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Chapter 127 Military family visit regulation


Pan Lei explained the bogus military regulations for a family visit to Tian Yuan: "If a married couple is separated, both sides benefit from the privilege of visiting family every year.

Officers are entitled to a 30-day vacation.

The platoon commander is given 40 days.

In other words, you can join me in the army for 40 days."


"But the rules state that it must be husband and wife."


Tian Yuan questioned how he could ever go to visit Pan Lei with this provision in place.

Did Pan Lei think people were blind and couldn’t tell that he was a man


"We are husband and wife."


Pan Lei stated this while grabbing Tian Yuan's shoulders.

They were husband and husband.

How were they any different from a married couple Nothing at all but the fact that neither of them was a woman.


You question as to whether they had any evidence.

Pan Lei claimed that they were a married couple, thus they were just that.

Concerning the rules...

They were entirely out of line!


"But you didn't just take a month off.

You sneak back multiple times a month, which violates the rules even more."


So, according to the rules, they could only spend forty days a year together That wasn’t even the worst of it.

It is difficult for a soldier to find a wife.

Even if they are discharged at the age of fifty, men like Pan Lei will probably remain bachelors.

Aside from his terrible temper, he had a difficult time finding someone to date when he was on leave for a family visit.

Who among today's women would want to wait a year for him to return and then spend only forty days with him He liked being in the service and intended to serve for 30 to 40 years.

He will be a true uncle when he retires.

Who was going to marry him at the time His youth would be wasted.


Therefore, we must be considerate of soldiers.

Their personal problems are really serious and require greater attention.


"Don’t you know I’m a special forces soldier I enjoy all sorts of privileges.

Additionally, those uncles in our family and my dad will give me a little advantage.

Don’t worry.

If I say you can come to see your relatives, you can come visit relatives.

You most certainly can visit.

I’ll get you a family visit slip when I return to the base.

You’ll need to write our relationship on it.

Remember, in the column for your relationship with me, you must write ‘spouse’.

I don’t want you to introduce yourself as a brother or some friend.

You’re my lover.

I can’t let you be wronged anywhere."


Tian Yuan pondered, a little uncomfortably: Write spouse He was certain that if he put that on the family visit note and went to the encampment, the guard would not let him in.


"You think they’ll let me in if I write ‘spouse’ in the relationship column"


"If anyone dares to stop you, I will kick him to death.

Relax; you have me for everything, don’t you Leave it to me.

I’ll take care of it.

But keep in mind that the relationship between you and the person you’re visiting is ‘spouse’.

It’s spouse. Spouse, you hear You must write the word spouse.

I’ll check your family visit note before framing it and hanging it next to our family rules.

This visit card will be our marriage certificate, obtained without tricks."


Tian Yuan was perplexed because this was the first time he had encountered a situation like this.

Was it really that simple Wouldn't he be hindered if he went to see Pan Lei as a spouse Wouldn't he be barred from entering


Pan Lei just took a month off.

Oh! No, less than a month - it was two or three days short of a month - and he ran back home every few days.

Wasn’t this a violation of military regulations Was he not punished Wasn’t he going to be managed Could this ‘visiting relatives’ work Why did he think it couldn’t be done


"If I say it’ll work, it’ll work.

Remember, relationship: spouse.

Don’t write anything else."


"I’ll remember."


Pan Lei was rambling, repeating the same point over and over.

Tian Yuan understood it but felt there was no certainty as to whether it was doable or not.

To be honest, Tian Yuan had zero confidence in this plan.


Pan Lei's vacation was not a 'I'll do whatever I want' kind of thing.

He stated that he would take a one-month vacation, but some duties had to be completed by him.

He was a special forces soldier instructor as well as the captain of the operations squadron.


They thought there were still a few days of vacation left.

Who would have guessed that a phone call would whisk Pan Lei away on a mission


Pan Lei pounced on Tian Yuan and wouldn’t let go.


"I wanna get discharged from the army; I’m not going; I quit.

When I think of you traveling abroad to study, and how little time we have, I especially want to have the 72 changes of Monkey King[1] so that I can stay by your side."


Tian Yuan was very sad.

They had been living together for almost a month at this point.

Despite the fact that Pan Lei wanted to torment him every day, it was fun when he was by his side.

He stole kisses, groped him covertly, and sang love songs to him while doing laundry, cooking, and even doing the dishes.

He handled everything and never complained.

Their time together flew by, and they lived happily.


The last thing Tian Yuan wanted was for Pan Lei to have to leave after a phone call.

He, too, was reluctant to part, but Pan Lei was a soldier, and once an order was given, he had to carry it out.


"Pay attention to safety when you’re on the mission.

Don’t let me worry about you."


Tian Yuan caressed Pan Lei's hair, lamenting the fact that they only had so much time together.

He hugged him tight, wondering how long it would take for Pan Lei to return this time.


"Don't worry; I have a family and a lover.

I will definitely protect myself for you.

Your arm requires more rest.

There is a dry cleaning shop in the neighborhood.

I’ve already applied for an annual card, so all you need to do is send the clothes there.

I've also phoned Zhang Hui.

Your three meals a day will be delivered on time.

Go to the military district compound if you don’t want to stay alone at home.

Be careful of where you step when taking a bath.

Don't fall.

I bought fifteen pairs of underwear for you.

If you feel lazy or don’t want to go to the dry cleaner once a day, just let them collect.

Even if you only go to the dry cleaner once a week, you’ll still have a clean pair to wear every day.

There’s no need to wash it yourself."


They were caring words, so why did they seem strange coming from Pan Lei's mouth Forget about creating an emotional parting mood.

Even if he insisted on making Tian Yuan say, "Ge, I love you," while kissing and hugging him, it would have been alright.

How could he bring up the subject of underwear How did the conversation get so off track so quickly Sending your undies to the dry cleaners Letting them accumulate for a week! Was he that lazy


"Hurry up and get lost!" Tian Yuan shoved him aside.


"You don't love me," Pan Lei said as he stood aside, looking at Tian Yuan with a look of being wronged.


Tian Yuan stared at him, waiting to see what trick he'd devised.


"What makes you say that"


"We are a married couple.

I’m going away from home.

Shouldn't you hug me and say you don’t want me to leave Then, just like Liang Zhu’s eighteen phases[2], act sentimental and declare you don’t want to be separated Instead, you’re driving me away.

You don't love me."


F**k you! How many times have you left after receiving a call while I've known you Did he want him to always send him away with eighteen phases Wouldn’t they grow tired of it Was it fun to mope around like a girl


"Say, what the hell do you want"


Pan Lei smiled naughtily, hurried forward, and pressed Tian Yuan on the sofa, gearing up impatiently.


"What do you think Of course, it is to seize the moment and do it.

My driver will arrive in around 20 minutes.

Let's first have a parting gift of affection.

It’s unclear when I’ll return from this mission.

Don’t tell me you want to restrain me to death.

Let me have some fun first, and then I’ll become a monk in the army.

Honey, don’t you want to squeeze me dry Squeeze me dry.

If I don’t have any energy or strength, even if the army does have a goddess, I won’t have the strength to take a look."


Pan Lei simply ripped the shirt apart without bothering to untie the buttons.

Pow! Tian Yuan smacked him on the back of the head.


"You a**h*le, Laozi’s shirt is very expensive."


"Here’s my pay card.

You’re free to spend it however you like.

Don't be noisy.

Lie down and let me work.

Be good and hurry up, damn it!"


Tian Yuan rolled his eyes as he looked up at the ceiling.

He admired this insatiable hungry wolf that could do this sort of thing at any time and in any place.

Despite the fact that he had so little time, he was determined to work hard.


Tian Yuan lay down and didn't struggle, allowing him to play.

Pan Lei was like a bandit who prevailed and happily committed a certain sort of misdeed.

He advanced while muttering with exhilaration, "Darling, I'll kiss and nibble your neck to leave a few hickeys, lick your little fruits and make them swell up, and then rub your little head to see if he stands up."


He groaned and murmured to himself incessantly.

Tian Yuan had severe doubts about whether he was sick in his heart.

If he wasn’t sick in his heart, it meant he was sick in his head.


He’s a complete moron.


"Hey! Let me tell you something."


"Don't disturb me."


Pan Lei uttered these words quite fiercely and began undoing Tian Yuan's belt.


Tian Yuan grabbed his wrist watch and thrust it in front of Pan Lei, allowing him to examine it closely.


"They called you five minutes back.

They said they’d be here in 20 minutes.

That is to say, you have another 15 minutes.

If you finish the job in fifteen minutes, I'll take you to the hospital’s andrology ward to check if you have any unmentionable male sexual illnesses, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, impotence, premature ejaculation, and so on."


Pan Lei roared, grabbing the watch and tossing it aside.


"You’re the one who is most clear on whether I have a male sexual illness or not.

If it weren't for me feeling sorry for your little body, believe it or not, I could toss you from 8 p.m.

to 8 a.m.

the next day."


He dared to question his physical strength He was a strong and mighty man with Grade A strength! He could do 2000 push-ups at a go! Was that a body with traces of a male sexual illness Who tossed him until he cried every time Who thought it was interesting to make him beg for mercy over and over again Where did those hickeys come from Making him walk for the entire month while supporting his waist was also his masterpiece!


"You can't finish it in fifteen minutes.

Don’t tell me you want to stand up like a flagpole and go for your mission.

Do you want to lose face"


After being shot down by this man who could severely batter him, the mental shock caused the big cannon's vigorous mode to blow down bit by bit.


Pan Lei had never met somebody who was as much of a wet blanket as him. He’s a rotten boy who doesn't understand romance.


Pan Lei was on the verge of biting on his handkerchief and crying. Tian’er is too hateful, too hateful. He was about to leave, but he didn't come to comfort him.

Rather, he attacked him and called his physical strength into question!


Tian Yuan sat up and looked at Pan Lei, who appeared to have been gravely wronged.

He was angry, but he also found it amusing.

There was truly nothing he could do about this guy.


Tian Yuan noticed Pan Lei move away with a droopy face for the first time as a car honked downstairs.

He couldn't take it any longer and followed him to the door.

Tian Yuan changed his shoes and stood up while Pan Lei was still in his 'lost soul' state.

He caught Pan Lei's hand, drew him in, and pushed him against the wall, kissing him passionately.


Pan Lei's attitude shifted from passive to active as a result of this.

It was quicker than any heart stimulant.

Tian Yuan pinning him against the wall and kissing him were far more exciting than anything else.

He held Tian Yuan's waist and kissed him several times.

Due to friction, the tip of his nose hurt, his lips were numb, and even the tip of his tongue was numb.

But it was still insufficient.

He wished he could swallow Tian Yuan whole.

He wanted to turn him into a miniature figurine and carry him away in his shirt pocket, close to his heart.


"Wait for my return."


Pan Lei caressed Tian Yuan's cheek and gasped in his ear.


"Come back safe and sound."


This is my one and only request.

Go and return safely.


[1] qī shí èr biàn: 72 changes is one of the Monkey King's spells from Journey to the West.

The primary goal of the spell is to prevent the damage caused by the thunder, fire, and wind in order to realize the wish of immortality.

[2] "Eighteen phases" is a piece from the Yue opera "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai," also known as The Butterfly Lovers.

It is a classic aria from the play.


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