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Chapter 49 Pan Lei's family is calling


Tian Yuan missed Pan Lei so much that when he returned home he couldn’t move.

He simply laid on the bed, unable to stretch his fingers.

He was tired and starving to death.


If Pan Lei had been present, he would have stated that Tian Yuan was not the only doctor and he could ask the hospital to assign another surgeon.

Why was he working so hard Then he would serve a delicious meal, and would assist him in taking a bath, and possibly washing his feet.


Looking around the room, he wondered why it felt so empty without him.


After Pan Lei left, he knew what it was like to pine for someone.

What a burden it was to yearn.


He missed Pan Lei, especially when he didn't want to move.


‘Bastard, couldn’t you wait for at least another night before leaving.’


Why wasn’t he cooking a meal for him on the evening he was starving to death!


At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Could it be that Pan Lei had returned Tian Yuan dashed to the door.

He realized as soon as he opened the door that it couldn’t be Pan Lei because he had the key.


A young man in a hotel uniform stood at the door, holding a large food box.



Tian, ​​I'm a hotel waiter.

Our president has ordered me to bring you food."


Tian Yuan examined the food box, which was identical to Zhang Hui's food box at the hospital that day.


"Is it Zhang Hui"


"Yes, our president came to the rear kitchen and personally commanded.

Please eat while it is hot."

Tian Yuan accepted it and opened the food container.

It was stuffed with stir-fry and soup.

Tian Yuan wanted to eat it right away after taking a look at the piping hot dishes.

He retrieved a pair of chopsticks, snatched a shrimp dumpling, and ate it.

It was delectable.

After recalling the phone call, he realized Pan Lei must have intended for Zhang Hui to deliver him food.

He must call Pan Lei and console him.


Pan Lei was having a game of cards with his brothers [his fellow soldiers].

When the phone rang, he looked up to see if it was his family's number.

That was his baby's phone call, which he held out in front of everyone, allowing them to see plainly.


"Look, look, my family's wife contacted me; he must have missed me.

You all tried to trick me by claiming that he is revolting.

He must be phoning to tell me how much he misses me, ah.

I am not the same as you.

You don't get any phone calls, and you don't have a girlfriend, so you're helpless.

Nobody is as happy and in love as I am.

My family’s wife is calling me!"


"Show off! Take a look at yourself! Why don't you go back and choke"


His remarks caused many people to roll their eyes at him.

It showed that it was a true friendship.


"We’re envious, jealous, and hate you."


Pan Lei took the phone and swaggered away.

He couldn't allow the group to hear what the two of them were saying.



"Tian'er, did Zhang Hui deliver the meal Did it go smoothly Is there anything you don't like Tell me if it doesn't taste good.

Next time, I won't let him send it to you."


Tian Yuan gulped another pancake.


"Everything is delicious.

Won’t he find it troublesome"


"You should not be concerned about eating it.

I can't cook for you at home, so don't even think about touching those knives.

You must protect your hands so that you do not injure them.

Simply go eat anything you want.

Don’t move if you are ashamed.

Tell me, and I'll have Zhang Hui send someone.

If you're exhausted, Tian'er, take a decent rest after you're full.

Don't strain your eyes by reading before going to bed.

There has been rain and snow in recent days, so bring an extra coat."


Tian Yuan sipped the soup and sighed contentedly.

It was very cozy - he was full, and it was so tasty.


"Don't tease me, what's the deal with that sound How can you make that sound Isn't this purposefully making my little brother stand up You're not at my side anymore, if he gets up, I’ll have to use my left and right hands.

I don't want to utilize anything except you.

Why are you trying to get it to stand like a flagpole"


Tian Yuan laughed at Pan Lei’s shameless behavior, teasing him, "Isn’t it preferable to rub it out with your hands"


"I don't require them.

My hands are ready to embrace you and caress your skin.

I'll hold back and use them all on you when we meet.

I’ll make you cry and beg me to spare you."


Tian Yuan blushed; he never imagined himself talking like that to a man over the phone, and quickly changed the subject.


"Hey, how's your wound doing Have you taken your medication Don't forget to change your dressing tomorrow."


"Who is to argue that my family is not virtuous I'm going to kill him.

Look how much my Tian'er adores me.

Don't you miss me, Tian'er I'm missing you.

I love you with all of my heart.

Tian'er ah, I discovered that one of the trainees has a face that is strikingly similar to yours.

I had been staring at him for a long time when I noticed that child looking at me."


"Then you jumped on him and bit him"

It appeared Pan Lei was the one who owed him.

He was still staring at others Staring at their faces Wasn’t this wronging him


When Pan Lei heard the implied threat, his bright eyes almost disappeared because of his broad smile.

Didn’t it sound like he was jealous Was he really sour


"No matter how he resembles you, he is not you.

I’m not going to kiss him.

I want to return and kiss you.

Tian'er, give me a kiss.

Come on, kiss me."


"Screw you."


Tian Yuan began to pick up the dishes while yelling angrily.


"If you don't kiss me, I will kiss you.



Pan Lei was on the other end of the phone, looking at the back of his hand and kissing it.


"Can’t you be serious for a second!"


Tian Yuan chuckled, and his exhaustion dissipated.

‘I’ve never seen such a jerk before.

If I hadn’t been certain there was no one around him, I would’ve assumed he was holding someone to kiss.’


"Oh no! I’m done for!"


Pan Lei cried, making Tian Yuan quiver, and hastily put down the plate in his hand.


"What's wrong Is the wound painful Has it reopened"


Pan Lei nearly burst into tears when he saw the purple marks on the back of his hand.


"Tian'er, I kissed the back of my hand imagining its you, so there remain traces of the kiss.

It's exactly the same as the hickey I left on your neck.

It’s purple! What am I supposed to do I'll be the instructor tomorrow.

They'll want to know where this mark came from.

How I'm going to explain it to them!"


Tian Yuan's rage erupted.

Tian Yuan was expected to hurry up to kick the bastard to death if Pan Lei was by his side at the time.

He couldn't help but make these things happen because it always made him nervous, right He was an idiot, both shameful and conspicuous.

It was necessary to tell him how to conceal the marks on his hand without delay.


"Wrap a gauze around your hand and claim that you woke up in the middle of the night and cut the back of your hand.

You moron.

If I don't get off the phone now, I won't be able to sleep tonight.

I don’t want to talk to you again."


Pan Lei exclaimed as Tian Yuan was ready to hang up the phone after speaking.

"Tian'er, Tian'er, sweetie, allow me to say one final thing."


Tian Yuan was about to hang up when he heard Pan Lei's ghost-like crying and howling, which he couldn’t stop.



If you have anything to say, say it quickly."


"You’re my baobei[1].

Tian'er, go to bed after taking a shower.

You must be tired.

You don’t need to get up early tomorrow, I’ll request leave from your dean.

Tian'er, pay heed to your body, ah.

I miss you.

I miss you terribly.

I’ll finish the training as soon as possible and return to accompany you.

Let the flies, mosquitoes and bees leave you alone[2]; you’re mine."


Tian Yuan hung up the phone, his lips unable to conceal his smile.






[1] Baby, darling, treasure.

[2] Attracting bees and butterflies means attracting the opposite sex or flirting.

Pan Lei is referring to these folks as pests.

Hahaha .


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