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Chapter 52 Is it great not to call


Pan Lei's song before going to bed became Tian Yuan's lullaby from then on.

Pan Lei called Tian Yuan after he took a bath and went to bed.


"Darling, let me sing a song for you," Pan Lei would offer whenever he heard Tian Yuan's voice sounding a little lazy and tired.

Tian Yuan would usually fall asleep before Pan Lei had finished singing a song.


But Tian Yuan couldn't sleep at times, causing Pan Lei to be miserable, singing song after song until his voice was hoarse and pitifully saying, "Why don't you sleep, honey Do you want me to go back and pat you on the back"


"Go to the military doctor and get a box of pàng dà hai[1]," Tian Yuan said lightly.


Pan Lei, on the orders of his family's wife, stopped smoking and began eating Malva nuts while training those brats.

The team members were perplexed.

Their captain usually smoked ferociously.

Why wasn't the captain smoking anymore!


Pan Lei stood with his hands on his hips and one foot on the chair.

Pan Lei boasted, with the arrogant appearance of Da Ma Jindao[2], "My family's wife ordered a sore throat suck Malva nuts.

Every night, I have to sing a lullaby to my family's wife.

How can I sing if my voice is hoarse"


Oh! Oh! This little gossip was obviously on the lookout for jealousy.

He wanted them to be envious, didn't he To hate him, correct This was meant to enrage them to the point of death! To demonstrate that - Laozi has someone to be concerned about, Laozi has someone to love and care about.

Laozi has fallen in love, the spring of love has arrived, and the air is filled with pink bubbles.

You can only be a family of two chopsticks, just a bunch of bachelors.


[T/N: two chopsticks per person, so I’m assuming it means being single.]


Pan Lei walked on foot, carrying the medicine kit Tian Yuan had prepared for him, just to show off.

Pan Lei boasted in front of the entire team, "Look at this waterproof bandage my wife gave me, this anti-inflammatory medication my wife gave me, and this thermometer my wife gave me.

My wife provided all of these.

Take your paws off! My wife gave them to me.

You are not allowed to touch them.

Do you dare to touch Do you still dare to touch! I'm going to kill you! Put fifty kilograms of stone in your backpack and run twenty laps around the drill field."


Tian Yuan returned home after work and checked his phone several times.

That day, he had the impression that something was wrong.

It had been an entire day and Pan Lei had not called once.

What was the problem


Tian Yuan sat on the bed, still fiddling with his phone.

Was Pan Lei on some sort of mission He had stated that calling on assignments was inconvenient.

When attempting to contact him, the other party disconnected.

Tian Yuan let out a deep sigh.



He’d gotten used to talking on the phone every day, and he'd also gotten used to falling asleep while listening to Pan Lei sing a song.


‘Pan Lei, why didn't you call today’ It was extremely unsettling.

Tian Yuan pondered, 'What should I do now' He was filled with emptiness.


Tian Yuan rolled over and took a book, but after a few pages, he couldn't continue.

He checked his phone and tried calling Pan Lei again, but he couldn't get through.


‘Scoundrel! Do you believe I couldn't live without you I’m going to bed.’ Tian Yuan smashed the book, set aside the phone, turned off the light, and went to bed.


‘Didn't he just not call for one day Forget it.

He didn’t call.

So what Why am I fussing about it Go to bed, go to bed; there will be an operation tomorrow morning and the patients will be treated in the afternoon.

There are many things to do.'


'The intern is coming, right' he thought as he rolled over.

‘I'm not sure how many interns will attend.

What was Pan Lei's mission Is it hazardous Ugh! I don't care.

I'm going to bed.’

Tian Yuan remained silent for a while, his eyes closed, and he felt uneasy.

He rolled over again, thinking he hadn't received any phone calls all day.

Was the mission this time dangerous He rolled over and laid flat once more.

‘I haven't heard from him in a day.

It's not something I'm used to.' Tian Yuan rolled over and picked up the phone to call Pan Lei again, but it didn't connect.


‘Wait until you return, you jerk.

I will properly torment you.

Think of a way to bully.

Right! I’ll make him learn how to make egg dumplings with meat filling from Zhang Hui's restaurant.

They're delectable.

The car is still parked in this spot.

I haven't yet learned to drive.

Do you remember this jerk Heh, I knew he couldn't sing to me every night to get me to sleep.

I should have recorded him singing.

It works well as a lullaby.'


Tian Yuan nodded off in a daze.

Even after taking a bath, he had the uneasy feeling that the bloody odor on his body had not been completely washed away.

He may have had bloody dreams that night as a result of this.

Tian Yuan had a dream that he was operating on a bloodied Pan Lei who was lying on the operating table.

Pan Lei was covered in blood, and it flowed like a river.


Tian Yuan awoke with a start.

He lay motionless on the bed, gasping for air.

He witnessed Pan Lei being shot in the chest and dying in front of him.

Tian Yuan, terrified, swallowed a mouthful of water and continued to console himself.

'It was all a dream, not reality.

It was just a dream.'


Tian Yuan touched his face, only to discover that he was sweating profusely.

He noticed his pajamas were soaked.

He'd broken out in a cold sweat because he'd been scared.

He was extremely terrified.

He took a deep breath in and tried to relax.


'Pan Lei is fine,' he told himself over and over.

‘He is well-equipped and skilled at his job.

So he must be all right.

There is nothing wrong.

He's all right.' Tian Yuan believed he was under pressure at work recently and since Pan Lei did not call today, his anxiety caused him to have nightmares.

He soothed himself with this explanation.


The phone rang loudly as Tian Yuan was getting up to change his pajamas and go back to sleep.

Tian Yuan picked up the phone, saw Pan Lei's number, and quickly accepted the call.


"Tian'er, I have a problem; could you please get to the hospital as soon as possible"


Tian Yuan felt his heart pounding in his throat.

He couldn't stop himself from jumping out of bed and quickly putting on clothes.


"Can you tell me what happened to you" Pan Lei's voice was less relaxed and faster than usual, and he sounded a little depressed and anxious.

Tian Yuan became extremely agitated when he realized the sound was incorrect.


"Don't worry, it's not me; there's a seriously injured patient on my side.

I'm afraid there isn't a doctor in the hospital who can perform this operation, so I'd like you to come here."


"I'll be there shortly."


Tian Yuan dashed downstairs after changing his shoes.


"We estimate that we will arrive in 20 minutes.

Don't worry; just take a taxi."


The more Pan Lei told him not to worry, the more Tian Yuan worried that if nothing happened, Pan Lei would not summon him to the hospital in the middle of the night.

He said it was fine again and again, just to console him.

‘Has something happened to Pan Lei’ Tian Yuan could only use his fastest speed to help him first, no longer daring to think about it, no longer daring to remember his bloody appearance in his dream.


"Captain, he's still bleeding."


"Hurry up and apply pressure to the wound."


When Tian Yuan heard such a sentence as he was about to hang up, his feet went soft and he almost tumbled down the stairs.


The bleeding continued unabated, but who was bleeding


Was it Pan Lei Please don't let his nightmare come true.




[1] Malva nuts, which are used to treat coughs in traditional Chinese medicine.

[2] A Chinese idiom to describe a bold and grandiose speech.


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