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Chapter 85 Forever has to be forever


The bomb squad and special forces team arrived and quickly dispatched the assailant.


Li was so terrified that she passed out.

Pan Lei directed the team to remove them as soon as possible.

They were only in charge of rescue.

They had nothing to do with the follow-up.


Pan Lei held Tian Yuan in his arms while the police took over everything.

He was trembling, and he had to be scared.


"Pan Lei, let’s, let's go back."


Tian Yuan thought the day had been terrifying, especially the last scene in which Pan Lei held a detonator that was about to explode in his hand.

Every time he remembered it, he couldn't stop shaking.

He just wanted to leave and go home.

He couldn't take the tension any longer.


Pan Lei comforted him with a hug before turning around and signaling to Pan Ge that he was about to leave.


When they got into the car, Tian Yuan, who was terrified, lay limp on the seat, still clutching Pan Lei's hand.

Pan Lei caressed his pale face and kissed his brow in comfort.


"It's okay, baby; let's go home now."


Tian Yuan refused to let go of Pan Lei's hand, as if doing so would ensure Pan Lei's safety.

Pan Lei was upset and had to drive with one hand.

Fortunately, their residence was not far from the hospital.

Pan Lei half-helped and half-carried Tian Yuan back home, placing him on the sofa before turning to get a cup of water.


Since they were in love, they had to be together for a lifetime.

Neither of them was allowed to leave halfway.

Because their feelings were strong and they wanted to be together, they couldn't let this kind of danger destroy their feelings.

Tian Yuan was unfazed by anything.

But what he dreaded the most were these perilous situations in which an accident could cost Pan Lei his life.

Pan Lei had spoiled him so much; they had shared so much sweetness, so much distress, and so much indulgence.

He couldn't function without this person.

If Pan Lei had an accident, if he died, he’d live and die in loneliness.


Loneliness is having no one in your heart.

But to have someone in your heart and yet be unable to have your Mr.

Perfect[1] beside you was utter misery.


Pan Lei was in his heart.

He didn't want Pan Lei to be involved in an accident.

He wished to spend his entire life with Pan Lei.

He didn't want to be alone.


Even if Pan Lei cared more about him than his own safety, he couldn't let him be so scared.

At the time, if he had been even one second late, if the delay had been only a second, Pan Lei, Pan Lei...


Tian Yuan hid his face behind his hands.

He couldn't bear thinking about it any longer.

What he dreaded the most was Pan Lei being in danger.


He couldn't bear the thought of Pan Lei getting into an accident.

He was terrified thinking that Pan Lei would say he'd come back, but never return.

If he died… if he died, he, a person spoiled by Pan Lei, would not survive.


It didn't matter if people said he was overly spoiled or lacked psychological endurance.

He couldn't afford for Pan Lei to get into an accident.


The greater the love, the greater the fear.

That was most likely it.

He was afraid that something bad would happen to Pan Lei, that he would be in danger, and that their goodbye kiss would be one of farewell.


He hoped that he would live a safe life as the person who loved him the most in the world.

They should love to the end since they loved each other.

Leave neither halfway nor abruptly.

They should be able to live and die together.

It was his one and only request.


Pan Lei brought a cup of water, sat down next to Tian Yuan, and handed the cup over.


"It's no longer hot, so take a sip to keep your mind at ease.

It's all over, it's fine, everything is fine."


Yes, he was the man who had been calling him baby and treating him as if he were a child, laughing and playing with him, making him happy, and using all of his contacts for him.

He adored him, looked after him, and spoiled him.

That was the unwavering love for him, the accumulation of so many deep feelings.

Pan Lei found it simple to care for him because he loved him.

Kneeling down to propose was one way to show love, and cooking for him was another.


‘Please, God, don't put this person in danger.

Allow him to retire in peace.

Allow him to accompany me safely for the rest of my life.'


He raised his eyes and looked at Pan Lei.

Pan Lei was scared because his eyes were a little teary.

'What's wrong What exactly is he thinking Why are his eyes wet'


"Baby, what's the matter with you Are you scared It's okay, be good..."


Tian Yuan stood up fiercely.

Despite the hot water cup in his hand, he stood up and sat on Pan Lei, clinging to his neck tightly.

He hugged Pan Lei with all his might, causing him to lean back with great force.

Pan Lei quickly set the cup in his hand aside after a while.


"Take care.

The water could burn you."


Tian Yuan turned around, threw the water cup to the ground, dashed forward, and pinched Pan Lei's shoulder, forcing them to face each other.


‘Why is he acting crazy Why did he throw the cup’


Pan Lei didn't have the time to respond.

He was struck on his shoulders before he could think about how he had provoked Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was frantic and desperate, shaking his shoulders obstinately.


"Pan Lei, let me tell you, since you say you’ll love me for a lifetime, it has to be a lifetime.

You are not allowed to leave halfway through, you are not allowed to die, and you are not allowed to be in jeopardy.

Forever has to be forever.

It represents my entire life.

It means you won't abandon me until I die.

Listen up.

A lifetime is just that: a lifetime.

One day, one hour, one minute, or even one second less is not a lifetime.

Till the day I close my eyes, you will live well for me, remaining with me until the end.

I will dig up your body, dissect you, grind your bones, and scatter your ashes if you dare to leave halfway, if you dare to have an accident, if you dare to leave me alone in this world.


Don't kiss me and say, "Wait for me to return," then die and make me wait for someone who will never return.

You must live a long, safe life with me, free of danger and death.

I don’t have the identity to know if anything bad happens to you.

Your missions are classified.

Even if you pass away, they will only notify your parents.

You can't make me wait a lifetime.

Pan Lei, keep this in mind.

You are not permitted to abandon me and die first.

Remember, this is my entire life.

You are not allowed to leave if I don't allow you to do so!"


Pan Lei's brain crashed.

He was truly unable to respond at this critical juncture due to information overload.


Tian Yuan yelled, his voice echoing in Pan Lei's ears.


'Did he say he wanted to spend his entire life with me Not one day, an hour, a minute, or even a second less I’m not allowed to die I’m not allowed to leave We’ll stay together until our hair turns white


Does it… does it… does it mean that Tian’er agreed to be with me!


Is this the so-called vow to promise each other a lifetime and never give up!’


Pan Lei's was overjoyed.

He was so overjoyed that he was about to burst.

He quickly pushed Tian Yuan away, asking him to repeat himself to ensure that he truly agreed to be with him for the rest of his life.


"Tian'er, my baby, my darling, tell me again.

Did you just agree to marry me"


"Marry your uncle's head."

Tian Yuan pushed his hand away from him and hugged him again, almost squeezing Pan Lei's neck.

He would not let go of this man for the rest of his life, and Pan Lei was not allowed to let go either.


"You frightened me to death.

Why don't you stop doing such risky things You have no idea how concerned I am.

You would have been doomed with just one second of delay.

I beg you, Pan Lei.

Can you please stop doing these risky things for my sake What would I do if you get hurt Why’d you spoil me so much I really don't know what to do.

I can't imagine what I'd do if you weren't in my life."


Pan Lei's hand tightened around his waist.

Tian Yuan didn't have to admit anything.

He couldn't have been more specific about what he'd said.

He had promised Tian'er a lifetime of love and happiness.


When Tian Yuan said this, he nodded.

They would live together lovingly.


Pan Lei clutched his treasure in his arms.

Tian Yuan was his hard-won sweetheart.

From now on, this sharp-tongued, soft-hearted baby would belong solely to him.


Pan Lei buried his head in Tian Yuan’s neck, and hugged him tightly.


"I will not leave you.

I now have a family and a lover.

I will protect myself for you when I go on a mission.

I will come back alive and love my baby.

I'll treat him as if he were an ancestor.

I'll shower him with all the joy in the world.

I want him to be happy every day, and I don't want him to be sorry for having followed me his entire life."


Tian Yuan smiled but said nothing.

He had no other request as long as he returned safely.


"I'll be satisfied if you return safely."


Even if they couldn't see each other every day, it was reassuring to know he was safe.

He'd be waiting for him to return eagerly.


"Yes Sir!"


Pan Lei gave him a military salute.

Tian Yuan, who was sitting on his lap, laughed when he saw him playing tricks.

He couldn't take his gaze away from Pan Lei.

Pan Lei had lavished him with tenderness and love, and he had been treated incredibly well.

Pan Lei didn't care about anyone's criticism, and despite his reservations, he had always loved him.


This life would not be in vain if he was treasured and loved by him for the rest of his life.


Pan Lei cocked his head and kissed Tian Yuan's palm.


Their gazes locked.

Pan Lei's eyes were burning.

Tian Yuan reasoned that his eyes had to be hot as well, or else Pan Lei wouldn't tighten his hold on his waist even more.


It wasn't clear who took the first step.

Maybe Tian Yuan couldn't take it anymore, and maybe it was Pan Lei who couldn't restrain himself.

Only deep kisses could express their feelings at the time.


Tian Yuan bowed his head and knelt.

He lightly bit Pan Lei’s lips and caressed his face, having learned from his previous actions.

His teeth nibbled on Pan Lei's upper lip, leaving tooth marks.

He then brushed Pan Lei's lips with a lick of the tip of his tongue.

Pan Lei's arm tightened once more.

For a brief moment, Tian Yuan wondered if his waist would snap.


Pan Lei then opened his mouth, and Tian Yuan's tongue slid in smoothly.

Pan Lei couldn't control himself any longer and took a deep breath.


They embraced and kissed deeply, Pan Lei's big hands repeatedly caressing Tian Yuan's hips.

Pan Lei embraced Tian Yuan's waist with one hand and his hip with the other, stood up and kicked open the bedroom door.


[1] The person you have been looking for; Mr Right; the girl of  your dreams.


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