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Chapter 29: The Two Brothers Got Tian Yuan Drunk

One did not expect that after pouring seven parts of wine into Tian Yuan’s cup, the man didn’t collapse but only got a bit intoxicated.

He’s also not overcautious when he’s in front of them and in addition, he’s not that difficult to talk to.

Sometimes though, his actions are somewhat clumsy.

Just like when he can’t hold on to his chopsticks anymore as he was already tipsy. People would want to catch those chopsticks that are about to fall off from his hands, but they hesitate to do so.

Why Because they’re thinking that this person, who looks like an angel with those white clothes on, is still a doctor.

People should mind their own business.

It couldn’t be that he is feigning his intoxication because after all, he is a man of intellect.

They’re thinking that this little doctor shouldn’t be drunk yet.

But then, his body is already swaying from side to side.

When it comes to the Pan Family, there is really no good person among them.

Pan Lei is a bandit.

Well, he is a soldier with a personality similar to that of a bandit.

He openly and fully displays his tyrannical ways of grand extortion just like a local mafia boss.

But the good thing is, he will not at least plot conspiracies in the dark to victimize people.

On the other hand, these two members of the Pan Family are men with a kind face and a cruel heart.

They have the ability to battle with just their minds and stab somebody in the back.

The smiling elder brother offered a cup to Tian Yuan, and then again, poured another cup after just a little while.

With a bit of hard work, a bottle of red wine soon entered into Tian Yuan’s stomach.

The two brothers winked at each other, and then smiled.

A good opportunity has come! They know they couldn’t extort a confession from Tian Yuan, but with innuendo, they could ask whatever they wanted to know.


Tian, what’s the matter with the wound on your mouth”

How far had they progressed First base, second base, or home base His family’s little brother has been a bandit for a long time.

He must have eaten this person immediately after settling his eyes on him.

“He bit me.

I forbid him to bite me, but he still did! I was so angry that it’s unbearable.

See the wound on his mouth That was my doing.

I bit him back! Just because he could make fun of me, that doesn’t mean I won’t make him suffer any losses.”

Pan Ge almost spit out a mouthful of wine.

When Dr.

Tian is drunk, his dazed look is too cute!

Pan Lei, who was busy with the finger-guessing game, faintly looked over to their side after Tian Yuan said that he bit him back.

His face contains pride like he was saying ‘I won that battle.’

Pan Zhan continued to ask.

“What about the marks on your neck”

“He kissed me.

So I bit him.

But he kissed me again.

That bastard!” After a hiccup, Tian Yuan felt like those marks were a shame, as it somehow represents that he had not defeated Pan Lei.

So, there is some resentment.

Next, Pan Zhan straightforwardly asked.

“So, you have both kissed, held hands, and slept on the bed” All of these, he had to be clear about, as he most likely need to report it to the elders at home.

“Slept on the bed I worked overtime last night and did two surgeries.

I was so tired I could die and didn’t have a chance to sleep on the bed.”

The two brothers sighed slightly.

Lei Zi’s movements were somewhat slow.

To deal with the thoughts of a somewhat old-fashioned person, one must eat him dry and wipe him clean.

That way, he could take possession of him completely.

With the Pan Family’s mark, let’s see who dares to even have thoughts on him and where such person could escape to.

Tian Yuan’s hand move trying to find a cup of water.

He continued to do so until he found one.

Pan Zhan brought the cup of water over to him.

Tian Yuan drained the cup in one gulp.

The water with ice cubes in it made him sober up a little.

He must ensure that while he is sitting there, he should have a steady state of mind, must not be disgraceful and can’t lose face.

Tian Yuan is somewhat dizzy now, and is unclear of the current situation.

He can’t afford to be fooled by these two people who may be wearing a big smile on their faces but their hearts harbor wicked thoughts.

After gulping down a glass of iced water, Tian Yuan staggered his way to the lavatory and washed his face.

They let him get drunk till only seven percent of his sanity is left and still, he had to chat with them with only five percent of his intelligence.

He took a deep breath.

When he exhaled, he felt like bubbles of alcohol also came out with it.

He was annoyed by it, so he braved himself and placed his head under the faucet.

The ice-cold water stimulated his dizzy head and with this, his brain is now completely awake.

However, his body is still out of his control, so the server supported him as he went back to their table.

Pan Zhan filled up Tian Yuan’s cup with wine and continued to smile at him.

“Let us, brothers, chat with you.”

Chat again!

No, he should make the first move and must not let them dig more information out from him.

He must be the next one to ask them questions.

He should ask them what kind of family raised Pan Lei, to become such kind of a bandit.

It couldn’t be that Pan Lei was brought up in a bandit’s den, right

Looking at his brothers, they don’t resemble him at all.

How come there’s no other person like him who is such a genius in repeatedly playing tricks on people

How was he raised as a child Was he released deep into the mountains where the orangutans in the forest were the ones who brought him up

“Has Pan Lei always been like this He is overbearing and unreasonable, and truculent, exactly like a bandit.

To this extent, won’t he die infuriating people”

Pan Ge nodded.

Pan Lei’s temper, ever since he was little, has always been like this.

He turned his head to the other side of the table and looked at the smug Pan Lei, who’s currently winning the finger-guessing game with Huang Kai.

He feels deeply ashamed.

They are a generation of soldiers but they, as his elder brothers, were not able to teach their little brother properly.

No military man should have this kind of manners.

They, as Lei Zi’s cousins, have let Tian Yuan down.

As their family’s little overlord had already captured him, Tian Yuan must accept his misfortunes as decreed by fate.

“In the military compound, there were children who were smaller than him, and some were even bigger than him.

There were boys and girls alike.

Not one of them was spared from being beaten up by him.

He insisted on having everyone acknowledge him as the master of the camp.

Not only that, he also wanted to occupy the entire mountain and develop it into a military district, and the children in the military compound must call him ‘king’.

In his teens, he led people to participate in a group scuffle while holding our house’s ladle as his weapon.

He does not tolerate those good-for-nothings as they bully his men.

He is a righteousness man, just like a muddy tiger.

He does not want to fight, but when somebody bullies the people under his protection, he will desperately go after them at all costs.

He didn’t stop causing trouble when he was a child.

Whenever he stirred up one, the older generation would lecture him.

When he was a teenager, he got arrested by the police officers.

My aunt and my mother went to the police station and caused a ruckus. This gave him the confidence to be more undisciplined and out of control.

Later on, the both of us grew up and become adults.

Whenever he causes trouble and gets arrested, we, as his brothers, will bail him out.

All this time, he had not spared people from worry.”

Pan Zhan coughed.

“Actually, Lei Zi is very good.

He upholds justice, courageous, and have a sense of responsibility.

All good qualities that a good man should possess could be found in Pan Lei.

It’s just that his temper is quite bad.


Tian, you have a good temper.

I hope you could be a bit more magnanimous towards him.”

It is really not easy being an elder brother.

All of them still have to worry about this kind of thing.

“Then, about Pan Lei liking another man, does your family not care”

Tian Yuan still wants to talk to Pan Lei’s parents, and ask them to manage this bastard well, and don’t let him bully people.

“Who would dare to care about it When he came out of the closet, two representatives of the legislative assembly were present.

The old and new generations of the Pan Family and all our next of kin were also there.

What he did was truly very high-profile.”

Ah! Still, we have counted on the Pan Family’s older generation to step in, and prevent him from revealing his sexual orientation.

Unexpectedly, they allowed him to complete his high-sounding speech.

Pan Zhan laughed heartily as he call to mind the scene of his family’s little brother’s big reveal.

He was happy that Lei Zi was able to get away from it.

Tian Yuan wants to cry but has no tears to shed.

He really did fall down, and got stuck in this pit.

In other words, Pan Lei’s so-called love for him is well understood and accepted by his family.

Under this circumstance, does it mean that they actually have the support of the whole Pan Family

The scenes that he imagined where the parents of both sides should strongly oppose this spectacle, just like in the novel, will unlikely not happen.


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