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Chapter 95 The Pan men run together


The Mahjong battle lasted until midnight.

Grandpa Pan couldn't keep on much longer.

He was about 90 years old and had begun playing Mahjong in the afternoon and continued until midnight.

He'd lost a lot of money at the table.

He was left with a balance of three laps after adding and deducting them, which he found quite satisfactory.


That night's dinner was actually midnight snacks.

No one left after eating.

Tian Yuan was still on vacation.

Pan Lei had discussed it with him beforehand, and they had agreed to stay.

He wanted Tian Yuan to see his room in the days before he became a soldier.


Fortunately, there were plenty of available rooms, so they could all stay over.


Grandpa Pan waved his hand before retiring to bed.


"Children, get out of bed early tomorrow and start the heavy load cross-country run at six."


Even if they went to bed immediately, starting at six o'clock in the morning meant they could only sleep for around five hours.


There was a large bed draped in a green army quilt.

Except for when he was in college, Tian Yuan had never used a quilt like this.


Pan Lei spread the quilt across the bed and climbed in with Tian Yuan.

While lying on his bed, he had his hands wrapped over his boyfriend.

His heart was bursting at the seams with excitement.


The military quilt was intended for a single individual.

Now there were two mature males lying together, digging into the quilt.

To be honest, it was a little uncomfortable.

The quilt would be displaced as soon as one of them rolled over.

Tian Yuan was afraid to move.

He was stiff, and he pushed Pan Lei.


"Get yourself another quilt.

I feel uncomfortable sharing it with you."


"How is it possible for a couple to not sleep together Go to bed.

I'm going to wrap my arms around you."


"The quilt will fall if one of us turns over."


"The quilt is small, but I have a good idea."


Pan Lei grinned mischievously and devised another evil scheme.


He grabbed Tian Yuan's arm and yanked him to his chest, causing their chests, lower abdomens, and little heads to stick together.

Was it conceivable to sleep like this Stuck together


Pan Lei had long desired to sleep with Tian Yuan in this manner.

He could hear Tian Yuan's heartbeat because of the close physical contact.

He could caress Tian'er's back and even feel his little brother when he dropped his hand. What a great position!


Pan Lei had always wanted to try it.

His hubby was thin-skinned.

With the exception of "that" time, he never sat on his body.

Tian Yuan sat on his lap and moved around only when he was lost in his desire.


This level of stimulus was too much for Tian Yuan.

He was going to flee in a panic the instant their little brothers touched.

Pan Lei, however, clutched him in his arms while breathing heavily.


"My parents are sleeping next door.

If you want them to know how loving we are, feel free to move about."


Tian Yuan was terrified and instantly stopped squirming.

It would be preferable to return home for that kind of thing.


"Darling, honey, can you please go to sleep The Pan family's old and young men will be running together tomorrow.

Heh heh! What lovely scenery that will be! The commander-in-chief is so old and he is still required to run as punishment.

Hah! The men under his command will be overjoyed to see it.

They have always been the ones that observe soldiers in training.

It is now their turn."


He only caressed Tian Yuan's back, not daring to touch him for fear of catching fire.

He didn't dare to consider it.

Despite the fact that his sweetheart was in his arms and his body was glued to himself, the thought of his parents sleeping next door made him abandon any notions of fooling around.


They should return home.

There was nothing they could do in the military compound.


Tian Yuan fell asleep, his breaths full of Pan Lei's scent, which he found the most soothing.


Pan Lei carefully laid him down and spooned him.

Tian Yuan slept soundly in Pan Lei’s arms.

He was securely wrapped in the comforter, his head pillowed on Pan Lei's arm.

In other words, the single quilt was insufficient.

One of them stood 1.89 meters tall.

It was obviously difficult for two men to fit within a single quilt.

Tian Yuan was shielded by Pan Lei's warm body.

Tian Yuan wouldn't be cold at all thanks to Pan Lei's warmth and the quilt.


Pan Lei had draped the majority of the quilt over Tian Yuan.

He had half of his body exposed to the night air.


His physical fitness was excellent.

So it didn't matter if he didn't have a quilt.

But the next day, he'd urge his mother to replace it with a large, thick double duvet, so that no matter how much they rolled around, it wouldn't be a problem.


His biggest concern was ensuring Tian Yuan had a good night's sleep.


Pan Lei was overjoyed.

As he saw his beloved Tian Yuan fall asleep, he couldn't help but kiss him.


"Baby, I love you so much."


He stepped in through the door[1] with his sweetheart and introduced him to his parents and relatives, receiving blessings from everyone.

It was the best thing that had ever happened to him.


They were sound asleep, the sun had just begun to rise on the horizon, when they were startled awake by a piercing whistle, common in the army.


Pan Lei's body reacted the instant he heard it.

He jolted Tian Yuan, who was dozing in his arms.


"It's time to get up, baby.

Hurry up."


When Pan Lei woke Tian Yuan, who was deliriously asleep, he was perplexed. Who gets up at such an ungodly hour


Pan Lei had already leaped out of bed and started changing into his military gear, which consisted of camouflage off-road uniform, high-top military boots, a black vest, and finger-less leather gloves.


Sounds were heard from the other rooms as well.

A check out the window revealed that all of the lights in the house were turned on.


Grandpa Pan's words last night were as authoritative as an imperial decree.

They had to be completed first thing in the morning.


Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan's clothes and assisted him in dressing.


"Hurry up, little ancestor! At this speed and state, the enemy would have breached by now.

You haven't even put on your pants yet.

Stretch out your arms."


He assisted Tian Yuan into the T-shirt, brought him the pants, and helped him put his legs in.


"Wear it on your own.

I'll get you a pair of socks and sneakers."


His mother had always been hesitant to get rid of his belongings.

Tian Yuan's feet were three sizes smaller than his.

He should be able to wear the shoes he wore when he was 16 or 17.


Pan Lei eventually found a pair of white sneakers and socks after rummaging around.

Tian Yuan was still fumbling with the belt when he turned around.

Tian Yuan had low blood pressure and was often dizzy when he awoke.

Even if he was pressed for time, his actions could not be quick.


Pan Lei swiftly buckled his belt, pressed him on the bed, put on socks for him, and then assisted him in putting on his shoes.

He tightened his shoelaces since the shoes were too big.


"Pan Lei, what did you do to Tian Yuan last night, huh Hehe, why can’t he get up The enemy is already at the door!"


Pan Ge yelled out in the yard.


"Coming, coming!"


Pan Lei squatted and fastened the shoelaces tightly, tugging Tian Yuan and running out.


The yard was brightly lit, and everyone stood at attention.


Grandpa Pan stood aside, clad in a moon white satin kungfu outfit, while the others wore field uniforms.

Pan Zhan and Pan Ge had also changed into their field uniforms from their time as soldiers.

Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan and joined them.


Everyone stood at attention, their posture ramrod straight and chests puffed out, ready to accept Old Man Pan’s inspection.


"Pan Lei failed the roll call today.

He dragged his feet, and it took five minutes after the whistle blew for him to report.

He'll be shot dead if he moves so slowly during an enemy attack.

Pan Lei, as punishment, you will run three laps while carrying your 25-kilogram rucksack.

Those who lost at Mahjong yesterday will complete the laps as planned."


Grandpa Pan had spent his entire life commanding men and exuded awe.

They had to obey the command regardless of their current rank.


"Tian Yuan, get out of the line.

The rest of you, turn left and start running."


Tian Yuan was finally sober.

It was strange that he was the only one spared, while the others began their cross-country run with a heavy load.


"Tian Yuan, you cannot be treated like them.

They’ve been on the front lines for a long time.

They are physically fit and can run 20 laps, but you haven't done this type of training.

Let's not join in the fun with them.

Come along with Grandpa and be a supervisor.

If anyone runs slowly, lash him with a whip."


It was then Tian Yuan noticed the old man was carrying a riding whip in his hand.


His back started hurting all of a sudden. Grandpa is so old.

How does he have the energy to continue tossing people


The old man laughed out loud making Tian Yuan secretly rejoice that he could escape this torture.

He walked briskly behind the old man.


The military area compound was not large, but it still took around ten minutes to run around it, not to mention carrying a backpack weighing twenty five kilograms.


It was already well past dawn.

People in the military area compound got up early.

They would usually get up at six o'clock.

It was a good habit instilled in them by the army, and the majority of individuals exercised first thing in the morning.


They were astounded to see three generations of the Pan family sprinting along the path with training backpacks.


They also saw the gentle young man who accompanied Old Man Pan on his walk.


Grandpa Pan naturally knew everyone.

Whenever he passed by a soldier, they saluted this old chief and wished him a good morning.

The old man seemed to enjoy it.


It was no surprise that someone knowledgeable with the Pan family's collective training would taunt the old guy, and the old man would reply in kind.


Guards and patrol personnel were stationed at each intersection.

When they saw the group of leaders carrying backpacks and going cross-country, they all stood at attention and saluted them.


Tian Yuan recalled what Pan Lei had said the night before.

The soldiers must be thrilled to see their leaders training hard.

They were usually the ones who ordered others to train to death.

But it was now their turn.

It made no difference whether they were a commander, a general, or a major.

There was no way out.

Grandpa Pan had ordered them to run, so they had no choice but to run.

If they couldn’t run, Grandpa Pan, who was following them with a whip, would lash the whip at anyone who dared to stop.


Pan Ge despised Pan Lei the most at this point.

What kind of stupid notion did he have Running twenty laps Wasn’t this just killing him He'd been the director of the Public Security Bureau for many years and had long since retired as a special soldier.

This degree of intense training was too much for him.


Pan Lei was the fastest runner.

Despite the fact that he was fined three laps, he was used to this type of training.

It was, in reality, a piece of cake for him.

He finished his run swiftly.


Tian Yuan, who was following in Grandpa Pan’s footsteps, was a little distressed when he noticed him sweating profusely.


"Hurry up and wipe off your sweat."


Fortunately, he did not enlist in the army.

This kind of rigorous training was too much for him.


Pan Lei's backpack was taken by a guard.

The towel and water in Tian Yuan's hand proved useful.

Pan Lei wiped his brow, grabbed the water bottle, and gulped it down.


"It feels great to sweat after working out.

It feels so good to go back and have breakfast after taking a shower.

Tian'er, come run with me in the future."


Tian Yuan desperately shook his head.

He didn't want to run.

It was too exhausting.

He wouldn't be able to withstand it if he trained like Pan Lei.


“Exercise is beneficial for young people.

They can only be active at work if their physical fitness is high.

Take Tian Yuan to exercise more often in the future, Leizi.

You should run a few laps with him while he runs.”


Tian Yuan believed that in the future, such family reunions should be reduced.

Did they truly want him to run He'd be exhausted and paralyzed if he ran with 25 kilograms on his back, right


Treat myself so harshly early in the morning and then work all day He didn’t want to live anymore.


[1] Another way of saying “got married”.


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