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Chapter 45 Do everything possible to sleep in the same room


Tian Yuan began cooking in response to Pan Lei's injuries.

He wasn't very adept at cooking.

Tian Yuan simply boiled instant noodles and poached two eggs, and dinner was ready.

Pan Lei desired something delectable, but Tian Yuan simply rolled his eyes.

Pan Lei didn't have a choice but to suffer.


Tian Yuan shut the door before eight o'clock and resolved not to let Pan Lei sleep in his bedroom.

Pan Lei returned to the guest room and paced angrily.

His darling's coldness was the most vexing.

Pan Lei would rather argue and make a scene.

Sleeping in separate rooms Isn't that the greatest curse impacting the growth of a couple's intimacy


When Pan Lei saw the air conditioner, he smiled.

He was a special forces soldier who could operate basic machinery.


Tian Yuan was reading when he heard the knock on the door.

He groaned, knowing that Pan Lei must be angry because he let him sleep in the guest room.




"The air conditioner is broken, Tian'er.

It's no longer functional.

Let me sleep on your bed."


Tian Yuan remained still.


"The temperature is low these days.

It will not become hot even if the air conditioner is off.

Return to your bed!"


Pan Lei dragged his feet back to the guest room, glared at the damaged air conditioner with a look of indignation on his face, and kicked the bed's leg, causing the bed to break in half.

He immediately went to knock on Tian Yuan's door once more.


"Tian'er, the bed gave way.

It collapsed as soon as I got up.

Where am I going to sleep I think you should let me sleep with you."


Tian Yuan hurled the book he was holding at the door.


"Sleep on the couch!"


Tian Yuan's patience had run out because he was enraged.

He couldn't let up even for a while, could he Pan Lei even damaged the bed in order to sleep with him.


"Pan Lei, listen up! If you dare to destroy anything in my house, you're not welcome.

What exactly are you doing Do you want to demolish the house!"


"It's fine.

My house is still unoccupied; let's go there.

It’s the same thing."


Tian Yuan grabbed the ashtray from the bedside cabinet and hurled it against the door.

Pan Lei laughed as he heard a loud noise.

Tian Yuan was finally enraged.

If he wasn't allowed to sleep with him, he would drive him crazy enough to throw things, make him uncomfortable, and have Tian Yuan greet him at the door.


Pan Lei intently listened, but there was no sound inside.

This type of Tian Yuan was uninteresting.

He should hurry and have a major quarrel with him, and use the opportunity to jump inside the bedroom and never come out again, even if he was being killed.


But, with no activity on Tian Yuan's side, what should he do Was he going to be wronged and sleep on the couch No, no matter how nice the sofa was, it was no match for Tian Yuan's enormous bed.

Pan Lei swiftly devised a ruse.


He landed on the floor with a thud, holding his brow.


Tian Yuan was taken aback when he heard Pan Lei's agonizing cries.

He wanted to see what was wrong with Pan Lei, but then he realized it had to be him acting pitiful.

He came to a halt and sat on the bed, listening to the sounds outside.


Pan Lei remained silent and listened with his ears pricked.

Not assisting him, hmm See, the one inside will rush out in less than five minutes.

He was well-versed in criminal psychology.

The criminal would be more interested in him if he was quieter.

It was superior to his tenacity.


Pan Lei calmly counted in his heart, one minute, two minutes… and then the bedroom door slammed open.

Pan Lei hurriedly closed his eyes.


When Tian Yuan opened the door, he saw him unmoving on the ground.

He dashed over, touched his brow, and yanked on his wrist to check his pulse.


"Is it uncomfortable Where does it hurt"


"I'm dizzy and my body is weak.

I won't be able to return to the guest bedroom." Pan Lei acted pitiful.


Tian Yuan swiftly put his hand on Pan Lei's shoulder and supported him.

Pan Lei's stature and size caused him to pant.

Tian Yuan gritted his teeth, ushered him into the bedroom, and dashed out to collect the first aid kit.


Pan Lei sighed inwardly, wasn't this also coming in Tian Yuan could be coaxed but not coerced, therefore acting pathetic was the most effective magical weapon.


Tian Yuan returned and placed the thermometer under his arm.

Pan Lei frightened Tian Yuan by claiming to be ill.


"37.5℃ is a low-grade fever.

You’re fine.

Your wound is inflamed, so I’ll simply hang a bottle of drip."


Tian Yuan examined the wound, which was red and swollen in the surrounding area.

At first sight, it appeared to be a low-grade fever due to inflammation.

Tian Yuan exhaled a sigh of relief.

He swiftly administered anti-inflammatory medication, secured his wrist, tapped to reveal the blood vessels, and inserted the IV needle.


His actions were quick.

It was apparent he was a very skilled physician.

Pan Lei was certain about it.


Pan Lei remained obediently lying on his bed, not tossing and turning.

Tian Yuan sighed and wrapped a quilt around his arm.

By the time 500 ml of IV fluid had entered his bloodstream, his arm had begun to cool.


Pan Lei moved his fingers and took Tian Yuan's hand in his.

"Don't make trouble.

Keep an eye on the needle to ensure it doesn’t move.

If you get dizzy, close your eyes.

I'll be right here with you."


Tian Yuan had stopped talking.

He was no longer furious with him.

Pan Lei didn't cause any trouble, but refused to let go of the hand he had gripped.

Tian Yuan placed Pan Lei’s hand between his own and patted the back of his hand with one hand.


It was a rare occasion when they had such a tender moment.

Whenever they met, they bickered, with Pan Lei attempting to tease him.

There were far too few peaceful scenarios with them holding hands and staring at each other.


All of the laughter and curses died away, blending with the silence in the air to form a slightly fluttering love that encircled the two of them.


Tian Yuan looked at the titration rate and noticed Pan Lei staring at him without blinking.

Tian Yuan unintentionally grinned and adjusted the quilt.


"Taking a look at what I do If you're feeling dizzy, go to bed."


"Tian'er, my feelings for you are sincere.

I genuinely like and adore you.

My entire family, even my army comrades, know I like you.

Please don't push me away.

Although we are unable to be together legally, there are some alternatives.

This, however, will not make me love you any less.

If you are concerned about rumors and people's scorn because you are with me, I will assist you in resisting everything.

I will not cause you pain, and I will not allow anyone to harm you.

Because we love differently than most people, I will love you twice as much and will not cause you any hurt or grievance.

I will use my love to make you happy for the rest of your life."


He succeeded by clinging to Tian Yuan.

That was his first affirmative admission.

It was because he loved him in a unique way.

Pan Lei loved him more than anyone else, and he wanted to make him happy more than anybody else.

Even if they were compared, Tian Yuan was the one he adored the most.


Some people are born with the need to be loved and cared for in every manner.


He hoped Tian Yuan would be haughty and dictatorial.

Under his pampering, he could become arrogant and even unreasonable.

He desired for Tian Yuan to be the happiest person on the planet, with no pain, grievance, or frown.

He wished to provide Tian Yuan with a flawless existence, and he wanted to spoil Tian Yuan with his affection.


He had this ability, and he wanted this privilege.


Pleasing those he loved was the greatest joy for every man.





This is my first translation attempt.

Please be encouraging and provide comments.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.


This novel appears to have been dropped.

I waited and waited before attempting to translate myself.

Here we go...


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