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Chapter 44: Tian’er, Take Me Home

Tian Yuan is naturally a softhearted person.

He is the type who is amenable to coaxing but not to coercion.

When Pan Lei called for him, he immediately came over.

Seeing the pleading look of the weak Pan Lei before him while he pacifies him, as if feeling wronged, he couldn’t be so heartless, could he

Thinking about his injury and his tasks as a soldier, Tian Yuan could only utter a sound of surrender and collapsed on the bed.

Pan Lei secretly laughed, lay himself down beside him in a well-behaved manner, and cuddled his waist around his arm.

As soon as he did, Tian Yuan elbowed him.

“Stay far away from me.”

“I am so exhausted.

You have no idea how dangerous it was for all of us at that time.

That guy wore a pack of explosives on his body.

If even one of those was lit, then we’re all done for.

Never had we imagined that when we came out, a boy who hasn’t even grown his hair long down there, had a gun on him.

I persuaded the boy to hand over the gun to me, that’s why this happened.

Fortunately, I was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Otherwise, I would have become a martyr.”

Tian Yuan’s hand is currently being held by Pan Lei’s hand.

He had intended to pull it out earlier, but while listening to him, he subconsciously grabbed his hand instead.

Once the Special Forces soldiers are dispatched, their mission will definitely be dangerous.

He is safe and sound this time.

But next time… next time, what if he will be given an assignment that’s even more dangerous

“You, you must pay attention to safety.

I know that you like this job, but you must not push yourself too much.

People are very vulnerable, and doctors are not omnipotent.”

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan and left a hickey on his neck.

“Rest assured, I will protect myself.”

Pan Lei was truly worn out.

After causing him enough trouble, he quickly fell asleep.

But Tian Yuan did not have the habit of sleeping during working hours.

He quietly turned around in his arms and faced him.

Involuntarily, he reached out his hand and touched his eyebrows and his face.

Looking at his face, any one could perceive that Pan Lei is quite the resolute man.

His eyebrows are very thick and exudes an air of seriousness.

His nose is quite sharp and the edges are distinct and his lower lip is somewhat thick.

Whenever he kisses him, he always likes to suck his mouth first before biting it, and then thoroughly kisses him deeply.

He looks very charming while sleeping.

Although his snoring can’t compare to a train whistle, it could still disturb other people who are having a nice sleep.

This person is overbearing and unreasonable.

However, he is very good to him, indulges him, and dotes on him.

Even though he is arrogant and behaves like a bandit, he is not that hateful, to say the least.

About liking him, well, he always does things that make people clenched their teeth, or not to know whether to laugh or cry or feel reluctant.

This is, in every way possible, where he is entangled.

He is a remarkable soldier, a good lover, and will likely be a good husband.

If he was a woman, he would certainly marry this kind of man without the slightest hesitation.

But he is a man.

Even if they will be together, they can’t get married.

He can’t use his identity as a relative (because he is clearly not) to inquire anything about him.

Going on a mission is very dangerous.

If an accident happens, he will never know.

His superiors in the army will notify his parents about his life or death, but they cannot inform him.

Because in the eyes of outsiders, he is a friend who has no identity and no just and honorable reason to stand by his side.

This time, he was present when Pan Lei was sent to their hospital to treat his injury.

But what if he will not be there during the next time he was injured again It would be impossible to personally give him medical treatment if he was not in the hospital, and in the first place, he would never know whether he is safe or in danger.

It was this fear that made him feel uneasy.

He is afraid, really afraid that when Pan Lei will go out on a mission, he will never come back.

Falling in love and staying in love is a lifetime affair.

In this life, he wants to spend the rest of his life with the person he loves the most.

He had long accepted that he is attracted to Pan Lei.

He likes his domineering affection, his shamelessness, and he even likes whenever he teases him.

Only, he is very scared of the possibility that he will never come back whenever he leaves.

Tian Yuan reached out to Pan Lei’s neck and leaned against his chest.

This man’s powerful heartbeat is his most tangible comfort.

To love an ordinary soldier, you just have to put up with a momentary separation.

This, he can accept.

However, to fall in love with a Special Forces soldier, does one have to bear with not knowing whether he is still alive or is already dead This is something which he has no way to accept.

He hopes that Pan Lei would forever be safe and sound.

He wanted to know if Pan Lei is safe or in danger at any given time.

He didn’t want Pan Lei to kiss him and say ‘wait for me’ when the truth is, he will never be coming back.

“Tian’er, baby…”

Tian Yuan smiled.

This bastard, even while sleeping, he never forgets to utter a few words to call out to him.

It is really easy to fall in love with a man who even dreams of you.

His heart was moved.

Because of this, he became even more uneasy, confused, and unable to understand things clearly.

His thoughts are a mess.

Maybe, he will overcome this psychological panic if Pan Lei changed his target.

By then, they will have their answers.

Even if it’s only a small percentage, there would still be an answer.

Tian Yuan could only sigh at these thoughts.

Love could also hurt people.

All he can do now is to hug Pan Lei tightly without him knowing.

‘Dear God, Bless and protect this man that he will be safe and sound all throughout his life.’

Tian Yuan is off the clock.

He was about to leave after taking off his coat when Pan Lei blocked the door and prevented him from leaving.

“You are too heartless.

You want to leave me alone in the hospital while you go home to sleep and eat That cannot be! Either you stay with me in the hospital or take me home with you!”

“I am not on duty today.

Didn’t you argue about staying in hospital So, behave yourself and stay in the hospital.”

“Then, I will go home together with you, and return to the hospital tomorrow.”

“With this much free time, why don’t you hurry back to the army Do you think that the army is your home that you can go and leave whenever when you want to”

Pan Lei, like a bandit he is, burst into loud laughter.

“I have this privilege.

My superiors only had to turn a blind eye about it since they could not control me.”

“Well, I can control you.

Stay in the hospital, and don’t leave.”

Tian Yuan narrowed his eyes and then pushed him away.

Pan Lei immediately pulled Tian Yuan’s lapel and followed him closely.

“If you go home, then I’ll also go home.

Anyway, I must go home with you.

If you will not let me go with you now, I will flee from here and run away in the middle of the night.”

“Don’t make trouble.

Didn’t you say that your wound is inflamed Stay in the hospital.

I’ll go home and cook for you.

I’ll come back and bring the meal over.”

“I don’t want to! After you bring over the food, you will still have to go back home.

I definitely don’t want to stay in this ghost place alone.

I want to go home.

Tian’er, take me home.”

“You have seen too many graves, haven’t you” Tian Yuan casually looked at him.

Pan Lei smiled with a bit of cheekiness.

Tian Yuan can be coaxed but cannot be coerced.

He felt the pulse of Tian Yuan, and as soon as he heard his compromised sigh, he knew that he was right.

Pan Lei didn’t bother to change his hospital clothes on his body and immediately went home with him.

Tian Yuan really took him home with him.

Forget it, he can’t do anything about it.

If he wants to go home, then go home.

Good thing that his injury is not that serious.

He also has anti-inflammatory drugs and glucose at home.

Even if he will run a fever in the middle of the night, he would still be able to treat it.

However, why do people in the hospital looked at the both of them with a strange smile on their faces

As they were passing by, the people around were actually thinking along the lines of “the patient looks like he has some problems in his head, but the doctor still didn’t turn him away when he continued to follow.”

“I have already cleaned up the guest room.

You must sleep there tonight.

Don’t sleep in my bed.”

“Why not Why don’t we both sleep in bed You are so cold to me.”

“Do I need to remind you of what you have done My anger has not yet disappeared.”

Pan Lei gritted his teeth.

Why can’t he hold his family’s wife to sleep Well, he will be sleeping in the guest room tonight and nothing can be done about it.


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