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Chapter 148 The gift made of bullet shells


Despite the fact that it was past nine o'clock, Pan Lei was absorbed with bullet casings in one hand and glue in the other, toiling at his handwork with tremendous zeal.


Tian Yuan stretched his neck to inspect it.

He had no idea what the eventual outcome of this chap's work would be, but seeing that Pan Lei was so excited, he simply let it go.


Tian Yuan was drowsy at half past ten o'clock.


"Oh! You haven't finished it yet.

Do it tomorrow."


"Go to bed first if you're tired.

You'll be able to see it for sure when you wake up."


Tian Yuan merely leaned on Pan Lei's shoulder, watching him work as he didn't look back.

Excuse his lack of aesthetic cells; he had severe doubts about what kind of present bullet casings joined together was.


"What exactly is it"


Give me a hint to satisfy my curiosity, ah.


Pan Lei turned his head and pecked him on the lips.


"Make sure you tuck in properly when you lie down, darling.

Don't freeze.

Since it's a gift, it must be a pleasant surprise.

Don’t bother asking; I'll finish it soon."


Tian Yuan could only agitate himself groundlessly as Pan Lei refused to yield. Can I return it if it doesn't look good CAN I


Tian Yuan crawled beneath the blankets and resumed his reading.

His mother-in-law gave him a lot of materials, which he had to carefully study in order to prepare for moving abroad for advanced studies.


Pan Lei finally put down the glue in his hand after twelve o'clock.




As soon as Tian Yuan heard it, he rushed out of bed as fast as he could.

He'd stayed up late just to see this gift.


On the table, he noticed a three-dimensional heart constructed of bullet casings.

It stood on its own and had been bonded together layer by layer.

Except for the brass hue, it had a regular shape, a cute appearance, and could stand.

It looked just like the red heart that the girls liked on TV.

With the exception of the yellow tint, everything was neat and tidy, with the bullet casings securely cemented together.

It couldn’t be looked down on just because of the solitary bullet casing that served as the bottom support.

It would be precisely the same as a handicraft if Pan Lei had glued these bullet casings together on a wooden base.


This type of present could only be found in a military camp.

Pan Lei pieced together this gift from genuine bullet shells after racking his brains.

He made a rare treasure for Tian Yuan out of the unique items in their barracks.


It felt weighty in his grip.

Although it was a touch rough, the color was off, and the wood had not been painted in a lovely tone, Tian Yuan considered it a truly priceless treasure.


"I used hundreds of shells that have been glued together.

Looks good.

It's for you."


Pan Lei strutted his stuff. Look at what I've done.

It's one-of-a-kind.

Everything I create is good.


Tian Yuan excitedly hugged and kissed Pan Lei.


"It's really beautiful."


"I gave you this heart as a gift.

You hand over your heart to me."


Pan Lei coughed, recalling these unique literary love words.


Tian Yuan's entire focus was on this present.


"Isn't it yours already Also, don't memorize the dialogues from Hong Kong and Taiwanese romantic novels.

It's far too cheesy."


Pan Lei burst out laughing, took his husband into his arms, and kissed him.


"Do you like it"


"I'd like to have it by our bedside at home.

Even if I go on to pursue my education, I will bring it with me.

This is a gift from you, and I'd like to keep it with me."


It took a while for Pan Lei to figure it out. Tian'er will almost certainly be questioned at the security check if he boards the plane carrying bullets.

Bullet casings should not be considered prohibited goods, right


"Would you like to thank me because you're so happy"


Pan Lei pouted his lips as he pointed to his mouth.

Tian Yuan expressed his happiness with a loud, resounding kiss.

He examined the gift several times, thinking that such a gift may last a lifetime.

It wouldn't fall apart as long as it didn't fall or get smashed. This is fantastic! It's the most unique present.


"Darling, it's late at night, time to do this and that.

Let me examine your little head carefully: is it pinched, is it swollen Is it red Does it hurt"


Pan Lei took a look at the drapes, which were tightly drawn.

Everyone was sleeping at this point; it was the best time.

As Zhou Xingxing[1] said, when the night is dark and the wind is high, it is time to do business.

Pan Lei knelt down and held Tian Yuan in a princess carry, tossing aside ##, pulling the quilt up, and covering both of them inside.


He took Tian Yuan's garments off solemnly, stripping off his shirt and tossing it out, followed by his pajama pants.


"Let me double-check.

Nothing should happen to him."


"This is all you can think about, Pan Lei.

We should hug and talk about love at this time."


When they were so moved emotionally, instead of jumping into bed in a hurry, they should hold one another and say tooth-rotting phrases of endearment while expressing how much they loved the other party.


"What do you think we’re doing Isn't this hugging As for words of love, I'll say them to you.

Be obedient, my precious baby, and take off your briefs.

Let me see if your little head is swollen."


Tian Yuan kicked Pan Lei’s leg under the covers, but he couldn't resist him.


"Absolutely nothing’s wrong.

Don’t look for an excuse to act like the hooligan you are."


Pan Lei's hand finally grasped Tian Yuan's small head, pumping and touching it.


He laughed mischievously and said, "He's going to swell up and weep shortly.

Don't believe me Just wait and see."


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's chest from beneath the quilt's cover.

No one could see what he was doing because the quilt obscured his motions.

Only a human figure could be seen bulging out of the quilt and stopping in the middle of Tian Yuan's body.

It is unknown what he did next, but all of Tian Yuan's struggles came to a halt, and he began to moan, tossing and turning restlessly on the pillow, his breathing became heavy.

His hands grabbed Pan Lei's neck, then his shoulders, before holding his head beneath the quilt.


Tian Yuan's face grew beautiful and seductive in response to Pan Lei's increasing head undulations, his eyes moist as his groans became louder.

His body eventually froze and then shook.


He put out his hand, which was spotted in a mysterious liquid, and drilled it under the pillow, pulling out a small bottle before retracting it in the quilt.


And then...

Even if I don't say anything, you get it, right


There seemed to be a lot going on under the blankets, yet no matter how much they rolled, no matter how many positions he switched, Tian Yuan was always wrapped by the quilt.

Pan Lei was a beast in bed, yet he never let Tian Yuan freeze even a little.


Pan Lei stood up when Tian Yuan was finally permitted to sleep.

Why, you might wonder, did he get up To force the recruits to rise and assemble as soon as possible.

It was considerate to wake them only three times a night.

They were sometimes told to assemble a dozen times.

He'd heard the assistant instructors go and whistle to guide the emergency assembly a few times previously.

It was now his turn to wake them up.


Tian Yuan was in a deep sleep, completely unconscious of what was going on around him as he ordered everyone to get up, gave them a lecture, and returned.


Naturally, Tian Yuan didn't have the energy to wake up and exercise with Pan Lei the next day.

This, too, had become an unwritten occurrence.

Everyone could tell that if Dr.

Tian and Team Leader Pan showed up at the training ground early the next morning, it meant they hadn't done anything the night before, and Team Leader Pan hadn't tormented Dr.


If Dr.

Tian was tormented, he would not appear until the afternoon.

Their mighty Team Leader Pan would turn into a puppy circling the doctor, carrying tea, pouring water, kneading his waist, massaging his legs...

It was an all-inclusive service package.

In short, Team Leader Pan would be focused on Dr.

Tian this afternoon and would no longer rage and roar at them, calling them a bunch of trash.


Since Dr.

Tian's arrival at the barracks, the number of times he and Team Leader Pan came on the training ground first thing in the morning could be counted on one hand. It happens far too infrequently, ah.

It's no surprise that Dr.

Tian's body is frail! With such a wild hungry wolf by his side, a certain night exercise must be consuming all the nutrients!



Tian comes out to dry the bed sheets in the sun, and Team Leader Pan occasionally comes out as well.

There's no need to wash the linens every day, even if they are white, right


When they looked at Dr.

Tian, everyone's face would change to one of sympathy. He's so pitiful.

Will he be able to stand being pushed down like a linen press[2] every night


Tian Yuan resembled a pampered crown prince.

He showed up to the training area in the afternoon, dressed in Pan Lei's enormous cotton-padded jacket and holding a heating pad in his hands.

He sat idly on a chair with a thick cushion, reading and watching the soldiers drill.


Pan Lei and the other instructors were all watching the training at this point.

The soldiers were practicing their forward crawl.

The half-meter-high gill net was set for around 1000 meters, followed by a three-meter-high single-plank bridge and a more than two-meter-high wall, and finally the target.


In other words, before shooting at the target, the soldiers crawled through the gill net with iron barbs, then climbed the three-meter-high single-plank bridge, and finally cleared the wall.


The instructors asked questions during the drill.

If the recruits' replies did not meet the needed standard, or if they failed the mission, they were asked to withdraw.


"Maintain the standard crawl position! Don't raise your head or your body! If you lift your body, you'll be shot!"


The most terrifying aspect was that all of the instructors were raking them with machine guns in order to boost their pace.

The bullets struck near their feet, prompting them to run as quickly as possible.


"Speed ​​up, speed up!"


This bunch of bandits! They were all employed from a mercenary gang, right That is why they are so inhuman!


"Can you use dishonorable measures to obtain information from a prisoner when interrogating him"


Pan Lei was conducting the interrogation, which was part of the evaluation of interrogation and being interrogated.


"As long as no one dies, you can use any method of torture to elicit a confession."


While crawling, a soldier responded.


"I like this type of response."


Tian Yuan smiled, thinking how Pan Lei could not enjoy it.

He was someone who threatened both young and old captives.

Pan Lei's approach to things was akin to that of a bandit; he wanted his subordinates to act like a gang of bandits, following him around and performing duties using strange means.

He repressed captives, intimidated them, and did awful things.

The Geneva Conventions could not bind him, and there was no such thing as treating captives well.


"After being caught, the enemy threatens you with your teammate who is seriously injured.

What will you do"


"Escape with him.

Bring him back, dead or alive."


Tian Yuan's smile stiffened.

These situations were not impossible to arise.


"If you’re seriously injured and a burden on your comrades-in-arms, you’re caught by the enemy and used to threaten your teammates"


A soldier climbed the three-meter-high single-plank bridge and jumped off.


"Commit suicide in order to uphold the military’s dignity."


Look, these were the special forces.

They would rather die than drag down their comrades-in-arms, surrender intelligence, or betray the country.

They would die in order to keep their last dignity.


A man of steel, protecting his country with his own blood.


Pan Lei lived by the motto "guard home, defend the country." It emerged most strongly in the moments of life and death.


[1] A character from a novel, I think.

[2] A press consisting of a flat bed upon which damp linen is placed for flattening through pressure applied with a large wooden screw. 


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