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Chapter 143 Double standard


Do you know when Tian Yuan considered himself to be sinful It was around this period.


More than 100 soldiers had jogged for 5 km as Pan Lei drove a car next to them and Tian Yuan sat in the front passenger seat.


Some of the soldiers began to pant, while others began to gulp large mouthfuls of air with their hands on their hips.

All the recruits had slowed down.

The more they ran, the heavier their steps were, and they felt as if they couldn't take another step.


Pan Lei was driving and checking his rear view mirror.

There was music playing in the car.

On the one hand, he drove, while on the other, he bobbed his head in time with the music.


"Pan Lei, that man can't run anymore."


Pan Lei glanced at the aforementioned man.

Tian Yuan had been staring at those bitter troops from the start. Jogging for 5 km They will undoubtedly be exhausted.

It's a bit much if Pan Lei doesn't give them time to catch their breath after running five km.


"If he can't run, he should give up.

I invite him to be the first to quit.

People with poor physical strength are ineligible to serve in the special forces.

Hey! What are you looking at them for, baby Is there anyone more attractive than me Look at me, look at me."


"Why should I bother looking at you I'm sick of staring at you every day.

Hey! Shall we take him inside the car, Pan Lei You can see that he is unable to run."


“Tsk!” Pan Lei gave a snort.

There was no one more attractive in the entire military district than him. The most attractive guy is right in front of you, and you're looking at other guys!


Pan Lei grabbed a megaphone.


"If you can't run anymore, number 78, just quit.

You didn't spit blood, did you Why are you dawdling Let me take a guess.

You thought it was your family's old ox that was pulling the cart, didn't you Move faster! Hurry up!"


He sounded impatient.

Number 78 was the guy Tian Yuan had said would not be able to run.

Number 78 clenched his teeth and sped up.


"See This is why people need to be goaded.

Just as a sapling requires pruning to stimulate growth, people must be sorted out to stimulate their potential."


Tian Yuan thought Pan Lei was far more terrible than their Grandpa Pan.

Grandpa Pan would trail them with a horse whip, but this hateful fella was driving the car while yelling at others to "Run faster for Laozi!" Could a man's two legs outrun a car's wheels This was obviously bullying.


He felt the same way about the military instructor when he was at university.

But Pan Lei was a hundred times worse than that instructor.

He was too cruel.


"Don't look at me with those admiring eyes.

I know I'm looking pretty dashing right now.

I'll kiss you if you look at me like that again."


"I want to bite you to death."


Pan Lei arched his neck and puckered his lips.


"Bite here, bite here."


Tian Yuan smacked him across the face. This guy doesn't have a single serious bone in his body.


Pan Lei grabbed his hand, dragged him over, and bit him; Tian Yuan reached out his hand and pinched Pan Lei's thigh, causing Pan Lei to scream "Ow ow ow!" and the car zigzagged like a snake.

Tian Yuan, who was immensely pleased with himself, returned to his seat and waited to see whether Pan Lei would dare to harass him again.


Pan Lei looked at Tian Yuan aggrievedly.

Why was Tian’er so ruthless Fine! Since you’re so ruthless, I’ll take a good bite on that spot of your butt at night.

I’ll do exactly what I say and punish you.


At this point, one of the deputy instructors in the car behind them began speaking via a loudspeaker.


"The car in front, please pay attention.

You’re on the training ground.

Please don't make any small moves that can jeopardize the soldiers’ safety.

Do you realize that the zigzagging car nearly hit someone just now"


"What f**king nonsense! Why do you care what Laozi is doing with hubby You nosy bastard! We husbands are promoting our, , , uhm, uh."


Tian Yuan covered his mouth as he saw Pan Lei was ready to spout rubbish. This man! Can't you see how many people are around us or take a look at the situation! Pan Lei was openly calling themselves husbands, oblivious to the presence of others.

He didn't seem to mind whether the recruits knew about their relationship. But why must you provoke others unnecessarily


"Doctor Tian has flipped out.

Team Leader Pan is going to suffer."


Everyone got it this time.

Even these trustworthy individuals understood why Team Leader Pan barred anybody from approaching Dr.


This was completely for his lover's protection. However…is it okay for such a thing to occur in the barracks


Team Leader Pan was reported to have a strong background, allowing him to run amok in the army like this.


Pan Lei accelerated the car and drove straight out to the 5 km target.


The others would take some time to arrive.

As a result, Pan Lei yanked on the handbrake, tugged Tian Yuan over, had him sit reclining in his arms, and kissed him passionately.

He'd wanted to do this since Tian Yuan put on the camouflage suit, but he never got the chance.


Tian Yuan had a slim physique and, unlike the army men, lacked muscle mass.

As a result, when he put on this rugged camouflage uniform and tied the belt, it highlighted his small waist.

This was accompanied by the faint fingermarks Pan Lei had left on his wrists a few days before, which were revealed when the sleeves were rolled up.

Tian Yuan typically wore formal clothing and didn't roll up his sleeves.

He had always been a sensible person.

He had the delicate and elegant appearance of a piece of warm jade.

He was a trained doctor, and his looks could make the patients' relatives feel assured.

When he was outfitted in the camouflage suit, he emanated a rare toughness.

In Pan Lei’s eyes, however, he appeared more juvenile.

His face appeared even more fair and youthful.

Pan Lei was itching to pinch and kiss him.


He finally had the opportunity to hug Tian Yuan, biting and kissing him.

He'd secured the belt with his own hands and knew just how to undo it.

Tian Yuan fought valiantly. What the hell Even if your lechery is flaring, you must be mindful of your surroundings, okay More than a hundred people are arriving soon.


Tian Yuan firmly yanked Pan Lei's hand away.


"Let's go back and discuss it.

Don’t cause trouble, don't cause trouble."


"Those pri*ks haven’t arrived yet.

Give me a kiss and let me touch you a few times.

What's the big deal"


Pan Lei was still caressing Tian Yuan's face, his attitude proclaiming, "I'm being totally reasonable." Why couldn’t he touch Tian’er a few times Nobody could see them, so what was Tian Yuan worried about


Tian Yuan slugged him.


"Your brain has been flooded with sperm, you big lecher! Can’t you see where we are! How can you mess around here! Do you wish to take the lead in playing a hooligan You don't only want to hand over a bunch of bandits; you also want to train them how to be a bunch of lechers"


Pan Lei finally grasped Tian Yuan’s point. Tian’er is correct.

He was the recruit training’s commanding officer.

What if those rookies ran over and discovered him, their leader, having car sex with his hubby I suppose it IS a big f**king deal.


"It's no surprise that it’s said the military teaches good people to be bad and bad guys to be good again.

What sort of commandos can an instructor like you train Just a gang of bandits."


Tian Yuan despised him severely.

He lacked even the most fundamental characteristics of a soldier. Isn't he supposed to be serious Shouldn't he be careful with his words, even if he's joking Shouldn't he be sincere Why is he a big wild wolf dressed in a military uniform Rather, he’s a feral wolf with the word SEX etched on his brow.


"That's correct, I’m a trained soldier."


Pan Lei patted his chest, assuring him that he was an outstanding soldier.

He possessed all the good qualities of a soldier.


"I just don’t see it.

You’ll seem most appropriate to go straight up the mountain if you take off your uniform."


Pan Lei slammed his fist on the steering wheel. No way! He thought he’d at least be a strong man, a manly man, in his hubby’s eyes.

How did he become a bandit leader He acted like a bandit at times, yet he was far from it.


"You're deadpan, unnervingly serious, majestic and terrifying to your men; you're shameless to me.

I'll also become shameless after spending a long time with you."


"Who can be serious with their beloved"


Pan Lei expressed his dissatisfaction with this unfairness.

He diligently trained all of his men, but Tian'er was the one one he treasured in his heart.

All of his tenderness could only be directed toward Tian'er.

Who else could it be given to if not him


Tian Yuan looked away, pouting.

There was nothing he could do about Pan Lei, this overlord.

It made little difference whether he acted like a scoundrel, threw a petty tantrum, or acted shamelessly like a pervert.

Tian Yuan would accept it in the same way that Pan Lei loved and accepted all of his flaws, treating him like an ancestor.

Even right now, Pan Lei knew perfectly well that Tian Yuan was deliberately scolding him.

Yet, Pan Lei accompanied him in the play and apologized with a smile to satisfy Tian Yuan’s yearning to feel loved.


"Okay, baby, I was wrong.

I won't get fresh with you when we’re outside.

But you have to let me do it when we get back to our room.

It’s a torture to be able to see you all day yet not be able to eat you.

Let me kiss and hug you when we return to the dormitory."


Pan Lei conjured a large apple from who knows where.

He gave it to Tian Yuan in order to curry favor.


Tian Yuan took the apple and bit into it. Umm, it’s sweet.


He agreed with Pan Lei and nodded.

Then he brought the apple to Pan Lei's mouth, who bit into it exactly where Tian Yuan had.


"You can't stop me no matter what I do at night."


Tian Yuan wished he could throw the apple at him.

He couldn't be serious for five minutes.

Tian Yuan never knew what he was going to say in the next sentence.

He was demanding the night's welfare, and Tian Yuan was not allowed to stop him in the middle of it I'll die if I let you play until dawn!


Every day, he washed the bed linens, and every time he went outside to dry them in the sun, the assistant instructors stared at him with ambiguous eyes.

It made him feel incredibly embarrassed.

Tian Yuan imagined he heard them musing: What exactly are you doing to dirty the sheets every night to the point where even two bed sheets are insufficient...


"Why don’t you just die in bed."


"I told you long back that I'd be perfectly content to die in you, on you, or in your bed.

Come on, baby, give me a kiss before they arrive."


Tian Yuan shoved the apple into his mouth, blocking Pan Lei’s nonsense-filled mouth.

He would absolutely hit him again if he listened to his rubbish again.

If he hadn’t been afraid he’d slap him silly, he really would’ve slapped him.


How about training Does he look like an instructor


What about his devil training plan Is he going to spend all of his time flirting with me


Pan Lei finished the remnants when Tian Yuan finished eating the apple, and then wiped Tian Yuan's hands.

He didn't waste any opportunity to express his feelings for Tian Yuan.

He lavished Tian Yuan with attention whenever he could.


The recruits came just in time to witness Team Leader Devil Pan throw a paper towel.

He took a look at his watch.


"You're too slow.

What the f**k were you doing Is this your level of physical fitness!"


Even though the recruits were gasping for air, their clothes were drenched in sweat, and they were exhausted, they were still unqualified.

If they had to force march to a conflict, they would be fatigued and unable to carry their weapons.


"In these four weeks, we'll pick the best of you.

The first week is hell week.

The second week is rust removal.

After half a month, it would be a wonder if even one-third of you remain.

The third week is forging week.

After surviving the first two weeks of hell and rust removal, the third week will put your mental fortitude to the test.

It is a step forward in the forging process, and those of you with poor psychological quality will be eliminated.

The fourth week is for assessment.

Those of you who make it to week four will be evaluated again.

I’d rather the special forces not have enough manpower than send a bunch of cowards to the battlefield and kill my teammates.

Today is just a warm-up, lads.

I’ll welcome you to the first week of hell training tomorrow."


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