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Chapter 171 Reunion naturally leads to lovemaking


The movement was quick, as if waiting even one more second would kill him from hunger and thirst.


Tian Yuan was no longer as shy this time.

The person he yearned for all hours of the day and night was right here, kissing him just above his body.

Pan Lei was half-leaning on the bed and continued the action that had been interrupted just now, grabbing the cuff of his trousers and pulling it down hard, flinging it on the floor.


Tian Yuan was dressed in the black briefs that Pan Lei had packed for him.

Pan Lei raised his brows in delight and laughed as he kissed his small head through the briefs.


Tian Yuan did not fight back either.

He pursed his lips and his eyes were bright, fearless, like a newborn tiger cub.

He undid Pan Lei's belt, pushed up his shirt, yanked his sleeve, and assisted him in taking off his shirt and throwing it on the floor, together with his(TY) pants.


Tian Yuan then rose up and pressed Pan Lei under him, straddled his belly, imitated Pan Lei's actions, and took off his trousers.

But he couldn't get it off, so he stood up and yanked his trousers down, making it bunch around Pan Lei’s feet.


Pan Lei rolled around on the bed, kissing the corner of his mouth and pressing Tian Yuan under him.

Then he stood up, removed his pants, and tossed them into the pile of garments.


"Ge, hug me."


Tian Yuan extended his arms to him, and Pan Lei took his hand in his, kissing the inside of his arm.

Then he kissed him from the tips of his fingers up, past the back of his hand, past the wrist, past the inside of his arm, to the shoulder, neck, cheek, and lips.


The lingering kiss, the heated kiss, the French kiss, the shallow peck, the sucking, the hard biting couldn't fully communicate all.

He had so much longing, so many grievances, that seeing him again, being in his arms, he wanted to express himself as much as he could.


Just like two wild animals mating, Tian Yuan began to bite back, perhaps his shoulder, perhaps his arm, biting wherever he grabbed, his body writhing under his fingers, twisting and rubbing against him, as if this was the only way he could ignite a broad area.

Tian Yuan wished to combust with Pan Lei from his heart to his bones.


Pan Lei nibbled on the fruit on his chest while holding his head.

Tian Yuan arched his back and pressed his chest into Pan Lei's mouth as he pulled and sucked on them, eager for more.


In an unthinking action, he lifted a leg and stroked it along Pan Lei's leg, as if every inch of his body was burning with Pan Lei.

He yelled out, ge, ge, while rubbing and grinding and biting his lower lip.


Pan Lei clasped his waist with both hands and stroked his lower abdomen with his beard stubble.

It pricked and itched, causing Tian Yuan to jerk and curl up like a jumping shrimp.


Tian Yuan yelled, but instead of shrinking, he wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's shoulders and tried to lean on him.


"Ge, ge, you, you hurry up!"


These were most likely his most brazen words: hurry up, stop teasing me, and come in.

He'd been missing Pan Lei so much that his body had almost dried up from hunger and thirst.

He couldn't wait to get his hands on him.

He desired to be coated in Pan Lei's scent from head to toe.


Pan Lei pinched his little head and rubbed and touched it constantly.


Heavy kisses landed on his body one by one.


"Lube is downstairs in the luggage."


It was impossible for one of them to leave the other person even a millimeter away at this point.

He'd rupture his blood vessels if you asked him to go downstairs to find that stuff.


Tian Yuan was even less likely to have something like this here.

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan passionately in order to make him relax as much as possible and accept himself.


"Don't go, you're not allowed to take even a single step away from me."


Pan Lei slipped down and swallowed his erect small head when Tian Yuan held his arm to keep him from going.

Tian Yuan raised his head and began groaning.


It was far too exciting.

The sensation zipped across his scalp, causing his brain to go blank.

All of his blood was concentrated in his c0ck, and the most sensitive areas were meticulously served, just like how he was held in this man's palms and treasured by him.

He could feel Pan Lei's tongue moving on him and the depth of his mouth.

It was too sensitive, too arousing for him to tolerate.

Tian Yuan's body froze and burst as he licked and kissed back and forth a few times before swallowing.


Pan Lei spit the cloudy liquid out and started exploring with his fingers.

For the time being, this was the only option.


One finger, two fingers, three fingers… Tian Yuan’s body was relaxed, and he could easily move his fingers.




Tian Yuan twisted his body, his face red and sweating as if he’d been thrown into a hot stove.

He was uncomfortably hot, like a fever burning through his mind and destroying his sanity.


"Ge! I can't bear it any longer; ge, come in; ge, come in!"


His voice was hoarse as he moaned and sobbed.

He'd gotten carried away and could only spread his arms and bring Pan Lei towards himself at the end.

He was scared that this was just another of his dreams, as he had had many of them.

Pan Lei loved him in every way imaginable in his dreams, yet he'd wake up in a trance with a start, leaving just a pair of sticky underwear behind.


He was scared.

He wanted to hold this man and invite him in.

He wanted to cling and linger, cumming until he died, just like he did before he left the country.


Pan Lei gripped his fingers, weaved them together, kissed his lips deeply, and then entered slowly.


Unwavering, painfully slow, and inching in.


Pan Lei altered his angle and kissed Tian Yuan when he frowned and made a pained sound.


"Darling, ge loves you, baby, ge loves you, okay Bear it, it will soon stop hurting.

Darling, baby, you’re so good; ge adores you."


Pan Lei kissed the tip of his nose, the corner of his lips, bit his tongue and sucked, held his earlobe, and repeatedly called him baby.

He didn't dare to push in hard till he relaxed and the grip was no longer so tight.

Tian Yuan groaned, threw his hand away, and wrapped his arms around his shoulder.


Pan Lei kissed him on the lips, then pushed himself up, wrapped his arms around his waist, and tucked a pillow under his lower back.


Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer.

He pushed in with all his might, brushing across the most sensitive nerves in Tian Yuan's body.

Tian Yuan tightened every time Pan Lei thrust in, but he couldn't hold him in.

Pan Lei would pull back, only to thrust again the next second.

Tian Yuan could only keep up with his ferocious pounding.


Tian Yuan was left mumbling incoherently.

Pan Lei slammed into him before he could utter a word, the impact shattering his words.

Pan Lei's ramming was so intense that the entire bed seemed to rock.

Tian Yuan could only put out his hand and grip Pan Lei's arm, open his lips wide and mumble nonsense, gasping for breath.

He himself had no idea what he was saying.


It was too deep and too heavy.

Pan Lei drove in so hard that the violent impact made him unable to remember anything, leaving him with only the ability to hold him, touch his legs, touch his arms, shake his head, and shout.


"Ge, ah! I, I can't take it anymore!"


It was exhilarating, but it was far too intense.

This passion and pleasure would shatter him, causing him to fall apart.


Pan Lei hugged him before turning over, allowing him to be on top, buckled his waist, and bent his legs as a backrest to keep him from falling.


He straightened his waist.


"Baby, do you want to cum"


Tian Yuan laid on his chest and panted, attempting to recover from the bout's fast break.

When he looked up, he noticed Pan Lei's wicked smile.

He leaned over, bit his lower lip, and held his arm to sit up straight on his body.


Pan Lei freed a hand and stroked his leg, from ankle to knee, to the scorching heat, before returning to squeeze his a$$. He has lost too much weight.

It wasn't particularly meaty, so when Pan Lei squeezed it, it didn't feel good.


How much work did he put in, stewing soup and making tea with ginseng and reishi mushrooms, and finally managed to fatten him up a tad, but after tossing and turning in these recent days, he’d lost it all and then some.


Tian Yuan was like a little tiger cub.

Who was scared of whom Wasn’t it just, wasn’t it just being dominant He, he could be too.


He straightened his back, lifted his waist, and raised up.

When he sat down again, Pan Lei pushed up and went deeper, so deep that Tian Yuan couldn't handle it, and his waist softened with just one movement.


Pan Lei clutched his waist, assisted him in rising, and pumped between his legs.

Pan Lei pushed up when he fell.

After Pan Lei thrust and withdrew several times, he slumped on Pan Lei’s chest, unable to rise up no matter what.

His body trembled involuntarily as a result of the deep and forceful pounding.

It was too intense for him to tolerate.




Tian Yuan protested softly, acting coquettishly. I don't want to cum, I don't want to cum.

He didn’t want to be on top.

Pan Lei was able to enter too deeply in this position, as if his soul was being driven out.

He was panting and acting like a spoiled child, but his panting voice just aroused the fiercely hungry wolf.

Pan Lei held his waist, forbade him to move, and then furiously went in and out from bottom to top.

Tian Yuan pleaded for mercy, shook his head, and said, "Don't, don't" but he didn't stop.

He went faster and faster, more and more intensely.


Pan Lei pulled out a little, put him in a kneeling position on the bed with his lower back sunken and his butt cocked, and rammed in.


Tian Yuan was gripping the bedsheet and pillow hard, but he couldn't withstand the onslaught.

His head was buried in the cushion, and his voice was muffled.

Pan Lei leaned behind him and kissed his shoulder, butterfly bone, and spine.


Tian Yuan didn’t like this position, so they rarely used it.

He wouldn't be in this kneeling posture if Pan Lei hadn't lost his head today.


Tian Yuan begged for mercy pitifully.


"Ge, not like this, I can't take it any longer.

Ge, I want to see, ah!, see you."


Pan Lei flexed his legs, changed his position, and didn’t even think about pulling out.

He simply rolled around while staying in Tian Yuan’s body.

Tian Yuan exploded once more as a result of this stimulation.

He was not sure how many times he came.


Tian Yuan scratched marks on his back and bit him on the shoulder viciously, yet this hungry beast never stopped.


He only remembered being unable to make a sound and being unable to beg for mercy.

It was as though his body didn't belong to him.

Pan Lei was still in his own body, going in and out.

He only remembered that it was dark before his eyes the last time he exploded, and that face, that sweaty face, was unexpectedly so handsome and manly.


He thought so and simply passed out.


Pan Lei kissed him on the cheek, went to the bathroom, cleaned himself roughly, and brought hot water to clean his lover’s body.


He just laid there like this after ripping off his pants, his body covered in all types of marks he left just now.

His body was splattered with a whitish liquid, the corners of his eyes were crimson, and his lips were swollen from kisses.

Tian Yuan had a disheveled and poignant appearance after being ravaged by him, no matter how he looked.


He was, however, extremely skinny.

Pan Lei got a towel and gently wiped his body, stopping at his ribs.

Pan Lei's eyes welled up with tears as he kissed his ribs repeatedly and carefully.


"Baby, you have been wronged."


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