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Chapter 78 To have so-called propriety


"Please tell me.

What exactly is going on If you have something to say, please say it.

Sanshao, let’s talk calmly.

Don’t turn it into a big issue."

"Dean Zhao, I think you don't want to be the head anymore.

If you want to step down as dean, just let me know.

I’ll let you go ahead and retire."

Dean Zhao trembled.

"Why are you saying such things Sanshao, please tell me what happened."

"Tian Yuan is mine, and he has the backing of the Pan family.

You should be aware of this."

"Sanshao, Tian Yuan possesses great professional abilities and a sense of responsibility.

I am proud to have such a great doctor in our hospital.

Didn't I just promote him to deputy director a few days ago I didn't mistreat him."

Dean Zhao was perplexed.

Didn't Pan Lei previously remind him of Xiao Tian's promotion to deputy director Why was he causing such a ruckus after Xiao Tian’s promotion

"You indulge your director of surgery and allow Tian’er to be bullied.

You did a great job there.

He went to the countryside last year; why did he have to return this year Why not send the director of surgery’s junior there That dead woman was crying and making trouble.

How do you go about your work ‘If you don’t go to the countryside, you must resign’.

Is this your hospital’s policy Okay, Dean Zhao, since you can’t get all of your doctors to work honestly, I’ll help you.

I’ll notify the Health Bureau and suggest that you be laid off as quickly as possible.

This way, you can be replaced as dean by someone more competent."

"Isn't this what Tian Yuan requested The director of surgery said that Tian Yuan took the initiative to go to the countryside."

Dean Zhao was also displeased.

He simply signed the list and dispatched the medical team to the countryside.

Who knew there were so many tricks involved

"I'll meet with them in person.

I'll only say one thing to you.

Tian Yuan wishes to work in this hospital, and I will allow him to do so.

He refuses to join the Armed Police Hospital, and I shall respect his wishes.

I cannot allow my man to be mistreated.

Something like this cannot happen again in the future.

Someone rushed up to him, weeping and creating a scene.

It had an impact on his daily work.

I'm not going to spare that doctor.

You, as dean, cannot be ignorant! Don't think I'm speaking in vain.

You'd best think I'm capable of replacing you.

Be fair to him.

I won't bother you if he's content.

If not, just wait and see how I take care of you!"

Pan Lei kicked his desk once more.

In a single blow, he knocked down the sturdy wood table.

Dean Zhao gave a brief flattering grin.

"I will undoubtedly look after all of the doctors and do my best to ensure stability and harmony."

Tian Yuan had the backing of the entire Pan family.

This time, Pan Lei issued a severe warning: who would dare to offend him again He did not want to lose the position of dean.

If Pan Lei's mother talked to the Health Bureau, and pulled some strings, the dean would most certainly be laid off.

It wasn’t anything new.

Such things had happened in the past.

It appeared the director of surgery was really confused that he dared to provoke this devil.

He over indulged his little mistress.

He spoiled his junior, but he forgot that the Pan family spoiled Pan Lei as well.

Tian Yuan was Pan Lei’s raw nerve.

To go against the Pan family, the director of surgery clearly didn’t want to live any longer.

He didn’t want to be dragged down, but it seemed he had been messed with.

He really wanted to find an opportunity to “chat” with the director of surgery.

"Pan Lei Why are you still here Go back quickly."

Tian Yuan was quite concerned about Pan Lei's presence in the office.

Tian Yuan was terrified that his rage would cause him to do something inappropriate.

So he went in search of him.

Pan Lei turned around and smiled at Tian Yuan.

"I am almost done.

I'll leave right away."

"I don't care how you manage your doctors; all I ask is that no one bully him.

You better remember this."

When he turned to face the dean, he appeared menacing.

The dean quickly nodded, assuring that such things would never happen again.

Pan Lei turned around, took Tian Yuan's hand, and smiled innocently at him.

"You’re talking nonsense again.

Go home quickly."

"I’d like to spend a little more time with you."

Tian Yuan didn’t know what he said to the dean, but the dean's face was very ugly.

Tian Yuan was worried Pan Lei, this jerk who didn’t play by the rules, would cause trouble.

"Let's go, let's go.

I will go get the groceries now and pick you up later in the afternoon.

I still need to teach you to drive.”

This was a hospital.

Could this guy stop being arrogant! This jerk was like a bandit descending the mountain to loot.

It would affect his regular work.

"I'll leave as soon as my work is done.

Would you like to eat candied apples It’s a new recipe I’ve learned."

Pan Lei looked around for the director of surgery, a balding man in his fifties with a beer belly.

"Yes! I want to eat them."

Pan Lei blinked when he saw the director of surgery's office and smiled.

"I’ll show you my skills in the evening."

Pan Lei gently pushed Tian Yuan away and dashed towards the office of the director of surgery.

Tian Yuan grabbed him and told him to stop making trouble and to return home.

What exactly did he want to do Murder

"Tian'er, be obedient.

I'll be out in a minute."

"Hurry up and go home.

Don't mess around."

"I won’t make trouble.

I just want to make him remember something for the rest of his life."

Tian Yuan was powerless to stop him.

This time, Pan Lei didn’t kick the door.

He knocked.

Tian Yuan didn’t dare to follow.

Pan Lei would be the channel for his rage.

He could only find a spot where the director couldn’t see him, but he could still observe the situation inside.

Pan Lei smiled.

He had to double-check, lest he struck the wrong person.

"Are you the director of surgery"

"Who are you What’s the matter"

The director of surgery exuded the chilly estrangement that doctors typically had.

It was how people felt when they were in a hospital - cold and without warmth.

Pan Lei rotated his wrist.

"There is a problem.

A serious problem."

Pan Lei's fist was strong enough to crush ten huge pots and puncture five-centimetre thick wooden planks.

He could crush twelve bricks with a hand knife.

His knuckles and hands had all been honed with iron and sand.

You could only adequately defend yourself if you had a solid basis in kungfu.

He'd shattered a slew of sandbags, and he'd developed calluses on the joints of his fingers from intense training.

He punched sandbags, practiced boxing, abraded his flesh, bled, and formed scabs repeatedly during his soldier training.

The calluses had gradually eroded as a result of the continual workout.

The director of surgery grasped his chin and waited for him to speak.

Pan Lei moved quickly and arrived at his side in a flash.

He raised his fist and smacked the director on the chin.

The fist that could break planks, could easily break his chin.

The director’s body fell out, smacked to the ground with a thud, and his teeth spewed far away.

He wailed on the floor, clutching his chin.

Pan Lei followed with a kick to his waist, and smacked the director around.

The director scrambled, screaming and shivering, with a mouthful of blood.

"You, who are you You dare to commit murder I’m going to call the police."

Pan Lei pulled out his phone and shook it at him.

"I'll call the police for you."

A call was placed to his second brother's cell phone.

He also activated the hands-free feature so that the director could hear clearly.

"Brother, I hit someone at the No.1 Hospital.

It was the director who indulged his mistress to bully Tian Yuan.

He wants to call the police.

Send someone over.

By the way, inform Lin Mu and let him go to the Health Bureau.

I want this son-of-a-b***h to be unable to practice medicine in this life!"

Pan Ge's voice was steady, with no ups and downs.

"Beat hard.

If he wants to call the police, I will make sure no cop in the city will handle his case.

There are only a few of our people in the Health Bureau.

Should I contact the prosecutor’s office and have them check this son-of-a-b***h’s property"

Pan Lei smiled at the director.

"Make sure he is treated on time.

Because the pharmacists and doctors are colluding, the investigation is now quite tight.

Just make an example of him.

That's all there is to it."

"Just ensure he stays alive.

He is a doctor who can cure himself after breaking his arm and leg.

As long as he doesn't die, I can guarantee they’ll (the procuratorate) sue him."

Pan Ge gritted his teeth.

Bullying the Pan family He should have opened his eyes to see who he was bullying.

Pan Lei shook his head at the director as he hung up the phone.

He was enraged when he saw this fat man’s sluggish and bloody face.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the city’s police chief is my brother.

The head of the Health Bureau is my father's best friend, and the Chief Prosecutor[1] is my relative.

Are you going to sue me or get me arrested"

The director finally realized that he seemed to have provoked someone who should not have been offended.

"You, who are you"

Pan Lei stood beside him and stroked his chin.

"I am Tian Yuan's lover.

You trampled on him, bullied him because of his honesty, and duped him into going to the countryside.

I am very unhappy that you indulged your little mistress and allowed her to cry at him.

You thought he had no backing, didn’t you You thought you could bully him and get away with it, right You thought he had no choice but to swallow his anger right I'm unhappy because you made him miserable.

Now I'm going to make you unhappy.

You **ing believe you can support your little idiot's misconduct and no one can stop you, don't you Let Laozi tell you, I have contacts at the public security bureau and the district attorney's office.

Murdering you is equivalent to killing an ant.

Keep yourself on a short leash.

Don't let your little mistress misbehave.

You keep your tail tucked for me as well.

I will destroy you if you dare to scare him with resignation if he does not do what you desire.

Remember, no one is allowed to bully him in this hospital.

If I hear you misbehaving again, take care of your dog life and future."

Only then did the director of surgery realize that Tian Yuan and this man were a pair, and his lover was someone he couldn't afford to offend.

He had stroked the tiger's beard and had been swatted by its paw.

This loss was beyond his power to bear.

Pan Lei noticed that he was sufficiently frightened and realized that he was completely awed.

He was in his fifties and lacked dignity.

This hospital's atmosphere was deplorable.

"Hey, I'm telling you, don't indulge your little mistress.

You and your little mistress shouldn’t be too ostentatious.

Make her behave a little.

Don't let her think she is the queen of the hospital with you as a backer.

I don't want your wife or children to know about your activities.

Let me ask you something.

You’re so old and have everything, why bother with such a mistress If your wife finds out, you’ll be beaten to death."

A man should bear the entire responsibility for his emotions.

His wife had been by his side for half of his life, and had seen him through thick and thin.

He had a mistress in their old age.

How could he be so unscrupulous

He would never be seduced by anyone other than Tian Yuan.

He would never let Tian Yuan down, just as he would never let the military uniform on his body down.

His love and passion for Tian'er were as unshakable as his allegiance to the homeland.



[1] Known as DA in America. 



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I love historical genre but they are so difficult to translate


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