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Chapter 77 Dear, forgive me.

Dear, marry me


Tian Yuan went over to help him up.

What was Pan Lei up to! A man has gold under his knees[1], and only kneels down to heaven and his parents.

Tian Yuan was at a loss when he saw Pan Lei in this state.

A commanding man like Pan Lei couldn’t just kneel down nonchalantly.

After all, it was not a marriage proposal… ‘Ahhh! Bah! What proposal What am I thinking!’


"Get up quickly, why are you making trouble again You are shortening my life[2].

If you have something to say, stand up and talk."


Pan Lei shook his head, grasped Tian Yuan's hand, and squeezed it hard.


"Tian'er, I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I have a nasty temper and have caused you to suffer and be afraid."


"Okay, you have apologized.

I'm not a little girl who won't let go of my grudge even after receiving an apology.”


"You are right.

I am the jerk.

I keep saying that no one will ever hurt you, yet it appears that I am hurting you.

But don't worry, I will avenge you.

I promise you; from now on, I will treat you twice as well as my ancestors.

Don’t hate me.

I lost my temper, smashed things and ruined the home you built.”


Pan Lei lowered his head.

Because his brothers were not present this time, he dropped the corny wording and resumed his simple but sincere apologies.


"Is Huang Kai crazy I discovered that the new cabinet is made of solid wood, which is a great deal for us.

This solid wood cabinet costs a lot of money."


Tian Yuan thought they had taken undue advantage of the situation.

It was a terrific deal for him to replace his old furniture with solid wood furniture.


"I am sorry.

How did the topic turn to money Listen to me.

I, this genius, have mulled over modest words of morality.

Listen to me honestly."


Pan Lei couldn't stand Tian Yuan's erratic thoughts.

How could he profit by apologizing


Tian Yuan knelt down, grabbed his arm, and yanked him up.

But as he yanked hard, his arm ached.


Pan Lei sat next to him and stroked his arm, sighing.

He was at a loss for words.


"Is the pain excruciating Is it a misalignment Let’s go to the hospital and get it examined."


"Examine what exactly It was given an “all clear” by two doctors.

It was twisted and will require rest for a few days.

If you don't get up, it'll hurt if I try to pull you up"


Pan Lei stroked his arm distressingly, thinking that this would help him relieve his discomfort.

Look at how purple his wrists were.

He had tied him up too tightly since he didn't want him to break free.


"Next time I go out, I will definitely tell you.

But you have to be considerate of my difficulties.

Going to the countryside is not surprising.

This is also a way to help patients.

You have to understand that you cannot monopolize power.

Besides, I am not a caged bird.

I am a man.

You must have faith in me."


"Can I trust you with this body of yours I'm also concerned that you won't be able to eat properly.

I fear you can’t bear that environment or eat food that is barely palatable.

You hate being unwell.

Who will look after you while you are away"


Pan Lei was saying that he had gone too far, but he had a reason for it.

It was because he loved Tian Yuan too much.

Why didn't he show concern for the other members of the medical team This was due to the fact that the others were not his family.


Tian Yuan's remaining grudges vanished.

Pan Lei genuinely cared about him.

This man's tenderness was hidden under a harsh demeanor.

He just didn't like to speak it openly, and he tried to regulate it in the way he believed was proper.

So, what should he call it Sweet control Although it was too intense, and the process was rough; but in the final analysis, it was this man's reluctance and love.

No one would be harsh on someone who treated them sincerely.

He was concerned and took action out of love.


He simply expressed himself incorrectly and could be forgiven.


Tian Yuan smiled, took Pan Lei's hand in his, and examined the back of his hand.

On the back of his hand, there was a scratch.

The blood had been cleaned away, but the little wound on the back of the hand remained visible.

Pan Lei's machismo believed that a man's skin was thick and that a small wound didn't matter, therefore he didn't care.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was concerned.

A wound, no matter how tiny, could get infected.


"Go and get the first aid kit."


Pan Lei instantly went to collect it.

Tian Yuan carefully took his hand, cleaned it first, and then examined for wood splinters.

He applied bandages after checking that the lesion was clean.


Pan Lei's heart was warm when he gazed at the back of his bandaged hand.

His Tian Yuan would not say anything specific to him, nor would he discuss his feelings for him, but everything he did was for his own welfare.

A small touch given in care brought a lot of happiness.

His joy made him love this softly smiling man all the more and treat him well.


Pan Lei cuddled Tian Yuan.

It was difficult not to hug and kiss him again and again.


"Tian'er, let's get married."


Tian Yuan had barely gotten into this man's generous embrace to enjoy tenderness, when this moron blurted out such words.

Tian Yuan clenched his teeth and kicked him.


"What nonsense! We are both men.

What do you mean ‘get married’, eh!"


Pan Lei was very upset.

He strode around the room, clutching his hair.


I'm such a moron.

I'm down on one knee.

Typically, this is a marriage proposal.

Why didn't I get a ring and a red rose ready With these two items, I am confident that I will be able to make a successful proposal.

No, Tian'er, you must wait for me.

I'll go out and buy the rings and roses right away.

I'll propose again, and you'll have to vow to marry me.


Shit! What a squandering of resources.

He knelt twice and didn't even consider proposing.

He was a moron.

Today, he would kneel for the third time and ask his mother to help him plan the wedding.


What do they say Ah yes, if you have money, you can have a wife to celebrate the New Year[3].

That’s it.


When Pan Lei raced into the living room, he noticed a large bouquet of roses purchased by Huang Kai.

He chose one at random and rushed excitedly back to his bedroom.


With a racing pulse, he knelt on one knee and held Tian Yuan's hand.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, darling.

Please accept my apology.

Please marry me, my beloved."


He held the rose up to Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was embarrassed and enraged.

He took up the rose and hurled it towards Pan Lei's forehead, oblivious to the expectation on his face.

The red petals strewn about added to the beauty of the setting.


"Pan Lei, you die for me.

Go to bed immediately.

If you dare to make a scene again, I will not talk to you any more."


"You haven't yet accepted my marriage proposal."


He was kneeling there without rising; couldn't Tian Yuan say something about what he desired Couldn’t he consent to marry him


"No more nonsense.

You sleep on the couch!"


Pan Lei leapt to his feet in an instant.

Even if he were slain, he would not go to the living room.

Why sleep on the cold sofa instead of caressing Tian Yuan's white and soft body That was an unequivocal no.


"Didn't I just not buy the ring Why won't you promise to marry me I’ll buy one right now.

If I buy it, will you marry me"


Tian Yuan stared at him fiercely without saying a word.


Pan Lei was now obedient.

He didn't dare not listen even though he wanted to buy a ring to propose.

He positioned the pillows and spread the bedsheet.

Pan Lei was still muttering when Tian Yuan lay down.


They got together for half an hour, Pan Lei proposed ten minutes later, and wanted to have a wedding a year ago[4].

Wasn’t that the plan Tian Yuan rolled his eyes.

Pan Lei didn't dare to mumble, instead wrapping his arms around Tian’er and falling asleep.


Pan Zhan was right, Tian Yuan was right, he was right, who was wrong Naturally, it was the dean of the city's No.1 hospital, the director of surgery, and the mistress.


He didn’t dare hurt Tian Yuan again.

However, these three people seemed to be waiting for him to let out all of his rage.


He treated Tian Yuan as an ancestor at home in order for him to recover quickly.

Pan Lei took care of all the big and small chores since Tian Yuan’s arms hurt.

He was also a better man after removing his military uniform and putting on an apron.

He had a lot of charisma.


Tian Yuan's arms healed in two days as a consequence.

On the third day, everything was good thanks to medication and hot compresses.

His cold was fine, and he had been fed by Pan Lei all day, so his face was healthy and smooth.

The nanny did an excellent job.


Tian Yuan was preparing to leave for work on the fourth day.

Pan Lei nodded, dressed, and dropped him at the hospital.

All of their complaints were addressed.


"Don't get into a fight with them in the hospital.

Don't be offensive if you have something to say, you know After all, they are my coworkers and my boss.


Li will come crying to me immediately.

I will undoubtedly place her in a tough predicament."


"I have a sense of measure.

Don't bother following me.

Go to work.

I’ll stop by to say hello before I leave.

Be good, go to work."


He was very good and obedient when he touched Tian Yuan's hair, and he listened to whatever Tian Yuan said.

Tian Yuan was reassured and left for work.

Pan Lei's face fell as soon as he turned around, and Devil Pan took over, scaring a young nurse into fleeing.

It was a hospital, not a battleground.


Pan Lei found Dean Zhao's office, raised his foot, and kicked open the door.

The door panel was wretched; the poor thing suddenly dislodged from the door frame, spreading throughout the office like chopped wood.


Dean Zhao jumped to his feet in terror.


"Who, who, what is this Making trouble for no reason.

Security guard!"


Nobody had ever ventured to kick down the dean's door.

While bluffing, the dean roared at him.


Pan Lei strolled into his office and gave him a harsh stare.


"I, Pan Lei, Pan Sanshao[5] dared to kick down your door.

If you have a problem, call the security guard.

If you want to call the police, I will call them for you."


Dean Zhao immediately smiled when he spotted Pan Lei.

How did he manage to irritate this overlord again Why was he here going wild


"Is there some sort of misunderstanding Sanshao, tell me quickly.

What is the problem If you have something to say, please say it.

Why would I bother calling the police Isn't helping you my duty"


He swiftly poured water and served the tea.

Pan Lei didn't even glance at it before slamming the table with a 'boom,' causing the tea cup to jump.


Dean Zhao paled.

The Pan family had members in every area and department, from military to business.

There were members of the Pan family in the military from the northwest, north, and southwest.

His uncles were all stationed on this side of the country, not to mention the other places where their relations were stationed.

Nobody dared to anger the Pans.

And Pan Lei was the most difficult to provoke.


He was the old man Pan's grandson.

He was Commander Pan's only son.

He also had two uncles with military prowess.

He had the Pan family standing behind him as he slapped the table.

Who dared to confront them To provoke them was to seek death! Only Pan Lei's mother, Dean Dang Hong, a powerful and well-known doctor, was not afraid of death and dared to mess with Pan Lei.



[1] When a man kneels, it is as precious as gold.

A man of integrity does not kneel casually.

Kneeling to someone symbolizes that you have lost your pride and dignity.

One can only kneel to heaven(God) and one’s parents.

The raw said mother but I think parents sounds more appropriate.

After all, father and mother are equally worthy of respect.

[2] It is said that a person’s longevity reduces due to too many blessings.

Tian Yuan is saying he cannot afford the “blessing” of Pan Lei kneeling to him.

[3] I think it means you can get married only if you are well-off.

Remember, in ancient times, women usually did not leave the house.

So the man was the sole breadwinner.

If anyone knows about this saying, please comment.

[4] What this line means is Pan Lei was in a hurry to establish their relationship and wished they had already been married.

Kinda like getting the person first, and then wooing him.

[5] Third Young Master.


Pan Lei's proposal sucked! hahaha


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