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Chapter 86 Ge’s good boy**


This time he wouldn't stop in the middle, and Tian Yuan wouldn't be terrified because the person hugging him was the one he wanted to love for the rest of his life.


Tian Yuan clutched Pan Lei's shoulders, stretched eagerly towards him, showering deep kisses from various angles on Pan Lei before he could counterattack, and took the initiative to kiss him.

It was the first time he had taken the initiative.

When he ran his fingers through Pan Lei's hair, the scratchy ends tickled his palms, just the way his kisses scratched his heart.


Pan Lei couldn't take his eyes off the man in his arms, and they crashed on the bed.

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan on the lips several times, caressing Tian Yuan's fragile neck with his chin stubble till it turned red.

Then he started kissing seriously, biting at his earlobe, wishing he could swallow Tian'er whole in one mouthful.


"My baby, my Tian’er, my darling!"


Pan Lei's heart was probably in an utter mess for the first time in his life.

All of these lovely nicknames, he felt, fell short of conveying his sentiments for the person in his arms.

He valued this man far more than his own life.

Tian'er was his soul.

Pan Lei fell in love with him in a thousand ways after witnessing this sharp-tongued man behave sweetly as he submitted in his arms and allowed him to kiss in every way.


"Get lost! Your uncle! Get lost! If you call me such messy names, I… I’ll stab you to death!"


Tian Yuan blushed with embarrassment as he heard Pan Lei's love words; or perhaps it was because Pan Lei had unbuttoned his shirt and placed his hand squarely on his chest, causing him to feel heated.


"Change the way of killing okay I just want to die on your body.

I'm willing to die from exhaustion in order to be a real newly married couple with you."


Pan Lei smirked as he moved Tian Yuan's shirt aside and nibbled on his collarbone.

His physical strength was unrivaled.

Even two thousand push-ups were no trouble.

Tian Yuan would undoubtedly die a hundred times before he could be exhausted on Tian Yuan.

Cough, what a way to die!


Tian Yuan was enraged.

Even during this moment, this jerk didn't forget to tease him.


He raised his leg to kick him.

Pan Lei grabbed his calf, removed his socks, then reached over to loosen his belt.


Tian Yuan took a deep breath as he heard the zipper slide down.

He was prepared to devote himself to Pan Lei.

They were familiar with each other's bodies and had done some embarrassing and heart-pounding things at night, but they had never gone all the way.

He was still shy when confronted with such great intimacy.


Tian Yuan raised his arm and covered his eyes.


Pan Lei took in his chest's strong undulations as well as the little pink fruit that rose high and low, clearly a temptation.

His body trembled from shyness, and his skin was somewhat pink.

He was like a night pearl that glowed softly in the dark.

Pan Lei was completely enchanted.


He tugged and pushed his pants down without halting his hand.

But he still dropped his head and lowered his body, worshiping the small fruit with his lips.

He sucked deeply before licking them using the tip of his tongue.

Tian Yuan uttered a stifled grunt in response to the rough tip of the tongue.

He bit gently at the small red fruit with his teeth till it stiffened and glistened.

He turned to the other side after taking care of it.


Pan Lei lavished kisses on the little fruit on one side, before moving on to the other side.

He gently sucked, licked, and bit, each kiss leaving a scarlet trace.

These marks were like way-points indicating the path he had taken on his quest to shower Tian Yuan with love.


The trousers fell off the bed as he kissed down from the little fruit, leaving red marks with his teeth and tongue travelling along the waist, all the way to the lower abdomen.


Tian Yuan couldn't stop himself as the tip of Pan Lei's tongue circled around his belly button.

He was ticklish and terrified.

It was agonizing to be licked and kissed with that silky, slippery tongue.

Tian Yuan coiled up and was prepared to kick him with his feet.


"If you want to do it, just do it.

Your scratching is making me itch! You’ll tickle me to death!"


This time, it was clear that his red face was not the result of shyness or nervousness, but of suppressed laughing.


"Why are you smiling You’re destroying the mood! Don’t laugh!"


Pan Lei was furious and wanted to spank him.

Why did he encounter such a nervous individual He was as rigid as a telephone pole.

He was masterfully tormenting him and creating a fantastic environment with foreplay, but Tian'er felt he was scratching him He had destroyed the room's lovely scenery.


Tian Yuan screamed as Pan Lei grabbed his ankle and bit down on the outside of his foot.

Pan Lei bit him lightly.

He kissed his foot just enough to leave a tooth mark, then raised his foot and kissed it.


Tian Yuan's feet were significantly smaller than his.

They were really tender and white since they didn't get enough sunlight all year.

Pan Lei had bathed his feet previously and knew that his toes, like jade carvings, were equally exquisite.


On the bed, Tian Yuan's upper torso twisted furiously.

He had no idea that after kissing his waist, Pan Lei would start kissing his feet.

He couldn't stand it any longer and burst out laughing.


What love words What sweet nothings What foreplay There was no trace of a romantic atmosphere at all.

Tian Yuan yelled and laughed, twisting like a lunatic on the bed, while Pan Lei appeared determined to kiss his feet.


It was all right.

He couldn't get away as long as he grabbed Tianer's legs, even if he twisted again.


Tian Yuan twisted around, laughing and screaming, until only gasps, pleadings for mercy, and groans escaped his mouth.


Pan Lei kissed his ankle and calf, covering every inch of his flesh, before lifting Tian Yuan's leg to his shoulder.

Pan Lei's lips made contact with the softest portion of his inner thigh, nibbled, and then kissed passionately, the red marks forming a pattern.

Tian Yuan's laughter went lower and lower as Pan Lei's kisses rose higher and higher.

He was gasping for air towards the end.

He began to clench his fists.

He didn't know what to grab, so he had to cling to the bedsheet.


Tian Yuan moaned when Pan Lei lifted the edge of his underpants and kissed the inside of his mermaid line.


Little Tian was pushed up on his briefs, poised for action.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, did not touch little Tian.

He moved over and began kissing the area on the other side of it.


The tender little flesh still carried the hickeys he had left behind the last time.

All the rubbing had left red markings on the inside of his thighs.

All of these marks were evidence of Pan Lei's resilience the last time they became entangled.

As a result, he would show no restraint today.


The controlled fire could not simply vanish.

On the contrary, it became larger and larger.


Pan Lei removed Tian Yuan's underpants and continued kissing him.

But he didn't even touch little Tian, entirely disregarding it.

Let him laugh, let him destroy the atmosphere by laughing again! He’d just tie a rubber band around little Tian! Even if he sobbed and begged for compassion, he wouldn't let go!


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei!"


Tian Yuan was in a stupor.

His thinking became dizzy as heat surged through his body.

He felt as if he were lying on ice, and Pan Lei's kisses and touch were like a ball of fire, searing him and rendering him unable to follow his motions.

He shifted his body, blindly attempting to have Pan Lei touch the spot most in need of his attention.

He wanted Pan Lei to touch it, even if only once, but he refused.

He panted, raised his head, and realized he didn't have enough air, so he yelled desperately, "Pan Lei, Pan Lei, help me!"


In his mind, there was only one name, only one person, and only he could help relieve this cold and searing torment.

Tian Yuan kept calling him, longing for his embrace, for him to hug him hard and lavish him with affection.


Pan Lei lifted his body and kissed him several times.

Tian Yuan was like a starving guy who has finally found an oasis in the desert.

As he locked lips with Pan Lei, their tongues entangled, his response was almost urgent.

With one palm clamped on the bed sheet, he tightened his grip on Pan Lei.


Pan Lei reached for the nightstand cupboard and opened it.

He remembered putting the aloe vera gel Lin Mu had given him in it.

He hadn't yet prepared the essential products, so the aloe vera gel could be used as a substitute.


Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan passionately, then dropped his body and squeezed out a dollop of the gel, having finally grasped it in a hurry.

He put one hand around Little Tian, and his gel-coated fingers went exploring at the same time.




Tian Yuan yelled.

He wasn't sure if it was because little Tian was being aroused or because the chilly gel was piercing his body.


Pan Lei traced each blood vessel with the tip of his tongue, coated little Tian with saliva, placed it in his mouth, and sucked gently.

At the same moment, his fingers moved in shallow thrusts.

He sank two fingers quickly as he felt the muscles loosen slightly.


Tian Yuan gasped violently, clutching at Pan Lei’s hair.

Due to Pan Lei’s crew-cut, he couldn't grab anything, and could only claw the bedsheet desperately.

He couldn't keep the gasping, weeping, and groaning at bay any longer.

He shifted his body in an attempt to evade the tremendous stimulation.


Pan Lei swallowed little Tian, kissing around it, while simultaneously pressing down on the sensitive nerves near his chrysanthemum and lightly stimulating them with his fingertips.

Tian Yuan was like a fish out of water, and straightened his waist violently.


Little Tian had become extremely sensitive.

Tian Yuan was driven insane when Pan Lei inserted a third finger, his fingers pumping in and out.

His moans became a yell.


"Pan Lei, Pan Lei! Don't, don't, Pan Lei, let me go!"


Pan Lei pressed hard and put little Tian in his mouth again.




Tian Yuan erupted, a scorching hot white liquid spraying out.

He called out to Pan Lei with the word he wanted to hear the most, ge.

Ge, Tian Yuan’s gege; Pan Lei was only Tian Yuan’s dige[1].


Pan Lei couldn't stop himself after hearing this word.

He pulled out his fingers, grabbed Little General Pan Lei, and pushed in.


He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist and pressed him against his chest.


"Baby, my darling, hold onto ge."


Tian Yuan sobbed, his thoughts went blank, and he had the impression that his body was not his own.

All he could hear was Pan Lei telling him to hug him tightly, so he did.

He put his arms around Pan Lei's neck, his legs around his waist, and hugged Pan Lei with all the strength he had left.


"You’re a good boy.

Bite on ge’s shoulder if it hurts.

Ge adores you, ge loves you, ge loves you a lot.

Now ge will love you dearly*."


He couldn’t be called a man if he continued holding back.

He kissed Tian Yuan’s ear, whispering hot loving words while tightening his waist and slowly entered, hurting Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan’s red face turned pale, and he shrank back because of the pain.


"Ge, ge, it hurts, ge!"


He called out ge repeatedly, attempting to elicit sympathy from Pan Lei.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, refused to back down and gritted his teeth.

Hearing Tian Yuan call out "ge" was exciting for him, and he couldn't take it any longer.

He gritted his teeth and went all in with a fierce "Damn!"


Tian Yuan screamed and bit him on the shoulder.


"Good boy, you’re ge’s good boy.

Bear it, bear it."


Pan Lei didn't dare to act rashly.

He caressed Tian Yuan’s back again and again, enduring the tightness and blistering heat from his body while he waited for him to relax.

Then he’d satisfy himself as well as Tian’er.


[1] It means “taxi driver”.

Basically, they are each other’s first lovers.


** A little explanation.

The word used is guai bao.

Here guai=well-behaved, bao=treasure/precious.

The word translates as "obedient treasure", which of course sounds ridiculous in English.

So I decided to go with "good boy" because later Tian Yuan calls Pan Lei 'ge', which is elder brother.

So there's no "pedo" here folks.

Just to be clear.

*When Pan Lei says - "Ge adores you, ge loves you, ge loves you a lot.

Now ge will love you dearly." - the "love you dearly" refers to physical love.

The sentence is something like this, "I love and adore you, so I want to make love with you." I wasn't sure if this is clear.

Hence the note.


This was so embarrassing to translate.

Aiya, my face is red like a monkey's butt (#/。\#) I have tried my best to make it hot and yet romantic. I hope I have done a decent job


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