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Chapter 48 Let's have a goodbye kiss


Tian Yuan helplessly smiled, reached out his hand, and caressed Pan Lei’s head.

What could his reluctance do He had a career, he loved the army, he was a soldier, and the order came down that he had to return.


"Take care of your health and safety.

Take your medication on time and check in with your doctor on a frequent basis.

Don't worry me."


Pan Lei nodded absently, raised his eyes to meet his gaze, and blinked.

He appeared pitiful, like an abandoned puppy.

Tian Yuan was sad and thought him pitiful.

He was not a heartless person, and he patted the back of Pan Lei's head.

"Don't act like this; you're not going to the battlefield."


Tian Yuan had no idea what Pan Lei was doing when he clutched his waist hard in that posture.

With the other hand, he gripped his neck, pressed it down, and kissed him.


It was Pan Lei's typical kiss.

First nibble, bite on the upper lip, and then drive straight in.

His tongue brushed up against Tian Yuan's tongue.

He licked Tian Yuan's teeth, entwining their tongues as if he wanted to swallow him whole.


Tian Yuan was in pain and wanted to bite him in retribution, but the kiss was so intense that he gave in.

His arm went from Pan Lei’s shoulder to his neck, and the movement of pushing him away gradually transformed into a hug, with him moving his head sideways, closing his eyes, hugging him tightly, and kissing him.


Pan Lei's hand slipped from around his neck.

His hand was enormous, encompassing Tian Yuan’s back with his large palm.

His other hand moved to the front and began untying Tian Yuan's white coat.

He unbuttoned his coat one button at a time, then undid a few buttons of the shirt, before putting his hand in and touching his chest.


Tian Yuan thought this was a bit much and was ready to push him away when the hand on his back began to rub his buttocks.

He increased the pressure, squeezed, touched, and kneaded numerous times back and forth.

Tian Yuan softened in Pan Lei's embrace.


Pan Lei took advantage of the circumstance by pressing him against the bed.

He finally let go of Tian Yuan's mouth and turned to his neck when he ran out of breath.

He kissed him forcefully, bit by bit, each kiss leaving a hickey in its wake.

If he left traces on him, as long as he walked out, others would know he had a lover, and no one could think about him.


The knock on the door came at an inconvenient time, and Tian Yuan roused himself and began to shove Pan Lei.


"Damn, I’m not sure I can come tomorrow."

If he returned tomorrow, he could eat Tian'er with his mouth all night.

The abused iron bed creaked, and nearly fell apart.


Tian Yuan pushed him away and began to tidy up his clothes in a panic.


"Captain, I'm here to pick you up."


Tian Yuan was hauled to Pan Lei's side.

His hands were trembling slightly, and the buttons couldn't be buttoned any longer.

Pan Lei moved his hand away and buckled each of his unfastened buttons one by one


"Damn it! What's the rush! Wait!"


The shirt and coat were fully buttoned up, and when he saw the blood beads on Tian Yuan's lips and his flushed cheeks, Pan Lei was reluctant to leave.

He stood up, licked the drop of blood from his finger, and cupped Tian Yuan’s face.


"Wait for my return."


‘Wait for me to return, darling.

When I return, my dear, I shall love you deeply.

You must nod your head and promise me that our lives will be harmonious.’


Pan Lei had vanished.

Tian Yuan had arranged a package for him, which he accepted.

He had to go, no matter how much he resisted.

He was a soldier who had to follow orders.


Tian Yuan leaned on the window, looking down.

Pan Lei kicked the car tyre and appeared to chastise the man who picked him up again.

Tian Yuan smiled while scolding him, ‘The bandit is scolding others.’


When he touched his mouth, he found his upper lip was bitten once more.

When he touched it, he felt a little pain.

Tian Yuan, with trepidation in his heart, stared foolishly in the direction Pan Lei was traveling.


When the young nurse came in to clean up the ward, she noticed the new wound on Tian Yuan's mouth and laughed.


"Doctor Tian, ​is this a cat scratch or a dog bite"


"It’s my person." [T/N: can be 'person' or 'man'.

So can also be 'my man']


For the first time, Tian Yuan admitted to himself that Pan Lei’s kisses had left him yearning for more.


"Oh! Dr.

Tian, ​​why are you still here You’re going to perform a surgery.

Please change your clothes quickly."


A young nurse hurriedly opened the door and yanked Tian Yuan away.

Tian Yuan sighed and swallowed his reluctance.

He needed to focus on the operation.


Who knew the operation would take more than six hours to complete The patient's blood vessels were extremely delicate, and it was difficult to stop the flow of blood.

A simple operation might sometimes result in a bleeding point.

Tian Yuan was so meticulous that the operation had to be extended.


"Doctor Tian, you have a call."


Tian Yuan searched carefully and intently for the last bleeding site, but he couldn't find it.

He was taken aback when he noticed his second assistant carrying his cell phone.

Why didn't he remember to turn off the phone


The second assistant hit the accept button and pressed it against his ear.


"Tian'er, it's almost seven o'clock.

Have you eaten yet Do you want Zhang Hui to bring you food"


Pan Lei’s voice held a smile, but Tian Yuan frowned.


"I have an operation, please call me later.

Don't disturb me."


Tian Yuan yelled in anger.

Didn’t he know he was busy The procedure was being delayed, the bleeding point could not be discovered, and the patient’s life was in danger.


"The number you’re calling is switched off."


Seeing Doctor Tian become enraged, the second assistant had quickly switched off his cell phone.


"He's still angry Did I make a mistake when I called"


Tian Yuan had hung up on Pan Lei without hearing what he was talking about, and even switched off his phone.

Pan Lei fumed: ‘I called to express my concern and was chastised.

I really want to tidy him up!’


"Captain, the one in your family is going to rebel.

These wives ah, if you don't hit the house for three days, all the good wives come out hitting."


The teammate beside Pan Lei said with an evil smile.

Pan Lei kicked him.


"Piss off! Your wife is used to beating you.

I, on the other hand, feel distressed to death even if he slices his finger.

How can I hit him! But I have other ways of cleaning him up! Watch how I teach him a lesson on my vacation! I don’t want him to be able to work."


He smiled happily, imagining a Tian Yuan who couldn't stand up after being done, and who cried for mercy beneath him.

He would understand that Pan Lei was the authority figure in their family, and authority could not be provoked.


"Brother Hui Hurry up and get someone to prepare some tasty dishes for my family.

He is still operating.

He will be too tired to cook.

He’s already skinny.

If he doesn't eat, he’ll be like a skeleton when I hug him when I get home.

Hurry up and take good care of him."


Zhang Hui let out a snort.


"You’re treating my five-star hotel as if it were your own kitchen."


"Hurry up! I’ll eat at your hotel for a year whenever he is hungry."


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