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Chapter 06: Leaving A Mark

Tian Yuan is currently looking down and trying as much as he could to keep his head down.

“Hey, Dr.

Tian! It’s good that you’re back in good health.

I was really frightened by you yesterday.

How can you perform a surgery if you cannot even stand up straight Later on, you must exercise more together with us.

This weekend, let’s have a ball game, okay The neurosurgeons will also come.”

Tian Yuan quickly tucked his head into his shirt.

“Yes, I’ll go over this weekend.

I have to go make rounds, so I can’t talk much with you any longer.”

Tian Yuan hurriedly sneaked around the corner and quickly slipped away.

“Hey, what are you so anxious of”

Regardless of what the person behind him said, Tian Yuan quickly ran away towards his office.

Watching him enter the office, the nurse followed behind with a medical record folder in her hands.

“There is a gastrectomy today.

The patient is diagnosed with mid-term gastric cancer.

The operation is set at 9 o’clock in the morning.”

“Ok, I’ll go and get ready after making rounds.

You first take the patient to do the examination room and then report back to me.”

Tian Yuan dawdled in opening his wardrobe even though he does not really know what he is looking for, and did not look back at the nurse.

The little nurse received the instruction and turned to go.

Tian Yuan thought that there was no longer a person in the office and so he turned around and took the white coat.

“Ah right, Dr.


I have this chocolate… will let you take it as a supplement…”

The nurse suddenly turned around just as she arrived at the door.

She pulled out a packet of chocolate from her pocket.

At that same moment, Tian Yuan just turned around and unexpectedly, had to face the nurse directly.

Tian Yuan panicked and he hurriedly put his white coat on his face.

“Leave, now!”

When the little nurse came to this hospital, she was put under Tian Yuan’s care.

Their relationship is good so naturally, she is not afraid of him.

She paused for a second and then laughed.

She straightforwardly laughed out loud like a mischievous boy would.


Tian, what happened to you Ah, how did your lips break Who bit it Is Dr.

Tian trying to break the hearts of our sisters Were you hiding a hot goblin in your home Looks like that person’s enthusiasm is good.

And oh, so fierce to bite the lips! What exactly did you do yesterday”

Tian Yuan’s face turned bitter and couldn’t hide his hopelessness. He sneaked into the hospital and dared not to look up because of the wound on his mouth.

He was embarrassed.

That bastard bit his upper lip and left a bloody cut.

Although it was not big, there was another hole at the tip of his lower lip.

It was these two wounds that Pan Lei had chewed with his teeth until they bled.

He thought it was fine but when he looked into the mirror today, he screamed in shock.

He’s too ashamed to see anyone.

Eating carelessly is not an acceptable explanation at all.

There is only one possibility of leaving a thin gash on the upper and lower lips and that is someone nipped them! It may look ambiguous but, certainly someone kissed him.

Kissing explains everything.


Tian has been working in the hospital for several years.

There were people who confessed to him, and some people have also tried to flirt with him.

But he just didn’t care.

Is there someone in his home Never heard of it.

But being able to leave a wound on his mouth definitely shows how passionate that person was.

Tian Yuan really couldn’t afford to offend this army of women and not even as a joke.

He also relied on them at work.

If they put down the load [1], then he will be finished.

{T/N: [1] 撂挑 (liao tiao) literally means put down the load, but it is another way of saying ‘to quit one’s job or responsibilities’.}

The little nurse was astonished and wants to inquire further.

He approached Tian Yuan, and before she starts to gossip, she looked at her left and right to make sure that nobody’s around.


Tian, I never heard that you have a girlfriend.

What kind of girl is she She must be particularly passionate.

A girl wearing a high-heeled knee-high boots in her leather skirt.

An enthusiastic girl with a wavy hair.

When will you bring her here for us to see Did you already eat candy [2] Dr.

Tian, are you living together”

{T/N: [2] 喜糖 (xi tang) – sweet candy given on a happy occasion (esp.


So, the little nurse was trying to probe if Tian Yuan has gotten married.}

Tian Yuan’s movements paused as he heard what the little nurse said.

Wearing a black leather skirt, a high-heeled knee-high boots, and a big curly hair.

If these things were to describe the 1.89-meter tall Pan Lei, Tian Yuan shivered at the thought and he seems not so frightened of him anymore.

Tian Yuan clenched his teeth.

That scoundrel! Bastard! Such thing shouldn’t have happened to him.

Regardless of his refusal or his struggle, he pulled him over to kiss him.

No, it was not a kiss at all.

It was a bite! He first bit his upper lip, contained his lips, and then his teeth exerted force on his lips, making him call out in pain.

Then he swiftly swept through all the corners of his mouth.

When he refused, he grabbed him and held his lower lip again and rubbed his teeth a little harder this time.

He cried out in pain once again, but this time, his tongue went directly to lick into his throat, causing him to swallow a lot of his saliva.

He shouted but this caused him to breathe in all his fragrance instead.

“Ya, Dr.

Tian is shy and even blushed.”

The little nurse continued to tease.

And as Tian Yuan is thin-skinned, he bowed his head down and pretended to clean up the table.

He blushed at the thought of the hot and spicy kiss yesterday.

He definitely must not think of how much his lips burned with passion, and must not think of how Pan Lei’s breath made him devastatingly absent-minded.

Right, he hates him.

He hated the bastard for kissing him.

“Not going to work Hurry up and get ready for rounds.”

The little nurse brushed a little closer to Tian Yuan as she found a new discovery.

Her eyes were almost glued to his neck.

Tian Yuan was afraid to move.

Is there no limit to this girl’s jesting How can she come so close to him She’s almost sticking herself onto him.

“Wow, strawberry! This kind of ambiguous thing appeared on your neck.


Tian, be honest, your girlfriend was not only particularly hot, but also very passionate.

I am certain that she is! Otherwise, strawberries will not grow on your neck.

This is a mark.

It is like telling the world that this person has a master, and this master would kill without amnesty should other people have thoughts on you.

An overbearing and fiery hot chili pepper! Dr.

Tian, you’ve got yourself such a passionate girl”

Tian Yuan pushed the little nurse away and went to look at himself into the mirror. Strawberry How did he not know Slightly leaning on the side, sure enough, underneath his ears where the shirt could not cover, there was a tooth mark.

Bastard! Now that Tian Yuan thought of it, Pan Lei left after the kiss yesterday. He left a word saying that he will come look for him again today.

Before leaving, he pulled the still confused Tian Yuan over to him.

At that time, Tian Yuan was feeling fuzzy.

Suddenly, he felt pain, but he did not care anymore.

Pretty much, the mark was made at this time as a declaration to all that this person has a master.

“Men still like the enthusiastic and overbearing girl, ah.

Even Dr.

Tian can not resist it.”

Tian Yuan gritted his teeth and went to find a band-aid.

He must not take this little nurse with him to do rounds.

If he does, in less than an hour, he will become a joke in the hospital.

Oh yes, that person is overbearing enough to provoke people to trample over him, and enthusiastic enough for people to pour him a bucket of iced water.

The hot chili pepper is not a girl.

He is a man, a hateful man!


T/N: {草莓 } (caomei) which means strawberry – *cough* you guys are absolutely right.

I thought of writing the exact term but I thought that the comparison was too apt for the situation and found it funny as well, so I just left it as it is.



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