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Chapter 178 Pan Lei departs; Pan Yue arrives


Parting is always difficult.

Sometimes an airport really isn't the best place to be.


Pan Lei had become the neighborhood auntie, constantly nagging in the belief that he had neglected to instruct about something.


"Tell yourself that you need to eat right.

If the meal at the restaurants isn't to your liking, make some dumplings when you get home.

I've labeled each filling so you can try them all or mix & match.

I'll cook them again for you the next time I visit.

Don't forget to collect the laundry, and all of the bills are on the table.

I've already paid the utility bills.

If the Frenchman continues to bother you, tell him I'll bash him up the next time I visit.

It's too cold to kick away the quilt at night.

I bought you some new clothes so you could change and wear them.

I calculated it; you have enough clothing to last a month.

When I return, I'll wash all of the dirty clothes together.

I've upgraded the computer system for you; writing your thesis will be much easier now.

Our photos are stored on the E drive.

I found you a new Chinese restaurant.

I tried it, and it's okay.

It was opened by a person from Sichuan, so ask them to use fewer hot peppers.

Your stomach is not good, so don't eat too much spicy food.

Avoid catching a cold and don't ignore signs of illness.

Remember to call or text me."


Tian Yuan kept nodding, puzzled as to how their parting had turned into The 18th Farewell[1].


He Lian stood there for half an hour, bored.

He drove the two of them to the airport, but the young couple was head over heels in love, and whispered sweet nothings.

No one paid any mind to him.

He stood looking around, forced to become an invisible man.


"Call me if you can't sleep.

Don't keep smoking by yourself.

Don't think I'm oblivious to the fact that you've turned into a serious chain smoker these days.

Take care of your health.

Don't all doctors prioritize their own health Think about me  and don't smoke all the time.

Listen to MP3 when you can't sleep.

I've recorded a lot of songs, and I've sung them all.

You will be able to sleep if you listen to them.

If you truly cannot get out of bed in the morning, call the professor and request leave; do not force yourself.

You're already skinny, so don't harm yourself by missing meals.

I'll surely see you in the last week of next month, baby.

Don't worry me, you know Please be obedient.

Be good, okay"


Tian Yuan kept nodding, nodding in agreement with everything Pan Lei said.


"Just go, Pan Lei.

I'm here to look after him.

How can he waste away when I'm watching him"


He Lian couldn't help but interject.

Tian Yuan was nearly thirty, therefore he didn't need such repetitive advice.

He wouldn't be spending a month without food, no matter what.


He received no attention from either of them.

He Lian slapped himself in his heart: who asked you to butt in See Nobody is concerned about you! The young couple in love was having difficulty letting go of each other.

Why the hell was he joining in on the fun


I have to ignore these two guys who are clinging to each other like sticky candy.

They are lovers who are bound together by 502[2].

Irrelevant people like me should stay out of the way.


He Lian fled fifty meters away to observe the crowd.

He didn't have to be the idiot who saw a loving couple and stimulated himself as a bachelor this way.



But having a lover is wonderful.

Even a simple airport farewell is so touching, isn’t that so It was so moving that it caused He Lian to break out in goosebumps!


Zhu Yingtai's 18th farewell to Liang Shanbo was probably not as moving as this couple's.

All playwrights are invited to come quickly and create a touching musical for them! Oh, so touching, even more so than Korean dramas.

If little girls saw them on screen, they would undoubtedly be moved to tears.


What is love This is love.

What is being inseparable This is what being inseparable means.


My, my, visible love is quite touching!


"Don't stand too high on stools.

I've fixed all of the wiring in the house.

You contact a handyman even if it's just the fuse blowing.

Don't try to fix it yourself, understand I posted the handyman's phone number on the wall.

If it's too late at night, avoid taking public transportation.

Return home by taxi.

Remember to dress warmly when you go out.

When you boil the water, be careful not to burn yourself by adding the dumplings too quickly.

Knives are not to be used.

Never, ever, use a knife.

I also cooked some meat buns.

You can warm them up and eat right away."


Pan Lei pinched his cheek.


"Baby, give ge a smile."


Tian Yuan tried pulling the corners of his mouth.

Who could possibly smile at this time, ah He wasn’t a heartless fool.


Pan Lei wrapped his arms around him and rocked from side to side.


"Okay, okay, don’t be like this.

I'll be here next month.

How do you expect me to board the plane in peace"


Tian Yuan gripped his shirt tightly, reluctant to let go.


"Ge, you have to come next month."


"Of course! Don't worry, I’ll definitely come to see you.

Be obedient."


Pan Lei kept caressing his face, and Tian Yuan finally cracked a small smile.


Pan Lei searched the area for He Lian.

What happened to this guy


"He Lian."


He Lian was busy admiring the ladies.

He dashed over when he heard Pan Lei's voice.


Finally, the pair had finished talking and remembered him.


"I'm entrusting Tian Yuan to you, He Lian.

You help me in taking care of him when I am unable to be with him.

Take him out to eat, and if he has any problems, assist him in resolving them.

My Tian'er is thin-skinned and may be embarrassed to open his mouth at times, so keep your eyes open and help him without waiting for him to say anything if you spot something.

He is my life, more important than my own life.

Give me a hand, buddy.

This brother will ask you to dinner when you visit China."


He Lian's head was riddled with black lines. Do you expect people to treat the man you consider your life the same way you treat him Pan Lei's heart had been occupied by his love for his husband.


He Lian patted his chest and promised.


"Don't worry, I'll take excellent care of him."


A voice urged boarding, otherwise Pan Lei wouldn't have moved.


"Don't be sad, baby.

This goodbye is for the sake of the next time we meet.

A month will shortly pass, and I will undoubtedly come in the last week of next month.

Time will fly by if you keep track of it.

Wait for me, baby."


Tian Yuan sniffled and firmly nodded.


"If you don't come, I'll tell Mom you have a mistress and Grandpa will punish you according to military law."


"Come here and kiss me."


He Lian shifted his gaze to the side.

He should avoid glancing at the young lovers kissing and hugging.


In their desperation, the couple left tiny wounds on each other's lips, but no matter how reluctant Pan Lei was, he could only turn around.


Tian Yuan trailed behind him.


"You promised me that we would be together forever.

You need to protect yourself carefully so that you don't get hurt, you hear"


This scenario appeared to be rather familiar.

Pan Lei did the same thing when they separated for the first time in China.


However, getting past the security check and across the barrier was not easy.


Pan Lei blew him a kiss with the hand holding his boarding pass while waving his other hand wildly.


As the plane took off, Tian Yuan raised his neck and sighed, looking up at the sky.

This month he will be alone once more.

However, it was excellent, given that it was not a year.

At the very least, Pan Lei could come and stay with him for a week every time, which was truly fantastic.

He was entirely satisfied.


He Lian scratched and yanked his hair.

He wasn't very skilled at coaxing others.

What to do if Tian Yuan started crying He could see that Tian Yuan was quite self-sufficient when Pan Lei was not present and could handle things on his own.

He was a good man, a regular guy.

However, after Pan Lei arrived, he degraded into a needy three or four-year-old who needed to be fed at meals.

He could act coquettish with vigor.

He was a gentleman, but under Pan Lei's care, the kindness on his body morphed into softness.


Pan Lei enjoyed taking care of him, and he accepted it as sweetly as candy.


He didn't have Pan Lei's ability to coax him if he wept.


Love, oh love, it really changes people's temper.


Tian Yuan didn't cry.

When Pan Lei wasn't present, what was the point of crying or making trouble There was no one to coax him if he felt sad or despondent, right He took a deep breath and swallowed all of his reluctance.

He will wait for Pan Lei to arrive before complaining to him and asking him to cherish himself more.


"I’m fine."


Tian Yuan gave He Lian a sincere smile.


"It's alright.

He’ll come back, won’t he We’ll have to say goodbye twelve times this year.

If I’m reluctant and weep every time, it's a bit ridiculous."


This emotional problem was primarily between two lovers.

He Lian may believe they were in love and unwilling to part, but Tian Yuan could be strong in front of others.


Because he believed Pan Lei was also waiting for him, and he was missing and thinking about him as well.


The rest could be tolerated as long as Pan Lei was safe.

He had already stated that emptiness and loneliness could be endured together as long as he was safe, no matter how difficult it was to separate, no matter how reluctant he was to see him depart.

They could be together for the rest of their lives once he earned his military rank and retired.

He only wanted Pan Lei to be safe and sound.


So, he smiled at He Lian.

He could smile at this moment since he had hope in his heart and the most beautiful future.


Separation was for the sake of the following meeting.

He had complete faith in Pan Lei's remarks.


"Just looking at you two makes me want to fall in love."


Tian Yuan burst out laughing.

Pan Ge and He Lian were the same age.

Speaking of which, they appeared to support late marriage and childbearing.

They were nowhere near getting married, except for Pan Zhan, and they didn't even have a girlfriend.


"That's simple.

I believe there are a few college girls that like you."


"I still have a thing for Chinese girls.

Our country's women are the most charming.

Do you think I should go back to China to grow"


"I believe so."


He Lian rambled on, claiming he couldn't decide whether to return to China because there were advantages and disadvantages to both staying and leaving.

They'd walked out of the airport, and He Lian was about to hail a cab when a small whirlwind hit him on the back.

He Lian stumbled.


Ow! Who’s that You hit me so hard!


Her laughter made a string of silver bell-like notes that sounded like a mountain stream.


"It's really you, Older Brother Nerd! What a coincidence! Take me back to your house; I'd like to see how my younger sister-in-law looks.

Come on, hurry up."


He Lian’s head was filled with more black lines.

He drew the girl who had smacked him and positioned her in front of Tian Yuan.


"This is Pan Yue, Pan Lei's only sister."


Tian Yuan felt a chill in his heart.

This older sister was said to be quite bold and fierce.

She'd carried guns to aid the Iraqi people in their fight against the American military.


"Older Brother Nerd, who is this handsome guy"


Hehe, Pan Yue was not soft and gentle like a girl, but was glowing with health and vigor.

She had inherited Grandma Pan’s eyes, which were gorgeous.

Pan Lei, Pan Ge, Pan Zhan, and Pan Yue had identical eyes.


The glint in her eyes reminded Tian Yuan of a black rose with thorns.


"My name is Tian Yuan, and I’m Pan Lei's lover."


Pan Yue was stunned for a second before jumping up and hugging Tian Yuan with a aroo.


"Hey handsome, you look exactly like my dream lover.

Forget Pan Lei and be with me, okay"

[1] An aria from the play "The Butterfly Lovers" commemorating Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai's eternal love.

[2] In Chinese, 520 is homophonic to "I love you"!


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