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Chapter 66 So nervous, so nervous


He was done for.

This was a disaster.

Pan Lei was now aware.


Tian Yuan was on the verge of crying as he held the phone.


So, what should he do now What did Pan Lei, the bandit leader, want What method did Pan Lei intend to use to clean him up Those were the things he was most interested in learning.


Pan Lei started tearing down the room.

He shattered all of the tables, chairs, and benches.

He kicked the furniture, punched the glass, and knocked the door off its hinges with three or four kicks.

He was wheezing violently, like a caged beast.

If Tian Yuan had been in front of him at the time, he would have really pounced on him and beat him.


Tian Yuan had been disobedient.

Pan Lei spoiled him rotten, yet he disagreed with him.

He still went his own way, no matter what Pan Lei told him.

Pan Lei wouldn't be able to get rid of his rage unless he cleaned him up or thrashed him.

He had no choice but to follow him and bring him back.


They used to mess about a lot.

Pan Lei would coax and pamper Tian Yuan whenever he acted coquettishly or lost his temper.

He treated Tian'er as if he were a treasured possession, and he gave him his whole attention.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, had crossed his bottom line.


Pan Lei would lavish him with love and attention, but he had to be obedient.

He had informed Tian’er that he was not permitted to go.

What was the big deal about resigning Wasn’t it preferable to join the Armed Police Hospital But this was Tian Yuan's reaction to him By slipping away He'd sent all his friends and brothers to hold him back, to look after him, to make him happy.

What, though, did Tian Yuan do to him


There was no one to control Tian Yuan and beat him.

Yes, discipline would bring him to his senses.

People truly needed rules and regulations.

When he caught Tian’er, he would teach him an unforgettable lesson.


Pan Lei drew his belt and slammed the last remaining chair with a snap.


The soldiers who heard it were so scared that they dispersed with a swish.

Devil Pan was possessed.

Nobody wanted to provoke him.


Pan Lei's team competed in the military tournament.

It was impossible for him to leave as their captain.

Tian Yuan, the small bunny boy, was getting further and further away, but he could only grind his teeth in rage.


He refused to let any of his squad members participate in the fighting contest the next day.

He took part in person.


The reconnaissance company with which he competed had all been specifically trained.

Because it was a competition, they would frequently use a light attack, simply hitting and stopping.


When Pan Lei entered the arena, he did not match the requirements.

He was the action squadron's instructor and captain.

He made it abundantly plain that he was bullying.

The commander, on the other hand, laughed and waved his hand, allowing the bandit leader to go and observe how his talent had improved.

He couldn't participate because he was an instructor, but they let him participate.


The commander of the reconnaissance company expressed his displeasure.

"Commander, you must pay additional military expenses to the reconnaissance company.

We require medical expenses!"


On the martial arts field, Pan Lei let out all of the rage he had been harboring all night.

Even the team leader of reconnaissance was squashed like a bag by him.

He smacked him repeatedly.

The large soldier was practically in tears.

Wasn't this simply bullying him to death!


Pan Lei was irritated, but could he strike Tian Yuan Could he whip him or punch him It was unthinkable.

Pan Lei was the one who was upset after they fought.

Tian Yuan was his man.

He was distraught to death if he simply scraped a small area of his skin.

He wouldn't even allow him to use the kitchen knife to prepare dinner at home.

How could he possibly have hit him In other words, if he wanted to vent his rage with sheer force, he could only do so elsewhere.

He was furious and didn't know what to do.

This competition provided him with an excellent opportunity to put out the fire in his heart.


He thrashed the soldiers who took part in the fighting tournament.

He'd feel uneasy if he didn't let out all of his rage that day.

He defeated and beat all the combat warriors of the ordinary service to the ground in ten minutes.


The commander lifted his thumb up, admiring how good this special forces teacher was.

Any mission could be accomplished with such a person leading the team.


The special forces team applauded, but Pan Lei remained unconcerned.

The more he thought about it, the more enraged he became.

He felt irritated enough to punch someone when he thought of Tian Yuan.


The special forces team's morale was buoyed by their instructor's outstanding performance, and they won all of the first prizes in a single breath.

While holding the medal, Pan Lei's mouth twitched.

He could finally leave the barracks now that the competition was over.


'Tian Yuan, you little scumbag, run, just try to run.

I'll get back to you.

See if I can't clean you up.

If I don't show you the family law, you'll never take me seriously.

You won't know who is in charge if you don't perceive my authority.

You're so used to being pampered that unless I teach you a proper lesson, you’ll continue being stubborn.

Let's see if you'll dare to run the next time.'


"Lead the team to the barracks.

My family has rebelled.

I'm going to beat him up and bring him back." Pan Lei instructed his deputy, hopped into the special team's car, a Land Rover, and drove out of the barracks in a dashing spin.


The reconnaissance company's commander was envious.

"It's no surprise that the special forces are so proficient after their training.

They're amazing, but can't we be awesome with such equipment The Special Forces have three or four Land Rovers, Commander.

We have nothing like this car to conduct our investigations.

Send us a Land Rover as well."


The commander waved him away.


"The military finances for the special forces unit are allocated directly from above.

The special forces squadron is a weapon.

They also anticipate that they will be tasked with dangerous responsibilities.

What if they aren't outfitted with cutting-edge technology You should go to the border to battle the bandits if you have the ability."


The chief of the recon company[1] was depressed.

Leaders of the other companies were also gloomy.


Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was not depressed.

He was nervous to death.

He persistently felt a cold wind blowing on his back, making him tremble.

It was as if someone had cursed him with that feeling.

He kept getting the impression that someone was staring at him viciously...


His hair sprang up, and his countenance became increasingly bitter.

'Pan Lei, why are you toying with me like this' Pan Lei was like a nefarious guy out to get him.

Tian Yuan had the impression that his name was on this villain's blacklist and that he would be beaten up.

It made him feel uneasy.

If Pan Lei was dissatisfied, they could have just talked about it and cleared the air.

The panic in his heart was exacerbated by leaving him dangling like this all day.

He was worried Pan Lei would pop out of nowhere.

He couldn't stop wondering how Pan Lei would punish him.


It had now been two days since their call.

Pan Lei would probably kill him if he held back his anger for two days.


"Xiao Tian'er, does your stomach hurt Why is your face so ugly"


Yes, his nervous stomach hurt, as did the rest of his body.

He had no idea what would happen if Pan Lei was truly enraged.


[1] A company is a military unit that normally consists of 80–250 troops and is led by a major or a captain.


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