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Chapter 177 I just want you


Tian Yuan had always been well protected by Pan Lei, and he had never been infected by anything messy and dirty like gay bars, same-sex gatherings, raunchy parties, and so on.


Zhang Hui ran a restaurant, but Huang Kai's business was a bit shady.

It was a risqué entertainment venue with professional escorts, young lads who accompanied rich women, and male prostitutes chosen by men.

Huang Kai, however, did not dare to indulge in these things after being cleaned up by a certain someone.


When the buddies got together, they would drink and hug bar girls when they weren't joined by family members.

Pan Lei was sent to the barracks when it was discovered that he liked men, and there was no way for him to explore those filthy places.

Huang Kai didn't dare to host people like that again once he'd been fixed.

There would be no such folks if they went to Huang Kai's place to karaoke.


Pan Lei couldn't go to that kind of establishment now that he had a family.

They were a horde of demons dancing wildly, and there were monsters who preyed on people.

His family's husband was so pure and clean that he couldn't possibly go to such dubious places.


Besides, they had very little time, really little.

There weren’t many opportunities to stay together, and there wasn’t time to go to a messy place to expand his baby’s horizons.


Pan Lei blocked it diligently.

After all, their relationship had always been straightforward: you fell in love with me, you chased me, I fell in love with you as well, and they were together.


Any love rival will be nipped in the bud.


So they went out to a nightclub just once and ended up drafting the house rules when they got home.


He couldn't take Tian Yuan to any place to broaden his horizons unless it was in his own territory.

So, when Tian Yuan was tired of walking, they went to a small pub where a group of middle-aged uncles was enjoying afternoon tea.

Tian Yuan had milk tea and cake.

Pan Lei requested a tumbler of scotch.


It was indeed liquid amber, a British specialty.

Tian Yuan was simply going to ask for a sip.

There were people on the streets, and he didn't drink much.

He had no desire to turn into a kissing fish and perform a kissing act in front of so many people.


Pan Lei took a sip and narrowed his eyes with delight. It's excellent.

The flavor is rather nice.

Tian Yuan was a little curious.

Was it really that good


"Try it"


Tian Yuan nodded, and Pan Lei handed Tian Yuan his glass.

Tian Yuan took a sip and felt his tongue burn and his heart scald, but the taste was not so spicy hot, and it was certainly not the same as Maotai in China.

Tian Yuan thought, not bad, and glug, glug finished the glass in one go.


Pan Lei burst out laughing.


"Isn't it delicious Let's go get a bottle.

Let's buy some more and present it to our fathers if feasible."


"We'll purchase one bottle for each person."


Tian Yuan pulled out a card.

Pan Ge gave him such a hefty allowance that he couldn't spend it all, although being wealthy certainly didn't hurt.


Buy! Such a nice product had to be purchased.


With two uncles, grandfather, father and father-in-law, two older brothers, the three of them (PL, TY, and He Lian), and Pan Lei purchasing a second bottle for himself, they asked for eleven bottles to be packed.


Folks thought they were smuggling booze when they sent it via air express.


They didn't waste the bottle they had purchased at the little pub.

Pan Lei shut the door, arranged peanuts and popcorn, and poured them each a glass of scotch.

This wasn't the best combo, but they were still happy.


Pan Lei also conjured a white rose.


"I stole it today when we passed by the flower shop."


Sigh, why can’t he say something romantic in such a lovely setting


"Come, let us husbands have a glass of wedding wine[1].

We won't be able to marry abroad, so we'll skip the ceremony and go directly to the wedding night.

This glass will symbolize the fact that we spouses will be tied together forever."


This was also an act.

They'd been tied together for a long time, okay However, Tian Yuan still picked up the glass of scotch, wrapped his arm around Pan Lei’s, and sipped the wedding drink.


Tian Yuan's face was flushed from drinking.

Pan Lei had switched off the lights, taken out a few white candles, and lit them to create the proper ambience, which was even more inappropriate[2].

However, the atmosphere was nice, so Tian Yuan chose to pay attention to it regardless of the color of the candles.


Time had flown on wings since Pan Lei arrived, as if he had merely entered the door last night, but he would leave tomorrow.

It was not easy for Pan Lei to come to England.

He helped him fix the water pipe, change the light bulb, wash his clothes and cook for him.

He was finally at leisure, but Pan Lei was departing, leaving him alone once again.


Tian Yuan hated the thought of parting with him, so on this final night, he allowed Pan Lei to do whatever he wanted.

He exchanged "wedding wine," drank scotch and ate peanuts, and lit white candles with him, just looking at him by candlelight.


His eyes revealed his love for Pan Lei as well as his reluctance to let him go.


Pan Lei sat him on his lap, grabbed up a glass of scotch, sipped it alone, dropped his head, and pressed their lips together.

The two men shared that drink of booze, their lips and tongues entangled, and it was impossible to tell who drank it.

Tian Yuan clutched Pan Lei's neck and became an affectionate couple with him.


Pan Lei sipped his scotch and shared half with Tian Yuan.

He kissed him deeply with this motion.


Tian Yuan rested his weight on his shoulders.

When Pan Lei bent his head, Tian Yuan kissed him lingeringly while hugging his neck, his face flushed and his body softened.


He became clingier and clingier as the liquor began to take effect.


"We'll get married when you return to China, baby.

Mom has always wanted us to adopt a child, but I'm not interested.

I already have you, and I don't need a child to disrupt our lives.

But I fear you will be lonely.

After all, I'm in the army most of the time, and if we have a child, you won't be alone."


Tian Yuan rested his head against his neck.


"All I want is you."


Pan Lei fed him popcorn.


"Yeah, who needs a third person in the middle of a loving pair like us Eldest Brother desires a second child, which can be adopted in our name.

It is akin to having someone look after us in our old age and take care of our burials."


"I only want you."


Tian Yuan hoped that even if he died and closed his eyes forever, Pan Lei would bury him with his own hands.

He didn't want anyone else burying him.


He had drank too much and was disoriented, so he was able to express himself more freely.

I don't want anyone, just you.

I have everything with you as long as you accompany me.


"I don't want you to worry about me.

I overheard my father talking, and it appears that my military rank will be elevated once more.

I am now a major.

I won't have to lead any more troops once I reach the rank of senior colonel, and I'll be able to become the commander-in-chief of the special forces.

At that point, as long as I'm in charge of the operation and the commando unit, I won't have to go on a mission.

I can come home for the weekend every week, and the two of us can spend time together.

You won't have to be concerned about anything.

We'll buy 15 pairs of underwear, and you can keep the soiled ones.

I'll wash them all together when I get home.

I plan to retire after 20 years of service in the army.

I believe I'll be a lieutenant general by then.

What a lovely thought that our entire family will be a family of generals who have faithfully served the country.

My baby will be the dean when the time comes.

I will be my baby's driver, servant, do laundry and cooking for my baby, and look after his health so that he is a handsome old man who looks like he is in his thirties.

We shall genuinely be together forever at that time."


Tian Yuan wrapped his arms around him fiercely.

He enjoyed hearing Pan Lei talk about their future.

Waiting was not dreadful, loneliness was not terrible, and emptiness was not frightening.

The worst part was that he was in danger whenever he went on a mission.

But as Pan Lei rose through the ranks and became a high-ranking official, he wouldn't have to go on missions anymore, giving him true peace of mind.


"We shall always be together in the future.

I don't want anyone, just you.

You must come home with your entire body intact while you wait for your promotions.

I'll be waiting for you at home.

I will wait for you forever as long as you return."


Because Tian Yuan drank too much, he opened up and asked for this guarantee, acting like a spoiled child.

He could deal with anything, bear any kind of adversity, but Pan Lei had to return home.


Pan Lei kissed him, kissed his forehead, kissed his lips, kissed his cheeks, kissed his collarbone, kissed him again.

Tian Yuan held his head.

They’d both had too much to drink and could indulge freely.


Or it may be stated that liquor gave shy people courage and served as a go-between for sex.


Tian Yuan was shy and thin-skinned, yet he hoped for the wedding night while he drank.


They had the most wonderful desire, the most beautiful future, and now was the time when their feelings were at their strongest.

Ahem! Actually, their feelings had always been intense.


Tian Yuan sat astride Pan Lei’s waist, kissed him madly, and began stripping him bare.

Pan Lei was panting fiercely by the time he pulled down the zipper and attempted to take down his underwear.

He ripped Tian Yuan's shirt off, kissing his chest.

He untied Tian Yuan's pants, pulled them down, and tossed them away while kissing.

Tian Yuan wore his shirt in the crook of his arms.

He straightened his waist involuntarily and kissed him even more passionately.


He reached around and found the lubricant in the gap of the sofa, which had been tossed away the day before while they were fooling around on the sofa.


Tian Yuan took it, squeezed out a generous amount, rubbed it all over Pan Lei's big d!ck, then lifted his waist and slowly took it into his body.


This was the first time Tian Yuan had shown such boldness.

From the time they established their relationship, to their separation, to their reunion, he had never taken the initiative.


It happened naturally after drinking, after drinking too much, when his emotions were overwhelming.


As he bore down, he bit his lip and moaned.

Pan Lei caressed up and down his waistline, massaged his back, and kissed his chest.


"Oh baby, you feel so good.

My darling! You drive me crazy, baby.

Ge loves you so much, sweetheart!"


He encouraged Tian Yuan by touching him, kissing him, assisting him in relaxing, and allowing him to sit slowly.


Tian Yuan's waist softened when he took Pan Lei to the deepest point, and he spread out over Pan Lei.

His ability to do so much was already his limit.


Pan Lei gripped his waist, stroked his legs, indiscriminately kissed his face, and said a torrent of corny words, calling Tian Yuan baby, my little fruit candy, my sweetheart, and so on, all the while stimulating and driving in his body.


Tian Yuan gripped the back of the sofa with both hands, his fingernails turning white.

He would leave bite marks on Pan Lei's body when the stimulation became too severe.

Pan Lei's onslaught became a little hotter after each of his bites.


Until he shook his head, tears flowed uncontrollably, and he leaned pitifully on his shoulder, begging for mercy, "Ge, I can't take it anymore."


Pan Lei plunged deeply, eliciting a cry from him, and the two of them erupted together.


Tian Yuan was inebriated from the booze, and the activity was so exciting that he could only bite Pan Lei on the shoulder.

While he was still calming down, Pan Lei kissed him and whispered, "you are awesome baby," but Tian Yuan was already asleep.


It was the final night, the last night to hug.

Pan Lei was flying the following day.


Even though he was sleeping, tears streamed from the corners of his eyes.


Pan Lei coaxed him by kissing him and whispering incessantly in his ear, "Baby, ge loves you."

[1] jiāo bēi jiǔ: formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony.

[2] Everything in a Chinese wedding is red, from the couple's attire to the candles and decor.

In Chinese culture, "white" is a color of mourning and is hence improper for a "wedding."


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