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Chapter 23: Will Let You Touch It Without Suffering A Loss

Pan Lei looked at that angry little face which is now fuming with rage.

But he only touched it once.

How can he touch it more than that If he did, Tian Yuan will definitely not let him lay a hand on his body later on.

Hence, he only did it once so he will let him feel it a thousand more times in the future! He will also let Tian Yuan fondle his until he wouldn’t want to let go.

Due to intense anger, tears came out quickly from Tian Yuan’s eyes.

His appearance looks like a delicate young girl who had just been bullied.

He must be crying due to humiliation.

Moreover, he must want to sue him now for indecent assault.

But how would he explain to other people that he did it because he loved this man The man’s family wouldn’t cry and wail because of this kind of reason, right However, Tian Yuan was so angry that if he gave him a knife, he would probably dismember his body right here, right now.

Never offend a surgeon.

Else, he will be like an X-ray machine who can pinpoint all the joints connecting your bones and immediately, he will mercilessly cut them apart.

At this moment, Pan Lei was still laughing while his body rocked back and forth.

Although Tian Yuan had that piece of cloth covering his jewels, he was still able to touch it.

It felt really good! Surely, if his underwear was not in the way, it would have felt even better!

But looking at that angry face that looks like it wants to murder people, Pan Lei quickly coughed.

He pulled back the corner of his mouth and assumed a face of acknowledging one’s mistakes.

“Tian’er, I was wrong.

Forgive me, okay You’re a person of great moral stature and one should not take into heart the offense committed by this man of low moral stature.

You are a real man.

I touched it, so be it.

Don’t be angry, okay”

Tian Yuan really wanted to pull him apart, give him a big slap in the face, point at his nose and curse him ‘despicable rogue!’.

However, this is not how a cultured person should act and besides, doing such can also be degrading to oneself.

But he couldn’t swallow this kind of behavior anymore.

Tian Yuan was so mad that his chest violently moves up and down.

He stared daggers at Pan Lei like how China tried to invade Japan in the past. If looks could kill, Tian Yuan’s look would have led to a murder of the person he was currently staring daggers at.

Pan Lei reached out in an attempt to touch Tian Yuan’s face but Tian Yuan ducked and began to clench his teeth.

Pan Lei sighed.

“Regarding what you said earlier that you are not my wife, you were wrong.

Aren’t you my wife Next time, come up with other words to swear at me.

Didn’t I allow you to scold me So don’t be mad anymore.

Hey, baby, don’t be angry, okay It would be bad for you if you continue to get mad and I will also feel distressed.”

“Go to hell!”

Pan Lei scratched his head.

This, to coax his wife is also a technical skill.

He sat up and thought something was lacking in his words.

“Wasn’t it just a single touch After all in the future, your body will still become mine.

Why would I not want to touch it If you are so angry that you can no longer bear it, then you touch mine too! I’ll let you touch it for ten times!”

Pan Lei began to loosen his leather belt and pulled down the zipper of his jeans exposing the black underwear inside.

His hand hooked on the edge of his underwear and was about to pull it down when Tian Yuan yelled.

Tian Yuan stared wide-eyed at his vulgar actions.

He grabbed a bottle and threw it over but the bottle did not hit Pan Lei.

Even though Tian Yuan didn’t go over at Pan Lei’s side, his face still turned more scarlet.

“Despicable rogue! Whoever wants to touch you is a rascal!”

“Just touch it and say hello.

Why won’t you do it Aren’t you mad for what I did Now, I’m letting you get back at me.

Do whatever you want to do.

Come on, touch it.

I’m not stingy.” Pan Lei remained natural and relaxed.

Following his words, this particular rogue confidently and casually pulled down his black underwear revealing that valiant member lurking within the thick black patch of grass.

It was not only for the mere act of doing it that he touched Tian Yuan.

It was because Tian Yuan was his and in the same way, his body was also Tian Yuan’s.

If he liked to touch his, then he could freely do so.

If Tian Yuan wanted to kiss and grope at the same time, it would even be better! Whatever he wanted to do with his body, Tian Yuan will not suffer even a bit of loss.

Isn’t this a huge benefit

For Tian Yuan, encountering this ultra-shameless and without self-respect stinky rogue is more than he could bear.

He couldn’t afford to be tricked by this man again.

‘I must run away with eyes closed.’

But of course, Pan Lei will not let him off.

Just as Tian Yuan moved, Pan Lei grabbed his waist and hugged him closely in his arms.

While one of his hands was controlling Tian Yuan to prevent him from breaking free, his other hand caught Tian Yuan’s hand and led it directly to touch his member moving it up and down.

Tian Yuan felt like he got scalded as he violently swung his arm away.

“F*ck off! Stinky rascal, let go!”

Pan Lei’s hand pressed Tian Yuan’s waist harder against himself which turned their current position into a more intimate one as Tian Yuan is tightly pressed in front of Pan Lei.

Tian Yuan continued to struggle indiscriminately when suddenly he felt that Pan Lei had nipped his ear as he hoarsely whispered next, “Baby, feel me, touch me, and see how passionate he is to you.”

The stinky rogue is evidently being swept away by his intense sexual desire.

His voice became deep and magnetic, and the hot air that sprayed on his earlobe turned his already red neck to an even deeper shade of red.

Tian Yuan didn’t know when and how it happened but the other guy had already taken off his clothes and it seems that this madman is planning to go all the way, ah! Tian Yuan will really die early from extreme anger and anxiety. This damnable man, this pervert, he is not serious, is he

Your sister! Only soft and fragrant women are good to touch.

Why touch him He could not allow Pan Lei to do anything more to him.

Otherwise, he will be the one to lose out.

“This daddy is a man, a man! Can’t you see it clearly I like women.

I don’t like men, ah! Don’t you understand Don’t do strange things to me anymore.

I, I will call the police, really!”

With all his might, Tian Yuan pushed Pan Lei vigorously, but his eyes did not dare move arbitrarily.

He looked up but saw Pan Lei’s face and this got him even more annoyed.

But he was even more afraid to look down because he will certainly see his exposed nakedness.

Pan Lei sighed and grabbed Tian Yuan’s hand that touched his member, put it on his lips, and kissed it.

“Every man will say he likes women before he meets his beloved male lover.

I don’t blame you for this cognitive error.

Fall in love with me, and you will realize that out of so many people in the entire the world, the only person you will ever love is me, this man.”

Pan Lei’s one-track mind is impenetrable.

Must he inculcate this kind of thoughts to him just to settle this matter He is just too stubborn and also a very difficult man to deal with.

“Why don’t you familiarize yourself with my body first and get used to my kisses This way, you will slowly warm up to me and in the not-so-distant future, you will eventually fall in love with me.

The reason why you don’t feel much affection with me right now is because we kiss too little.

Our intimate contact is too few.

If we unite our body and mind, you will surely tend to develop feelings for me.

More kisses and more physical contact will ensure that our affection will grow rapidly.”

Pan Lei held back his carnal desire and then looked at Tian Yuan’s face with deep emotion.

“My dear, let’s kiss.

We will mark the beginning of our love with a kiss.”

Tian Yuan tried to push the man away again, but he was still not able to fight against the lips that were closely approaching him.

Pan Lei did not pout and instead opened his mouth.

Pan lei’s kiss, as usual, began by biting Tian Yuan’s lips.

He opened his mouth and prepared himself to nip a small hole on Tian Yuan’s lips.

Right after, he sucked those lips firmly while sticking out the tip of his tongue to tease Tian Yuan’s tongue.

Tian Yuan whined as the small hole Pan Lei bore into his lips felt painful. Biting him again! Why was he so obstinate and wouldn’t change his way of doing things Every time he kissed him, he would always bite him at the beginning.

Tian Yuan felt sullen about this unbearable grievance. Why is it that it was always him who suffers every time

Tian Yuan’s eyes flushed red with hate and had lost his reason as he fiercely shoved Pan Lei away.

“Bite me Then, this daddy will bite you to death!”

As he puffed and blowed, Tian Yuan promptly bit Pan Lei.

The other man had not yet reacted when he felt the dangerous bite that landed on his neck, directly hitting his aorta.

Pan Lei shrieked.

Is his family trying to murder him

A lovers kiss should not be this bloody, ah!


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