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Chapter 60 It's just a bunch of bad guys


Tian Yuan finished operating in the late afternoon.

He ate something at random and took a break in his office.

As soon as he sat down, the door was kicked open.

Tian Yuan scowled.

Was his door meant to be kicked in



Li's eyes were as swollen as walnuts.

She looked at Tian Yuan as if she was staring at her adversary for three lifetimes.


Tian Yuan was in a bad mood.

He wasn't vying for the position of deputy director.

It was a decision made by hospital administrators.

That night, Dr.

Li was on duty.

A doctor's job was to cure the sick and save people.

He performed the surgery because he was present at the hospital at the time.

It was not to compete with her for honor.


"What motivates you to become the deputy director You took my honor and the seat that belonged to me.

Don’t you have a guilty conscience" Doctor Li began to argue with Tian Yuan, sobbing loudly like a wife who had lost her husband.

Tian Yuan was enraged by that cry.


He and the hospital leaders were displeased about her crying and causing trouble.


"It's my duty to treat patients and save lives.

My conscience is clear.

I think you need to calm down.

What is the point of crying in my office Do you want to prevent me from visiting this hospital Or do you want me to resign You don't yet have that much power."


Was it worth it if a deputy director was made to feel bad by anyone other than the director Was Dr.

Li worth getting worked up about She had no concept of what she looked like.

It was far too amusing.


"We’re at odds from now on, Tian Yuan.

I will not allow you to sit firmly in the deputy director's seat."


Doctor Li started smashing things in Tian Yuan's office.

The director of surgery rushed over and calmed Dr.

Li down.

She was crying so hard in the arms of the director of surgery that she could be described as a pear flower with raindrops.


The blue veins on Tian Yuan's forehead popped out.

Couldn’t they act a little circumspect Was he showing affection to the mistress in front of him to let him know that Dr.

Li had the director of surgery on her side Did he want to make him retreat


"Doctor Tian, you'd better leave work first.

She is upset.

I don’t want this to impact the hospital’s reputation."


It was usually a good thing to be able to leave work early.

But, if he left work at this time, would it give the impression that he was fleeing The director clearly had feelings for the mistress.

Tian Yuan was indignant.

He removed his white lab coat, flicked it in anger, stood up, and walked away.


He sighed weakly as he exited the hospital.

'Pan Lei, you jerk, why aren't you by my side at this time They express their love in front of me.

I also need someone to stand by me.' Why did things go wrong How could being a down-to-earth doctor, healing the sick and saving people be so difficult


He was walking with his head bowed, thinking, 'Let's go back and wash the quilt.' He'd treat it like a vacation.

His heart, however, was unbalanced.

Why was society so complicated His weakest link was interpersonal relationships, so he couldn't handle this.

‘Should I simply go to the dean and request that Dr.

Li be appointed as deputy director’ Why should he, though Why must he throw away this honor He deserved to be the deputy director.

He wasn't going to let it go.

He made the decision that he would not let it go.


A horn honked behind him.

Tian Yuan turned around and waved at Lin Mu as he was about to get out of the car.


"Very well met.

I am extremely dissatisfied.

Today I don't have to go to work." Tian Yuan smiled, a little excited.


Lin Mu sensed something was wrong when he saw him in this state.

Pan Lei once told them that they had to look after Tian Yuan while he was away.

But why did they have to provide care They were just friends.


"Let's go eat at Zhang Hui’s.

I'm still hungry."


Tian Yuan had nothing better to do, so he went.

Zhang Hui came downstairs to greet them when he was notified the two of them were on their way to his restaurant.

He found a private room where the three of them could sit together to drink tea and have some snacks.


"Pan Lei riled you up Impossible, he takes you seriously and does not dare to provoke you."


Tian Yuan shook his head.

Pan Lei didn't annoy him; instead, he teased him.

He was looking for someone with whom he could vent his frustration.

They were friends, so he didn't hide the matter from them.

They discussed it from start to finish.


Zhang Hui laughed, saying jokingly, "So don't bother going to work.

Leizi makes a lot of money every month.

Let him support you.

He receives a lot of bonuses for every merit."


"Don't pay attention to his bull**." Lin Mu poured him a cup of hot tea.


"In fact, Leizi's words are correct.

Don't bother with them.

Resign and join our Armed Police Hospital.

Even if you publish a paper at City No.

1 Hospital, no matter how well you do it, your promotion will be slow.

Why don't you come on over Mama Pan, who works at the Armed Police Hospital, has always been fascinated by you.

She's asked me about you several times.

Leizi has never introduced you to the family.

You are now a prominent member of the Pan family, and everyone is interested in learning more about you.

Mama Pan inquired about your well-being.

She saw you in the newspaper and suggested that such a good doctor must be assigned to the Armed Police Hospital."


"I'm not interested in resigning.

This was originally the recognition I received for my work.

Why should I be questioned about it I didn't snatch it.

Was it her intention to make me resign as deputy dean by crying to me"


"Hmm, I no longer think you should let it go.

How much longer can you put up with this woman Don't listen to her.

Just do your work as the deputy director."


"That's right!.

Zhang Hui is correct.

You must not allow her to bully you.

You just strut your stuff and be the deputy director.

You have the authority to fire her if she disagrees with you.

If the director disagrees, tell him to look after his junior.

She is not welcome if she is messing with you."


Tian Yuan was reassured by Pan Lei and the two of them.

They were correct.

He would become the deputy director.

Doctor Li was dreaming if she thought he would resign.

Arguing with Doctor Li was like giving too much importance to a small fry.


Tian Yuan regained his fighting spirit all of a sudden.

Zhang Hui and Lin Mu exchanged a smile.

Tian Yuan was adorable.

He did not droop his ears or lie down in defeat.

He quickly regained his spirit.


"Simply know what to do.

Remember, if she bullies you, please inform the few of us.

Don't just go on by yourself.

You have the power to make this mistress notorious.

Don't be upset with her.

Come on, call the others as well.

Let’s eat hot pot."


They once planned to eat hot pot at the hospital.

It finally occurred today.

Pan Lei was not by his side, but he did have a sense of contact with his family.


Huang Kai arrived with a phone call, followed by Pan Zhan, who then went to get Pan Ge.

When everyone arrived and began cooking the hot pot, it was less than five o'clock.

Hot pot must be consumed with beer.

There were three or four beer boxes set up for consumption.


Pan Lei screamed into the phone.

These people would gang up on Tian Yuan to get him drunk.

If he was present, he could assist Tian'er in abstaining from alcohol.

But if he wasn't there, how would Tian'er fare They had kidnapped him to make him drink to death.

But they mustn’t get him drunk.

What if Tian Yuan was inebriated and no one looked after him They were really good brothers, ah, who helped look after their younger brother's wife.


Pan Lei took turns addressing these individuals.

First, he warned Tian'er not to get drunk.

Then he said they should make him sobering soup, and another time he said the buddies should look after him.

He warned Tian Yuan over and over, “Don't be fooled by their pestering.

Don't be a moron and keep drinking.”


It was so irritating that several people turned their phones off and ignored him.

Tian Yuan and the others toasted repeatedly.


Pan Zhan and Pan Ge knew in their hearts that Zhang Hui and the others were being too much, so as the older brother, he stepped forward to restrain them.

They took care of Pan Lei's face.


At the end of the night, these people referred to each other as brothers.

Tian Yuan had become one of them even without Pan Lei.


"Whoever wants to make things difficult for you, the Pan family will help you destroy them," Pan Zhan and Pan Ge said.


"After teaching her a lesson, send her to the red light district to work," Huang Kai added.


Lin Mu blunting said, "Send her to the morgue as a corpse," scaring them to death.


"You barbarians! Just kidnap her and sell her kidney," Zhang Hui offered his solution, which was no better.


They were all bad people.

It was a gang of thugs!


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