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Chapter 183 The injured seeks comfort


Tian Yuan returned from school to find Pan Lei beaming warmly and waiting for him at the door, arms wide open.


Tian Yuan immediately burst out laughing. He's finally here! He was curious as to what Pan Lei was up to; there had been no news.

But now he was here, which was a good thing.

Seeing Pan Lei stand at the door and welcome him with a smile made Tian Yuan feel that the day was especially lovely for some reason.

Next door, Mrs.

Jennifer's roses were in full bloom.

Tian Yuan smiled at himself, his breaths sweet with roses.


His face, however, immediately sank. Humph! Let's do the numbers on what you and Pan Yue did to harass me, you a$$hole.


"Hey! What type of expression is this Smiling one minute, gloomy the next.

Who messed with you Tell ge, ge won't kick him to death."


Tian Yuan raised his chin.




As if you don’t know who the culprit is.


Pan Lei's shoulder hurt from laughing. Take a look! Look at that little appearance! Chin up, proud like a little prince.

He pinched Tian Yuan’s chin and forced him to gaze into his eyes.


"Oh my baby, is it gege’s fault Oh, yeah! Gege shouldn’t have gone on a mission to a remote location without calling you; I shouldn't have made you worry.

But baby, I’m here aren’t I Be happy, because I'll stay with you for a few more days this time.

Come on, smile.

Give ge a smile."


"Couldn’t you inform me, you ba$tard You made me worry."


Tian Yuan slapped him on the shoulder gently but firmly.

It was fantastic that he could make it.

Even if he was worried for a few days, if he couldn't eat or sleep properly, if he couldn't focus on his studies, all of this could be overlooked now that he knew Pan Lei was fine.


The smack happened to land on Pan Lei's shoulder wound, causing him to grimace.


"Ow! Isn't this murdering your own husband, my ancestor"


Pan Lei knew it was better if he told the truth now.

If he didn't, Tian Yuan would be furious when he discovered at night that he had been injured but had concealed it from him.

It was best to simply say it, exaggerate the facts slightly, and then behave coquettishly, play dumb, and roll around acting cute, begging Tian'er to care and love him more.


Tian Yuan was startled, as expected.

He swiftly attempted to remove Pan Lei's garments in order to see what was wrong with him.


Pan Lei dodged.

He pretended to be a shy little girl who was being molested by a bad guy.


"Oh, what a loathsome fellow you are! No, don’t! This is so embarrassing.

Let’s go into the house, okay I promise I’ll follow you in."


Tian Yuan was quite worried.

He would have sent Pan Lei flying with a kick by now if it hadn't been for his dread of exacerbating the wound on Pan Lei's body.

Tian Yuan hauled him back to the living room, worried about him but also annoyed by his wriggling, and set down the computer bag.




"Pan Yue was only with you for a few days.

How did you end up as a small bandit, ah I see you've learned to coerce for sex."


Tian Yuan had no patience for Pan Lei's antics and walked straight up to take off his clothes.

Pan Lei realized he was worried, so he took off his clothing.


"It's nothing.

Just that I sustained a minor injury while on a mission a few days ago.

But it's not a serious issue.

Because of this injury, my military rank was raised, and I was given a few extra days off.

It's a terrific bargain for me, baby.

It's nothing, you see, nothing at all."


Tian Yuan noticed that part of Pan Lei's shoulder was bandaged in white gauze after Pan Lei stripped his shirt and jacket.

There were no visible bleeding patches, but it was securely wrapped.

Tian Yuan gently stroked it, not daring to use any force.


"Is it a bullet wound You weren't wearing a bulletproof vest"



Someone stabbed me.

Lin Mu has sutured the wound, so what else need you be concerned about The problem is that I can't hold you and flip you over.

However, it will not affect our love life.

We can go at it as before if you are on top at night."


Tian Yuan was biting his lips as Pan Lei was obscene as usual.

Tian Yuan's concerned yet angry expression made him appear ugly.

Pan Lei drew him closer and placed his left arm around him.


He rubbed Tian Yuan's back and kissed his brow.


"I'm OK; really.

I'm really fine."


"Why can't you be careful; why are you always reckless"


Tian Yuan felt really bad as he touched the wound.

He was relieved that Pan Lei had not been hurt, but seeing Pan Lei injured this time terrified him.

Was the injury serious How severe was the injury He wanted to grasp everything well so that he could treat Pan Lei.


"Hey, no comment on my promotion Let me tell you, I'm getting promoted the fastest.

I was only a major a few days ago, but today I'm a lieutenant colonel.

I'll be a colonel, then a senior colonel, reporting to the CO but overseeing the military district.

You haven’t congratulated me yet."


Tian Yuan was itching to beat him up.

He honestly wanted to slap him if it hadn't been for his injury.

What did this official fan have to show off He disliked the fact that he didn't have enough scars on his body, didn't he Pan Lei's body was riddled with scars, both large and small, all the result of old injuries he'd suffered in the past, and he'd added another. I bet this idiot thinks of them as medals.


"Go to my room and lie down this instant.

You don’t need to cook, you don't need to clean the house, and you also don't need to wash the clothes.

Just go be a proper patient."


Pan Lei stretched his body.

Tian Yuan stopped him just when he was about halfway through, telling him not to move too much since it might cause the wound to reopen.


"Okay, I’ll be a Daye[1] this once.

It's your turn to serve me.

This Daye will reward you if you serve me well, baby."


How does he keep wagging his tongue! Tian Yuan glared at him, nagged him upstairs, took his shoes off, and tucked him in as Pan Lei persisted to stroke his waist and face.

But no matter how much he looked at his Tian’er, he couldn’t get enough of him.


Pan Lei, in fact, was exhausted.

After all, he had been severely injured.


"Stay with me, baby."




Pan Lei's voice sounded a little hazy.

He fell asleep quickly when he saw his beloved beside him.

He needed to rest a lot because of the long flight and blood loss.

Tian Yuan kissed him on the lips, and the tip of his tongue licked them, pressing on them.

Pan Lei, who was about to turn on his right side, murmured and called out "baby." Tian Yuan stopped him from turning and kept him flat on the bed.

He eventually quit holding him down.


Then he went downstairs silently and dialed Lin Mu's number.


"Please send me his (medical) case, as well as your diagnosis and surgery records.

He is here with me.

I am a doctor and can look after him."


Lin Mu dropped him an email while they were talking.


"Fortunately, you are a doctor.

He is hurt, and you can treat him.

The two of you are a perfect match."


"I'd rather he not be a soldier.

Even if he was a soldier, it would be preferable if he wasn’t in this sort of military branch."


Tian Yuan was apprehensive.

The injury was so tightly wrapped...what kind of injury was it in the end He'd been stabbed with a blade, so how deep was the wound and how much blood had been lost A mountain-like man had collapsed, causing him much distress.


"It's fine, I've emailed you the case.

I'm confident you'll look after him well.

Feed him some nutritious foods to replenish his blood.

He is strong and fierce, and he is in superb health.

He'll be well after a few days of recuperation."


Lin Mu didn't take it seriously; he simply saw it as a wonderful chance for the couple.


Tian Yuan was relieved as he examined the case.

Lin Mu was correct.

Pan Lei needed additional blood-enriching meals as a supplement.

Lin Mu also sent him copies of Pan Lei's previous cases.

His healing ability was excellent, and organs such as the spleen and others had not been harmed.

Pan Lei only needed to eat and sleep properly.

Rest was crucial to his recovery.


Tian Yuan’s cooking skills were not that great.

He couldn’t make a pot of blood-enriching tonics.

His dissection skills were top-notch, but he had never killed a chicken.

It was nearly impossible for him to stew a pot of ginseng and wolfberry chicken soup.


He rummaged through the pantry's contents.

His wonderful mother-in-law had sent ginseng and young deer antler among other useful things with Pan Lei the previous time.

Tian Yuan deliberated over these items for a long time before taking them to the Chinese restaurant.


He handed money and the ingredients, and asked the Chinese restaurant cook to stew it for him.


He then dashed home with an insulated flask.

Pan Lei was still fast asleep.


He can eat and then sleep again, right Pan Lei had always coaxed and cherished him like an ancestor.

Tian Yuan's turn had come, and he was serving Pan Lei for the first time.

They were in a relationship.

If there was just one more scratch on Pan Lei's flesh, he'd be half-dead with concern.

He was the only one who knew best how good Pan Lei was to himself.


Tian Yuan lightly shook Pan Lei's shoulder, leaned in close, and called him.


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, go to bed after you eat.

Are you not hungry"


In a trance, Pan Lei reached out his left arm and took Tian Yuan in his arms, kissing his face freely.


"I'm hungry, but there's a place where I'm more uncomfortable."


Tian Yuan reached out and stroked his shoulder.

Was the wound painful I should get him some anti-inflammatories and pain relievers.


"Your wound hurts, right."


Pan Lei smirked, seized his hand, reached down, and placed it on top of his small head.


"This thing is starving far more than my stomach.

We haven't met for more than a month.

You have no idea how much he misses you.

He is hungry and thirsty for you, and he is starving.

He is ravenous and sobs when he sees you."


The little head under Tian Yuan's hand was rock hard.

Tian Yuan gnashed his teeth, lowered his head, and bit his left shoulder.


"This I’m-a-lecher illness of yours strikes at any time and any place, doesn’t it I'll bite you to death! Now get out of bed and eat.

I'll help you take a bath when you finish eating, and then you can go back to sleep.

I want to fatten you up by five kilos while you're with me."


Pan Lei pouted and sat up, looking at his tummy and imagining how he would look after gaining five kilos.

All that fat hanging on his belly… Then he said awkwardly.


"My love, this five-kilogram thing will make you uncomfortable."


Tian Yuan walked to the kitchen to pour the chicken soup and returned with a bowl.




Wasn’t he in good health


"The belly fat will slap against your a$$ and thighs, ruining the mood when we make love."


Can I dump this bowl of chicken soup on his face Is he unable to stop speaking such things Do you know how hard it is to resist the temptation to kill


Pan Lei noticed Tian Yuan's eyes were shooting flames and hastily drew his mouth into a smile, winking and blinking at him to appear sweet.


"Will my lovely baby call me Big Bear if I'm no longer handsome"


Tian Yuan pulled over the limited edition teddy bear, pointed at it, and then at him.


"You can't even compare to bearskin.

Shut it and eat the soup for laozi.

If you create a scene, laozi will smash this hot soup pot in your face!"


"Please, no.

Won’t I look like I'm pregnant with five kilos of tummy fat, darling"


"Humph! You can give birth to one for me if you have the ability.

Don't talk nonsense, and finish the chicken soup quickly."


Pan Lei examined Tian Yuan's hand.


"Did you make use of a knife What did I say You are not allowed to use a knife."


"You're full of crap.

Are you eating or not"


Pan Lei was upset.

He grabbed Tian Yuan's hand and checked thoroughly to ensure there was no burn or nick.

He felt relieved only then.


"I can't.

I really hate eating this kind of food.

How about you give me some drumsticks and drink the soup yourself."


"I’m not the one who lost a lot of blood."


Pan Lei didn't want to eat anything like this.

It was soupy and unsatisfying.

It was preferable to give him a roast chicken and a few bottles of beer.

That would be fantastic.

Still not eating Tian Yuan's stare seemed to inquire.

Pan Lei was forced to drink the soup despite his dislike for it.


Tian Yuan scowled at him, and Pan Lei lowered his head hastily.

When his family's hubby displayed his might, he was quite terrifying, right


[1] Arrogant idler.


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