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Chapter 59 Watching a Tibetan mastiff turn into a Pekingese


Tian Yuan was still depressed.

He went back to his office and after thinking about it felt Pan Lei was entirely to blame.

He wouldn't have gone insane and rushed to the hospital for surgery if that jerk hadn't called him in the middle of the night, if he hadn't been so serious.


He took out his phone and dialed a number.


Pan Lei stood on a high platform, his hands behind his back.

He was dressed in uniform, with high military boots, a black beret, sunglasses, and a cigarette in his mouth.

He was keeping an eye on the gang of brats—the men were shadowboxing.

When the phone rang, he took it out and burst out laughing.


He had a kind of vigorous majesty not a moment ago.

The image of awe-inspiring presence vanished completely.

Pan Lei was certain that Tian Yuan missed him after seeing his name on the screen.

He hurriedly answered the phone while also walking away to the side.


"Tian'er, have you finished your porridge Did you think about me I left too soon and failed to wake you up.

Did you get a good night's sleep"


The Tibetan Mastiff transformed into a Pekingese[1] wagging his tail.

The difference between them was too great.


Hundreds of people practicing boxing off the stage saw this and nearly collapsed on their backs.

They'd never seen their squadron's military instructor, known as Pan-the devil instructor, pander to someone and laugh so fawningly.

The only thing missing was a tail.

Nonetheless, everyone saw an imaginary tail wagging crazily behind him.


An instructor coughed, his face as ferocious as a tiger's.


"What exactly are you looking at Continue your boxing practice."


"Pan Lei, you jerk, you’ve killed me."


Tian Yuan wanted to scold him, but when he heard the series of questions, his scolding turned into a complaint about being wronged.


"What's the problem Who bullied you I'm going to trample them to death.

Tell your ge, who has no eyes and has bullied you."


Who had the audacity to bully Tian'er Didn't they realize Tian Yuan had the backing of the entire Pan family At home, there were a slew of generals and commanding officers.

If they did not behave, the family could invite them out for a chat.

The weight of the medals alone could crush them.


"It's you, okay Just you.

Why did you ignore the fact that there is always a doctor on duty in the hospital and call me for the surgery Was I wrong to get up and run to the hospital at two a.m.

for an operation Shouldn't I be able to help the sick and save people When I was appointed deputy director, Dr.

Li cried and made a fuss, accusing me of depriving her of honor and the seat that was rightfully hers."


"Why do you care about that b*t*h You've been promoted to deputy director, so you owe it to me to treat me to some fine dining.

Resign if she continues to cry and make noise.

My mother inquired several times.

She wants you to accompany her.

Don't put up with that damned annoyance and become a surgeon at the Armed Police Hospital.

My mother has stated that she will send you to further your education.

She will assist you in obtaining the position of dean of the Armed Police Hospital when she retires.

This is fantastic.

The family will have two deans.

My mother is eager for you to inherit her medical knowledge.

You’ll be her son's lover, as well as her student and heir.

I am a soldier and will succeed my father.

You will take over as dean and our mother's successor.

The whole family will be together, ah."


"Can you be serious Do you believe it is up to you"


"I'm not kidding.

My mother and I spoke several times on the phone, and she kept asking me to take you home.

She was overjoyed to learn that you are a doctor.

Lin Mu mentioned you to her.

Mom is very interested in you.

She said these words to me.

She sincerely hopes you will visit the Armed Police Hospital.

There, you will have a brighter future."


Tian Yuan was at a loss for words with Pan Lei.

Was there no problem at all In his opinion getting promoted, a high post, and a generous salary could be solved simply by saying it Who did he believe he was Could a special forces soldier's wish come true if he said it He was unmistakably an idiot.


"Do you think your dad is Li Gang[2]"


"He is ineligible.

Wait for me to take you in [marry].

After we've lived a little life together, you'll understand.

I can provide you with what you require.

I’ll seize the moon, go out to sea to catch turtles, and do whatever you want.

I guarantee it."


Nothing could stand in his way, and he would definitely satisfy Tian Yuan's desires.


"I'll get a brain disease if I listen to you.

There is no reason to engage in conversation with a bandit."


"Don't be upset, baby.

I won't argue if you work at your place of employment as long as you're happy.

If that damned meddling woman dares to bully you, just beat her up and slap her around a few times, and she'll be honest ah.

If she dares to call the cops, you can call your second brother directly and put a stop to the interfering woman for a few days.

You will not be able to cure her.

Don't be afraid to cause trouble, don't be timid, and don't let her scare you, even if it means fighting.

In the event of a civil lawsuit, our family also operates a law firm.

I want her to succumb to defeat and fall from grace."


"Bandit, robber!"


Tian Yuan was rendered speechless by Pan Lei.

What kind of reasoning was this He encouraged him to go toe-to-toe with Dr.


What did it look like when a mature man and a mature woman got into a fight!


"Nobody can bully you when you're with me.

I will kill anyone who dares to bully you."


Pan Lei patted his chest.

With him around anyone who gave a snide look at his family's wife would have their eyes gouged out.


Did you know that there is a distinction between special forces and armed special police SWAT was supposed to save people, while special forces were supposed to kill.

This was the key distinction.

As a result, the special forces' behavior was extremely cruel.

They came into contact with prisoners who could never be forgiven, even after being shot a hundred times.

As a result, their training and skills were all geared toward killing in a single move.

They were deadly.

Furthermore, Pan Lei had an irritable personality, and to hurt Tian Yuan was to hurt him, and if anyone hurt him, he would kill that person.


Tian Yuan was annoyed by him.

He was feeling off-kilter in his heart, so he called and complained.

Who knew Pan Lei would enrage him to the point of death


"I'm going to ignore you.

I need to perform surgery.



"Tian'er, be happy; it's uncomfortable to be depressed in your heart."


Tian Yuan agreed and hung up the phone to get ready for surgery.


Pan Lei's fiery temper was on the verge of erupting.

If that woman did anything bad to Tian Yuan, he would put her in jail.


He jumped off the high platform and stood there watching a group of people boxing ferociously.

He moved around the room with his hands behind his back.


The instructor on the high platform yelled slogans, and the crowd beneath the stage responded by punching forcefully with solid footwork, standardized movements, and incredible explosive power.


Pan Lei took a detour behind a trainee, lifted a foot to his back, and kicked him to the ground.


"You didn't eat anything for breakfast Where is your strength You’re punching like a woman! Get out! Leapfrog five kilometres with a weight!"


The Devil Pan Squadron was strutting its stuff.

Who dared to be sluggish when it came to training The shouting became louder, the movements became more precise, and each move became more decisive.


Were these unrestrained b*st*rds under the impression that his 'Devil Pan' moniker was a sham


The most difficult thing he had to deal with in his life was Tian Yuan alone.

These knuckleheads should not think of him as a softie.

Tian Yuan had received all of his love and tenderness.

But once he arrived at the barracks, he wouldn’t think twice about peeling a few layers of their skin.


[1] Tibetan mastiff is a herding and guarding dog for the nomads of Tibet, and a watchdog in Tibetan monasteries.

Pekingese is a breed of toy dog, originating in China.


[2] "My Dad is Li Gang!" is a popular catchphrase used ironically among Chinese netizens to avoid responsibility.

The phrase stems from a fatal hit and run incident that occurred near Hebei University in Baoding, China, in which a drunk driver named Li Qiming yelled at his pursuers, "Go ahead, sue me if you dare.

My dad is Li Gang!", referring to the Deputy Director of Baoding Public Security Bureau.


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