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Chapter 190 Deputy Instructor, you’re hindering laozi’s business


Pan Lei couldn't get enough of Tian Yuan.

He wanted to cheer whenever he saw Tian Yuan.

It was sweeter than eating candy just to gaze at Tian'er like this.

He held the car door open for Tian Yuan, as if he were a new wife, and invited him to get in.

There were far too many folks present.

He'd have to wait until they were alone before expressing his happiness.


Tian Yuan beamed.

He was not unfamiliar with this location.

He had already visited and resided in this area.

Despite Chen Ze's evil smile and repeated queries that he couldn't answer, there was a group of the cutest folks here.


And his family's Pan Lei was the cutest.


This idiot was smoking, grinning with glee, and instead of looking in front of him while driving, he'd cocked his head to stare at him.

He took his hand, kissed him, kissed him again, then kissed him some more.

Pan Lei's eyes were blazing, and it was clear that he couldn't wait to swallow Tian Yuan in one bite.

Tian Yuan's face flushed from the joy in his eyes, as well as the eagerness and forbearance.

What rest! He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight when he stayed at the dorm.


He originally had a "surprise dropping into your lap" mentality, so he didn't tell Pan Lei he was returning to China.

But he had to admit that it was a fantastic idea that made people go crazy with excitement.

The delight of unexpectedly meeting the one you long for was far more thrilling than winning ten million dollars.


"My baby is the Seventh Fairy[1], who always appears when I miss him the most."


"Humph! Who told you not to tell me, I’m not going to tell you either.

Were you at all startled I thought you’d scream ‘ghost’ and run away."


He'd been laughing out loud in his dreams because he'd imagined Pan Lei crying and fleeing in terror.


Pan Lei was unconcerned about this.

He leaned forward and kissed Tian Yuan on the cheek.


"Baby, come closer.

I miss you so much.

Let me kiss you properly."


"Stop making trouble.

We’ll discuss it in the dormitory.

We’re on the road, so drive safely."


"Just one kiss, please."


Tian Yuan was powerless to stop him.

Tian Yuan succumbed to his pathetic appearance and scooted up to kiss him on the lips.


"Come on, drive properly."


Pan Lei was like a child who had got candy.

He was bursting with energy.

He pushed the gas pedal, oblivious to the speed restriction sign.

The vehicle sped away, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake.

He drove back to the commando area and stopped at the dormitory door.

He flung open the car door and dashed over, thereby preventing Tian Yuan from exiting the vehicle on his own.


He took him in one hand, hugged him, and walked towards the dorm.


"Hey, isn't this Dr.

Tian What brings Dr.

Tian here You miss us brothers, don’t you Come in and talk.

Hey, hey, Chief Pan, where are you carrying him He rarely visits; what are you rushing into the dorm for Come on in for a chat."


They were caught red-handed by the assistant instructor.

Pan Lei was preparing to dash to the dormitory while carrying Tian Yuan, but Tian Yuan smacked him across the shoulder.


"Will you please exercise some restraint Restraint! Put laozi down! Why don't you give me a chance to speak"


This guy was afflicted with lechery and lived his life as a hooligan.

He knew everyone on the special forces squad, and there were a lot of people here.

Could he still have any face if Leizi took him straight to the dormitories after getting out of the car and only released him tomorrow Could you please refrain from completely destroying my image


Pan Lei was afraid he would fall and so unwillingly placed him on the ground.


"Do what needs to be done."


He'd simply blame the assistant instructor. This idle busybody! Why did you stop to say hello Couldn't you just walk away and ignore us You're impeding a couple's reunion, you prick.


Tian Yuan just ignored Pan Lei's agitation.

He'd brought a lot of chocolates from the UK, and when he and his father-in-law left for the military district, he bought some fruit.

He wanted to deliver some gifts to this group, and the most cost-effective option was food.


He offered the assistant instructor some fruit and chocolates.


With a smile, the assistant instructor accepted it.



Tian is the best, in my opinion! You'll be staying for a few more days, right Everyone misses you terribly."


The deputy instructor ignored Pan Lei's murderous look and bared teeth that screamed, "Stop talking and scram!" Didn't this ba$tard realize he was going insane and wanted to devour Tian'er right away


Go away, go away, beat it quickly! He desired a two-person world and the opportunity to get sweet with his sweetheart!


Ignored! The assistant instructor smiled pleasantly, pushed open the office door, and welcomed him in.


"Please come in and take a seat, Doctor Tian.

I heard you went to study overseas.

Tell me why you returned."


Tian Yuan walked inside after seeing him warmly invited.


Pan Lei refused to give up. Hey, laozi finally got to hold the person he hoped would return! He had hardly spoken with him when he finally saw his heart's treasure. Laozi hasn't even properly kissed him yet, and you dare to interfere with laozi's business!


He gripped Tian Yuan's waist and clung to him, refusing to let go.


He frowned and coughed.


"Well, since I'm not going to the practice field today, you may keep an eye on them.

They are still receiving shooting instruction.

Get some more bullets from the ammunition depot.

The special forces' marksmanship must be exceptional.

Don't let them quit practicing until they reach the ninth ring or higher."


The special forces' marksmanship was all practiced with bullets.

Others trained with blank bullets, but they used actual bullets.


The assistant instructor could do nothing.

The chief instructor issued him an order, which he had to carry out.


"What a shame! Let's chat later, Doctor Tian.

I'll have the cafeteria prepare some of your favorite dishes."


"What’s with this endless chatter! Get moving, damn it! The boys are not allowed to return unless they hit at least the eighth ring.

Now hurry up and f*ck off for laozi!"


The assistant instructor squinted at Pan Lei when he saw how upset he was.


"Oh~ Devil Pan is angry.

Let’s talk again when we get the opportunity."


He guffawed as he ran out.


"Be a little gentle with Dr.

Tian, Chief Pan.

We'd like to talk to him later tonight."




Pan Lei would have hunted him down and kicked him a few feet away if it hadn't been for the fact that he was holding Tian Yuan in his arms.


Pan Lei grinned as he noticed Tian Yuan scowling at him.


"We're going to the dorms, baby.

Let me take a close look to see if my baby has lost weight."


"Be milder.

Why are you mad at everyone, huh Will you yell at me like that one day"


"Do I dare You are my direct boss, my leader, and my family’s treasure."


Pan Lei whispered into Tian Yuan's ear and quickly picked him up.

He carried him directly back to the dormitory this time because no one stopped him.

He hugged Tian Yuan from behind as soon as the door closed and the curtains were drawn.


Tian Yuan chuckled softly as the embrace tightened.

Pan Lei's embrace was always tight and secure, but it never hurt him.

He couldn't recall where he'd read this phrase: he'll hug you and hold you tight, but never suffocate you; this is the person who loves you and the one you love back.


Yes, he loved him, and his feelings for him were etched in his bones and imprinted in his heart.

Pan Lei was the love of his life.


Tian Yuan reached out and touched the buff and powerful arm wrapped around his waist.

He had returned, and their lives would return to normal.

They didn't have to cross the Pacific Ocean, and neither time nor distance could separate them.

They will be very close, and their hearts will be forever connected, regardless of external factors.


Pan Lei hugged him with one arm and reached in from the hem of his shirt with the other, nibbling his ear, his breath fiery hot.


"I need to check closely to see if my baby is thinner."


Tian Yuan cocked his head slightly.

Pan Lei's kiss was so intense that it made his whole body shiver.


Pan Lei's hand had its own line.

It rubbed all over Tian Yuan's chest, pinched the small fruit standing at attention with calloused fingers, and then inched down, groping back and forth on his lower abdomen.


Pan Lei’s mouth was likewise busy.

He nipped his ear, traced the ear bone with his tongue, sucked on his earlobe, and kissed his neck, the kisses increasingly stronger and hotter.

The strength of his hand increased as well, stroking and rubbing everywhere while his kisses rained down on his neck relentlessly.


Tian Yuan slumped and leaned into his arms.

He could only close his eyes and feel his lips, his touch with all his heart.

He tilted his neck, trying to reveal more skin so Pan Lei could kiss him more, gripped the arm around his waist, moaning shallowly, and humming softly.


His breath was thick with Pan Lei's smell.

He was wrapped in Pan Lei's arms, unable to move and unwilling to struggle.

He only desired to become a puddle of water and be swallowed by him.


"Ge, ge, I missed you.

I missed you so much."


Tian Yuan stated this softly.

He was emotional and all he wanted was more love.

He expressed himself without holding back.

I missed you so much that I returned home immediately and requested Dad to bring me to visit you as soon as possible.


When they were finally alone, they hugged and kissed each other, expressing their longing via their bodies.


Pan Lei's kisses slid down his neck to his shoulder, bit him, and then kissed him on his shoulder blade back and forth.


Pan Lei was moved and hugged Tian Yuan even tighter after hearing him voice his longing.


"Ge loves you, baby."


Tian Yuan raised his arms, tilted his head in his arms, looped one arm over Pan Lei's neck, held his head with the other, and drew closer to him, lips to lips.




The distance between them was negligible.

Their lips were against each other's lips, the tips of their noses were touching, their eyes were full of love as they peered at each other and saw themselves in the other party's misty eyes.

Their eyes teared yet refused to look away.

Tian Yuan's wet yet firm eyes emanated suppleness from the bones.

Pan Lei's body tightened as he saw the charm that only he had the pleasure of seeing.


Tian Yuan wrapped his arms over his head and stared him in the eyes.


"Ge, I love you."


It was the joy that dropped from the sky, the reunion after a long absence, and the fact that when he expressed his honest sentiments, Pan Lei couldn't stop himself.

He kissed Tian Yuan with the ferocity of a primitive beast, the kind of ferocity that bites and won't let go.


He twisted Tian Yuan around to face him, grasped his hips, and lifted him up, letting his legs wrap around his waist.

He moved closer to the bed and then placed him on it.


He kissed and bit Tian Yuan, his actions resembling pillage.

His possessive desire made him want to devour Tian Tuan in one bite, but this stupid layer of clothing was too obstructive, hiding their burning bodies.

Pan Lei's motions were aggressive, tearing and peeling the clothes off, unwilling to separate even an itch, unwilling to leave Tian Yuan's lips for a second.

Tian Yuan pounced at Pan Lei, wrapped his arms around his neck, and kissed his shoulder as he had no choice but to move away when he removed his vest.

Seeing Tian Yuan’s action, Pan Lei relinquished control and let Tian Yuan lead him.


I missed you so much.

Your name is engraved in my brain, my flesh, and even my bones.

It's you in my dreams, and it's you when I wake up.

You are my love, my life.



[1] The Weaver Girl from the story The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.


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