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Chapter 153 Good job, newbies


The best way to give the novices actual combat experience was to send them on missions alongside the veterans, which was a simple criterion to meet.


Pan Lei received a phone call the next day while still at the training grounds.

There was a bank robbery.

The criminals had chosen the bank's armored car escort time.

The bank's door was closed, and the inside inventory was being completed.

The robbers rushed up and blew the door with explosives.

Banks, fortunately, now had a high safety factor.

Although explosives were utilized, they just blasted a hole in the doors.

All of the bank staff were safe behind bulletproof glass.


A serious incident of this magnitude necessitated the deployment of special forces.

Pan Lei delegated team selection to the assistant instructors.

He planned to bring seven personnel to deal with the matter.

As usual, he would be in command.

The team consisted of two veterans and five newcomers.

He needed to make sure these newcomers got some hands-on experience.


Pan Lei was changing his gear - a bulletproof vest, a camouflage uniform, military boots, a knife - the whole shebang.


Tian Yuan was really concerned this time.

Pan Lei was about to embark on a mission with new recruits.

He'd witnessed their fantastic performance in training, but would they be able to cooperate tacitly in a real battle


"Pay more attention to yourself, and don't rush up."


Tian Yuan couldn't help but nag as he assisted Pan Lei in putting on his belt.


"I’m taking them to a real battle to familiarize them with it.

In fact, it’s not a difficult task.

I don't actually need to go out to complete the mission.

I’m going with them because I don't trust anyone else to do so.

Don't worry, I know the abilities of those I’ve trained.

They may be young, but they are the best soldiers."


Pan Lei stated as he slipped on his gloves.

He was armed to the teeth, and drew Tian Yuan into his embrace.


"Come on, give me some love encouragement."


Pan Lei could ask for the stars at this point, and Tian Yuan would agree.


He kissed Pan Lei as he wrapped his arms around his neck.


"Return safe and sound."


"Wait for me.

I'll come back in two hours, and we'll eat together."


Pan Lei holstered his gun, smiled brightly, stepped out and motioned for everyone to get into the jeep.


Tian Yuan had just one thought in his mind as he saw him lead the soldiers for the mission, clad in his uniform and looking majestic and upright. Be safe and come back as soon as possible.


Special forces weren't like Hollywood blockbusters.

They weren't Batman, Superman, or Iron Man.

They didn't pay much attention to individualism.

They worked together as a team, fought together, escaped together, and faced many threats together.

There was no telling who would wind up as a teammate's savior.

This was why White Head sobbed bitterly when he retired.

It was a tacit understanding and brotherhood cultivated after many years of teamwork.


Pan Lei, who was now a special forces instructor, was only needed for vital missions.

He would not have gone on this assignment if it hadn't been for his desire of letting these newbies gain some practical experience.


He'd get promoted in a few years, and once he was a lieutenant colonel or a major colonel, he wouldn't have to go on missions.


When they arrived at the scene, Pan Lei delegated the entire leadership to the group leader, allowing him to analyze the geographical situation, read the floor plan, and position the men.

Pan Lei provided guidance but did not become involved personally, giving the newcomers more room.

The group leader devised a strategy and solicited Pan Lei's feedback.


Pan Lei nodded, signaling that he was free to proceed.


The group leader then gave the command for everyone to take their places, went around the back of the bank, and entered through the back door.

By this point, the police had cordoned off the area, allowing them to begin the rescue as soon as possible.


The group leader climbed the back wall, crept into the bank, and observed that the robbers were already carrying weapons and yelling excitedly, demanding the bank personnel to load the money quickly.


Finally, Pan Lei observed the group leader gesturing and assumed his position.

3, 2, 1...the fight was over in ten seconds.


One of them kicked through the door while the other kicked open the window.

Seven people broke in, aimed, and shot like tigers descending a mountain, their actions perfect, beautiful, and quick.


Some criminals had hostages, but they shot - perfectly executed headshots and exact shots in the center of the heart - and killed the robbers, leaving the captives unharmed.


"Well done!" Pan Lei whistled.

"Excellent work, boys.

You fought brilliantly in this battle.

It appears that you have deeply reflected, identified your shortcomings, and then corrected them."


Didn't he state that the men under his leadership were the best; that rigorous training had transformed them into the most remarkable soldiers


There was no need for him to assist in any way.

He'd observed the entire procedure and given them a high score of 90.

The execution was flawless, and everyone delivered outstanding performances.


"Let's go back and celebrate your first triumph with some booze!"


While driving back, everyone rejoiced, talking cheerfully, laughing, and shoving.

This first mission's successful completion was a favorable omen.

Their career as special forces had begun from that point on, and everyone prayed that every mission would go as easily as the last.

They all returned to the base in high spirits.


The jeep returned to the special forces base.

Tian Yuan had been waiting anxiously for a long time, afraid that their tacit understanding would be insufficient because it was their first mission, and that the challenge they faced would be too arduous.

He couldn't sit in the dormitory because he was too nervous, so he waited outside the door.


Why does this remind me of Wang Fu Cliff[1]


Tian Yuan's heart was finally soothed when he saw the jeep drive back.


He took rapid steps towards the jeep.

Pan Lei stepped out of the vehicle and handed the gun he was holding to his comrade-in-arms as soon as the door opened.

His motions were relaxed and assured.


He’s so dashing.


"Baby, I’m starving.

Let’s eat once I finish washing up."


Pan Lei was having a great time.

His soldiers had successfully accomplished their first mission, which made him thrilled.

He was delighted to see his darling waiting for him when he got out of the car.

He tossed away his gun and wrapped his arm over Tian Yuan's shoulder.

He was beaming with delight.


"Let me tell you, it was a breathtaking scene.

Seven people rushed in, acted together, shot together, and the fight was over in ten seconds.

It was incredible."


Tian Yuan sighed deeply as he felt entirely relieved.


Fortunately, everything was fine, and no one was hurt.

That was the biggest victory.


He assisted Pan Lei in removing the heavy equipment. Just a bulletproof vest but it's so heavy.


"Does this actually work"


Pan Lei changed his clothing and went to the bathroom to wash his face.

His face was still smeared with yellow, black, and green camouflage paint.


"Ordinary bullets are perfectly fine.

When it comes to steel core bullets, things get complicated.

They're a pain in the a*s.

Weapons research and development is becoming increasingly advanced, with armor-piercing rounds capable of penetrating tanks."


"Oh!" Tian Yuan responded.

He didn't comprehend military strategy, he didn't have time to play Counter-Strike, and he certainly didn't understand this secret stuff.

In movies, the performances were frequently fantastical.

Who knew if the techniques were exaggerated.


"Pan Lei, I'll be leaving shortly."


Tian Yuan sounded disappointed as he handed Pan Lei a towel.


Forty days went very quickly.

The month-long recruit training had come to an end and counting the days before they’d send off White Head, his leave was coming to an end.

These forty days had flown by in a flash.


The soapy foam on Pan Lei's face seemed to have entered his eyes.


"I'll go to the commanding officer and request a few more days' leave.

You must remain with me here.

I've been quite busy, and I haven't taken you to play.

No, you are not permitted to leave yet."


He cleaned his face hurriedly to remove the foam.

Tian Yuan handed him a towel, which he used to clean his face.

Tian Yuan noticed his eyes were red and cupped his face with a helpless smile.


"It's not like we've never been apart.

Why did you cry when I told you I was leaving"


Pan Lei raised his hand and continued to rub his eyes.


"Damn it! The soap suds got into my eyes, it's really painful."


Bah! You jerk, you snuffed out the budding sadness.

You're a emotionless b*sta*d.


"F*ck you."


Tian Yuan kicked him fiercely, turned around, and walked away.

Pan Lei rushed up behind him and wrapped his arms around him, almost circling his small waist twice.

Pan Lei's large head was nestled between his shoulders, and his wet hair brushed against Tian Yuan's neck.


"I can't face the thought of parting with you, baby.

I'll go to the commanding officer, and think up some reason to keep you by my side for another 40 days; no, until the Spring Festival, when we'll visit my family to celebrate the New Year together.

We'll return home first, then stay at the military facility after February 2nd."[2]

Tian Yuan, who was being held in Pan Lei's arms, laughed at his stupidity.

Was Pan Lei under the impression that the military base was their home He was speaking without stopping to consider what he was saying.


"Don't be silly; my vacation has come to an end.

We'll pay a visit to your family to ring in the New Year together.

I'll be at the army facility waiting for you."


Pan Lei acted dumb, clutching Tian Yuan and refusing to let go.


"I won't, I won't let you go, I won't.

Tian'er, baby, just stay here.

When I think about you leaving to study for a year, I can't wait to put you in my pocket and carry you around all day.

When I miss you, all I’ll have to do is take you out and touch you, kiss you, and squeeze you."


Shit, does he think I’m a photograph Or Thumbelina


"Come back early when you come to celebrate the New Year.

My mother has asked that we pay them a visit."


Pan Lei became even more reluctant when he heard this.

He couldn't forget his mother-in-law's vicious demeanor, which reminded him of an evil landlady abusing her maid back in the day.

He was too scared to go.


"Let my folks accompany us."


His father and mother were both powerful.

When they were with them, they didn't have to be afraid of anything.


"Isn't it okay to pay a visit They will not fight again now that they have compromised.

I am, after all, their son."


"Were you not their son when they hit you Let's start with a visit to my parents.

Can we discuss seeing your folks later"


He couldn't bear going back there.

He'd really go after his mother-in-law.


"It's okay.

If you don't want to go, I'll go on my own.

I'll go see them on Sunday after my vacation is over."


"No, you are not allowed to visit them unless I accompany you.

Alright, fine, I'll come with you during Chinese New Year."


At the very least, he'd be with Tian'er and his imagination wouldn't be able to run wild.

What would Tian'er do if he was beaten again if he wasn't by his side He didn't want to go, but he had to because they were Tian Yuan's parents.

Tian'er, as a son, couldn't disregard his parents.

They had to visit.

Even if they were thrashed.


Tian Yuan gave a small smile and patted his arm. This guy! Pan Lei always treated him as though he were a child, indulging and coddling him.

He thought it was silly at times, but he enjoyed this type of pampering.


They'd put up with the beatings and the spiteful remarks together.

Nothing, and no words, could be unbearable as long as Pan Lei was by his side.


Pan Lei was his pillar, his everything.


I love him so much.

Tian Yuan turned around, put his arms around Pan Lei’s shoulders, and kissed the top of his head.

And kept kissing.

It was a kiss of yearning and infatuation.

It was full of his feelings - his reluctance to part, his desire to be inseparable, his unwillingness to let go, and his wish to never leave each other, to stay by each other’s side until they were doddering old men.


[1] A television series that aired in 1991.

This series' plot is a typical love triangle.

Boy meets betrothed girl, who is torn between her steady, gentle fiance and the dynamic, smoldering newcomer.

I suppose TY imagines himself as the heroine waiting for her beloved at the door.

[2] FYI, Chinese New Year begins with the new moon that occurs between January 21 and February 20, therefore there is no set date.


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