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Chapter 07: Not Good To My Man This Laozi Will Not Be Polite

This day, the little doctor Tian Yuan is too exhausted.

Not because of work, but primarily due to having to deal with all the strange looks directed at him from all corners of the hospital.

Even the president came down to inspect him and jokingly asked.

“Xiao Tian, what is this You had a fight with your girlfriend”

Tian Yuan just smiled.

“When I saw a stray cat just as I got off duty yesterday, I fed it but it didn’t even have an ounce of conscience and scratched my face.”

“Was it really a cat” the president amusingly asked.

“I thought I’d have to worry about introducing you to a girlfriend.

Xiao Tian, child, your age is no longer young.

It is about time for you to get married.

I’ll let your aunt find a suitable girl for you.

That old lady does nothing but she loves being a matchmaker.

There are also many doctors and nurses in the hospital.

You have busied yourself with work long enough and had delayed your own marriage.”

Tian Yuan smiled gently.

“Then, I’ll have to trouble aunt.”

As he passes through every ward, there will always be eyes who discreetly glanced at him, while others were boldly looking at him.

Some patients whom he is familiar with were also teasing him.

Coupled with the little nurse’s publicity, the entire hospital already knew that he has a passionate and overbearing girlfriend.

That jerk!

Do not run if you don’t have the ability to do so And oh, just a kiss will resolve everything

He has not gotten his revenge yet and he will definitely have this enmity paid back in full.

Even though his door has been fixed, it didn’t alleviate the intense anger in his heart, not even one bit.

Tian Yuan sent a notice to the special forces yesterday that the patient has already awaken.

Thus inside the room, the patient’s direct superiors are present.

They grasped his hand tightly and repeatedly thanked him.

Tian Yuan was as gentle and polite as ever.

He is definitely the embodiment of a super qualified doctor.

Even his actions were without flaws.

His smile was cordial but not intimate, courteous but not alienated.

He can absolutely present himself with both the seriousness and friendliness that a doctor should have.

One can really not pick on any problem from it.

He also ‘specially’ examined the wounds of the other commandos in the special forces, and he did it personally.

Still keeping a perfect smile, the hand that’s treating their wounds was not gentle at all.

While lifting the gauze from the injury, he deliberately brushes it over the wounded skin of a certain commando who, in response, suddenly howled in pain.

If not because of you… I do not need to suffer so much. A little revenge shall make my heart feel better and make me breathe smoothly.

“After the anesthetic had lost its effects, you will feel more sensitive to pain.

You should be fine.

I’ll instruct the nurse to clean the wound for you.

This month, it is important that you pay attention to your diet and abstain from certain types of food.

You must not eat spicy food as it can irritate your injury.

The same with those that have fishy smell or anything similar to eggs and seafood.

Your injury is very serious, so you must stay in bed.

As long as you are compliant, you can return to your post as soon as possible and continue to secure the safety of the lives of the citizens.”

Tian Yuan then turned to the nurse to give further instructions.

“We must take good care of this soldier.”

The cold sweat of the special forces soldier was flowing down on his back and while his thoughts were on it, the gauze sticking to his wound was suddenly flicked off. It really hurts to death. 

Looking at Tian Yuan, he was now a little afraid.

The hospital is terrible… far more terrible than the battlefield.

Doctors are too scary.

They’re like some sort of biological weapons.

Still with that perfect smile on his face, Tian Yuan nodded his head to signal that he’ll be going back to work.

Just as when he reached the entrance of the door, a man pushed it open and entered.

When the man saw Tian Yuan, his hand stretched over to reach him.

“Tian er, I was thinking of looking for you.”

That was absolutely a sincere smile that can only be seen when one sees his beloved person.

And Tian Yuan is apparently that beloved person, but he does not want to admit it.

After grabbing the case folder from the nurse’s hand, he slashed it towards the outstretched claws that’re coming over him.

Who can make him so angry like this In addition to Pan Lei, there is no second person!

Will Pan Lei possibly strike him back Unexpectedly, the other man’s hand simply slid down across his waist and then covered Tian Yuan’s buttocks.

Not waiting for Tian Yuan to explode from anger, he raised his arm and tugged him at his side.

With a low and deep voice, he whispered in his ear.

“In front of the soldiers under my command, you won’t even give me face.

Be careful that I’ll tidy you up once we’ve gone home.

Well, I see that you are busy.

I will wait for you in your office in a bit.”

Tian Yuan was so mad that he is almost out of control.

However, his mind was still clear enough to remember that here, is not his home.

Also, he could not ignore his identity.

The doctors save people, not kill them.

Deeply breathing in some air, he pretended that this person does not exist, bypassed him and left.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Tian Yuan started to become conscious of the time.

Looking at it, there was still half an hour before he could get off work.

He could just pass by the time inside his office so as to hide from that mentally deranged man.


“I have something to do, so I’ll get off work first.

Call me on my mobile phone if there is an emergency.

I have already written down the prescription and just follow my instructions accordingly.”

The little nurse stared blankly at the corridor where Dr.

Tian had fled to.

His pace was a little flustered, but his chin was raised so high, like that of a proud little rooster who just won the battle.

That kind of pride is astonishing.


Tian moved like a whirlwind.

But why does it give me the impression that he’s acting like a spoiled brat.”

At the other side, Pan Lei entered the room and gave his greetings to the two superiors inside.

Afterwards, he lifted the quilt with his hand to see the injury underneath.

The medicine has been changed.

And from the looks of it, the vigor of the patient seemed to have been restored.

“Kid, you have not died yet, have you I say, kid, you sure have nine lives.

But this should not be a reason for you to jump in joy.

Next time, you can’t be so reckless.

There are other snipers that are not to be trifled with.”

The commandos seem to adore their leader Pan Lei, not only because he is their squadron captain, but also for the unique reason that he can control the little doctor.

“Pan is right.

But this is too ruthless.

I am a patient, but the doctor will not let me eat anything.

A day of not letting me eat spicy food makes my mouth seem to fade out.

The next time you come visit me, you have to bring me some chili.”

In an instant, the captain turned gravely serious.

“That won’t work.

The doctor specifically ordered that you can’t eat spicy food.”

But the little commando whined and gripping Pan Lei’s hand, he tearfully complained.

“Pan, ah… you do not know.

Just a moment ago, he devastated me.

The hands were too ruthless.

I almost fainted in pain.

Aren’t doctors supposed to cure and take care of wounded patients just like angels How come he did not seem like an angel, but a devil of darkness”

Pan Lei raised his eyebrows, pulled his hand back, and slapped on his wound.

“You can’t even bear with this kind of pain And you call yourself one of my people, ah.

Such a coward.”

That’s his man, his little doctor, his favorite person, the one that he likes.

Even if he is violent and ruthless, he likes it just the same.

Even he, can’t do anything about it, let alone one of his men.

He likes all of his personalities. Even when he threatened him with a scalpel, he still liked it.

He forbids others to make malicious comments against him.

Not even a single bad word about him can be said.

The little commando has trouble breathing, and blue veins are appearing on his neck.

He panicked and reached out to Pan Lei.

“I’m… one… one of your team.”

Pan Lei gave another slap in his head.

“You can rest.”

The two superiors smiled and then laughed as they watch their playful acts.

They have rushed together to the battlefield with their comrades.

This kind of joke was very normal.

“Pan Lei, let’s go back to the military zone together.”

Pan Lei looked at the watch first before replying.

“I can’t.

I still have something else to take care of.

My dad also told me to go home once as there is no mission this time.

I have some personal affairs to manage as well.

Give me a call if there’s any task.”

Then he quickly opened the door and rushed to the hallway.

Inadvertently, he caught a glimpse of the person he’d been thinking of and it seems like he had already left the building.

Outside the compound of the hospital yard is the highway.

Hence, it is too late to chase after him.

Looking at the window, he reckoned that he is currently in the fourth floor of the hospital building and it doesn’t seem to get in the way of anything.

He smoothly opened the window, and then jumped out of it.

As he jumped off, all the people in the hallway screamed in alarm while they nervously watched him descend.


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