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Chapter 126 Mother-in-law’s grand plan


Tian Yuan's arm ultimately recovered completely, but Pan Lei was still concerned and insisted on Tian Yuan having it examined.

Tian Yuan was a doctor, but because Pan Lei didn't believe his words, he had no choice but to go to the Armed Police Hospital for another checkup.

Naturally, it was the Armed Police Hospital because that was where his mother-in-law worked.

This mother-in-law cherished her son-in-law, and unless she gave the all-clear, Pan Lei would continue to carefully control him, not allow him to move freely, and take leave to attend to him at home.


Dang Hong had looked over his X-ray.

In reality, she had checked it as soon as it was brought to her attention and had previously stated that it was not serious.

Pan Lei had been treating him like an ancestor for the past few days.

Pan Lei wouldn't even let him carry his own dinner bowl and had him eat with a small spoon.

Pan Lei would feed him personally if he was disobedient.

He simply could not afford this level of care.

However, the favorable conditions created by Pan Lei's attentive care had good results, causing Tian Yuan to recover quickly.


Pan Lei took the X-ray and went to Lin Mu first.

Lin Mu affirmed several times that Tian Yuan was fine and that no sequelae had been left behind.

Pan Lei was worried that Tian Yuan was still in pain but had prompted Lin Mu to say that his arm had healed, so he went looking for his mother.


Only after Dang Hong repeatedly stated that there was no issue did Pan Lei believe it.


Tian Yuan gave Pan Lei an eye roll and derided the fact that he needed three doctors' approval to deem it acceptable.

He didn't believe in his medical skills, or he was distrustful of Lin Mu.

When all was said and done, his mother was the person he favored.


Pan Lei stated that there was only one woman he loved the most in the world, and that was his mother; there was only one man he loved most, and that was him.


Let us hope that Pan Lei always stays true to his words.


"You must, however, exercise caution.

Tian Yuan, you're a doctor as well.

You should be aware that you should not lift heavy objects with your arm during the recovery phase until it has completely healed.

In the short term, surgery should be avoided.

What I'm scared of is that a high level of tension will leave the source of the problem in your arm.

Also, keep an eye on it on overcast and wet days."


"Take another month off."


Pan Lei was worried after hearing what his mother had stated, and he asked Tian Yuan to extend his leave by another month.


"It’s fine to simply sit and examine patients.

It doesn't affect his ability to go to work."


"Exactly! Mom said that it doesn’t affect my ability to work, so I’m going to work tomorrow.

It’s tough for me to stay idle."


With his mother-in-law's support, Tian Yuan had a strong backing.


Pan Lei complained loudly: "You have my company and still find it difficult to be idle You don’t like having me by your side, do you Could it be that you don't love me Mom, your son-in-law doesn't want me.

I can’t live anymore."


Dang Hong glanced at her son with disdain. How did I manage to raise such a scoundrel Shameless!


"It’s important that you remember what I said.

Don’t try to be brave.

Leizi's leave is also coming to an end.

Tian Yuan, why don’t you just come home Your dad and I can look after you well."


"It's all right, Mom.

Haven’t I recovered I can handle it on my own.

Dad and you have to work too, so I don’t want to bother you."


"Hey! I still have a few days off and will look after him properly.

Even if I leave, I will have Zhang Hui deliver him meals on a regular basis.

Mom, contact their hospital’s Dean Zhao and ask that he not arrange surgery for Tian’er, that he not work overtime, and that he not work night shifts.

Just halve the workload."


"There’s no need to call him specifically."


Tian Yuan had grown wiser after witnessing his mother-in-law's strength.

If she phoned the dean about a trifling concern, the hospital staff would ridicule him as a delicate darling, saying he was made of glass and couldn't be touched.

Wasn't that the same as his antagonizing people Nobody would be able to tolerate it if there was another person like Dr.


He was not the type to get into fights or cause trouble.

It was best to stay away from such situations.


"It's time for me to call him.

I'm applying for you to study abroad for a year.

You’ll work at the No.

1 Hospital for a while before going abroad to study cardiothoracic medicine."


"Eh He’s really going! Mom, I can't live without him.

Leaving for a year means I won't see him for a year.

Isn't that just killing me"


Dang Hong slammed her fist against the table. He's so clingy, but he calls himself a man


"You're the one who's holding him back.

I told his parents that if Tian Yuan marries you, he will quickly rise through the ranks.

Don't tell me you want him to be mediocre and satisfied with being a doctor for the rest of his life.

If he wants to be my successor, he must further his education abroad.

If you continue to hold him back, I’ll let your father have a chat with you."


Pan Lei could do nothing about his mother.

He clutched Tian Yuan's hand, unable to face the thought of losing Tian Yuan.

One year was 365 days or 8760 hours! Wasn’t that simply killing him! It was too cruel for them to be Cowherd and Weaver Girl for a year.


"Don't listen to him, my dear boy.

He's thinking selfishly and wants to tie you up.

I also went abroad to further my education and was away from him and his father for more than three years.

I didn't want to leave Leizi at the time because he was still quite young.

However, in order to achieve a particular goal, a corresponding price must be paid.

It is not enough to rely simply on love.

A man needs to have his own career.

Go, Mom and Dad are rooting for you.

If he drags you back, I'll let his father thrash him with a whip."


Tian Yuan thought while scratching his brow: To achieve a goal a corresponding price must be paid Mom’s remark appears to be more useful in catching crooks.*


"Mom, I implore you not to use the whip at every turn.

His job is unique.

I'm concerned that he'll be assigned a mission while still in pain after the flogging."



Consider it done."


"In this world, only you are the best to me, Tian'er."


"Don't mess around," Tian Yuan said as he shoved Pan Lei's head away. What's the matter with you You want to kiss me in front of my mother-in-law! What ‘you’re the best to me’ Isn’t this going to make my mother-in-law jealous Isn’t this a classic case of being unfilial and forgetting your mother after getting a wife


"You can just resign after your application has been approved.

Don't take unpaid leave; instead, quit your job.

When you finish your studies, come straight to the Armed Police Hospital.

I'll be your mentor for a few years and make sure you receive enough clinical experience.

You'll be in charge of the cardiothoracic department when the time comes.

Then I'll be able to retire."


"I'm sacrificing my happiness and our simple love-filled life in return for your retirement," Pan Lei muttered. Is there such a mother You're separating us for a year, just like any other cruel mother-in-law.

One year...if it's truly one year, that's OK.

However, if he does not complete enough course credits, he will continue to study and the duration will change.

We're a young couple! We've just gotten lovey-dovey, ah!


Everyone had only accepted their relationship a few days before and they had slowly begun to plan their simple life.

Why did his mother wish to keep them apart It was too difficult to accept.


Couldn't she have thought of her son while assisting her son-in-law Didn't she realize that living in two places for an extended period of time leads to a miserable life Didn't she know that a long-term lack of sex life causes a couple to be dissatisfied Did she want a hot-blooded man who had just recently begun driving to live apart from his husband and become a monk for a year That was the worst torment for someone who was madly in love with his husband.


I won’t be able to hold his hand, kiss and bite his lips, see his face, enjoy his body, love him, or linger over him… Oh my god! This is excruciating!


They didn't spend much time together to begin with.

It would be agonizing for him to be separated from Tian Yuan for a year.


In fact, I really am a picked-up child, right She is my stepmother, right That's why she can torture her son so much and refuses to let him be happy.


Advanced studies were unquestionably a beneficial thing.

Every doctor hopes to enhance their professional level on a regular basis, to achieve some success in their field, and to save more and more people.

There were a lot of surgeons.

Was there anyone who didn't want to be at the top or take things to the next level Every doctor's dream should be to become an authority figure like Dang Hong.


Tian Yuan considered his situation to be highly advantageous.

His mother-in-law put her heart and soul into training him and accepted him as a disciple.

She also allowed him to observe a typical cardiothoracic procedure while providing him with a full explanation.

He should not disappoint his mother-in-law and felt she was completely correct.

A man must carve his own portion of the world.

As Confucius put it, thirty years old and hence self-sufficient.

He was also nearly 30 years old.

He also hoped to have his own career, one that he had worked hard for, and when he reached his mother-in-law's age he likewise hoped to be referred to as a teacher, and to be regarded as an authority second to none.

It was common to make sacrifices for the sake of a career.

He couldn't, of course, indulge in love.


He was likewise reluctant to let go of Pan Lei.

They didn't spend much time together in reality.

Spending three months together in a year was already considered a blessing.

Reunion was only possible after much hardship, and he desired to spend more time with Pan Lei.

He planned to go for a year.

During this year-long absence, he would be unable to visit.

Because Pan Lei's job was unique, he found it difficult to travel abroad.

It was truly agony for two individuals who loved each other to be apart for a year.


Pan Lei was upset and had been grumbling since his mother brought up the subject.

He understood Pan Lei and realized that the major reason he was unhappy was because he couldn't stand the thought of parting.


How could he be willing to part


When Pan Lei was on leave, they could only be together for a few days.

Even the infrequent occasions when they could act sweet would be lost if he headed for advanced studies.


"Pan Lei, I want to be an outstanding doctor."


Tian Yuan bowed his head.

He aspired to be a remarkable doctor, but he too couldn't face the thought of being separated from his lover.


Pan Lei exhaled a sigh.

He had stated that he would fulfill Tian Yuan's every wish.

If Tian Yuan asked him to pluck stars from the sky, he'd quickly set up a ladder for him.

He was reluctant to part, to be sure, but this was a minor mental qualm in comparison to Tian Yuan’s wish.


Pan Lei took Tian Yuan's hand in his and kissed it.


"Then go.

Study hard and return in a year.

I’ll pick you up at the airport and force you to give this daddy a warm hug before taking you home and recover what you owe.

If we spend three months a year together and do it twice a day, that is 180 times.

Remember, when you return home, you will owe me 180 times of getting turned over by the red waves.

Come back and become a fantastic doctor like our mom.

The youngest authority in the medical field."


Tian Yuan gazed at him.

This man loved and pampered him.

Pan Lei used all of his energy to help him achieve anything he desired.


"But I can't bear the thought of parting with you."


"Oh my ancestor, could you please not hook me I gritted my teeth and agreed to let you go.

If you don’t want me to create a fuss, don’t make me upset again.

How can I be willing to let you go for so long, eh Look! I’m feeling down again.

Go, you must go.

At worst, I’ll say I need to visit my relatives and come to see you.

Baby, ge really doesn’t want to part with you.

How am I supposed to live without you, ah I can’t, I can’t.

Come here.

Let me kiss you and comfort my hurting little heart."


Tian Yuan threw himself into his arms.

He had to leave; he had to continue his studies.

This was an absolute necessity.

However, he was wronging Pan Lei.


"Fortunately, your application for advanced study has not yet been approved.

Otherwise, my leave this time would have been spent packing your bags, which would have made me cry a river.

Baby, military personnel are allowed to visit relatives.

Let’s meet before you go abroad.

There’s no way I’ll be able to take another month off, so pay me a visit.

All military family members are allowed to visit relatives, so we’ll meet up in the army."


Military family members visiting relatives It’s OK to use a policy like this!



* You might think this sentence is silly, so here's why: Dang Hong's phrase directly translates to "You must lose your shoes to combat a wolf." This expression is a metaphor that means, 'In order to reach your goal, you must make certain sacrifices.' Surprisingly, a large number of Chinese misunderstand this metaphor - the reason is that 'shoe' is a homonym for 'child' in the dialect from whence this saying originated.

As a result, many people misinterpret the adage to mean, "To fight/capture a wolf, you must use your child as bait," which is horrible, to say the least.

The correct meaning is: If you come upon a wolf, you must flee.

"Lose your shoes'' implies "run hard."

**I think it's obvious that "driving" and "getting turned over by the red waves" are euphemisms for having sex.

so I didn't bother with a footnote.


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