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Chapter 182 Promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel


Tian Yuan devised and considered many methods of punishing Pan Lei, including the Manchurian Qing's eighteen tortures, the tiger bench[1], pepper spray, Zhazi cave, and prisoner torture methods utilized by the US military.

In short, he was simply waiting for that jerk to return, and then, hehe, Pan Lei would suffer.


Pan Lei had said he'd arrive in a month, therefore he'd definitely come in a month.

Tian Yuan calculated the days and marked a date on the calendar, and Pan Lei promised him that he would be there on that day without a doubt.


As the end of the month neared, Tian Yuan noticed that Pan Lei's phone was no longer reachable.


When Tian Yuan dialed Pan Lei's number, the sweet mobile phone lady informed him that "the number you have dialed is switched off."


Tian Yuan gazed at his phone, wondering if Pan Lei was on a mission.

Could he return to meet him within the time limit


There was no news for three days in a succession, and his phone calls were not answered.

Tian Yuan was on pins and needles.

Even if Pan Lei was on a mission, there was no way he’d forget contacting him for so long.

What’s going on


Tian Yuan couldn't concentrate on his schoolwork since his attention kept wandering.

When he snapped out of it, a sequence of Pan Lei Pan Lei would show on the monitor.

Sigh, it’s the fifth day.

He just didn’t feel like studying right now.


He couldn't keep waiting much longer.

He needed to know about Pan Lei right away, even if it was merely to hear that Pan Lei was fine.

He picked up the phone to call his mother-in-law, but he was wary of upsetting the elders, so he finally contacted Pan Ge after much deliberation.


Pan Ge was at the hospital.

When he saw the phone number and understood Tian Yuan was calling, his face became solemn.


Pan Zhan looked at him.


"Let's just pretend that Leizi is fine.

Say he called in the morning to report he'd gone on a mission to a remote location.

He's currently out of town and will return once the mission is completed."


Pan Ge gave a nod.

This accident happened so quickly, and they were all familiar with Tian Yuan's personality.

Everyone could tell how much he adored Leizi and how strong their bond was.


Tian Yuan was still unaware that Leizi was in the operating room.

In such a case, what could they do Of course, hide it.


"What's up, Tian Yuan Have you finally remembered to contact me"


Pan Ge made every effort to sound pleasantly surprised.


"Second Brother, I haven't heard from Pan Lei in the last few days.

He promised to come over this weekend.

I just wanted to ask what’s going on with him.

Is he still going to come over"


"I only discovered this morning that the little ba$tard is on a mission, and the mission location is too far away for a decent signal.

He has not yet returned and cannot be reached.

He was making a fuss about seeing you again.

Just wait a couple more days.

When he returns, he will undoubtedly visit you in the UK.

Don't you understand what goes on in his head How could he pass up the chance to visit you You should know that he misses you as well.

It's fine; I'll book a ticket for him.

When he returns, I'll personally make sure he gets on the plane."


Tian Yuan's anxious heart finally calmed down.

Pan Ge stated that everything was great and that there was no reason to be concerned.


"Please ask him to phone me as soon as he has a signal.

I was a little flustered that I suddenly couldn't call him."


"Okay, I'll do it.

You'll deal with him properly later."


Pan Ge frowned as he hung up the phone.

Pan Zhan patted him on the shoulder.


"One step at a time.

We can't let him be concerned while he's away.

Don't worry, Lin Mu is operating on him inside.

He'll be just fine."


"I'm also certain that he'll be alright.

It's nothing more than a dagger in the right shoulder.

But I'm just annoyed.

Pan Lei isn't a child; why doesn't he utilize his brain before passionately charging up to fight That was a gang of hardened criminals that killed without hesitation.

Why engage with them in hand-to-hand combat Wouldn't he be fine if he just shot them dead"


This time, Pan Lei's accident was unexpected.

He was given the command to fly his crew on a helicopter to complete the mission.

Despite pursuing and intercepting a group of bank criminals, setting up checkpoints everywhere and intercepting them layer by layer, the crooks managed to flee.

As a result, the commandos staged an ambush on the thieves' escape path.


Could such bank thieves be a one-man or two-man operation They robbed an armored car, their strategy was thorough, they had anti-reconnaissance capabilities, they could flee in front of the policemen' eyes, and when they confronted an ambush, these people separated and ran, and the special forces split up to apprehend them.

The commando team's power was thus distributed.


Pan Lei was battling the mastermind.

God alone knows if Pan Lei was too reckless.

Pan Lei's thrashing knocked out the mastermind, but Pan Lei was also injured.

An American-made military knife with a very long blade was plunged into his shoulder, the dagger that sold for a very high price on the black market.


Pan Lei was rushed to the hospital.

The massive blood loss from the wound had landed the man, who was as steady as a mountain, on the hospital bed, giving others the impression that a mountain was collapsing.

They didn't even dare to inform Papa Pan or Dean Dang Hong, instead rushing him to the Armed Police Hospital.

Lin Mu conducted the surgery and had summoned the two brothers.


"The first is dumb, but so is the second.

One of them rushes forward with courage.

The other withholds and irritates to death.

What am I going to do with these two idiots We need to teach Leizi a lesson when he wakes up.

Before acting, he should consider his partner.

Isn't Tian Yuan going to be upset if he finds out about this He will undoubtedly abandon the UK and return in a hurry.

None of them lets a person be worry-free."


When Pan Zhan heard this, he felt something was off.

Pan Lei was brave and passionate, and he always went to the front while completing missions.

But who was the one who withheld


Lin Mu emerged from the operating room with a smile on his face before he could inquire.


"It's nothing, nothing, don't worry.

It just looks scary, and the blood loss is rather serious.

Blood is being transfused and the wound has been sutured.

He appears to be tired these days and will awaken tomorrow.

You know, I heard him snoring.

Make sure the wound does not reopen in the short term, that the medication is changed on time, and that he rests for half a month.

In a month, he'll be as fit as a fiddle."


The two brothers were overjoyed.

Pan Lei was an adult, but he made others worry.

But that jerk simply didn't have time to be well-behaved.


Pan Lei awoke at midday the next day, stretched, and felt a pain in his shoulder.

Then he remembered he'd been injured honorably and gloriously!


Shit! He had vowed to see Tian Yuan, but he was now days behind schedule.

That little ancestor would be worried if he waited any longer.

He leapt out of bed and raced to get dressed.

He was eager to get through the formalities as soon as possible.

His ticket had not yet been purchased.

He was on his way to see his baby.


Pan Ge pushed through the door and entered while clutching his phone.


"Could you possibly use your brain a little more the next time What were you doing comparing your kung fu to a criminal, eh You moron, just shoot him! Do you enjoy being admitted to the hospital in any way Now hurry up and dial Tian Yuan's number.

He called me yesterday.

I informed him that you had not returned from the mission and that everything was fine."


Pan Lei grinned and quickly grabbed the phone to make a call, while Pan Ge ran to ask the nurse to examine his wound.

He'd lost a lot of blood, after all.

Reportedly, when he was taken to the hospital, there was blood all over his clothing, which looked really frightening.


"No way, darling, wasn't I on a mission I'll be there, of course I will.

Wait for me.

No, don't pick me up at the airport; I'll find your address on my own.

Yeah, alright.

You must have classes, right Go on then.

I promise I’ll call you ten times a day."


Pan Lei felt dizzy after he hung up the phone.

After all, he had been severely injured.

He feigned to be cheerful, called his baby, and coaxed him.

He then hung up the phone and bent his head, clearly fatigued.


Pan Ge sighed softly as he leaned against the door.

The cousins were as thick as thieves.

Despite the fact that they were not closely related, they were all the grandsons of the same grandfather.

They had grown up together, and it pained him to watch Leizi have an accident.

He was also angry.

Leizi had grown up and had become a family man.

How could he be so careless How could he have dared to put himself in danger His bravery was impressive, as was his determination to break past the southern wall[2] without looking back.

If only a certain someone had been that brave.




"You're really something.

You think that husband of yours can go on living if something happens to you To put it mildly, you now have a family.

Don't get provoked by the statements of others; simply ignore them.

You must rest thoroughly.

Eldest Brother and I will find someone to look after you over the next few days."


Pan Lei gave an embarrassed smile.

After getting provoked by the robber's remarks, he had thrown away his gun and began fighting.

Who would have guessed that guy to cheat and stab him with a blade in the middle of the fight


"No way! He's still waiting for me, and I must see him.

The words of a manly man carry a lot of weight.

I must keep my word.

Book a plane ticket for me, Second Brother."


Pan Ge handed him a plane ticket and permission to fly.

He was aware that there was nothing he could do to stop Leizi.


"It is important for a man to keep his promises.

Go ahead, I won't stop you.

By the way, your supervisors came to see you while you were sleeping and informed us that you would be given second-class merit.

Your rank has been elevated to category A.

You've been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Not bad, kid.

You're quickly ascending through the ranks.

Good! If you become a general, our generation, too, will have a general, and you will not be disgracing our old military family."


Pan Lei laughed mischievously when he heard the news.


"That’s true.

Then I'll be promoted to senior colonel and appointed special forces commander.

Except for the CO, I'll be the Big Official in the entire military region.

Our lives will be smooth and steady."


Pan Ge despised him.


"Official fan[3]."


Pan Lei whistled a melody while changing his clothes.

Get Hurt, Get Promoted.

It was a fantastic deal.

Hehe, the day when he could spend all of his time close to his baby was not far off.


Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, and finally Senior Colonel.

Such a simple life was so lovely.

Two days off per week, plus holidays during all important festivals! Hey, he could accompany Tian Yuan in that case! One would be an officer, while the other would be a dean.

Who could be happier in this world than the two of them Everything would happen as planned, and they would live happily ever after.


Aside from fame and money, their romance, too, would be great.


"Hey, be careful with that wound! After all, you lost a lot of blood.

You must be well-behaved for the next few days.

Since you are going to the UK, you should stay for a few more days.

The army has granted you sick leave, so feel free to spend more time with him."


Pan Lei almost swung his hips and burst into song, yelling in delight like a civilian.

Wow! This is awesome! He was hurt, but he received a promotion and a holiday! Now I can properly accompany my family's hubby.


The days fly swiftly when I see him and accompany him.

I'm sure I'll say this a lot this year.


He jumped into the car, rapped on the window, and hurriedly asked Pan Ge to take him to the airport.

He was eager to see his beloved.

He didn't want to waste even a minute.


Lin Mu chased after him and gave him anti-inflammatory drugs.


"Eat healthy, get some shut eye, and get plenty of rest.

Damn, why am I saying all of this Your husband will definitely take good care of you.

Give him my regards."


"Wait for me, dear; I miss you madly, dear; dear,,,"


Pan Ge flung a food bag over.


"Please shut up!"


He'd made up a ditty and dared to sing it at the top of his lungs, even though he sounded absurdly awful!


Why was his younger brother so silly! When it came to his lover, this guy became completely useless and didn’t care about anything.

Look at his radiant expression.

Pan Lei appeared to want nothing more than to sprout wings and fly away.


Pan Ge gave a wry smile.

When you have someone in your heart, when your heart is full of him, you can be happy for a long time if it has something to do with him.

Working hard wasn't a big deal, and being exhausted wasn't either.

These things are irrelevant as long as you can see that person right away.


It's really f*cking embarrassing to be in love!


[1] A torture method employed historically, particularly in China, in which a person is bound in a sitting position with their legs straight in front of them and their knees tied to a bench, with bricks placed under their feet until their knees or feet break.

Source: Wikipedia.

[2] A metaphor for someone who has a blunt attitude, is unyielding in action, and is unwilling/unable to conform.

[3] Official fan, a Chinese word pronounced guān mí, refers to the desire to hold an official position.


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