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Chapter 162 On the night of New Year's Eve


The evening had brought a bumper harvest.

Pan Lei got a little bag for Tian Yuan to hold all the red envelopes after nearly kowtowing his head off.


Tian Yuan's parents had handed them thick red envelopes.

This was the first time their son had knelt in front of them with his sweetheart and wished them a Happy New Year.

Their son also had a home and was happy.

They also wished the young couple well as parents.


Papa Pan's red envelope was a little weird.

It was bulging, and when Pan Lei opened it, he discovered a key inside.


"Didn't we say we'd get you a house We bought you a three-bedroom, two-living-room set.

It's quite large.

Once Tian Yuan returns to China, you can renovate it.

Then, elder sister, you come and live with all of us...

how great it will be!"


Mama Pan gave the biggest gift.


LingSi'er felt extremely wronged.

She was still grumbling as she went to bed: "Little Uncle got so many red envelopes, how come I got only one"


Following the New Year's greetings, everyone ate dumplings before going to set off firecrackers.


They were all adult men, but when they heard it was time to let off firecrackers, they all got up and hurried out in high spirits.


It was an old habit from childhood.

They only had capao[1] and shuaipao[2] worth 50 cents at the time.

How could they possibly compete with today's incredibly fun fireworks Setting off fireworks was usually prohibited in the city, so they jumped at the chance.


The security guards left, and the gathering began to set off fireworks.


While smoking cigarettes, the three brothers set up half-person-high fireworks.

They scattered in three directions after lighting the fuse, and beautiful purple and dazzling crimson flowers bloomed in the sky above the military compound, absolutely breathtaking.


Poor Tian Yuan was barred from participating in the fun.

Mama Pan stated that he was all set to travel abroad after the New Year's celebrations and couldn't risk damaging his hands.


Pan Lei embraced him from behind, smelling of gunpowder from head to toe.

They stared up at the fireworks that filled the entire sky, as well as the bustle of the military base.

Neither of them said a word.

They only smiled at each other.


This year's New Year's Eve celebration was simply magical.


Being able to hug each other like this warmed their hearts to the point that they didn't feel chilly, no matter how cold it was.

The highly vibrant atmosphere, the wonderful to hear laughter all around, and a slew of friendly people...such was life, and the pair felt contentment.


These wonderful memories would carry them through the year they would be separated.

Tian Yuan believed he could rely on these memories to help him endure.

He would have a wonderful life with Pan Lei when he returned to China.

It made no difference if Pan Lei was on an army mission.

He'd wait for Pan Lei, he'd always wait for Pan Lei.

They would spend the rest of their lives together.


They had a good time, they were noisy, and everything was quiet after midnight.


The young couple went back to their room as well.


Pan Lei sat on the bed, a grin on his face.


"Quick! Let's check how many red envelopes we got today."


How could this cheap guy be uninterested in red envelopes Not to mention that these were the red envelopes for the New Year!


Tian Yuan was forced to take out the red envelopes.

Pan Lei was in charge of counting the money, so he opened the red envelopes one by one.


The crucial element was that it was money; cold, hard cash.

Calling it "lucky money" or "red envelope" was a sham.

Despite the fact that the large house with three bedrooms and two living rooms was fantastic, the thrill of counting money was still highly energizing. What a rush it is to count money until your hand cramps.


All of Grandma Pan's red envelopes contained 1000 yuan.

One kowtow netted them 1000 yuan, and the two of them conned xx,000 yuan.


Father and Mother Tian each gave a red envelope containing ten thousand yuan.


The uncles and aunts also contributed significantly.

Pan Lei didn't get a cramp, but he did make a lot of money.


Tian Yuan watched Pan Lei smirking and counting money as he was pleased with himself for deceiving people. Does he think he is a bandit inspecting the bounty after returning from looting down the mountain


Pan Lei had got things together and pushed them to Tian Yuan by the time he took a shower and walked out of the bathroom drying his hair.


"What shall we do You have the final say.

Use this money to buy some clothes for yourself.

Don’t treat yourself badly for things like going abroad and so on.

Your notebook(computer) is getting old, so why not replace it Buy two big suitcases as well.

You mustn’t eat white bread on a regular basis this coming year.

I’m serious.

Find a Chinese restaurant in the area.

We have money, so don’t treat your stomach harshly.

Tell me what you’d like to eat, and I’ll mail it to you.

Remember not to cook by yourself and protect your hands.

I’ll pack your bags when we go home.

We’ve been experiencing extreme cold weather in the last two years, so let's get another overcoat."


Tian Yuan opened his wallet and stuffed the money inside, as well as some money into Pan Lei's wallet.


"Everything is sufficient.

I have enough things to wear, Eldest Brother has said he will help arrange accommodation for me, Second Brother will give me pocket money, and Mom has a friend in the local area who has stated they will look after me, so you don't have to worry about anything."


Pan Lei wrapped his arms around him and wiped his hair.


"I'm just worried you won't be able to eat well.

You're a picky eater, and you're not going to consume those half-cooked things.

Will the blood on those medium and rare steaks make you think of surgery I'm afraid you'll be vomiting for a few days."


"Do you believe this will be my first day as a doctor I've already conquered this psychological suggestion, alright Let me tell you, our anatomy professor was exceptionally tough.

He'd say, "Today, we dissected a necrotic liver, and it looks so dark, let's have liver for lunch today." I got over it after he did it a couple of times."


Pan Lei was speechless. Tianer’s teacher is truly mighty.


After drying Tian Yuan’s hair, Pan Lei raised the quilt and forced Tian Yuan inside it while he rested against the headboard.

Tian Yuan habitually leaned into his arms and fiddled with his fingers.


"Buy new underwear and pajamas, and take the coat mom bought you.

Get a short down jacket as well.

Don't forget to bring gloves and hats.

You'll need a new notebook if you're going to write a thesis or something similar.

By the way, do you want Apple's new 4S Let's get one if you like it.

Eh You don't want to switch phones You must stay in touch without being concerned about call expenses.

I'll have Dad contact the embassy.

After all, you won't be in China, and I won't be there to accompany you; what if you run into problems How would you rate your spoken English Why not hire an interpreter Damn, I'm anxious about letting you leave on your own.

Think about what else needs to be done.

Let's write it down and go buy it together, so you don't forget anything."


Tian Yuan supported his body and kissed Pan Lei on the lips.


"It would be better if I could bring you along with me."


Tian Yuan's melancholy caused him to pout somewhat.

He wouldn't have to worry about minor stuff or not eating well, let alone danger, if he could bring Pan Lei along with him.

Pan Lei worked as his babysitter, driver, chef, and bodyguard full-time.

You should know that this guy was working several jobs.


Tian Yuan swung his arms around Pan Lei's neck and lay down on his chest, a gloomy expression on his face.

They'd all been looking forward to ringing in the New Year, and now it had arrived.

But they forgot that such a day was unavoidable following the New Year's celebrations.

Following the festivities, they would part ways; one would travel abroad, and the other would return to the army.

They would have to wait another year if they wanted to hug and be as close as they were now.


Their time together was never long enough.

He had the impression that Pan Lei had just returned home, that they had barely been intimate, kissed, and felt happy before having to part ways.


Even if they had been together day and night for more than 40 days, even if Pan Lei had only returned a few days ago and left the next day, this yearning would remain the same, so deep and so intense.

He was constantly scared that he would leave abruptly, that he would never return.


He adored Pan Lei; he loved him with all of his heart; he loved him wildly; he had no regrets, yet he was terrified.


He would probably be free of anxiety only when Pan Lei truly retired and stated, "My dear, I will never leave again."


If Pan Lei were an average person, he would be able to travel overseas as long as he had a visa, and they would be able to meet numerous times this year.

But he was a special forces soldier with a unique identity.

Tian Yuan didn't know much, but he understood it would be difficult for Pan Lei to travel abroad.


One year could not be regarded as either a long or a short length of time.

But missing your loved one was too much to bear.


He hadn't even departed, but he was already missing him. So this is what it is to be "loathe to part."


Pan Lei pursed his lips and smiled, but he didn't tell him he had an unique pass.

This special pass would allow him to see Tian Yuan, but he didn't tell Tian Yuan about it.

He wanted to surprise Tian Yuan in a big way.


He comforted Tian Yuan by patting him on the back.


"A year will go by in the blink of an eye.

Don't be this way.

When the time comes, I'll be busy, and you'll be busy as well.

Our days will not be miserable."


He abruptly interrupted Tian Yuan's "loathe to part" thoughts. How can this bandit say these words so casually Given his past level of clinginess, he should have held him in a "I won't let you go no matter what" hug, shouting "baby, I can't bear to part with you." How come things were so straightforward today, stating that a year would fly by and even saying that they would be busy What was he up to Were there any unexpected twists and turns


He raised his head and stared at Pan Lei, his gaze as sharp as a razor, scrutinizing him inch by inch.


"What are you up to behind my back, Pan Lei"


Pan Lei felt guilty.

What he feared was precisely this little look.

He would undoubtedly spill the beans when interrogated.

No, he wanted to put the great training of special forces to full use, and he wouldn't confess even if beaten to death.


"Oh my ancestor, I’m with you every day.

What have I got to hide from you, eh"


Tian Yuan pondered for a while.

Yes, they were together every day, so what could he possibly do


"Don't tell me you're suggesting that when I'm gone, you'll find a new target and take advantage of this one-year opportunity to run wild"


Pan Lei swore as he pointed to the lamp.


"I vow to the lamp, I only love you, and I don't want anyone else in my life."


Tian Yuan snorted and brushed off the quilt.

He preferred to sleep in pajamas, whereas Pan Lei preferred to sleep in only his underwear.

Pan Lei wished they could go to bed without wearing anything at all when holding Tian Yuan in his arms.

Tian Yuan grabbed his little head and squeezed it fiercely as he lifted the quilt.


Pan Lei cried out.


"Ow ow ow, ancestor, it hurts, it hurts! Do you want to ruin the source of our sexual happiness for the rest of our lives! Let go, quickly let go!"


"Humph!" Tian Yuan sneered at him, pointing one finger at his nose and ruthlessly pinching his little head with the other.

The most vital parts, one above and one down, were both securely under his control.


"I’m warning you, don't mess with a surgeon, and don't think that my scalpel is only for show.

Think about the ninth family rule.

If you dare to use this evil thing on others, laozi will chop it off for you and hang it like a sausage on the house’s ceiling to air-dry.

Do you understand Believe me when I say that I will force you to look up to see this thing for the rest of your life.

Remember the ninth family rule to the bones for laozi."


Can we not play a tale about a "broken family" during the Spring Festival It hurts, it really hurts!


"Believe me, ancestor, believe me, I'll do whatever you ask.

Quickly let go! You'll be a grass widow[3] for the rest of your life if you squeeze any harder."


"Ouch, ouch!" Pan Lei sobbed pitifully. When he's docile, he's a small sheep, but when he's ferocious, he's a Tibetan Mastiff who bites a wolf to death.


"It's okay, you waste; you still have me.

Be good; this uncle will take good care of you."


Tian Yuan let go of his hand, proudly licked his fingers, and gazed at him with narrowed eyes that were both arrogant and seductive.

He was utterly charming.


Pan Lei, the big bad wolf, couldn't possibly hold back.

With a howl, he pounced on Tian Yuan.


"Didn't you say it hurts"


"So come on over and see if he's still usable.

Come on, baby, let's exercise to ring in the New Year.

We'll just do it once, from this year to next."


Pan Lei smiled like a wolf and bit off a button with his nimble tongue.


"I'm going to strip you naked with my mouth."


Tian Yuan lay down a little more comfortably.




[1] A sort of firecracker that does not contain any lead, comparable to matches, and has a layer of potassium chlorate on the head.

It can be rubbed and lighted on phosphorus-coated paper, and it will explode in the open after a period of time.

Translates to: rub/scratch firecracker. 




[2] A small firecracker that explodes the moment it is dropped.

Translates to: drop & break firecracker.




[3] A woman whose husband is away often or for a prolonged period.

In short, they won't be able to get it on.



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