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Chapter 198 Mother Tian is actually quite gullible


It's simple to understand what Pan Lei was trying to do.

You'll know the instant they walk into Tian Yuan's room.


Tian Yuan went to the kitchen to prepare a glass of honey water for Pan Lei.

Pan Lei didn't drink much and was only tipsy.

He was seventy percent inebriated, which was the most comfortable for him.

However, Tian Yuan was still concerned that he would have a headache the next day, so he forced him to drink it.


Mother Tian looked for a spare quilt.


"The bed in Xiao Yuan's room is a bit narrow.

Will you two be able to sleep well"


"Don't worry, Mom.

I'll cuddle him to sleep.

I'll make sure he doesn't fall."


"My!" Mother Tian exclaimed, her old face flushed.

Oh, to be young again! Their feelings were still quite strong.

This was very understandable.


Tian Yuan twisted his arm.


"Can you not act like a hooligan in front of my mother"


"Look, Mom, he pinched me."


Pan Lei The Opportunist spared no effort to show how well-behaved he was.

He lifted his arm, a bitter expression on his face, and acted like a spoiled child to his mother-in-law.

He was like a young married woman who had been admonished by her husband and turned to her mother-in-law for justice.


Mother Tian rubbed his arm, amused.


"Do you want any face, Pan Lei Can't you stop being so embarrassing How old are you It's pathetic of you to act like a spoiled brat in front of my mother! Stop acting cute!"


This shameless thing! He feigned to be pitiful to him whenever he had the opportunity at home and insisted on kisses until he resigned himself to it.

But how could he do the same old stuff in front of his mother! You stand 189 cm tall, friend.

It's really too embarrassing!


Pan Lei, on the other hand, was devoted to acting coquettishly and did it with zeal.


"Mom, you have no idea.

My parents back him up at home, and I'm simply the picked-up child.

My parents haven't cared about me since I was a child, and I've been raised free-range like herding cows.

They all liked Tian'er when he came to my house.

My father is the most hateful.

He gave Tian'er his horse whip and told him that he may whip me as long as I was disobedient.

You have to give me justice, Mom."


Tian Yuan wished he could grab him by the ear and curse him. Don't think you can sell misery and act pitiful after a few glasses of booze!


"Tian Yuan, this is not right.

How can you whip someone."



Mom, I don't!"


Tian Yuan found it difficult to argue.

He thrashed the comforter the only time he used the so-called whip.

Would he be willing to beat someone he cared about just because it was told Who would do that


"Humph! So what if you have my parents’ backing.

I have support too."


Tian Yuan charged at him, pulling and twisting his cheeks.


"Let me see how many faces you have.

You’re so cheeky.

You rip the left face off and stick it on the right.

Shamelessness on one side, cheekiness on the other."


"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Pan Lei wailed and yelled, "Mommy, help me! Mom, Tian'er has gone crazy.

He's bullying me!"


"Okay, okay, don't make trouble.

The weather is still a little chilly, so go take a shower.

I'll make your bed for you."


Mother Tian enjoyed watching them laugh and play.


Tian Yuan finally let go of Pan Lei.


"Go take a shower."


Pan Lei hugged him tightly and wouldn't let go.

He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist, nibbled his ear, and intimately lowered his voice when he noticed his parents were not in the living room.


"You help me bathe."


Tian Yuan elbowed him and headed to his room to find pajamas.

The Tians were unlikely to have clothing that would fit Pan Lei.

It was pointless to try given his height and body shape.


Not to mention he had a set of sportswear.

Pan Lei could wear the track pants, but the quality was poor and he'd look like he was wearing shorts.

He hadn't worn them since they were supplied by the school back in the day.

They were just lying there in the closet and were ideal for Pan Lei.


Mother Tian prepared the bed and exited, noticing Pan Lei putting his arm around Tian Yuan's shoulders and whispering something into his ear.

They pushed open the bathroom door, then closed it, and two figures appeared on the frosted glass.


Mother Tian sighed.

If only he was a woman.


But I can't insist on it anymore.

Look at their intimacy.

Forget it; it doesn’t matter.


Mother Tian returned to her bedroom after closing the door.


In fact, Pan Lei was quite honest when taking a shower.

After all, his in-laws' room was close to the bathroom.

What could he possibly do He had to go to Tian Yuan's room if he wanted to do it, right


Tian Yuan wiped his body after cleaning everything back and forth.


"Go ahead.

I'll clean up here.

Otherwise, whoever comes in will take a fall."


Don't assume Pan Lei had lost his mind because he was seventy percent drunk.

He was well aware that this was his in-laws home, not theirs.

Even if they didn't clean things up straight away, they'd have to do it the next day.


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan on the shoulder before pushing him out of the bathroom and beginning to clean.


Tian Yuan saw him wearing his own white sports "shorts" and thought he looked ridiculous.

Fortunately, his parents were asleep, so they couldn't see his ugly appearance.


He'd been reading a book for a while when Pan Lei returned.

He gently shut the door, and as he threw himself on the bed, he pinned Tian Yuan beneath him.


"Stop it.

You drank a lot, do you have a headache"


Tian Yuan lifted the quilt to let him in.

Pan Lei sighed as he wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan.

He hung outside the opposite window the last time he visited.

This house was on the fifth story, and he hung outside, unable to enter and powerless to do anything but watch helplessly while Tian'er was battered.

But things were different today.

He came in, slept here, and hugged him.

Nobody could wrong his Tian’er.


"What is it What are you sighing about"


Pan Lei held Tian Yuan in his arms.

The bed was a little small, and it was naturally crowded with two grown-up men sleeping on it.

Even if it was a queen bed, neither of them would fall out.

Do you know why It was due to the fact that one person slept on the mattress while the other was the quilt.



"I was thinking, eighteen or nineteen-year-old Tian'er, my baby, maturing normally at that time, was in this bed, covered with a quilt, reading Playboy magazines with a flashlight, and then…"


Pan Lei’s hand snaked down and squeezed Little Tian’er.


"Jerked off under the blanket cover."


Tian Yuan's face turned red, and he slapped him.


"You think everyone is like you, always eager to be a hooligan I had a lot of coursework at the time, and I had to attend cram school and Math Olympiad classes.

I was slogging every single day.

I went to bed at one and got up at six to go to class.

How could I have so much energy It’s not like you’re unaware of my poor health."


Yes, he was frail.

He would not have this physique if he wasn't weak.

He wore himself out when he was growing up.

He worked too hard, and nutrition couldn’t compensate, thus he was weak.


Pan Lei smiled wickedly and squeezed his a$$.


"I'm going to search under your bed and under your pillow.

You must have those magazines stashed somewhere.

Big boobs, big a$$, thin waist, hot and sexy magazine women.

My baby hadn’t met me yet and must have foolishly thought he liked women.

So he must have bullied his little head and made him cry.

Hmm, your scent would be all over the quilt and clothes.

No way, I'm going to sniff it carefully to see whether it still smells like you."


Pan Lei pulled the quilt and draped it over the two of them.

He scratched him on the right and groped him on the left.

Tian Yuan chuckled and twisted his body around on Pan Lei.

It seemed like he was scratching himself into tickles, which made him giggle even harder.


Pan Lei laughed and used the opportunity to start peeling Tian Yuan's garments off.

Tian Yuan grasped his hand and laughed till his eyes welled up and his breath became wobbly.


"Stop it, my parents are in the next room."


"Your scent has vanished from the quilt.

I want to fill the quilt with your scent again.

Baby, their room is far enough away that it won't be a problem."


Pan Lei gripped the thickest part of his flesh, his fingers explored, they began moving in and out as he kissed Tian Yuan's small fruit.

Those ridiculous-looking track pants had long since been discarded on the floor.


Tian Yuan fought hard not to gasp, chanting to himself: Don't let Mom and Dad hear.

Tian Yuan sat on Pan Lei's body and slowly took in Little Leizi.

He put his hand on Pan Lei's shoulder and let him pump up.

Pan Lei would kiss him when he couldn't take it any longer.


He was absolutely stuffed every time Pan Lei thrust in.

This kind of silent endurance of stimulation, this kind of suppressed craziness, made Tian Yuan's cum faster.


Using Pan Lei's words, the smell of the two guys permeated the quilt, their bodies, and the air.


Tian Yuan buried his face in Pan Lei's shoulders, gasping for air.

Pan Lei continued to caress his back, whispering endearments and eating his tofu[1] and such.

He kissed Tian Yuan's brow and shoulder before moving on to his lips and French kissing him.



no more."


Tian Yuan couldn't take it anymore.

Pan Lei always wished to use all of his strength upon him.

There was another impact every time he couldn't bear it anymore and thought he'd hit his limit.

The cries in his throat, the frenzy, were enough to drive him insane.

But Pan Lei kept kissing him, and all he could do was force this excitement down into his body, making it more sensitive.


"I'll take you to the shower."


They hadn't intended to stay the night this time, and they overlooked condoms and lubricant.

Pan Lei disliked condoms anyway, saying that they were pointless and unsatisfying.

But every time, Pan Lei made it a point to clean him up before putting him to bed, fearful that leaving the cum in his body would harm his health.


Tian Yuan gave a nod.

Pan Lei scooped him up and carried him into the bathroom.

He gently cradled him in his arms, and the little stream of warm water made Tian Yuan sleepy.


Pan Lei was always careful with him, and he was much more careful when he washed his body.


"Don't fall asleep here; be careful of catching a cold.

Be obedient."


Tian Yuan nodded absent-mindedly.

Without any strength in his body, he could do whatever he wanted.


Mother Tian was baffled.

Why did these two kids get up in the middle of the night to take a shower Hadn’t they already had a bath


Mother Tian wore her sleep robe and knocked on the bathroom door.


"Xiao Yuan, do you have mysophobia Why are you bathing twice a night"


Pan Lei snickered. Yes, he bathes twice, and sometimes he even does it thrice.


Tian Yuan was startled.


"Um, Mom, I, I was hungry, so I made some instant noodles.

The noodle soup spilled on me.

It felt very oily, so I decided to take a quick bath."


"Hungry Let me make something for you to eat.

Child, why has your appetite suddenly increased"


"Don't worry about it, Mom.

I'm full.

Go to bed.

I'll sleep after showering."


"Really We should have dined at home.

You'd had your fill then."



I'm going to sleep now, so you should also go to bed.



Mother Tian returned to her room.

Pan Lei pinched his a$$ and bit his ear when he heard the door close.


"Did I not satisfy you Is it full here Oh, what I just fed in slid out.

Do you want to eat it again"


"Go to hell!"


Pervert! He was growing increasingly roguish.


[1] Taking advantage of someone, often with a sexual implication.


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