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Chapter 125 The best house rule of the Tian family


In Pan Lei’s dream, Tian Yuan was walking in front of him.

He walked faster and faster, going farther and farther.

No matter how many times Pan Lei called out, Tian Yuan never looked back and slowly faded away.

Pan Lei couldn’t find him.

Even his scent had vanished.


Pan Lei awoke with a start and reached out to the side to ensure that his darling was still by him, but became sober when his hand touched the bed. Where is he


The night was at its darkest before dawn.

He saw a silhouette seated next to the bed just as his body tightened to spring out of bed.


He realized it was Tian Yuan after squinting.


Pan Lei collapsed on the bed and exhaled a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, his sweetheart was still beside the bed.

He didn't leave him, he didn't go anywhere.


"It’s the middle of the night, baby.

Why are you not sleeping Come to bed."


Pan Lei lifted one edge of the quilt and drew his baby up to sleep.


Tian Yuan climbed into bed but sat on Pan Lei’s lower abdomen rather than lying beside him.


"What’s this You’re taking the initiative, baby! OK! Let’s get busy!"


Pan Lei was surprised to see Tian Yuan take the initiative to sit astride him.

Tian Yuan had only sat on him after being coaxed into it when he was confused by passion.

Pan Lei could see each of Tian Yuan's aroused expressions when he entered Tian Yuan's body from below.

He was particularly fond of this position.


Tian Yuan smiled at Pan Lei as he reached out to unbutton his pajamas.

Because there was no light in the room, his smile was obscured by the fuzzy darkness.

Pan Lei couldn't tell for sure, but it was a nasty smile.


Tian Yuan suddenly drew a knife from his back.

It was a scalpel he used for surgery.


Pan Lei was startled. What’s going on Is he sleepwalking in the dead of the night with the idea of killing Or is it knife play at night


"What… Baby, what are you doing"


Pan Lei extended his hand and turned on the bedside lamp.

He was a little scared.

He awoke in the middle of the night to find his family's husband playing with a knife while sitting on his stomach, thinking he was in for a delightful and adventurous night.

He didn't expect to be greeted by a cold scalpel.


We’ve been sleeping together all this time, yet I didn't realize Tian’er has the habit of sleepwalking How is that possible


Tian Yuan sneered at him.

Pan Lei didn't have the habit of wearing pajamas.

He was simply wearing his underwear.

Tian Yuan lay down on Pan Lei’s body and slashed the scalpel across his face, keeping a distance of fifty centimetres from it.


"Pan Lei, you set the rules for me, so I’ll also show you our Tian family’s best house rule."


"You say, you say."


Am I possessed Why do I think my family’s husband looks seductive in the dark This little look of coldly threatening people while looking aloof and remote is so delicious.


It was exactly like the first time they met, when Tian Yuan had threatened Pan Lei with a scalpel.

That was the moment Pan Lei fell in love with him.

Love at first sight can happen anytime and in any place.


"In love, two people are just right, but three people are quite crowded."


"That’s a given.

I vow I love only you and will not not even look at anyone else."


Tian Yuan nodded in satisfaction, and the scalpel continued to descend, slicing across his neck.


"Pan Lei, you've been in the army for a long time, and I can't visit that area, so I don't know who you're in contact with.

I wouldn't know if someone in the army likes you.

I wouldn't know if you raise a third person[1] in the army behind my back and purposefully keep it hidden from me.

Don't you think it's very unfair"


"I swear to you, there will be no second person in this life except you.

 There are only two or three female soldiers on the team, and everyone treats them like treasures, but it has nothing to do with me.

You are the only person I consider to be a treasure.

Third person Bah! They'll never show up.

I will love you as much as I love my motherland.

I’ll not be halfhearted.

Heaven and earth can prove it[2]."


Tian Yuan was even more satisfied.

The scalpel went down again and came to a halt over Pan Lei’s heart.


"What if someone confesses to you What if someone, whether a man or a woman, tangles you I am a person who does not allow physical infidelity, let alone mental infidelity.

Mysophobia is probably a common failing of every doctor.

I’m not okay with you being even a little stirred by the thoughts of other people.

For example, that woman wrapped herself around you today, which made me very unhappy.

Even though you are not at fault, I’m still upset.

Don’t make me unhappy in the future, understand I’ve been resisting the urge to throw you into a disinfectant to sterilize you.

When I recall someone holding you, I want to disinfect you so badly."


"This type of thing will never happen again.

I will slap them away if they approach me within one meter of me, male or female.


The time will never come when I shall make you unhappy.

Whether you can see it or not, what happened today will never happen again.

I swear I'm not making this up.

If I let you down, my parents will tear me apart, and my grandfather will flog me to death.

I can't express how much I adore you, my darling.

I will never find someone else, and I will not let anyone approach me.

Take a look at my forehead! See the huge print It says: Tian Yuan’s property.

If you see even the slightest intimacy between me and others, you can immerse me in formalin."


Tian Yuan nodded, very satisfied, very very satisfied with his answer.


"Baby, now that you’re satisfied, how about we put this scalpel away What should I do if it cuts your hand"


It’ll be great if you move it away from my chest.

He felt like he’d been put on the operating table without anesthetics, waiting for his chest to be cut open.

It was too frightening, and it was on the verge of catching up with foreign horror films.


"Pan Lei, remember what I said about not provoking a surgeon and never allowing a physician to truly despise someone Remember, I'm a surgeon, and I'm petty.

If you let me down, forsake me, keep a mistress behind my back, let a third party appear, or get hanky-panky with irrelevant men and women and provoke me, I’ll be very angry.

Very, very, angry."


Tian Yuan's voice was deep and low, almost coquettish, which calmed Pan Lei's worries.

Who knew he'd abruptly raise his voice and roar.


"If you let me down, I’ll chop it off and send you straight to the dissection table.

While you’re still alive, I’ll peel your skin, dig out your heart, and throw you in formalin as a specimen! If you don’t believe me, just try it!"


The scalpel flashed silver before dropping with a whoosh, skimming past Pan Lei's ear and stabbing the pillow.


Pan Lei swallowed his saliva and hurriedly nodded.


"I’ll remember."


This little thing’s heart is really small.

This threat is so horrifying that I’ll never dare to treat him halfheartedly in my life.

Who could withstand such a threat Even though it was the middle of the night, Tian Yuan had stayed up to teach him an unforgettable lesson when he woke up.


A surgeon should never be offended.

This statement is not meant to be taken as a joke.


Tian Yuan was pleased with the results. My strategy will definitely work.


Tian Yuan tossed the scalpel away, overjoyed.

Excellent! The plan of action he devised after a few hours of contemplation, and which required great effort on his part not to burst out laughing halfway through, yielded results. I can sleep at ease now.


"Sleep, sleep."


Tian Yuan yawned and went to bed.


He wanted to sleep, but a certain someone wouldn’t let him. You terrified me, but hope to sleep without patting my head or comforting me with a few kisses!


Pan Lei rolled onto his side and stroked Tian Yuan’s cheek.

Tian Yuan was happy and relaxed, and he had an uncontrollable smile on his face.

He’d most likely have good dreams that night.


"Baby, are you satisfied"


Tian Yuan nodded. Satisfied, very satisfied.


Pan Lei smiled evilly.


"You're satisfied, but I’m too scared to sleep.

What should I do"


Tian Yuan covered him with the quilt and patted him a few times perfunctorily. 


"You scared me so much right now that I don’t dare to sleep.

You should compensate me.

Where did you learn these threats and intimidation methods, little villain You’ll run wild if you’re not taught a proper lesson."


Pan Lei snuck into Tian Yuan's quilt and began tearing Tian Yuan's pajamas apart.


"Who told you to wear pajamas Isn’t that delaying my business You’re not allowed to wear it again."


Pan Lei bullied him in the quilt, while Tian Yuan yelled at him and was harassed by him.

He twisted and turned, roaring, "What are you doing Stop it! It’s almost daybreak, stop messing around."


The pajamas were thrown out, and the underwear was thrown out of the quilt shortly after.

Pan Lei wrapped the single-person quilt around both of them.

Then another pair of underwear was tossed.


Tian Yuan began by laughing and cursing at Pan Lei and pushing him away, but in the end, he parted his legs and wrapped them around Pan Lei's waist, lifted his buttocks, and arched up.

Tian Yuan could only work hard in the quilt in order to take deep breaths and try to relax himself.


"That honest and serious expression is the same as when I first met you.

At that time I fell in love with you.

Now I get hard when I see you like that.

It makes me want to push you down, to let you moan and pant under me, to let you beg for mercy.

That cold-faced look is so enticing."


"Get lost! You, you pervert! Ahh!"


Pan Lei entered slowly, causing Tian Yuan to cry out.

He felt like he was being torn apart when Pan Lei got all the way in.

Pan Lei clasped their fingers together, bowed his head, and kissed Tian Yuan repeatedly, stopping deep within his body.


"Darling, baby, you always make me feel so good that I can’t stop myself.

I feel so comfortable in your body.

I love it to death."


Tian Yuan took a deep breath.

Despite the fact that they did it frequently, he couldn't adjust to Pan Lei.

He was too powerful, and every thrust made Tian Yuan feel his internal organs would be pushed out.


Tian Yuan glared at Pan Lei as he heard him babbling nonsense in his ears.


"Shut up, shut up!"


Yo, yo, yo, this little look, this flushed body, this amorous look! Pan Lei couldn’t hold back anymore.

He retreated, entered, thrust, and kissed Tian Yuan, swallowing his gasping and groaning with his mouth as he occupied Tian Yuan’s body and soul.


"Keep throwing lustful looks at me."


Tian Yuan was like a boat on the sea when Pan Lei sped up.

He was lifted up, then flung down, and finally taken to the peak.

His breathing was erratic, his thoughts were in a mess, and he could only grab Pan Lei’s back tightly and follow the rhythm of his body.


"Throw, throw your uncle!"


Tian Yuan became enraged and bit Pan Lei’s shoulder savagely.

Pan Lei chuckled, grasped his waist, and slammed into him, satisfied to hear him cry out. This is the most beautiful sound.


In the end, who punished whom Pan Lei had a complete victory so far.


— A scalpel can also be used like this!


[1] the other woman/the other man.

[2] A unique concept in ancient China that referred to both the natural world and society.

World/universe/all things are the English equivalents.

It's kinda like saying, "I'll prove my love for you in front of the entire world."


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