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Chapter 62 Rebellion in the backyard


"I'll have to resign if I don't travel to the countryside.

What can I do when the director clearly favors his junior Ah Can I refuse to go I am a guy, and going to the countryside is inconvenient for a lady.

The list has already been finalized.

I’m the deputy director as well as the representative of the surgical department.

I must leave."


Tian Yuan was so enraged that he hurled everything the director said at Pan Lei.


"Then quit.

Resign today, and report to the Armed Police Hospital tomorrow.

Resign right away."


Pan Lei began to walk away.

He would go to the dean's office, beat up the dean, strip the mistress and throw her out on the street.

Since they were bullying Tian’er, there was no need to give them any face.

He'd let them know that the Pans were not to be trifled with.


"I'm not going to resign! Isn't it only going to the countryside I'll go! It's not like I've never visited the countryside.

I'm going to the countryside!"


"You are not permitted to go.

If you are not permitted to go, you will not go.

If you dare, go ahead and try it.

If you do not resign, I will assist you in resigning.

That's all there is to it."


"How dare you, Pan Lei! I am not going to resign.

I'm going to the countryside for a month or two.

When I return, I'll be the deputy director.

I'm going to make life miserable for that mistress."


Pan Lei was well aware of Tian Yuan's obstinate personality.

He wanted to fight those dogs till the bitter end.


"Let me take care of them.

Take a look at your rage, ah.

You've lost your mind because of your rage.

Isn't it better to resign It's not like I can't support you.

If you must work, go to the Armed Police Hospital.

If you don't want to work, simply stay at home and wait for me."


"Laozi isn't a woman! I'm not going to wait for you!"


"I'll contact your dean to find out what's going on.

The surgery department is teeming with people.

Why are you compelled to leave"


"I don't need you to do anything.

I'm going, I'm going, who's terrified of whom After a month or two, I'll be the deputy director.

It’s not a big deal.

I'll put in the effort."


"Your body isn't in good shape.

Don't be so disobedient; you are not permitted to go."


"I'll have to resign if I don't go.

I'm not going to resign.

I'll fight them to the bitter end.

I'm not going to let them off the hook when I return.

If they try anything, I'll grab them by the tail and stomp on it till it falls off."


"Are you listening to me I said, you’re not allowed to go.

Do you want to give it a shot Just stay at home for a few days and wait for me.

I can’t leave the base right now.

I'm afraid I can't assist you.

Just wait for me to return.

Come on, say it.

Say, you will wait."


"Why don't you listen to me If you have the ability, then get that pair of dogs to resign.

I'm definitely going."

Pan Lei's face was solemn, and everyone began to avoid him.

Clearly, Devil Pan was about to explode.


"I tell you, Tian Yuan, if you dare to go, you’ll regret it.

You’ll see how I can clean you up.

I said, don’t go.

Stay at home and don't go to work for a few days.

Promise me you’ll wait till I come home, okay As for me, I will assist you.

Why are you so reluctant, making me want to commit crimes and irritate me Do you want me to send someone to tether you to the military compound and leave you in the care of my parents Only then will you be obedient"


Pan Lei began yelling.

Thankfully, this conversation took place over the phone.

If they were face to face, he would most likely pick Tian Yuan up and tie him to the bed, detain him for a few days, and discipline him for violating family law.


Tian Yuan's response was to hang up the phone.


‘Go to hell, Pan Lei! Why do you have to control me You're going to punish Laozi because you’re angry If you dare to be tough with me, do it! Laozi is not afraid of you!"


Pan Lei got a busy tone when he called again, making him kick a table leg in anger.


‘He will not understand the Pan family's prestige unless he is disciplined as per the family law.

He's just accustomed to anarchy.

He's completely disregarding me!’


The training camp had reached a critical juncture.

He couldn’t leave as the training camp's principal instructor, but he didn't have an option.

'I must return to Tian’er.

I'm worried that this stubborn guy will go to the countryside.'


Pan Lei was furious about Tian Yuan’s backyard rebellion[1] but he couldn't stop himself.

He still wanted to talk to Tian Yuan face to face after giving it some thought.

He was the head of the household in their little family, the pillar.

He was Tian Yuan’s shield.

However, Tian’er ought to follow his orders or he would punish Tian'er according to family law.


Carrying a pack of cigarettes, he set out to find the main boss in this military area, his supervisor, who was his father's buddy and his grandfather's subordinate.

Pan Lei kicked the office door of the military region’s commander.

When the commander looked up, he saw Devil Pan enter with a serene face, as if someone owed him a million dollars.

He'd definitely frighten the fresh recruits.


"You brat! You dare to kick my door What do you want"


Pan Lei sat smoking a cigarette.

"I want to request a leave of absence.

My family’s wife wants to rebel.

I'm going to put an end to the mayhem.

He's so used to my indulgence that he is making trouble."


"You can't leave right now, Leizi.

After a while, the military area competition will begin.

This unit of soldiers under your command is the favorite to win.

Each of them is a rascal.

You are free to leave if you do not wish to win.

Who can keep them in check Call to console the person in your home.

Tell him to not cause you any problems throughout this period.

After the competition, you simply take a one-month vacation.

I'll approve it for you.

Can you do it"

"He's on his way to the countryside.

He can't go to the countryside with his body, can he It hurts to admit that he talks back to me.

When I return to him, he will be obedient.

I'll be back in a couple of days at the most.

I'll assist him in resolving the issue and will return.

Allow other instructors to assist me in filling in for me for two days."


"Leizi, the special forces should request leave a week in advance.

You can't come up with any difficulties for me.

Return and persuade him.

Besides, going to the countryside shouldn’t be a problem.

It's not like he'll go to the country and never return.

He'll return after a while.

This is also a training opportunity for young people.

Don't be so rigorous that he has no personal freedom."


Pan Lei slammed the table, his brow furrowed.


"He is in poor health.

When other people tell him to run around, he does so.

If I don't go out to aid him and instead watch him being bullied, can I call myself a man Even my own people are beyond my ability to defend.

What face will I have to claim I love him"


Pan Lei was probably the only one who ventured to smack the table and question the commander.

The commander, for his part, was not outraged; instead, he smiled.


"Your family consists of a large number of people.

Even if you pick someone randomly, you can obtain his help.

Don't go, just be obedient.

Ask your elder brothers to help or call your father instead.

You're staying here today.

I can't let you go, so quit causing trouble.

It is preferable to find someone else to assist him this time.

Besides, you have advanced in rank and are now a major.

You cannot take the initiative in violating any rules.

It is a regulatory issue.

Set a good example for our military sector.

Got it"

The commander was a smiling tiger who never bowed down.

If he didn’t want to let him go, he wouldn't.

Pan Lei was unable to leave.

His rank had been elevated, thus he needed to be a role model.

This responsibility was so large that he couldn't even go over the wall in the middle of the night if he wanted to.

In a few words, the commander shackled him.


Pan Lei sprang to his feet, kicked the chair, and stormed away.


The commander rested his chin on his hand.

If this little jerk unleashed his anger on the trainees, and they vented it in the competition, they would undoubtedly win first place.


[1] Rebelling wife.


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