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Chapter 21: Tian’er, Baby, Call Me “Ge”

{T/N: Ge means ‘elder brother’}

Otherwise, he would not be this furious.

While he was idling outside the operating room waiting for Tian Yuan, he got bored so he walked around the hall and it was then that he saw the hospital’s directory that was posted on the wall.

As he read through it, he came to know that the hospital’s surgical department is composed of a director of surgery, two deputy directors, and five attending surgeons.

He waited until the middle of the night before he walked around the three operating rooms to confirm something.

He saw his Tian Yuan and the other three surgeons performing another surgery, however, the shadows of the director and the deputy directors were not seen.

Was this not considered a clear-cut bullying To him, this seems like while the young soldiers are on the battlefield, their superiors are out picking up girls!

In last night’s road accident, if all surgeons were there to treat the injured victims, all of them could have definitely gotten off work by 12 o’clock.

Those doctors were really good, ah!

In the event that the director and the deputy directors are not in, who will take responsibility should an adverse incident arises And if credit is to be given, will it go to these doctors who did the surgery What about if there’s a reward money, will it be given to these doctors too

Humph! Isn’t it obvious

All credit will be given to the hospital and 70% of the reward money will be used for the hospital’s benefit.

Sadly, the responsibility does not fall on the hospital but on the doctor who performed the surgery.

Pan Lei doesn’t care if they bully others but it would be a different story if his family is involved.

The hospital where Tian Yuan works is not his territory so his authority is limited and because of this, he cannot let Tian Yuan stay in that place.

On the other hand, if Tian Yuan will be transferred to the Armed Police Hospital, his mother would be able to look after him.

He believes that Tian Yuan will not suffer the same kind of inhumane treatment under his mother’s protection.

His Tian’er is honest.

For such an honest person, how can he be at ease leaving him in such place Usually, it will take ten days or half a month for his mission to be completed.

How will Tian Yuan be without him during those times

Once again, if Tian Yuan continues to do this kind of work that brings bitter sufferings to people, it is estimated that he will fall ill again at anytime.

Just thinking about it is distressing him very much.

∞ ∞ ∞

Every time Tian Yuan wakes up, the room remains dark and that made him wonder.

It shouldn’t be that long before morning arrives and his sleep should only take about two or three hours.

Really, how long had he been asleep Why is it not daybreak yet

“Go back to sleep.

I’ll watch over you.

I will certainly call you once it’s daybreak.” Pan Lei had to repeatedly coax Tian Yuan back to sleep whenever he sobers up.

In this world where a chaotic society is tangled with a network of influential people and taking into account that everyone must pay attention to social relationship, power and prestige, he did not have other choice but to do this much for Tian Yuan.

He wants President Zhao to know that Tian Yuan is not a doctor without a background or identity.

It does not mean that just because he stays silent, he can be easily bullied.

There will always be someone who will avenge him.

Pan Lei glanced at his wrist watch.

Looking at the time, it is already four o’clock in the afternoon.

Tian Yuan’s sleep time was very long.

When he heard that voice again, Tian Yuan went back to sleep but this time, his mind was not at peace.

As he was feeling confused, he woke up again.

Pan Lei, as usual, knelt beside him, grabbed his hand, put it on his chest, and patted him with a voice that’s like coaxing children.

“Baby, Tian’er, go back to sleep.

It’s still early.”

Yeah, it’s still early… several hours ago! Tian Yuan closed his eyes and when he opened it again, he pushed Pan Lei vigorously and brushed open the quilt.

“Sleep, sleep, sleep, your big uncle! You used this reason to deceive me to go back to sleep seven times! Do you think that since I was sleeping and was only half-conscious that I didn’t know Yeah, I’m f***ing stupid for having been fooled seven times for the same reason.

Go away!”

After feeling completely awake now, he felt that something was suspicious.

Now that he thinks about it, whenever he attempts to get up from bed, there’s always a voice telling him that the sky didn’t brighten up yet, letting him to continue sleeping.

He looked for his alarm clock everywhere but could not find it.

His cell phone was also in silent mode.

He was getting a little bit anxious thinking about the current time.

He was so mad that he felt it unbearable.

It was at this time that he noticed that the other guy is wearing a wrist watch so he grabbed Pan Lei’s arm and looked at it.

“Four o’clock in the afternoon”

Jumping out of bed, Tian Yuan pulled open the window curtains.

Pointing at the sun, he roared at Pan Lei.

“Your family calls this sky as not yet bright!”

Pan Lei felt very wronged.

He felt that he had done his best to give him a peaceful sleep.

Look at him now, he obviously slept very well and recovered his physical strength.

But why is it that the moment he wakes up, he suddenly became hot-tempered.

“Oh, you looked so adorable when you sleep so I did whatever I wanted and didn’t notice it.” Pan Lei did not know how many times he stealthily kissed him, but Tian Yuan’s sleep was not a bit disrupted.

Tian Yuan frantically grabbed his cell phone and browsed over it.

There was a text message from the president telling him that today, he is on holiday.

He will report for work tomorrow instead.

After reading the message, Tian Yuan felt relieved instantly.

He glared at Pan Lei and began to walk away.

“Hey, where are you going Look at what time it is now and you’re still thinking of going to work If you don’t have work today, then don’t go.

Let’s just go outside and eat something.”

Pan Lei rushed over and pulled his hand.

Tian Yuan looked like he still wanted to prepare himself to go to work.

He had never seen such a dedicated person. This idiot, he’s already being bullied by people but he didn’t know yet.

“I’m going to the bathroom.

I feel stifled.” Pushing him away, Tian Yuan rushed to the bathroom and following this, the sound of water flushing down was heard.

Pan Lei whistled and began to clean the room.

His family’s Tian Yuan is so cute.

His face was all red before he rushed to the toilet.

He slept at four in the morning and woke up at four in the afternoon.

After twelve hours, he really needed to release it.

“Hey, get me my clothes.

I’ll take a bath.” Tian Yuan shouted at Pan Lei from inside the bathroom.

He smelled of disinfectant.

If he wasn’t too tired last night that he felt like dying, he would’ve never gone to bed without taking a bath.

He hurriedly washed himself clean.

Not all doctors like the smell of disinfectant.

Even now, the smell of formalin is unbearable.

Hehe… Pan Lei smiled maliciously.

He finally gets an opportunity to tease him.

Pan Lei took Tian Yuan’s underwear, put it on his index finger, and twirled it around playfully.

“Tian’er, it seems you have never called out to me properly.

Come, let me hear you say it pleasantly, and I will serve you well.”

What he is currently holding is not the sexy black panties and also not the product of a famous brand but, Pan Lei likes it! It was this little cloth that is wrapped around his favorite place on the body of his favorite Tian’er.

Tian Yuan will definitely not give in to his provocation.

He was so angry but he will not dare open the bathroom door to quarrel with him.

As far as he knows, there is no big towel in the bathroom.

There’s the towel that he mistakenly used to wash his feet, but there’s no underwear as well as bathrobe inside.

In other words, the moment he opens the door, Pan Lei will see his naked body from top to bottom.

Pan Lei twirled the small briefs around his index finger at a very fast speed while waiting for the man inside to be defeated.

He is waiting for that moment when Tian Yuan opens the door to snatch the thin fabric from him.

The joy and anticipation on his face can’t be concealed.

Tian Yuan was choked by his saliva.

He continued with his bath and washed away the foam on his head.

“Get lost! Don’t you intimidate me!”

Oh, so daring to threaten him Was he thinking that he would be afraid Pan Lei laughed.

His evil and arrogant laughter was like the bandit who was opening the door to frighten a young maiden just by the sight of him.

Yes, that kind of laughter.

“Don’t know how to call me pleasantly I’ll teach you.

Tian’er, call me ‘Ge‘.

*Tian’er, call me ‘Ge‘.”

{T/N: * The last line was spoken in a shy manner like the way little girls flirt with boys.}

He is the youngest among three brothers (cousins) and his female cousin is also older than him.

There is no one in the family who could call him elder brother.

Now, he finally knew that this form of address was set aside for his Tian’er to call him ‘ge’ passionately.

Imagining Tian Yuan biting his lips, shyly calling him ‘ge’ using a weak but soft and supple voice, while constantly acting coquettishly to fawn over him.

Just the mere thought of it is enough to make him feel over the moon.

No matter what, he must make Tian Yuan call him ‘ge’… he must call him ‘ge’.

On the other side, Tian Yuan yelled: “Go to your big uncle! Get lost!”


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