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Chapter 05: Confession

Pan Lei crouched beside him, knelt down on one knee, smoothly pulled over Tian Yuan toward him and firmly grasped his hand into his.

The laughing and teasing look on his face had disappeared, becoming unusually serious, as if solemnly swearing an oath to the national flag.

Just like a member of a party[1].

{T/N: [1] Party here means a political party or a faction that is devoted in serving the country.}

“I’m Pan Lei, a squadron captain of the SWAT team.

I am 30 years old this year.

I was 19 years old when I became a soldier.

I have been with the army exactly for 11 years this coming December.

I am the only son.

My parents are at home.

My mother has already retired and my dad is still working in the military district.

I have a car under my name which is a sturdy pure white Toyota and it has been with me for three years.

I have a house that has an area of 110 square meters and is fully paid.

I do not have a girlfriend, no wife, no marriage history, and no children.

I am 1.89 meters tall, weighing 80 kilograms, with eye vision of 1.5, with good health, no medical history, and no family-inherited disease.

I am a part of a squadron.

The team’s skills and exams are among the best.

I graduated from the Military Academy and am currently a captain of a battalion.

I love drinking but drinking with my brothers is my greatest hobby.

I smoke and play cards but I only play with friends so it is not addictive.

I know engineering and simple first aid.

I can speak English.

I do not like to eat fish but I love to eat meat.

I don’t have any requirements for clothes.

My monthly salary is 7,000 a month.

I have three insurances and one bank account but I do not have much savings.

I am a person who highly regard feelings.

I like to protect the weak, and am good at fighting injustice.

Some people also say that I should hide my shortcomings but I think that as a person, I should beat and scold these outsiders that can’t even touch a strand of my hair.

I have a sense of humor.

I can cook.

I can do household chores.

I am not the kind of person that is unfaithful.

When I fall in love, it is absolutely for a lifetime and the person I fall in love with will be the only one.

Any temptation does not work on me.

I will be very good to my lover.

I will pamper him, love him and cherish him like my most precious treasure.

Tian Yuan froze and tried to draw back his hand, but Pan Lei would’t loosen up.

It feels weird that he was saying it again and the atmosphere around is, once again, strange.

There’s no need to report to him.

Does it have anything to do with him Who cares if he gets married or not.

Who cares if he’s physically strong.

What the hell is he doing

“Why are you telling me all of these I’m not the procuratorate[2], I don’t need to investigate your stuff.”

{T/N: [2] Procuratorate – In China, it refers to the public prosecutor’s department, or the body of public prosecutors, at any of the various levels of court hierarchy.}

Pan Lei hesitated for a moment and cleared his throat.

Tian Yuan found out that Pan Lei, who was always acting like a bandit, had his ears turn red.

It was really red.

He is not the usual pretty boy, and his skin is a bit dark.

It gives off the feeling of someone who’s mighty, strong, and tall.

But why does he have red ears at this time He dares to boldly do anything he wants to do and he is still shy Very unexpected! A miracle!

Pan Lei coughed, grasped Tian Yuan’s hand tightly, and stared at his eyes seriously.

His eyes were burning hot, and Tian Yuan felt a bit embarrassed.

“Tian Yuan, what I mean is, let’s date.

I like you very much.

From the first time I met you, I thought that your temperament is similar to mine.

I liked it very much.

This is love at first sight.

Since I fell in love with you at first sight, I absolutely would not allow you to leave.

We will be together and love each other for a lifetime.

I will treat you very well.

I absolutely will not allow anyone to hurt you.

I will protect you.

I will hand over all of my family’s properties to you.

It is important that you understand me from the beginning till the end.

All of me is here.

If you don’t understand anything, just ask me.

I’ll tell you everything except confidential matters at work.

In addition, I can even tell you if you ask me about my measurements.”

Tian Yuan’s eyeglasses almost fell off to the ground, his mouth wide open, and his face looking at the appearance of Pan Lei who seems to have a mental disorder.

Is his brain okay What are all these that he is talking about Oh.

He smashed his door.

Then he saved his comrade and stayed for more than five hours in the operating room.

Then suddenly he fell in love with him And so kidnapped him back to his home just for the sake of confessing his love This is more exciting than a fiction novel, and it’s also outrageous!

“You, are you all right I am a man.

I have been male for 28 years.

I am not a woman.

Love at first sight Two big men falling in love at first sight is a fairy tale.

If you want to tease me in order to make yourself feel good, then just go ahead.

I am tired and I need to rest.”

Tian Yuan pulled down his coat and showed him his flat chest to prove that he is a man.

He really wants to touch the other guy’s forehead to see if he’s got a fever that’s making him muddle-headed.

Pan Lei is somewhat shy.

He is a man, a man who is able to support both heaven and earth [T/N: idiom – of indomitable spirit]. Letting them be more romantic than the trousers and the waist is foolish.

The difficulty is more than impossible.

“My training made my brain and action consistent.

Confirming the target, attacking, and ending the fight.

The body immediately takes action when the brain moves and thus, resolving the battle within three seconds.

So, when I saw you at first glance, I already knew that I like you.

I took you home to confess to you.

I want to let you know of my feelings for you.

Gender is not a problem and our ages also matched.

Hobbies can be nurtured.

We can gradually try to understand each other so that our lives will slowly harmonize.

Then, we will be the most loving couple among all couples.”

Tian Yuan doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and so withdrew his hand back.

He has always been living as a straight man.

He likes the soft and weak little girl when he was a child.

He never considered to be with a tall and rough adult man.

Men like women with little flowers.

Just the same, he also wants to marry and have children.

“I’m sorry, I like women.

I do not deserve your kindness.”

“Was me being rough towards you made you unhappy But I can’t let you run away.

It’s difficult to meet someone that I like.

I can’t allow you to just disappear in front of my eyes.

Perhaps this is something crude for intellectuals like you, but it has been my habit to lock in the target and dare not relax until the goal is achieved.

If I hurt you, I apologize.”

He was feeling anxious and so he grabbed Tian Yuan’s hand.

Tian Yuan simply bent down to support his arm and helped him up.

Finding it as somewhat funny, he never imagined that one day he would be confessed to by a big man, and he would also use a similar kidnapping approach.

Holding the other guy’s hand, he gripped it tight like a comrade before speaking.

“I’m sorry.

We can be friends, but there is really no way for us to become lovers.

I wish that later on, you will find someone you love and who loves you back.

Then, live a happy life.

Us becoming lovers is really impossible.”

Pan Lei looked at the hands holding his.

They are white and tender.

The doctor’s hand needs to be well maintained in order to maintain its dexterity.

His hands are half-callused but they’re very tender and very soft.

However, it is not the type of softness that belongs to a woman.

It is soft but has a little bit of toughness with it.

Just like him, this person looks like his temperament is good.

It really ignites the fire in his body.

He feels like he is burning hot like a small chili pepper.

“There’s a chance we can get along and have a drink.

It’s better that we become friends.

Thank you for your love, but it is not appropriate.”

Tian Yuan continued this kind of persuasive logical reasoning.

Pan Lei looked at Tian Yuan whose smile betrayed his words.

His words were definitely not a sincere apology, because his lips contained a restrained laughter.

It’s quite tactful indeed.

Unfortunately, he endured too much and distorted the curve in his mouth.

Pan Lei shot up and swiftly clasped his shoulder.

Pulling his hand towards his bosom area, Tian Yuan was then held in his embrace.

“Our feelings begin now.”

Lowering his head, Pan Lei opened his mouth and bit at the other guy’s mouth.

The bite made Tian Yuan exclaim in surprise.

But Pan Lei continued to fiercely bit him.

Like a hungry wolf looking at a little chicken, he bit him hard.

A mouthful of bloody taste let Pan Lei feeling very much satisfied.


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