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Chapter 36: The Sexy Side Of A Man

Pan Lei felt that he was not happy enough to touch Tian Yuan through his clothes, so he proceeded to lift up his shirt.

He groped Tian Yuan’s bare skin from the bottom going up and then traced over around his waist.

“Turn left.

The steering wheel should go back immediately, or else it will make a sharp turn.

If the place is narrow, it will scrape the body of the car.”

Tian Yuan clearly couldn’t tell the difference.

He is a bit worried while holding the steering wheel.

As such, the front of the car began to sway around.

Pan Lei extended his left hand and placed it on top of Tian Yuan’s left hand to grip on the steering wheel.

“This side.

Don’t panic.

Don’t be nervous.

Remember that there is me behind you.

If I am here, you should not be afraid of anything.”

This sentence oddly consoled Tian Yuan.

Yes, there is him.

If there would be a sudden accident, he will definitely flee and drive the military tank over to settle things.

Pan Lei kissed him in the ear and then bit the flesh under it.

“Turn left.”

A mark was left By Pan Lei under Tian Yuan’s earlobe.

Feeling very satisfied, he then kissed him a few more times.

“Turn right.”

Pan Lei slowly attacked Tian Yuan’s neck as he unbutton the latter’s shirt to expose his left and right shoulders.


Change gear.”

Tian Yuan pressed on the gas pedal a little more.

As he did this, Pan Lei’s kisses also turned heavier.

Seeing the traces left by the car, one would know that Tian Yuan learned really quick.

“Don’t mess with me! I’ll be distracted.” Tian Yuan is still holding the steering wheel but he now especially wants to turn around and pinch the rascal behind him.

He had let him play enough.

Still, he didn’t dare to loosen his grip on the steering wheel.

He just had to shrink his neck, but it didn’t help.

His nape was now full of hickeys.

Pan Lei thinks that teaching Tian Yuan how to drive today really gave him a huge benefit.

He is a big tofu that has eaten a lot of small tofu.

“Step on the clutch and lightly press the brakes.

Don’t just immediately step on the brakes, but slowly step on it, and the car will stop.

Then, release the brakes.

Bring the gear to neutral.

Most importantly, don’t forget to pull the handbrake before you get off the car.”

Tian Yuan did it, and he did it perfectly.

Looking back at Pan Lei, Tian Yuan was like a child who wanted to be praised.

Pan Lei is absolutely not stingy.

He naturally shoved a big kiss on to the other guy’s mouth, and then rapidly spoke after.

“My family’s wife is intelligent.

I’ll come down, and you can drive around yourself.”

Pan Lei got out of the car, and Tian Yuan was in high spirits to drive the car alone.

In the open space, Tian Yuan drove around Pan Lei and the latter also followed the former through his gaze.

Whenever Tian Yuan looks at Pan Lei’s direction, he could see him focusing his attention on him.

When twilight came, Pan Lei opened the front passenger’s door and sat up.

“Let’s go home.

Don’t be afraid of the intense traffic on the road.

There’s me, don’t worry.”

After merely three hours of studying, he asked him to drive the car home Tian Yuan clenched his teeth.

This is the same as his first time performing a surgery.

He had to summon up a lot of courage for him to get through it.

During that time, his teacher accompanied him only until the first half of the surgery.

At least this time, Pan Lei will be with him from start to finish.

Since Pan Lei said that he will be there with him, Tian Yuan doesn’t have to be afraid of anything.

Finally, they arrived at home with the speed of a turtle.

There wasn’t even a little danger that came along the way, but Tian Yuan’s heart almost jumped out.

When he got out of the car, he couldn’t even lift his arms.

It’s true that a high degree of tension causes muscle stiffness.

Pan Lei laughed at him for being useless but still, he proceeded to prepare a hot bath for Tian Yuan to use.

This way, he can relax his tired body.

Pan Lei took advantage of this time to prepare their dinner.

After taking a bath, Tian Yuan saw a table full of dishes.

His extreme anger and annoyance in the hospital earlier was long gone.

Now, he feels that his belly is so empty so he stuffed himself up without a little bit of restraint.

After eating until he’s full, he just lay himself paralyzed down on the sofa.

After Pan Lei cleaned up the kitchen, he held a screwdriver and pliers, and started working in the living room.

The shoe cabinet is a bit loose and he has to strengthen it.

There are some problems with the light bulb at the entrance.

He also needs to finish working on this.

His Tian Yuan uses his hands hold a scalpel.

When he is out on a mission, he can’t let him climb up or crawl on the ground.

What should he do if he hurt his hand

Tian Yuan looked at Pan Lei and as he stares at him, he thinks that he looks pretty good.

He’s only wearing a white sleeveless tank top, reveling his solid arms and half of his chiseled chest.

When he twists the screw, his biceps would bulge, making it obvious that he’s putting more effort in fastening it.

Not only his biceps but also his pectoral muscles are looking great.

No wonder some people say that a man is the sexiest when he is holding a tool in his hand.

While a man hammers a nail, changes the light bulb, or fastens the screw, he does look sexy.

The smell of his sweat, those strong arms fixing his furniture inside the house, and the way he cared for this home in his heart are proof that Pan Lei is indeed a real man.

“Instead of looking at what I am doing, why don’t you light me a cigarette” Pan Lei smiled at him.

Tian Yuan picked up the cigarette case and took out a stick.

He puffed a mouthful, went to Pan Lei and put the cigarette in his mouth.

Pan Lei inclined his neck to the side and took one deep puff from the cigarette and then released a smoke ring.

He put down the screwdriver and started changing the bulb.

Tian Yuan followed him as he held his cigarette.

He will put the cigarette in Pan Lei’s mouth whenever this sexy guy wants to smoke.

Pan Lei checked all the home furnishings, big and small, to determine if there was anything more he had to repair.

With nothing to fix, he put away the tools and then finished his cigarette in just one breath.

“When you are full, sit there and take care of your little belly.

But you can rest assured that even if you become fat like a piglet, I will still raise you.” Pan Lei kicked off his shoes and stretched his body.

“What are you doing”

“Doing push-up.

I have to do two thousand every day.” Pan Lei rested both his legs on the sofa and pushed his arms on the floor.

This is his daily exercise.

Tian Yuan is curious and sat in front of him.

Two thousand He can’t even finish twenty! Sure enough, the special forces have good physical strength.

“You can really do two thousand”

Pan Lei, at this time, has started doing push-up one at a time and there’s absolutely no gasping of breath. “This is to strengthen the waist and the legs.

I have persevered for eleven years now starting from my enlistment.

This also has a good benefit for you.”

Looking up at Tian Yuan, Pan Lei smiled maliciously.

Tian Yuan was quite baffled. “Why”

Pan Lei’s evil smile is still evident on his face.

His movements did not stop as he spoke. “I can do two thousand push-ups to exercise, but I can also press you under my body and do an ‘exercise’ with you for two thousand times.

I have good physical strength and have long endurance.

Your character is a blessing which means you could take much more than the average person.

You will surely fall in love with my amazing physical strength.

If I get excited, I can do it for three thousand times.

If you are done by me for three thousand times, you won’t be able to close your legs for a long time.”

Tian Yuan felt stupid.

He dug his own pit to jump into.

Isn’t it obvious that he’s just letting Pan Lei tease him like this

Tian Yuan stood up and sat on Pan Lei’s waist.

“This laozi will press you down forever!”

With the added pressure on his back, Pan Lei cried out and fell.


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