly like a well-behaved child with a pillow in his arms.

The more he hugged, the more it compressed. Look at that pillow! It has been twisted out of shape.


Tian Yuan felt discomfort in his rib-cage.

He would suffocate if Pan Lei held him in his arms like this.

"Fortunately, I escaped," he breathed, his terror persisting.


Wait a minute.

Does he hug me like this No wonder I always have a sore waist and an aching back when I wake up.

He was sore even if they didn’t do this and that.

If he was hugged and twisted like that pillow, an aching back and waist were a given.


"Pig, all you know is to sleep."


Tian Yuan was enraged to the point of insanity.

His wrath made his nostrils twitch. Pan Lei! Humph! You’re still sleeping!


What should be done He was unable to sleep.

He intended to have a nice chat with Pan Lei about being loyal in love and not having an adulterous affair in mind and deed, but he was sleeping like a log. How can I pass up this chance to teach him an unforgettable lesson


He felt compelled to teach Pan Lei a lesson.

Pan Lei was always unruly and causing mischief.

Pan Lei established rules for him, so he must establish rules for Pan Lei.

Their love was mutual, and all he needed was a lifetime of complete devotion.

He would hack him into pieces if he even dared to think of cheating.


Never, ever provoke a surgeon.

This was not an arbitrary statement.


Pan Lei couldn't do anything about that woman today.

Will he compromise if a woman weeps profusely one day and says, "I love you"


That was out of the question.

This sort of situation had to be strangled in the crib.

Sinful thoughts must not be let to manifest.


Tian Yuan narrowed his eyes as he gazed at Pan Lei, who was fast asleep.


"Pan Lei, you've always been the one to make the rules in the family.

Now it's my turn to teach you something you'll remember for the rest of your life.

I'll make a family rule you'll never forget."


Tian Yuan laughed mischievously.

Pan Lei shuddered as his chuckles were a touch cold.

In his dream, he grabbed the quilt and pulled it up.


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