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Chapter 09: This Laozi Will Avenge You 

Tian Yuan had spent all day long gnashing his teeth at a certain man who continuously tried to seize him, so how can he possibly have the excess energy to instantly react in this unexpected situation He was only too scared to wait for the impending disaster.

Pan Lei’s speed exceeded that of an ordinary person.

He quickly rushed over and clasped Tian Yuan to the side.

When Tian Yuan had been flung two or three meters away and fell to the ground, the bus had arrived in front of Pan Lei.

Pan Lei’s reaction was abnormally quick as he jumped up, slammed his foot on the body of the automobile to leverage force and finally, threw himself to a safe place with his feet landing smoothly on the ground.

The driver of the bus braked in an emergency, which averted a disaster.

After he ascertained that everybody is safe, Pan Lei’s flaming rage had already gone through to the top of his head.

Without thinking whether or not he would hurt him, Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan’s arm and pulled him up. He examined him from the crown of his head to the tip of his toes several times. He touched his face and pinched his arm to make sure that the body didn’t have any indication of bleeding.

When he had done enough, his heart was finally at rest. “Are you all right”

Tian Yuan’s heart rate was at a hundred and two and was beating rapidly.

His face looked green enough, clearly showing that he was truly scared.

He shook his head to respond.

That’s fine. Pan Lei is even more worried at this moment compared to the time when he shot a robber to rescue hostages.

“Don’t you know how to deal with danger How could you, an adult, not know what danger is

You should also have to consider the place before you lose your temper.

If you want to talk about something, you have to put it off until we reach home.

I already told you that we should go and talk about it at home but you just had to throw a tantrum in the street like a child. You were basically treating my words as fart!

Did you not know how dangerous that was Won’t you behave until you get yourself killed Clearly, you are lacking self-control!”

Tian Yuan was about to open his mouth to talk, but he held back when he heard what Pan Lei said.

Who was he calling that lacked self-control He was also mad at himself for losing his temper but he just can’t help getting angry because of a certain guy’s shamelessness. Who was the one making things difficult for somebody If he did not pick at him first, would he have quarreled with him

“Still dare to pout Shut your mouth and behave yourself.

You just wait and see how I fix you up when we get back.”

As Pan Lei stares at Tian Yuan’s tiger-like face, his temper flared up in an instant.

He really had met someone that can evenly match him.

Causing trouble.

Creating a disturbance.

He really knows how to cause havoc.

Just how old is he to make people worry this much This guy’s temper can even overturn the heavens.

Now, regardless of what had happened, he will only allow Tian Yuan to manage small things in the future and prohibit him from doing anything that’s dangerous. It is also important to give him the Family Law in advance.

[Dangerous things cannot be done.] This is the first article in the Family Law.

Tian Yuan attempted to talk once again, but just as when he opens his mouth, Pan Lei pointed his long and slender finger at his nose. The eyes that were staring at him were bigger and rounder than usual but nothing was said. Tian Yuan knew, however, that the bandit was trying to say something as he must have been furious. He had to tolerate him for a moment and just listen to him first.

After giving his orders to Tian Yuan, Pan Lei snorted and then bowed his head down.

He massaged Tian Yuan’s sore hand and kneaded it gently.

Pan Lei may have looked calm on the surface but in the inside, he’s been holding back his aggressiveness. He and Tian Yuan can just go home to resolve their own matters but he will not let the bus driver get away with this easily. 

The bus driver, who does not fear death, skipped over and pointed at Tian Yuan. “Are you blind Didn’t you see the bus coming If you wish to die, don’t do it under my car.

Wouldn’t this be looking for trouble for me”

At this moment, Pan Lei’s fury skyrocketed.

Son of a b****! Still dare to point with your fingers

Who was he giving orders to Who was blind Didn’t his parents teach him anything about politeness Who does he think he was pointing at

Pan Lei simply forgot that just a moment ago, he used his finger to arrogantly point at Tian Yuan and ordered people to shut up.

A typical bandit is what he does, and others are not allowed to do the same.

He can scold and hit his people, but no one is allowed to point fingers at them.

He raised his leg and kicked the driver who was then knocked over to the ground. Then he stepped on the back of the driver’s hand.

“How do you drive a car Can you even drive, ah Do you drive the bus like an airplane I have a pilot’s license.

Do you have any You almost hit someone and you still dared to swear at people Didn’t your parents teach you Call me ‘father‘ and I will teach you what the thing called politeness is about. Spouting a mouthful of manure, I’ll let you eat excrement then.” 

{T/N: Nothing was mentioned in the raw, but I guess the driver was facing the ground when he was knocked over and had, unfortunately, taken in some ‘soil’ with animal excrement mixed in it.

And while Pan Lei was talking to him, he spits out the ‘soil’ that entered his mouth.

Pan Lei was referring to the human fecal matter when he said “excrement”.}

The driver really did not expect to encounter such a man who just come up and hit people.

While at this thought, he spouts another mouthful of manure.

“Pan Lei! You let go of him! Bandit, what are you doing”

Tian Yuan was so mad.

He did not know what the law was but it was evidently his fault that the traffic was obstructed.

The driver didn’t know any of this.

He cursed at people because he could not accept such humiliation.

“Stay put at one side.

Did you go to school just to read books How idiotic.

People are already scolding you and you’re still enduring it Right, you can stand it.

But I can’t.

My people are not allowed to suffer at all.”

Pan Lei took out his phone and moved his foot to the driver’s chest. “Elder brother, give me the telephone number of the president of the bus company.

I’m going to ask how he’s managing it with this kind of standard.

No, I didn’t cause trouble.

A driver almost hit my man.

I can’t forgive him.”

Tian Yuan did not want things to escalate further and the driver also kept begging incessantly for mercy, but Pan Lei still wanted to proceed.

“Don’t worry.

We’ll leave after I have completely taken revenge for you.

Just wait for a while.” Pan Lei saw Tian Yuan’s anxiousness so he spoke those words to console him. 

As soon as the call got connected, Pan Lei went to the side and Tian Yuan hurriedly held the driver up with the help of the conductor.

“I’m Pan Lei.

It was just more than a year that you have not mingled with the troops outside, but you actually have forgotten how my voice sounds like.”

The man at the other end of the phone hurriedly laughed. “Little Pan, this old official tends to forget at times, okay Both of your eldest brother and second brother have been promoted.

Truly worthy of a celebration.

Congratulations! I have always wanted to find an opportunity to invite the young masters of the Pan family to dinner, but there is no such opportunity. Please do me the honor, Little Pan.”

“I’ll take this opportunity to say one thing.

Let me tell you this, the driver under your administration is quite capable.

He almost hit my family’s spouse.

He yelled right at my spouse’s nose, when I couldn’t even bear to do it myself.

What was your subordinate thinking You quickly manage this.”

“Little Pan, rest assured that I will personally solve this matter immediately.

You and the others should wait for me as I will be there soon.”

After ending the call, Pan Lei did not care if there was already a traffic jam.

He walked over to Tian Yuan’s side and wiped the latter’s dirty hands.

“Well, am I not okay Don’t make a fuss anymore.”

“Don’t worry about it.

I’ll never allow you to do something unpleasant.

He dared to scold at my man.

He’s courting death.

I held your hand carefully and caressed it lovingly but it was not to let you fight.

That would hurt.

Anyway, don’t just stand there. Move about and let me see if there is any bruising.”

Hearing this, Tian Yuan somewhat blushed.

When Pan Lei speaks like a lover, it seems to be natural to him, regardless of location.

Pan Lei helped him take a few steps to make sure if he was fine.

After seeing that he’s all right, Pan Lei was relieved. He helped Tian Yuan find a place to sit down where the sun does not shine through. He pulled his hand, and carefully massaged where he had been hurt.

“The doctor’s hand should be carefully protected.

You must only use this hand to save people and nothing else.”

Pan Lei knelt beside him, and just like holding his treasure, he slowly massaged away the pain.

While his fingers are moving, Pan Lei looked up and smiled brightly at Tian Yuan.

Because of this brilliant smile, Tian Yuan’s heartbeat bounced in chaos.


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