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Chapter 03: A Big Bully

Tian Yuan is not deaf.

He heard it right.

He was comparing him to a woman! This was a naked insult! He smacked the bandit guy’s back.

He couldn’t calm down so once again, he vigorously pinched the bandit guy’s waist.

Just as he was pinching off his waist, the other stared at him.

As for why he only took advantage of his waist, because he can only reach this place for now.

Currently, he is lying on this man’s shoulder.

“Your mother![1] Dare to insult me again and I’ll kill you!”

{T/N: [1] 你媽的 (ni ma de) This literally means “your mother” and will only be used when people are really, really angry with someone else.

**你媽 (cao ni ma) is a variation that literally means “f*** your mother” which is a more vulgar way of cussing.}

The bandit guy grunted and groaned.

The hands of the little doctor can be truly powerful when he’s really angry.

“I am unable to stop what you’re doing now but try pinching me once more.”

Tian Yuan didn’t care about what he said.

He didn’t have to pinch, because he’ll just bite down his back.

“Lie down properly.”

A chunk of Pan Lei’s flesh is still stuck in Tian Yuan’s mouth.

The latter can’t speak clearly even if he wants to.

Pan Lei felt that his flesh was being chewed inside the little doctor’s mouth.

He lifted his hand, added strength, and slammed it onto the buttocks of the little doctor.

The resounding loudness of the spanking came down and it was heard in the entire corridor.

The group of people’s sluggish eyes were now strangely looking at the couple who were creating a disturbance in the hallway.

This is too shameful! Tian Yuan was so indignant that he slapped his hands on the bandit guy’s back. Darn it! His skin should be made of copper and his bones made of iron.

He didn’t feel hurt at all.

Still, he wouldn’t let him down.

All the little nurses in the crowd are stealing glances at them.

It made him lose his face.

They are both men, but why is there so much difference in their strength! His four limbs moved in attempt to get down, but he got hit in the buttocks instead.

He absolutely does not consider his struggling and cries at all.

It was like when he was young.

When he was naughty and didn’t go home, his dad will carry him just like a chick and take him home.

At that time, he was five or six years old.

He is almost thirty now.

Will he still accept such humiliating punishment

“Put me down, bastard! Let me go.”

Who cares about his threats.

Pan Lei strode him forward towards the office where the door was knocked down by him.

Just like throwing down a sack, he tossed him on the bed.

“Son of a b****!”

Dizziness seemed to surround him, so Tian Yuan lightly massaged his head.

He could not wait to bite down this bandit guy!

When the man moved up, he removed the surgical suit from him.

The closet was slammed open by him where he pulled out a coat from.

He put it on Tian Yuan to cover up his face.

Then he dragged him to the gate.

Tian Yuan was confused as to why his face was covered.

What’s he going to do He saved their comrade. He was their benefactor, wasn’t he How can he not enjoy the treatment of a benefactor like others would have.

This bandit should’ve taken his hand and said thank you, ah! It’s also fine to give him a red envelope.

Oh wait, doctors do not accept red envelopes! Regardless, you must apologize if you can’t remember.

And don’t treat me like a prisoner!

“Hey, what are you doing! Let go of me! I told you to let go, didn’t you hear Bastard!”

When he reached the roadside, Tian Yuan couldn’t help but lift his foot and kicked him.

However, he seemed to be able to see his movements.

He just lifted his leg but he already hid himself from him and dodged it.

He reached for a taxi, opened the door and shoved him in.

Tian Yuan seizes this opportunity to escape from the other side, but he has not yet climbed to the other side of the car seat when a pair of big hands grabbed his waist, and dragged him back.

He was pressed around and a hand is tightly buckled around his waist.

He continued to twist and struggle but he couldn’t break free.

“What the hell do you want to do Why are you like this You bandit! Bastard, let me go! I’m going home!”

Tian Yuan’s slap almost hit him on the face, and Pan Lei struggled a little bit to contain his paw.

“Going home.

Of course, you would be going home.

Come, be honest and tell the driver your home address.

I’ll take you home.

Stop messing around and be obedient.”

Pan Lei is simply the worst hooligan, smiling at Tian Yuan with a face that harbors evil intentions.

Have you seen an eight or nine year-old boy catch a sparrow He picks it up and then he spreads his wings to boast it around.

Pan Lei was looking at Tian Yuan with this kind of face.

“As if I’ll listen, your mother! Let me go!”

Tian Yuan has always been a gentleman, a good boy, a good student, and a good doctor.

But now, he had been cursing nonstop!

Pan Lei’s face sank.

He held both of his wrists in one hand.

This way, it is easier to  control Tian Yuan’s struggles.

He stretched out his empty hand and clutched Tian Yuan’s face to stop him from yelling.

When he released his hand, Tian Yuan’s cheeks had red marks.

“If you don’t want to tell me.


You wait.”

The driver at the front looked at the backseat with some timidity.

So, that’s what it’s all about, he thought.

“What are you looking at You’ve never seen two men engaging in this kind of matters I’ll discipline my family inside my home.

Start your car and fart!”

Tian Yuan’s face blushed red.

He never saw such shamelessness.

It is simply a top-notch trick, but this rogue is wearing a camouflage.

If he doesn’t talk, he looks serious.

But when he speaks, you’ll get to the bottom of his shamelesness.

With a mouth that’s full of vulgarity, vile people would want to bite him hard.

In the end, his famous name and his good image were destroyed by this bastard.

Two men taking care of things What he said was justified but how he said it made the meaning ambiguous.

Was he not worried that someone will be disgusted by him for what he just said

“If you say something bad again, be careful that I’ll kiss you till you’re left breathless.”

Tian Yuan wanted to retort but when he opened his mouth, Pan Lei was so close.

Hence, Tian Yuan could do nothing but grit his teeth and force himself not to talk anymore, swallowing all the curses in his throat.

Pan Lei threw a fierce look at the front and the driver hurried to turn his head back.

“Yes, where are the two of you going”

Pan Lei took out his cell phone and called.

Tian Yuan took advantage of this opportunity to struggle.

Pan Lei simply ignored him and easily contained his wrists.

He wouldn’t be able to break free unless his bones will shrink.

“Elder brother, this is Lei Zi [2], I need you to help me find my family’s home address.

The city’s First Hospital surgeon, Tian Yuan.

I want all his information, including how old he was when he went to school, whether or not he had been married, and his family members.

A few minutes Okay, I won’t hang up the phone.”

{T/N: [2] The character 子 (zi) literally means offspring or child, but is also used as a noun suffix.

Each character in Chinese is a unit of meaning and a character can be used in a variety of different words as well.

However, Chinese is not a monosyllabic language.

Most words in modern Chinese are actually multisyllabic, which are made up of more than one character, usually two, but there can be three or more. So, most English words could be translated into a Chinese bigram of two Chinese characters.

Hence, that’s why we put 子 (zi) ending after monosyllabic nouns in Chinese, even though it does not have any significant meanings in these nouns.}

Pan Lei smiled very proudly at Tian Yuan, whose face was flushed red.

“Did you think I won’t know if you don’t tell me My elder brother is a member of the criminal police team and asking him to search for this kind of information is a piece of cake.”

Tian Yuan was so angry that he clenched his teeth once more.

Why did he encounter such a bandit, ah!


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