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Chapter 191 Stop it, it’s Dad


People passing by Pan Lei's dorm room heard sporadic noises within.

The sounds were shallow, as if weeping, as if choking on emotions, and pleading for mercy.

They made those passing by flush and rush away.


Pan Lei plunged in, his thrusts wild and violent, as if he truly desired to die on Tian Yuan's body, as he had earlier claimed.


The first round was hard and fast.

Tian Yuan felt as though he'd been pushed to a commanding height by something, then his mind went blank, and an electrifying sensation zapped from his tailbone and flowed all the way to his cerebral cortex, making his body shiver all over.

He could only clasp Pan Lei and gasp desperately in his arms.


The second time happened gradually.

Pan Lei, who had relished the sweetness once, did not appear to be in a rush.

He was still quite fascinated.

He kissed Tian Yuan one inch of flesh at a time, from head to toe, from ankles to eyelids, asking if it hurt, if he was comfortable, and then began slowly.

He advanced slowly, leaving a trace on his body, compelling him to address him as gege.


Tian Yuan fought for air, but his hands and feet remained weak.

Pan Lei, as usual, was hateful and forced Tian Yuan to say, "Ge, I love you," at this point, but Tian Yuan bit his lip and endured the feeling that his body was about to explode.


"Be good, baby.

Say, ‘Gege, I love you.’"


How could this ba$tard fool about at this time Couldn't he work out properly He thought it was amusing to play with him, didn't he Unless he was stirred emotionally, there was no way he would say, "Ge, I love you."


He bullied him and enjoyed teasing him, never passing up an occasion.

He needed to be spanked!


Tian Yuan became enraged and savagely bit Pan Lei.


Pan Lei drove in fiercely, making Tian Yuan feel as if his heart was being pushed out by the deep thrust.


"Call me ge."


He refused to call Pan Lei ge, no matter how much he coaxed him or tricked him.

Unless Tian Yuan was desperate like now, he was quite obedient and did anything Pan Lei asked these days.


Pan Lei licked Tian Yuan's small fruit, causing him to shout and clutch the bedsheet.




Pan Lei was unafraid of his tough attitude.

If he was tough, just harass him mercilessly.


He'd just gone full throttle and clasped Tian Yuan's waist, ramming in and out of him, and the phone rang just as Tian Yuan was about to die.


Sonofab!tch! Who’s the f*ck calling Didn't these blind people realize they were busy making love How could they have time to answer nonsense phone calls when they were so busy So very busy!


"Ge..you..wait..I'll answer..answer the phone."


Tian Yuan took a deep breath, hoping to slow his heartbeat and get his blank brain to operate again.

He gripped Pan Lei's shoulders and begged him in his ear.


Pan Lei disagreed.

How could he quit at such a critical juncture


"Ignore it.

Be good and put your arms around my neck."


Pan Lei had him on his lap and was eager to unleash his strength.


Tian Yuan leaned against his shoulder, pleading under one of his shoves.


"Maybe..maybe it's my professor.

They are visiting China for the first time and don’t know anyone.

They could be looking for me for something important."


Pan Lei couldn't do anything else but bite Tian Yuan's lips fiercely.

Tian Yuan's little mouth was swollen, so he thought it was a good compromise.

He kept his grip on Tian Yuan's waist and refused to let him go.

Tian Yuan scrambled for his clothes and grabbed the phone, his whole body quivering.


It was because Pan Lei had come to a halt, yet his c0ck was still throbbing inside his body.

The kissing continued unabated.

Pan Lei kissed him on the shoulders, neck, and ears.

Tian Yuan's body was scorching hot, the result of Pan Lei starting the fire both within and outside his body.

He would have been paralyzed in his arms and swept along with him in the craziness if it hadn't been for the phone.


Pan Lei urged him to hurry up.

Tian Yuan's limbs had gone slack, and he identified the phone call as coming from his father-in-law.

He held Pan Lei's head, which was moving erratically.


"Stop it, it's dad."


They couldn't make a sound.

What an embarrassment it would be for the old man to hear something.


Pan Lei snorted in displeasure.

His father was also blind.

The pair was reuniting after a long separation, but this old man had no idea how to be thoughtful of the younger generation.





Tian Yuan's voice was faint, having a trill in it.


Papa Pan was taken aback.

Why did his son-in-law sound so frail after only a brief spell


Papa Pan couldn't help glancing at the watch.

It had been an hour and a half.

What was it What happened


"What's the matter, Tian Yuan Did Leizi bully you He made you cry"


Tian Yuan's voice was raspy, with a wobble in it.

Actually, old man, you've been around the block enough to understand why your son-in-law's voice is husky.

It is, of course, the outcome of shouting.

Your dear son is a hot-blooded man, energetic and powerful.

Poor Tian Yuan, with his small physique, was tossed and wept and yelled after a round of torment, so he'd undoubtedly sound hoarse.


Pan Lei, who had also heard it, laughed and moved his waist.

He'd prove his father's words. Yes, dad, I am bullying him.

I'm physically bullying him, and the bullying hasn't ended yet.


Tian Yuan closed his eyes and pulled himself up.

Pan Lei clutched his waist as he dropped, pressing down harder and going deeper.

He bit his lower lip to keep his gasp from coming out.


"Dad, I… Dad, I'm tired and fell asleep in his dorm room."


Tian Yuan shoved Pan Lei. Stop it, don't make trouble; stop it now.


Naturally, Papa Pan did not doubt him.


"I'm returning.

Tian Yuan, ask Leizi whether he wishes to return with us.

Or are you truly going to stay here today"


Return Return with this appearance How could they return They were wrapped around each other, doing some little loving things.

There was no way Pan Lei was going to let him go.


Pan Lei sucked his free ear.


"Tell the old man that you’ll be staying here tonight.

We’ll go back the day after tomorrow."


Then he licked Tian Yuan's ear, and the tip of his tongue slid into his ear channel, much like his c0ck was moving in Tian Yuan's hot channel below.


"Dad, please go back by yourself.

Leizi says we'll go back tomorrow."


Papa Pan agreed.


"The commander of the military region has invited you to dinner.

Don't feel awkward; they're all my former subordinates.

Let Leizi look after you and return home tomorrow, okay Alright, I'll inform your mother."


Pan Lei couldn't wait any longer and accelerated, pushing up against Tian Yuan, and making him bite his lip.

Pan Lei was worried he might bleed from the bite, so he swiftly leaned in and kissed him.

This kiss released the sound Tian Yuan had been suppressing all along.




Pan Lei took the phone.

Tian Yuan could only focus on gripping Pan Lei's neck while slipping into ecstasy in response to Pan Lei's movements.


Papa Pan naturally heard this sound. What's going on What’s with this sound Wait a minute…was that moaning and panting coming from the other end of the phone The old man blushed. Ba$tard! Loathsome boy! These two little sonsofb!tches!


"Pan Lei, you rascal!"


These two little sonsofb!tches! Laozi is worried here; what are you two up to over there, ah I've lost my old face entirely!


"Oops! Dad, hang up the phone quickly because the two of us are really busy.

That's it; the two of us will return tomorrow!"


Pan Lei was irritated.

Why was his father like this, eh He had no idea how to care about his son's sexual well-being! He was in an awfully critical situation, yet he needed to take a moment to answer the phone.

Was there anything else the old man wanted him to do Snap! Pan Lei abruptly hung up the phone and turned it off.


"Come on, baby."


Pan Lei encircled Tian Yuan's waist and kissed him on the lips.


"The world is silent.

We can finally express how much we missed each other."


You are free to moan and shout and do whatever you want.

It was finally quiet, and he’d like to see who would dare to call again, who would dare to knock on the door and interrupt the couple's intimacy.

He’d make them go hungry tonight!


Pan Lei still had some semblance of a conscience.

A little, but not much.


All of the special forces soldiers had finished their training, and he walked out of the room having eaten his fill…thoroughly.

He buttoned his shirt as he walked out.

There were a few scratches on his chest that Tian Yuan had naturally left while he was on top, as well as marks on his back that Tian Yuan had left when he was under him.

Their reunion had been fierce and frantic, so scratches were common.


He came out, smoking a cigarette, and uttered something softly as he shut the door.


"Rest first.

I'll go inform the CO that we’ll not be joining him for dinner tonight.

Wait for me to come back."


He puffed while standing at the door, a satisfied expression on his face.

It was a happy and sweet expression, as well as a smile of pride after doing bad things.


The deputy instructor glanced at him and felt like he was staring at a bandit chief on the mountain who'd bullied a girl from a good family and then walked out, pulling his pants up as he closed the door.

While he was enjoying a cigarette, the girl inside was sobbing loudly.

He remarked as he closed the door, "What are you crying about Follow daye from now on.

I guarantee you'll be dressed in silk and satin, dripping in gold and silver."


This was exactly how the scene would be when a bandit had done something wicked.


Poor Doctor Tian, ​​you’ve suffered.

When you meet such a partner who is as wild as a wolf, you’re bound to be bullied for a while after you reunite.


How pitiful to be treated like a bed sheet and pressed under the body.

It’s truly pitiful.


"Is Doctor Tian okay"


The assistant instructor stretched his neck to peek in, but the curtains were drawn, the door was shut, and he couldn't see anything.


"Nonsense! How can he not be okay with me by his side He arrived in the morning and dashed to the military base in the afternoon, so he's exhausted.

He dozed off.

Go to the cafeteria and have the chef prepare some millet porridge with minced meat and other things.

I'll be seeing the CO."


How strange.

When his family's hubby visited, people asked him if Dr.

Tian was okay.

What a bunch of morons.

How could he possibly be bad Tian'er would always be happy as long as he was by his side.

They, husband and husband, were the sweetest couple and happiest together.


Pan Lei took the car and drove to the headquarters.


The assistant instructor sighed helplessly and shook his head. Poor Doctor Tian, you have it tough.

You must consume some good supplements.


The assistant instructor went straight to the cafeteria and instructed the chef to prepare millet porridge, which was boiled to a pulp, as well as some meat stew and fish.

When the chef heard Dr.

Tian was on his way, he took out pig's trotters from the freezer without demur.



Tian is thin, so I’ll cook some pig's feet for him.

It’s the best.

It contains a lot of collagen, which is good for both the skin and the body.

I’ll put in some peanuts and so on.

It’s the best for women who are in confinement[1]."


The assistant instructor nodded when he heard this.


"Sounds good.

Get it ready."


Women in confinement eat well, but Dr.

Tian eats much better.


In other words, a bandit leads a gang of small bandits, and a soldier who treats his lover very well will teach his men to care for people as well.

Although this concern was somewhat misplaced, the thought is what counts.



[1] The month of convalescence following childbirth.




I recently realized that this story has moved from dramatic to slice of life.

Care to share your thoughts


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