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Chapter 24: His Family’s Wife Is Indeed Rare

Pan Lei allowed Tian Yuan to bite him.

Feeling the strength in his bite, Tian Yuan will most likely bite off a piece of his flesh but Pan Lei didn’t care.

With Tian Yuan snuggling onto his body, it is now more convenient for Pan Lei to take possession of him and he will surely be unworthy if he does not take advantage of this small chance.

Driven by his strong sexual urge, Pan Lei’s hands at the back of Tian Yuan slid down and wrapped them around the other man’s buttocks.

He repeatedly kneaded those two lumps of flesh with his two big hands and pinched them from time to time.

Then, he lowered his head so as to vigorously nibble the area around Tian Yuan’s neck, leaving a trail of purple marks.

While sucking on Tian Yuan’s neck, Pan Lei continued to knead his baby’s buttocks. The feel of it is really good! Not to mention its ample elasticity, the shape is also excellent! Tian Yuan usually wears a white coat to block this good scenery.

But now, I was able to feel it with my own hands! I am so happy I could die!

Pan Lei’s hands went downwards and traced along Tian Yuan’s thigh.

While touching it, Pan Lei thought that Tian Yuan’s legs are different from him.

His legs are hairy but his Tian Yuan’s are flawlessly white and straight.

It is so smooth that touching it alone is enough to make him pant heavily.

If these legs were to cling tightly around his waist as he devours him … aiyo! Pan Lei couldn’t continue imagining about it anymore as blood flows down from his nose.

Tian Yuan was seething with anger that he had completely ignored the unbridled hand that’s caressing his body.

He bit him down earlier to dispel his anger but when he raised his head, he saw his own bloody neck with tooth marks left in it.

He turned and cupped Pan Lei’s head.

“You bit me again! I already told you that you must not bite me, but you just won’t listen! Fine! This uncle will also leave a few marks on you so everyone could also laugh at you!”

Tian Yuan bowed his head and opened his mouth.

A set of dense white teeth appeared and a vigorous bite immediately descended on Pan Lei’s lower lip.

When Tian Yuan loosened his bite, Pan Lei’s counterattack was a heavy kiss on the other man’s neck.

On Tian Yuan’s chestnut-colored skin, love bites appeared one after another.

Though panting with rage, Tian Yuan still readily bit Pan Lei’s upper lip after the latter raised his head.

Just right after Pan Lei left another love bite on the chestnut-colored skin at the other side of Tian Yuan’s neck, Tian Yuan seized this opportunity to directly bite the tip of his tongue.

This time, Pan Lei let out a miserable shriek.

It doesn’t have to be this bloody, right Is his family’s wife a little pup How could he bite my tongue like that It hurts … It really hurts and the pain is killing me!

The rim of the eyes of all the people who had experienced biting their tongue or any random place inside their mouth will surely turn red.

For example, when they accidentally bit it while they were eating, they couldn’t help but be teary-eyed and this is not because of pain, but is due to physiological response.

In serious cases, tears would fall down.

The same happens when you accidentally bumped your nose.

Tears will also involuntarily flow down.

Once he tasted the bloody flavor, Tian Yuan loosened his mouth and saw that Pan Lei’s eyelids turned red.

Seeing this, Tian Yuan felt proud of himself.

Now, let’s see who controls who.

Little guy, dare say that I still can not control you Wanna be cocky again Want to be arrogant again Try it and see if I don’t bite your tongue off!

Tian Yuan patted Pan Lei’s shoulder and said, “The next time you bully me and bite me, I will fight back like this.

I will bite you until you’re in tears.”

Tian Yuan stood up from Pan Lei’s body and clapped his hands with satisfaction.

Pan Lei sucked the tip of his tongue.

His heart is blazing with fire.

Obviously, his family’s wife is not a well-behaved little sheep nor a cat with claws, but a little puppy … a little puppy who would bite people, ah!

“I am your man but you still went as far as using devious means to get back at me!” Pan Lei yelled at him but Tian Yuan simply ignored him. I have let you be arrogant.

I even allowed you to choose a color, but instead, you want to open a dye house [1].

If I don’t let you experience my family law, you wouldn’t know whose words matter inside this home.

{T/N: [1] allow you to choose a color but you want to open a dye house – another idiom with the same principle as the phrase “give an inch and take a mile” which means that if you allow people to have a small amount of something that they want, they will take much more of it}

Being ignored, Pan Lei retaliated.

Not giving Tian Yuan the ability to fight back, Pan Lei moved quickly and pounced on him.

He caught the edge of his briefs and swiftly pulled it down, exposing three-quarters of Tian Yuan’s shiny white buttocks.

Tian Yuan quickly ran off while Pan Lei was laughing inside the bathroom.

As a result of his kneading a moment ago, Pan Lei saw that the red fingerprints on Tian Yuan’s white buttocks were especially noticeable.

Of course, it could only be him who is permitted to leave those fingerprints on him.

Tian Yuan is his man and leaving his mark is only natural.

“Stinky rogue, go to hell!” Tian Yuan kicked the bathroom door to close it.

However, he was so angry that when he closed the door, he wasn’t careful enough and thus, he hit his foot causing his toe to almost break.

As such, he staggered while rapidly walking towards the bed.

He slumped himself on the bed and sulked. Why did he have to come across with this loathsome rogue! This bandit! He couldn’t even be regarded as a proper adult.

He is stubborn and mischievous, and his intrinsic quality is very poor.

Really, just like the bandits!

Panting with rage, Tian Yuan grabbed his clothes, put them on and then sat on the bed while he massaged his toe.

Pan Lei had laughed enough.

He got up from the floor and slowly opened the bathroom door to probe around his surrounding.

He saw that his family’s wife was still angry and so, he immediately showed off his cleverness.

Returning to his rightful place as the family’s househusband, he began to clean up the room.

He opened the window to refresh the air inside the room and folded the quilt like a tofu block.

Then, he went over to Tian Yuan.

A smiling face that deserved a good spanking appeared before Tian Yuan, but Tian Yuan merely snorted, turned his head and continued to ignore him.

“Tian’er, don’t get angry anymore.

I’m going to treat you to a delicious meal, okay In the future, I won’t bite you anymore.

You have to understand that I am a 30-year-old virgin.

Having no experience of kissing other people, I can only think of doing something like biting.

At worst, I’ll find someone else to practice kissing later.”

Tian Yuan suddenly turned his head and fiercely stared at him. Find someone else to practice kissing! HE DARES!!!

Pan Lei immediately closed in and cheekily smiled.

“I was just teasing you.

You are enough for me, so I will not look for other people.

This, I swear to the national flag.

My loyalty to you is the same as my loyalty to the army.

I will absolutely not commit treason and I will absolutely never betray you.

Baby, cheer up.

Don’t you feel awful when you’re sulking When you don’t talk to me, I couldn’t help but panic, so do not hold back when you feel bad.”

Tian Yuan raised his chin and replied, “Humph!”

Although he responded with a snort, his soft and tender voice enveloped him and tickled Pan Lei’s heart.

Pan Lei moved closer to Tian Yuan, pulled his foot over and put it on his lap.

Then, he carefully massaged his injured toe.

He lightly pressed it, kneaded it, pulled it gently, kneaded it again, and finally bowed his head to plant a kiss on his delicate white toe.

From the moment Tian Yuan stepped on his heart, Pan Lei found out that there is nothing in Tian Yuan’s body that is not exquisite.

His toes were like jade sculptures.

They’re tender and white.

Looking at it seemed to strike his heart directly and a strong desire to play with it suddenly emerged from within.

He had liked this person at first glance and he sure like him very much until now.

Tian Yuan kicked Pan Lei after kissing his toe but his face somehow couldn’t stop from turning red. Why is he flirting with him again!

Pan Lei wasn’t bothered by Tian Yuan’s reaction.

He looked for Tian Yuan’s socks and properly wore them on Tian Yuan’s feet.

“I want to treat you to a meal today.

Yesterday, I was so tired to cook so I’ll make up for it today.

I remember that there’s a family shop serving medicinal cuisine.

We’ll go there to eat peanuts and drink boiled chicken feet soup, okay”

Tian Yuan paused to think for a moment because he felt that something was amiss.

After thinking it through, he realized something and slapped Pan Lei’s chest.

“You were treating me like a woman again! Where have you seen a grown-up man eating peanuts and drinking boiled chicken feet soup! These foods are what women eat to produce more milk for breastfeeding!”

Pan Lei once again laughed and while holding Tian Yuan’s legs, they both collapsed on the bed.

Pan Lei was laughing too hard that he’s about to faint. Ow, ow, I’m dying! His family’s wife is getting more and more adorable.

He loves him too much that he can no longer bear to part with him any time of the day.

Really want to take him into his embrace and ferociously kiss him several times.

This enraged look coupled with his black and clear eyes is so rare that he wants to cherish him more!

Translator says:

Finally got this chapter out! Thank you all for patiently waiting!

… and oh! I guess Tian Yuan is really a tsundere but only in front of Pan Lei


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