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Chapter 170 Baby, it's me


Tian Yuan was anxious about his college life these days.

Every day, he had to go in and out of the autopsy room and accompany his professor to Cloud Hospital.

It was sometimes pretty late towards the end of his day.

He Lian had picked him up a few times, but it wasn't good to bother others all the time.

He didn't believe it was necessary.

The community had become more peaceful these days, and even Mrs.

Jennifer no longer warned him nervously that there were masked robbers or murdering burglars.


Tian Yuan assumed it was merely a fugitive who had fled to their neighborhood and had since left.


Once again, it was beyond nine o'clock when he returned from the hospital.

He Lian stated that he had stuff to do today and continuously advised him to take a taxi back and not return alone.


He, too, was afraid.

He was fearful of walking down a dark street alone, and he constantly had the eerie impression that he was being followed.


Tian Yuan returned home in a taxi.


He exited the cab with his computer bag in hand after paying the fare.

He Lian's house next door had no lights on, indicating that he had not yet returned. Whew, what a long day! I'm exhausted.

His neck hurt horribly, but he was almost to the entrance, so he wasn't concerned.

He walked slowly and retrieved the key from his pocket.


He became conscious of someone's rough and heavy breathing behind him the minute the key entered the keyhole.


That kind of oppression and fear scared him witless, his mind chaotic as he thought: No way! Was the thief eyeing me Is he going to attack me! Was he going to be assaulted just outside his own door


What should I do Right! In his backpack was the high-voltage stun baton that He Lian had given him.

Pan Lei, predictably, urged that he take it for self-defense.

He'd been lugging it around all the time, and now it seemed like the right time to put it to use.


Don't panic, don't panic; Pan Lei said that the first thing to do when confronted with danger was to not panic.

Pan Lei had taught him a few evasion techniques. How should they be used Shit! What were those military boxing moves


Blast it! The more critical the need was, the more blank his mind was.


As the person behind him grew closer, Tian Yuan took out his black high-voltage stun baton from his backpack and slammed it at him without even thinking about it.


He even forgot to turn on the switch.

He merely hurled the stun baton at the man before turning around and fleeing.


He reasoned that even if he couldn't hit the thief, it would buy him some time, and he'd take advantage of the opportunity to flee quickly and shout for help loudly.


The man behind him had fast reflexes and dodged the high-voltage stun baton that was aimed at him.

When Tian Yuan was going to yell, he wrapped one arm around his waist and raised his other hand to cover Tian Yuan's mouth.


Tian Yuan's eyes widened, and he went insane from fear.

His brain was blank, and all he could think of was getting away.

He thought he was doomed the moment he was restrained.

He was certain he would be killed by the robber.


But his body was faster than his mind.

He shuddered as soon as the familiar breath, temperature, and warmth approached his body.

It was a shiver generated by a sudden surprise, and his body was the first to react.

Slowly, his brain responded; the man holding him was someone he would never forget, even in the next life.


"Pan Lei."


Despite the fact that his mouth was blocked by that large hand, he yelled out instantly, Pan Lei. It's him! He's here!


His eyes were damp, and his body shook.

When the man who was holding Tian Yuan noticed how much he was shaking, he squeezed Tian Yuan's back against his chest and pressed them tightly together.


It's him, it's him, there’s no one else like him, I’m not imagining him.


"It's me."


Pan Lei buried his nose in Tian Yuan’s neck and took a deep breath, hugged him tightly, pressed his mouth to Tian Yuan’s ear, and suppressed the surging emotions in his heart, telling him: It's me, it's me, I'm here, I'm here to see you.

There’s no bad guy; there’s no bad guy with me here.


Deep breathes and a deep embrace, as if this was the only way he could believe Tian'er was in his arms. Oh my darling, you've been through a lot.

I know you miss me dearly, but it doesn't matter because I am here.

Nobody will dare to even think of doing anything nasty to you because I will be by your side.

I'll look after you.

I know you miss me, and I miss you terribly as well.

I'm here, baby.


Tian Yuan abruptly removed Pan Lei's hand from his mouth, turned around in his arms, and reassured himself using the street light that it was true; he was not someone he imagined, he was indeed by his side.


Pan Lei was smiling at him and caressing his face, standing there like a bandit as usual and staring at him greedily as if he were the most valuable treasure, his gaze scorching yet emotional, and his attitude laid-back and natural.


"You ba$tard!"


Tian Yuan cursed loudly before throwing himself into his arms and punching him in the back.


"You scared me to death."


His voice was coquettish, and the hand hammering on Pan Lei's back weakened.


"I miss you so much, baby."


Pan Lei bowed his head and kissed Tian Yuan's hair while clutching this treasure.

He realized how much he'd missed him only after seeing him.

He couldn't wait to kiss him all over again and bite him from head to toe.

He needed to thoroughly love him.


Tian Yuan was acting coquettishly in his eyes.

He'd jumped him from behind without making a sound, hoping to give him a pleasant surprise.

He didn't expect to scare Tian’er instead.


Tian Yuan put his arms around Pan Lei’s waist and embraced him.

Just hugging Pan Lei made him feel as if this mountain-like man was the safest place in the world.


Pan Lei rained kisses on Tian Yuan's lips, thinking it was time they went home.

They were right outside the door but hadn't entered the house. Why are we standing at the door, ah


Pan Lei took Tian Yuan's hand and used the key that was still hanging in the keyhole to unlock the main door, turning on the light in the room.

He was fairly familiar with the layout because Tian Yuan had filmed it using the V8 and emailed it to him.


The switches were all located on the wall near the shoe cabinet.

He set the key down and turned on the light.


"I arrived at six o'clock.

I didn't inform you because I assumed you'd be home.

I had no idea I'd have to wait three hours.

I'm hungry.

I'll bring my luggage in and whip up something."


Tian Yuan was sent into the room by Pan Lei, who pinched his cheek and went to carry in his bags.

It was a large suitcase.

With a 'thump,' the oversized bag slammed on the floor.


Tian Yuan turned to face Pan Lei, who had removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves.


I really miss him.

Those nights when he couldn't sleep, when he could only stand and smoke against the window sill, when he was rambling over the phone about his grievances, when he couldn't catch a wink and asked him to sing 'green flowers in the army'...

He missed him all the time, as if he'd penetrated deep into his bones.

Missing him had become like breathing, something that had to be done every minute of every day.


And suddenly he was right there in front of him.

The lover he expected to meet after a year was literally right in front of him.


Was he moved Excited Perhaps it should be said that he was dying to hug him.


Tian Yuan was in a daze, terrified that this man was a fabrication of his imagination created by his yearning.

Even though he was there by his side, he felt terrified.

He was worried that this Pan Lei would vanish, that he was a fake, that he was still thousands of miles away, and that everything was a daydream.


This was more stunning than suddenly hitting the jackpot.

It would not be surprising if Pan Lei was an ordinary man and appeared in front of him suddenly.

He did, however, have a special job, and his whereabouts were kept hidden.

So how could he have come here Why did he appear out of nowhere This perplexed Tian Yuan, but it was certainly a super shocking surprise.


Tian Yuan noticed that he'd dropped a lot of weight after borrowing the light to see the 'reality.' His body remained tall and straight, but his eyes were deeper.


Tian Yuan wanted to touch him and kiss him.


So, Tian Yuan pounced on him.

He'd been standing obediently and honestly until he suddenly moved, pressing him against the wall, gripping his head, and biting his lips.


Pan Lei grasped him with both hands and let him push himself against the wall.

Tian Yuan had wanted to do this action, this move for a long time.

He jumped on him, forced him against the wall, bit him hard, and then kissed him passionately, pouring all his longing into the kiss.


Pan Lei expected their night to begin after dinner.

But Tian'er had plainly missed him too much and didn't want to waste time on something as mundane as eating dinner. Looks like he’d rather eat me.


His sweetheart had also surprised him when he jumped on him and bit him hard.


Tian Yuan took a cue from Pan Lei and bit his upper lip, causing it to bleed.

He then licked the blood bead with the tip of his tongue and pushed it into his mouth before entwining their tongues and sucking hard.


Pan Lei, on the other hand, was like a three-month-hungry wolf who had finally spotted meat.

He grabbed Tian Yuan's buttocks and wouldn't let go.


He held Tian Yuan's waist with one hand and stroked his back with the other, groping up and down as if patrolling his own territory and ensuring that his treasure was safe before reaching inside his clothes and ripping apart his shirt and sweater.


Tian Yuan ignored his torn garments for once and let Pan Lei do whatever he pleased.

He simply wrapped his arms around his neck tightly and kissed him repeatedly.

Sucking had made the tip of his tongue numb, his lips swollen, and his mouth full with Pan Lei's flavor.

However, it was insufficient.

He moved in closer and kissed him again.


Pan Lei's potency had always been unrivaled.

He drew his lips back, kissed Tian Yuan's ear, and licked it, his tongue tip following the contour of his ear.

When his hot breaths brushed Tian Yuan's ears, he moaned and twisted his body, holding his face and seeking a kiss.


Pan Lei continued to lift Tian Yuan with one hand while undoing his belt with the other.

The belt was tossed aside, and the zipper was damaged owing to too much force, but he didn't care.

He removed his pants and his underwear simultaneously.


Tian Yuan, who was moaning and panting, took deep breaths and tried not to go insane.

They couldn't let loose in the foyer or the living room.

They had to find their way to the bedroom.

{Amy: WHY Go wild in the foyer, living room, stairs, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen...

Ahem, have you bought a bike yet, Tian'er ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Just asking...}


Pan Lei growled impatiently as Tian Yuan pushed on the arm wrapped around him.

As though currying favor, he showered kisses on Tian Yuan's bare chest, which was exposed after he’d ripped off his clothes.


"Bedroom, go to the bedroom."


Tian Yuan leaned back a little and panted, looking up.

His clothing was already a mess, his shirt and sweater ripped, his face reddened, and he was gasping for air.

He was snugly wrapped against Pan Lei's body below the waist, and as he leaned back slightly, his back made an exceptionally attractive curve.


Pan Lei kissed him on the collarbone and up his neck.


"Fondle it."


Tian Yuan tightened his grip on his neck.




Pan Lei kissed him while holding his buttocks and letting him wrap his legs around his waist.

He kissed him as he walked up the stairs slowly.


Tian Yuan became acutely aware of how hot he was at that spot.

He couldn't wait any longer.

Tian Yuan smirked, rubbed his body, gripped his neck tightly, and kissed him repeatedly with his head tilted to one side.


Pan Lei wished he could f*ck him right there on the stairway.

He summoned his willpower, held him, and kissed him deeply, ruthlessly, and a little desperately.

He didn't let him go until there was saliva smeared at the corner of his mouth, he gasped for air, and his tongue went numb.


He kicked the door open and threw Tian Yuan on the bed.



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