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Chapter 186 What led him to laugh himself silly


Pan Lei had awoken and was smoking outside the classroom, resting against the wall.

He noticed his family's darling come over bouncing and hopping, as if he could fly.

He couldn't stop himself from laughing. What made this little thing so happy He was so overjoyed that he didn't care about his shattered image.


Pan Lei had already packed Tian Yuan's computer bag and textbooks when he spotted him approaching and reached out to pull him.


"What happened What are you so happy about"


Tian Yuan couldn't help but grin, then immediately assumed a grave expression, as if nothing had happened.


"Nothing, nothing."


Pan Lei cocked his head to look at him. Hmm, something's fishy.

There was obviously something his husband was keeping from him, Pan Lei thought as he glanced at Tian Yuan's barely suppressed smile.

They'd been sleeping in the same bed for a long time, and Pan Lei could tell if he'd put on even a kilo of flesh just by touching him, let alone being so obviously happy.


"What is it, baby Tell me and make me happy too."


Tian Yuan pursed his lips and remained silent.

It would no longer be romantic or a nice surprise if he said it.

He had to hold back now if he wanted to suddenly appear in front of Pan Lei and fly him a great surprise like he'd planned.


Tian Yuan shook his head, then dropped it to conceal his joy.


"Oh, you’re really not telling me Please, baby, give me a hint.

What are you happy about Let me share in your joy.

A couple shouldn’t hold back from each other."


Tian Yuan, however, refused to divulge the news.

He simply shook his head and bit his lip.


His eyes, however, were beaming with delight.


Pan Lei was scared he'd hurt his lip and hastily pinched his face.


"Don't bite, don't bite, it’ll hurt you.

If you don't want to say it, don't say it.

No need to hurt yourself."


Tian Yuan couldn't help but smile and laugh.

He threw himself at Pan Lei, kissed him loudly, held his arm, and acted like a spoiled child.


"Ge, you’re so good to me."


"What kind of nonsense is this You’re my treasure.

Who else should I be nice to if not you"


Pan Lei laughed as he flicked Tian Yuan's forehead.


"You're acting like a spoiled brat, little thing.

Alright, let’s go home.

You’re so happy, but you won’t say anything to make me happy."


As Pan Lei wrapped his arms around his waist, he rubbed his brow and laughed mischievously. Forget it.

I can’t force him to talk if he doesn’t want to.

Just let him be happy then.

It’s good that he’s happy. Anyway, seeing Tian Yuan happy made Pan Lei happy as well.


It was merely that Tian Yuan was far too happy.


"Pfft!" They were eating dinner when Tian Yuan spewed out a mouthful of rice, rocking from side to side with laughter.

He almost choked but continued to chuckle happily.


Pan Lei jumped in fright and hurried over to feed him water, pat his back, and wipe the rice grains off his face.


"What’s wrong with you What are you messing about with instead of eating properly"


Tian Yuan was still laughing so hard that he was almost curled up.

He imagined Pan Lei's reaction when he jumped out, yelling "Surprise!" Pan Lei would either fall on his buttocks in shock or scream and flee in panic.

He couldn't help but laugh uproariously as he thought of his pale face and the way he jumped back with a loud shout.


So funny! I must give it a shot! Pan Lei had always been playing tricks on him.

He could finally play a good trick on him and turn the tables. Simply amazing.


As a result, he spewed rice and laughed like a fool.


"Eat properly; you’re gonna choke."


Tian Yuan nodded, but continued to giggle like a little fool.

When Pan Lei was doing the dishes, he snickered and leaned against the door, staring at him.

When Pan Lei looked over inquisitively, he waved his hand away as if it were nothing.


Is it really nothing You’re laughing like this while claiming it’s nothing Impossible.


What are you up to acting so unlike yourself


Tian Yuan was the type of person who couldn't keep anything in his stomach.

When he slept blissfully, he could laugh out loud because he was joyful. What a bad shortcoming.

Pan Lei smiled as he saw him having a pleasant dream.


But he was unable to ask anything at the time.


It was late at night and the pair didn’t play crazy.

Despite being all secretive, Tian Yuan still fell asleep with Pan Lei’s arms around him.


Pan Lei clutched him tightly, and Tian Yuan made it a point to sleep on his left side to avoid pressing on his wound.

Pan Lei had a habit of approaching Tian Yuan's sleeping spot.

He would not turn over to sleep on his right arm as long as Tian Yuan was on his left.


It was late at night, and everything was calm.

It was time to go to bed.


It was first a lovely thing for him to sleep with his lover in his arms.

Tian Yuan's head was buried in his neck, and he could smell and feel his flesh under his palm.

Pan Lei fell into an unusually sweet sleep as a result of the satisfaction of holding his treasure in his arms.


Tian Yuan was dreaming that Pan Lei was so terrified of him that he screamed, leapt up, and ran away.

So embarrassing.

In his dreams, he rolled into a ball of laughter.


Pan Lei felt the beloved in his arms quake violently, and he awoke with a start.

He hurriedly turned on the light and touched his forehead, thinking he was unwell and in pain. He's not running a temperature.


"Baby, where are you feeling poorly, baby Don't put up with it.

Let's go to the hospital."


Pan Lei gently shook Tian Yuan's shoulder, feeling his body. Is he suffering from a stomach ache Acute illness He ate home-cooked dinner and seemed to be in a great mood the entire evening.

So, what's the problem


Pan Lei leapt out of bed and grabbed his clothing without delay.

He returned his gaze and saw Tian Yuan still huddled on the bed.

Pan Lei was worried that Tian Yuan might pass out from the pain.

He scooped him up and carried him downstairs without hesitation.


"Baby, don't scare me.

Please hold on.

We’ll head to the hospital right away."


Tian Yuan's beautiful dream was cut short when he was pulled up.

He rolled around in mirth when he saw Pan Lei running around in a panic.

Pan Lei then returned and pressed him against the bed, scolding him as a bad thing while smiling.


Tian Yuan opened his eyes as he felt himself being hauled up and saw Pan Lei looking at him anxiously.


Tian Yuan broke out laughing as he remembered his embarrassed appearance in the dream.


Pan Lei was terrified and then stunned.

The poor guy couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on.


"If you're feeling ill, don't be shy about telling me.

Let's go to the hospital and have it checked out."


Tian Yuan drew him up and rested against his arms, still smirking.


"It's nothing.

It's truly nothing.

I laughed because I had a wonderful dream."


Pan Lei touched this, felt that, and made sure he was fine.

He was relieved to see Tian Yuan's face was so good.

He then swatted him across the back.


"Ba$tard, you startled me.

I thought you were ill and trembling all over from the pain.

You’re truly all right"


"I’m perfectly fine.

Go to sleep."


Pan Lei exhaled deeply in relief and cradled him in his arms.


"It must have been a fantastic dream to make you laugh so hard.

You are especially cheerful today.

I was startled when you glanced at me and laughed so hard.

Did you overindulge in nuts Are you possessed How come you're not saying anything"


"I just dreamt of good things; rather happy things."


"I don’t know what to do with you.

Go to sleep, don't scare people."


Pan Lei patted his back gently, as if coaxing a kid to sleep.

Tian Yuan listened to his heartbeat and fell asleep easily thanks to the patting.


Pan Lei wrapped a quilt around him and kissed his forehead, as though he wanted to make sure his baby was still fine.

He could sleep soundly knowing Tian Yuan was still peacefully asleep in his arms.


He was ready to fall asleep in a daze when he heard a series of chuckles and awoke.


He didn't bother turning on the light this time.

He merely looked at his sweetheart, who was sleeping sweetly in his arms with his eyes closed and appeared to be utterly joyful.

He almost clapped and laughed in his sleep.


How strange.

What terrific news did he receive for him to be so ecstatic He had been laughing nonstop and acting odd since returning from college.

Pan Lei couldn't wait to find out what the good news was.


To laugh out loud in his dream like this… is he marrying a woman Bah! That’s a nightmare, okay How could he do something as messy as marrying a wife in his dream


Damn! I need to ask him directly.


Some people talk in their sleep.

If Tian Yuan was a sleeptalker, he could simply talk to him and ask him what he was dreaming about.


Pan Lei approached Tian Yuan and spoke softly.


"Hey baby, are you having a sweet dream"


Tian Yuan mn-ed and smiled.


"What a wonderful dream to have, so happy."


That’s it! I have to keep asking.


"Pan Lei is running away in the dream.

It’s hilarious."


Running away So Tian Yuan's dreams were entirely focused on him This is great; awesome. Pan Lei was overjoyed.

Tian Yuan dreamed about him even in his sleep, showing how much he adored Pan Lei. But why am I fleeing Is it really that amusing


"Is there a dog after me"


Tian Yuan abruptly ceased speaking.

He rolled over, his arms around Pan Lei's waist.


"Baby, why on earth am I fleeing"


Tian Yuan began snoring loudly.

Pan Lei was speechless as he yanked his hair.

This, however, merely piqued his curiosity.


He moved closer to his ear and caressed his back.


"Why on earth am I fleeing"


Unfortunately, Tian Yuan had fallen into a deep sleep.

He stopped laughing and making trouble.

He slept soundly, like a child who had been playing all day and was finally getting a good night's sleep.


Pan Lei posed a series of questions one after the other.

Tian Yuan raised his hand and slapped him across the chest.


"So noisy, ge.

So noisy."


Sheesh, forget it.

It was pointless to argue with him while he was sleeping.

But he'd ask him why he was so thrilled tomorrow.


Pan Lei went to sleep with a stomach full of doubts.

He wouldn't allow Tian Yuan to get out of bed the next morning.

They wrestled, but Pan Lei wouldn't let him go.


Even if he had to torture Tian'er to get a confession, he had to inquire why he was so happy.


"You're in such a terrific mood, baby.

Will you not tell me and share"


Tian Yuan rolled over in his arms and played with his fingers.


"Not telling me If you don't tell me, don't blame me for being rude."


Pan Lei used half of his body to press down on Tian Yuan while reaching into his pants with one hand, grabbing Little Tian Yuan and pumping it a few times.


Tian Yuan shouted and struggled desperately.


"No, no, there isn’t time.

I have a morning class, so I can't be late!"


Pan Lei started nipping and sucking his neck.

The more he kissed him, the lower he descended.

His fingers never stopped pumping.


"Not telling me Then let's make out.

Men are really horny when they wake up early."


Tian Yuan urgently shrunk his neck.

He had a report due today and couldn't afford to squander time.


"Ge, don't make trouble, ge.

Let's talk about it tonight."


"Then tell me.

If you struggle, the wound might reopen, hampering my recovery."


"It's nothing.

My teacher complimented my last report and suggested that it be published in a medical journal.

I'm overjoyed because the teacher kept praising me on my academics."


Pan Lei’s hand stopped.




The reason Tian Yuan didn’t want to tell him was so simple


"Really, truly.

Believe me, ge.

Don't make trouble.

Let's talk about it later today.

I can't be late today.

Stop, stop."


Tian Yuan didn't say anything when Pan Lei bit him, but he had to lie in order to get out of his clutches.

He lied with his eyes wide open for the first time.


Pan Lei had the impression that Tian Yuan would not lie to him and affectionately pinched his nose.


"This minor accomplishment made you laugh and talk in your dream.



Tian Yuan smiled and pretended to be stupid.

Pan Lei kissed him and then let him go.




Gosh! TY is such a goofball.

This was a fun chapter.

Dear Indian readers, Happy Independence Day! You're the proud citizens of the world's largest democracy.


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